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Cemetery Listing - Passumpsic Cemetery - Sections A and B

After Miss Powers death in 1985, her documentation for the Passumpsic Cemetery was not available to me so in the summer of 2004 I undertook a project to document the cemetery using a plat survey dated 1917. That map laid out the cemetery by sections.

A few years later I found she had documented the cemetery and I obtained a copy of her work. In her document, the dividing line between the old cemetery and the beginning of the newer sections was confusing so this table is built  on my work. She had not used the 1917 map.

This listing contains sections A and B of the newer cemetery.

Facing the cemetery from US Route 5, this lies south of Sections AA through DD of the cemetery. Since burials occur anywhere within the boundaries of the section, row and grave numbers are meaningless so format used is section, lot number, stone number. Multiple names on a stone are indicted following the decimal.

An asterisk identifies information obtained from Waterford vital records or Cemetery Records. A double asterisk indentifies information derived from the Goss family history.

Sect/LotLastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
A1         Alden Holt Lot
A1-1CochranDaniel C.  1894 1972  This is a flat marker.
A1-2CochranLeola P.  1897 1953  This is a flat marker.
A2-1         A headstone with "MORGAN" on it.
A2-2MorganCharles H.  1876 1960  This is a flat marker.
A2-3MorganJean S.   1875 1967  Wife of Charles H. Morgan. This is a flat marker.
A3          D. E. Morgan Lot
A3-1         A headstone with "MORGAN" on it.
A3-1.1MorganDaniel E.  1852 1935   
A3-1.2MorganJulia E> Hall 1857 1941  Wife of Daniel E. Morgan.
A3-2         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
A3-3         A footstone with "Father" on it.
A4         Edith Page Lot
A4-1         A headstone with "PAIGE" on it.
A4-1.1PaigeBradley H.  1838 1888   
A4-1.2PaigeElinor F.   1839 1924   
A4-1.32PaigeMildred  1879 1903   
A4-1.4PaigeRobert S.  1870 1913   
A4-1.5PaigeCarl  1876 1921   
A4-1.6PaigeEdith P. Westcott 1862 1935   
A5          A. F. Symes Lot
A5-1OrrAndrew P.  26 Apr 1826 26 Apr 1891   
A5-2OrrMary A. Somerville   23 Feb 186242y Wife of Andrew Orr.
A5-3OrrLucy Ann    1 Mar 186212d  
A5-4OrrRichard  28 Jan 1852 6 Jan 1911   
A6         Archibald Miller Lot
A6-1.1MillerA. J.    13 Feb 191884y Corp., Co F 1`5th VT
A6-1.2MillerLouise    8 Dec 190467y Wife of A. J. Miller.
A6-2.1MillerAlexander    20 Feb 188784y 9m 29d  
A6-2.2MillerJane C.    17 Sep 187571y 6m  
A7         John Judkins Lot
A7-1         A double headstone.
A7-1.1JudkinsJohn M.  31 Jul 1851 4 Sep 1912   
A7-1.2JudkinsDorothy E. Harvey 23 May 1850 14 Feb 1904   
A7-2JudkinsRichard Irving  3 Mar 1887 25 Jul 1901  Only son of John M. and Dorothy E. Judkins.
A7-3JudkinsDorcas Emeline   20 Dec 1878 21 Sep 1962  This stone has "Beloved Teacher" on it.
A8          Fred Walker Lot
A8-1          A headstone with "WALKER" onb it.
A8-1.1WalkerFred A.   28 Sep 1869 24 Jul 1940   
A8-1.2WalkerMinnie l.  24 Apr 1870 16 Feb 1917  Wife of Fred A. Walker.
A8-1.3WalkerTheresa  12 Oct 1873 2 Oct 1911   
A8-2         A footstone with "Minnie" on it.
A8-3         A footstone with "Theresa" on it.
A9         J. P. Foster Lot
A9-1.1FosterJacob P.  1814 1899   
A9-1.2FosterBetsey B.  1820 1845  Wife of Jacob P. Foster.
A9-1.3FosterJane L.  1822 1854   
A9-1.4FosterMatilda   1834 1914   
A9-1.5CahoonNancy   1800 1884   
A9-1.6FosterRebecca O. W.  1846 1848   
A9-1.7FosterAbbie J.  1852 1864   
A9-2         A flat marker with "Rebecca" on it.
A9-3         A flat marker with "Abbie" on it.
A9-4         A flat marker with "Betsey" on it.
A9-5          A flat marker with "Jane" on it.
A9-6         A flat marker with "Father" on it.
A9-7.1FosterNellie E. Mulliken 1858 1946   
A9-7.2FosterJohn C.  1859 1941   
A9-8          A flat marker with "Grandmother" on it.
A10         This lot abuts the rear bank and has nothing on it.
A11          A headstone with "HARRAN" on it.
A11-1.1HarranJ. Roberta  1936     
A11-1.2HarranMarnel E.   1930     
A12         A headstone with "HARPIN" on it.
A12-1.1HarpinJulia B.  1910 1987   
A12-1.2HarpinRobert C.  1913 1983   
A12-2CrossElla M.  1884 1971  A flat marker.
A12-3CrossWilliam J.   1878 1950  A flat marker.
A13          A headstone with "BRUCE" on it.
A13-1.1BruceJennie M.  1881 1963   
A13-1.2BruceMark K.  1879 1964   
A13-2HuntAda M.   1911 2002  A footstone.
A13-3HuntChester M.  1912 1955  A footstone.
A14-1         A headstone with "BENNETT" on it.
A14-1.1BennettAnnie M.  23 Dec 1878 22 Aug 1980   
A14-1.2BennettGeorge K.  24 Apr 1874 3 Feb 1952   
A14-2BennettMerton K.  1902 1`973  A footstone.
A14-3BennettAnna G. H.  1894 1961  A footstone.
A14-4BennettMerle E.  31 Dec 1919 7 Jan 1942  A footstone.
A15-1BonnettBernie  1900 1955  A flat marker.
A15-2BonettEarl C.  1894 1979  A flat marker.
A15-3BonettMary E.  1889 1956  A flat marker.
A15-4         A flat marker with Mother" on it.
A15-5         A flat marker with "Father" on it.
A16-1         A headstone with "BONETT" on it.
A16-1.1BonettBeatrice M.  1902 1973  Wife of Percy A. Bonett.
A16-1.2BonettPercy A.  1896 1976   
A16-2         A headstone with "BONETT" and nothing else on it.
A16-3         A small footstone with "baby" on it.
A16-4BonettLillian   1918 1942  A flat marker.
A16-5         A headstone with "BONETT" on it.
A16-5.1BonettDorothy L.  1928 1992   
A16-5.2BonettPercy A. Jr  1922 2003   
A16-6         A headstone with "BATES" on it.
A16-6.1BatesEdward G.  1905 1973   
A16-6.2BatesAurora M.  1901 1987   
A17-1         A headstone with "COOLEY" on it.
A17-1.1CooleyEarl D.  1890 1975   
A17-1.2CooleyBertha J.   1892 1979   
A17-1.3CooleyDwight H.   1916     
A17-1.4CooleyConstance A. Averill 1916 2002   
A17-1.5CooleyHoward J.  1919 2003   
A17-1.6CooleyDorothy B. Appleton 1923     
A17-2CooleyEarl        A footstone.
A17-3.CooleyBertha       A footstone.
A17-4.CooleyDwight       A footstone.
A17-5.CooleyConnie        A footstone.
A17-6CooleyHoward        A footstone.
A17-7.CooleyDot       A footstone.
A18-1         Apparently nothing on this lot.
B1         J. M. McGill Lot
B1-1         An obelisk.
B1-1.1McGillJohn  10 Jun 1826 24 Apr 1896   
B1-1.2McGillMargaret A. Gibson 1 Mar 1819 20 Feb 1896  Wife of John McGill.
B1-2         A footstone with "Father" on it.
B1-3         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
B2         E. M. Russell Lot
B2-1         A headstone with RUSSELL" on it and nothing else.
B2-2.1RussellEdward C.    1914  A footstone.
B2-2.2RussellRuth E. Sparrow   1916  Wife of Edward C. Russell. A footstone.
B2-3RussellWalter E.  1916 1918  A footstone.
B2-4RussellWalter H.  1890 1918  A footstone.
B2-5RussellEllsworth H.  1865 1918  A footstone.
B2-6RussellEtta E. Carroll 1867 1932  A footstone.
B2-7RussellPerley E.  1892 1918  A footstone.
B2-8RussellMary E. Caroll 1839 1898  A footstone.
B3         H. E. Koepke Lot
B3-1         A headstone with "KOEPKE" on it.
B3-1.1KoepkeHenry E.  13 Sep 1846 16 Dec 1916   
B3-1.2KoepkeMartha A.   17 Aug 1847 31 Jan 1907  There is a Women's Relief Corps marker on this grave.
B3-2         A footstone with "Father" on it.
B3-3         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
B3-4         A footstone with "Charles" on it.
B3-5         A footstone with "Edward" on it.
B4         C. F. Koepka Lot
B4-1.1EmmonsNorman H.     1929  A footstone with two names.
B4-1.2EmmonsElizabeth E. Sparrow   1935  A footstone with two names.
B4-2SparrowWilliam E. G.  1876 1950  A footstone.
B4-3SparrowBertha Russell 1887 1951  A footstone.
B4-4Sparrowlfred R.  1910 1982  A footstone.
B4-5SparrowMarion Russell 1910 1987  A footstone.
B5         C. F. Koepka Lot
B5-1         A monument with "FARNHAM" at the bottom.
B5-1.1FarnhamJohn M.  1891 1968   
B50-1.2FarnhamLoraine W.  1892 1994   
B5-2FarnhamLizzie  1859 1921  A footstone with "Mother, Lizzie Farnham, wife of John S. Farnham.
B6          B. R. Smith Lot
B6-1         A monument with "SMITH" on it.
B6-1.1SmithByron R.  1862 1928   
B6-1.2SmithNellie M. Curtis 1861 1945  Wife of Byron R. Smith.
B6-2SmithWalter Byron  4 Sep 1889 12 Jan 1962  VT CFR 1 GL 1103, Aero Sq. WW1
B6-3SmithWinifred C.  1892 1976   
B6-4         A footstone with "Father" on it.
B6-5         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
B6-6SmithRichard Copeland  31 Jan 1925 27 Nov 1986  US Navy, WWII
B6-7SmithHarold C.  1887 1907   
B7         H. Somers Lot
B7-1         A monument with "SOMERS" on it.\.
B7-1.1SomersHrvey  13 Jun 1825 14 Aug 1909   
B7-1.2SomersLydia M. Jones 11 Feb 1826 20 Aug 1899  Wife of Haqrvey sOMERS,,
B7-2SomersWillis A.  1850 1937   
B7-3SomersKate C.   1865 1950   
B8         D. Mackay Lot
B8-1MackayD. A.  1851 1931  A footstone.
B8-2MackayGerttrude M. Tilden 1859 1910  A footstone.
B9         Peter Rash Lot
B9-1.1RashPeter A.  18 Nov 1860 26 Mar 1937   
B9-1.2RashHattie L. Logan 21 Jan 1870 7 May 1902  Wife of Peter A. Rash.
B9-2SolomonMamie O. Woolcott 1884 1967  Wife of Herman R. Solomon.
B9-3SolomonHerman R.  1888 1967   
B9-4HarrisJoseph  1871 1934   
B9-5HarrisOrilla  1860 1944   
B10         G. C. Somers Lot
B10-1         A monument with "SOMERS" on it. No other names.
B11         Ella J. Flynn Lot
B11-1          A headstone.
B11-1.1ChaseAlvin  1848 1892   
B11-1.2FlinnDaniel  1834 1911   
B11-1.3FlinnLuella J. Swasey 1862     
B11-1.4BallLuella J.  1862 1926  Wife of P. P. Ball.
B11-1.5SwaseySarah  1848 1922   
B12         F. B. Flynn Lot
B12-1          A monument with "FLINN" on it.
B12-1.1LewisMaria  1851 1920  "His wife" but no husband on the stone.
B12-1.2FlinnJennie P.  1885 1909   
B13         James Irwin Lot
B13-1         A headstone with "IRWIN" on it.
B13-1.1IrwinJames    30 Aug 1910   
B13-1.2IrwinMary    17 Mar 1911  Wife of James Irwin.
B13-1.3McGillDora F.     3 Mar 1913   
B14         Charles Webster Lot
B14-1         A headstone with "WEBSTER" on it.
B14-1.1WebsterC. B.Webster   23 Nov 1851 5 Nov 1926   
B14-1.2WebsterEmma Miles 5 Jan 1858 6 Dec 1904   
B15         R. Wright Lot
B15-1         A double headstone.
B15-1.1WrightFrederick  1865 1943   
B15-1.2Wrightharlotte Kerr 1873 1917  Wife of Frederick Wright.
B15-2         A double headstone with "WRIGHT" on it.
B15-2.1WrightRichard  1868 1951   
B15-2.2WrightMargaret  1883 1966   
B15-2.3WrightInfant Son  1909 1909   
B15-3.1WrightMary A. Grace 1886 1959  Wife of Fred Wright.
B15A         This lot appears to be separate from Lot 15.
B15A-1         A headstone with "SOMERS" on it.
B15A-1.1SomersHarvey P.  1895 1966   
B15A-1.2SomersFlorence I.  1897 1986  Wife of Harvey P. Somers.
B16         C. H. Rickaby Lot
B16-1.1RickabyHenry J.  1846 1920   
B16-1.2RickabyAlice C. Stone 1843 1921  Wife of Henry J. Rickaby.
B16-2         A headstone.
B16-2.1RickabyHarold C.  22 May 1904 17 Feb 1914  Son of Clarence H. and Nellie E. Rickaby.
B16-2.2RickabyKenneth A.    13 Jan 19112yr 13d Son of Clarence H. and Nellie E. Rickaby.
B17         Frank Lapoint Lot
B17-1         This is an obelisk.
B17-1.1LapointFrank  25 Mar 1858 7 May 1911   
B17-1.2LapointAdie Amell 15 Nov 1858 2 Nov 1931  Wife of Frank Lapoint.
B17-2         A footstone with "Earl" on it.
B17-3         A footstone with "Aggie" on it.
B17-4         A footstone with "Addie" on it.
B17-5         A footstone with "Frank" on it.
B17-6         A footstone with "William" on it.
B17-7         A footstone with "Edith" on it.
B18         Eben Heath Lot
B18-1         A monument with "HEATH" on it.
B18-1.1HeathEben   20 May 1828 8 Apr 1905   
B18-1.2HeathLuella S Currier 6 Jun 1850 21 Jun 1931  Wife of Eben Heath.
B18-2HeathLuella S. Currier 1850 1931   
B18-3HeathEben  1828 1905   
B18-4HeathMaloney Clifford 1825 1878  Wife of Eben Heath.
B19         G. W. Goodell Lot
B19-1         A monument with "HOLBROOK/GOODELL" on it.
B19-2WoodsDemoline   23 Mar 1812 2 Apr 1889  A footstone with :Grandma" on top.
B19-3HolbrookEdith S. Goodell 9 Oct 1874 15 Mar 1895  Wife of Fraank F. Holbrool.
B20         H. H. Hoyt Lot
B20-1HoytWillard    5 Jan 189090y 2m A headstone.
B20-2HoytHubbard H.     5 Jan 189048y 9m A headstone.
B20-3HoytHannah E.    3 Dec 192679y 7m A headstone. Wife of Hubbard H. Hoyt.
B20-4HoytSeth E.    30 Dec 188918y 3m A headstone. Son of H. H. and H. E. Hoyt.
B20-5HoytJasper W.     16 Jan 189020y 6m A headstone. Son of H. H. and H. E. Hoyt.
B20-6HoytRuia E.     30 Sep 18814m Daughter of H. H. and H. E. Hoyt.
B21         Samuel Kizar Lot
B21-1`KezarHelen Blanche    1 Apr 189021y 3m 15d A headstone. Daughter of Samuel and Martha Kezar..
B21-2KezarAlbion Fremont    24 Oct 189033y A headstone. Son of Samuel and Martha Kezar..
B21-3KezarElmer Alphonso    8 Jun 189535y A headstone. Son of Samuel and Martha Kezar..
B21-4KezarSamuel    30 Oct 190280y 8m A headstone.
B21-5KezarMartha B. Hoyt   29 Mar 190871y 9m 21d A headstone. Wife of Samuel Kezar..
B21-6.1WinnCharles S.     46y A headstone.
B21-6.2WillGeorgia A. Kezar    86y A headstone. Wife of Charles S. Winn.
B22         Charles Horton Lot
B22-1HortonSilvy E.    3 Jan 188459y A headstone. Wife of C. W. Horton.
B22-2HortonCharles W.     7Jan 1895  A headstone. This stone is cracked and about to break. It has been repaired in past years.
B22-3LentRichard R. M.    28 Oct 190972y 2m A headstone.
B22-4         A small stone with no writing.
B23         Frederick Miles Lot
B23-1.1MilesFrederick E.  18691917  A headstone.
B23-1.2MilesNellie M. Allen 186419--  A headstone. Wife of Frederick E. Miles.
B23-2MilesRiichard  19181918  A small stone.
B23-3MilesClyde E.    3 Mar 18976m 19d A small stone. Son of F. E. and N. M. Miles.
B23-4MilesCarol A.     17 Jan 18969m 18d A small stone. Daughter of F. E. and N. M. Miles.
B24         E.. H. Miles Lot
B24-1MilesElmore H.  1863 1931   
B24-2          A footstone with "Ellie" on it.
B24-3         A footstone with "Aggie" on it.
B24-4MilesHarold f.  1909 1986   
B24-5LevesqueHenry O.    1917   
B24-6.1CorbettCarl  1892 1965  A headstone with "REMICK" on it.
B24-6.2CorbettMabelle Miles 1896 1990   
B24-7JonesRuby Remick  9 Feb 1921 17 Apr 1989   
B25         E. S. Kendall Lot
B25-1KendallEmma L. Cushman 1863 1949  Wife of Eugene S.. Kendall. A headstone.
B25-2KendallEugene S.  1858 1923  A headstone.
B25-3         A double headstone with "Father" and "Mother" on it.
B25-3.1KendallSamuel G.  23 Mar 1827 26 Sep 1901   
B25-3.2KendallMary J.        
B25-4         A headstone with "KENDALL" and nothing else.
B25-5KendallWalter E.  1882 1958  A footstone.
B25-6KendallNellie S.  1878 1963  A footstone.
B26          C. T. Kendall Lot
B26-1KendallClarence Tillson  1866 1949  Father of Sgt Clarence Merle Kendall.
B26-2KendallSgt Clarence Merle   1896 19 Jul 1918  Co B 102 Machine Gun Batt 26 Dev. Killed in action at Chateau Thierry, France.
B26-3KendallMary Elizabeth Cushman 1857 1950  Mother of Sgt Clarence Merle Kendall.
B27         W. H. Wright Lot
B27-1.1WrightW. Henry  1841 1920  A headstone.
B27-1.2WrightMartha W.  1870 1933   
B27-1.3WrightInfant Daughter   1901 1901   
B27-1.4WrightInfant Son  1904 1904   
B27-1.5WrightInfant Daughter  1905 1905   
B27-2WrightFred H.  1908 1985  A footstone.
B27-3WrightDoris D.  1910 1979  A footstone.
B27-4Wright         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
B27-5Wright        A footstone with "Father" on it.
B28         David Coruth Lot
B28-1CoruthDavid    16 Mar 188762y 3m 21d  
B28-2CoruthSarah G. Miller   15 Dec 191288y 2m 4d Wife of David Coruth.
B28-3CoruthKnox M.    26 May 187021y 5m 21d Son of David and S. G. Coruth.
B28-4CoruthFrank G.    11 Jul 18547m 13d Son of David and S. G. Coruth.
B28-5         A small stone with nothing on it.
B28-6          A footstone with "Father" on it.
B29         E. D. Mason Lot
B29-1MasonEdward D.    26 Jun 187662y A headstone.
B29-2MasonBetsey Ide   28 Apr 1904  A headstone broken and patched. Wife of Edward D. Mason..
B29-3MasonMary E.    24 Jun 186617y 5m 27d A headstone. Daughter of Edward and Betsey Ide Mason.
B29-4MasonFrancis W.    15 Dec 190757y A headstone broken and repaired. Son of Edward and Betsey Ide Mason.
B30         C. C. Harvey Lot
B30-1HarveyLyman K.  21 Mar 1885 25 Sep 1940  A footstone.
B30-2HarveyEvelyn B.  1878 1968  A footstone. Wife of Lyman K. Harvey.
B30-3HarveySusan Mason 19 May 1852 27 Jan 1929  A footstone.
B30-4HarveyM. Grace    15 Jan 18773m A footstone.
B30-5HarveyCurtis C.  20 Sep 1850 7 Oct 1903  A footstone.
B31         T. M. Keith Lot
B31-1         An obelisk with "KEITH" on it.
B31-1.1KeithT. M.       Co D 23 Mass Inf Vol
B31-1.2KeithHelen M. Harvey   4 Jul 188961y 1m 5d Wife of T. M. Keith.
B31-1.3KeithT. M.  1842 1923   
B31-1.4KeithJennie L. Miller 1866 1903  Wife of T. M. Keith.
B31-2         A footstone with "Father" on it.
B31-3         A footstone with "Jennie" on it.
B31-4         A footstone with "Helen" on it.
B31-5GillanderM. Blanche   1874 1927  A footstone.
B32         Orson Cushman Lot
B32-1         A double headstone.
B32-1.1CushmanJulia A. Morse 6 Aug 1825 27 Dec 1901  Mother. Wife of Orson Cushman.
B32-1.2CushmanOrson  2 Apr 1820 13 Jun 1904  Father.
B32-1.3FulfordFlora Cushman 1849 1926  There is a Woman's Relief Corps marker. This was an auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic organization.
B32-2         A footstone with "Father" on it.
B32-3         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
B32-4         A footstone with "Flora" on it.
B33         E.. H. Cushman Lot
B33-1CushmanEzra H.    30 Sep 188863y 6m 8d A headstone. On the top edge it reads "Our Father".
B33-2CushmanKatherine P. Poppy   6 Jun 190474y 18d A headstone. On the top edge it reads "Our Mother". Wife of Ezra H. Cushman.
B33-3CushmanHerbert O.  16 Jul 1868 25 Sep 1899  A headstone.
B33-4         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
B33-5         A small marker with nothing on it.
B33-6         A small marker with "K. P. C." on it.
B33-7         A small marker with "E. H. C." on it.
B33-8         A small stone with "Baby" on it.
B33-9         A small stone with "Baby" on it.
B33-10MorseKate Cushman 1861 1964  A small stone.
B33-11MorseGeorge  1853 1928  A small stone.
B34         John Lebourveau Lot
B34-1         A headstone with "LEBOURVEAU" on it.
B34-1.1LebourveauLucy       East Face
B34-1.2LebourveauLucy S. Wheaton 3 Jun 1837 ** 1 Sep 188952y 3m West Face
B34-2LebourveauJohn  1837 ** 21 Jun 191578y 1m 21d A headstone with "JOHN" on it.
B35         L. G. Wheaton Lot
B35-1         A headstone with "WHEATON" on it.
B35-1.1WheatonLevi       Front Face.
B35-1.2WheatonLevi G.  20 Apr 1823 ** 5 Nov 188966y 5m 15d Back Face.
B35-2         A headstone with "ABBY"on it.
B35-2.1WheatonAbby S. Winn   6 May 190066y 6m 9d Back Face.
B35-3         A headstone with "WHEATON" on it.
B35-3.1WheatonCharles Z.  29 Mar 1872 16 Jul 1940   
B35-3.2WheatonNancy J. McCaig 7 Sep 1876 4 Jan 1915  Wife of Charles Z. Wheaton.
B35-4MillerHarry A.  1897 1986  A footstone.
B35-5MillerMarion Wheaton 16 Apr 1903 ** 1975  A footstone. Wife of Harry A. Miller.
B36         J. F. Annis Lot
B36-1Annis        A headstone with "ANNIS" on it.
B36-2         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
B36-3         A footstone with "Father" on it.
B36-4AnnisJohn       A footstone.
B36-5AnnisCoar H. Woodcock 1850 1925  A footstone. Wife of J. F. Annis.
B36-6         A footstone with "Hama" on it.
B36-7         A footstone with "Lonnie" on it.