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Cemetery Listing - Passumpsic Cemetery - Section C

After Miss Powers death in 1985, her documentation for the Passumpsic Cemetery was not available to me so in the summer of 2004 I undertook a project to document the cemetery using a plat survey dated 1917. That map laid out the cemetery by sections.

A few years later I found she had documented the cemetery and I obtained a copy of her work. In her document, the dividing line between the old cemetery and the beginning of the newer sections was confusing so this table is built  on my work. She had not used the 1917 map.

Since Section C is a large secton, this listing contains section C of the newer cemetery only.

Facing the cemetery from US Route 5, this lies south of Sections A and B of the cemetery. Since burials occur anywhere within the boundaries of the section, row and grave numbers are meaningless so format used is section, lot number, stone number. Multiple names on a stone are indicted following the decimal.

An asterisk identifies information obtained from Waterford vital records or Cemetery Records. A double asterisk indentifies information derived from the Goss family history.

Sect/LotLastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
C1         R. P. Harvey Lot
C1-1.1HarveyRichard P.  29 Aug 1824 19 Sep 1897   
C1-1.2HarveyEmeline Choate 27 Jun ???? 22 Mar 1902  Wife of Richard P. Harvey.
C1-2HarveyEliza    8 Feb 186815y 3m 3d Daughter of R. P. and E. M. Harvey.
C1-3HarveyRichard    25 Aug 186612y 2m Only son of r. P. and E. M. Harvey.
C1-4HarveySilas    5 May 185577y 3m  
C2          Ira Smith Lot
C2-1SmithIra     15 Feb 191599y 1m 20d  
C2-2         A base with no headstone.
C2-3Ira E.        A footstone.
C2-4Ira H.         A footstone.
C2-5SmithEsther M.    23 May 1878  A vertical stone.
C2-6.1SmithJerome T.  19 Jan 1852 3 Mar 1913   
C2-6.2SmithMalina I.  16 Mar 1855 1 Mar 1912  Wife of Jerome T. Smith.                                                                                
C3         Eben & Hial Heath Lot
C3-1.1HeathHial  11 Apr 1826 5 Feb 1895   


Clefford 1 Oct 1827 21 Jan 1899  Wife of Hial Heath.

Edward C.

    12 Jun 187810y 9m Only son of Hial and Esther Hetah.
C3-3RoweCynthia Clefford 12 Jul 1830 6 Apr 190776y 9m Wife of L. S. Rowe.
C3-4CleffordMary P.    20 Nov 188572y 10m 8d Wife of J. M. Clefford. Vertical stone with "Mother" on top.
C3-5CleffordJames M.   8 Oct 1836 8 Mar 189558y 5m. A vertical stone.
C3-6HeathJames A.   1857 1930  A flat marker.
C4         A. B. Woods Lot
C4-1WoodsAlmira     19 Jan 189048y 16d Wife of Almon B. Woods. A vertical stone.
C4-2WoodsHarry E.       Son of Almon B. and Almira Woods. A small obelisk badly deteriorated and unable to read.
C5         F  C. McGill Lot
C5-1.1McGillFrank C.  24 Jun 1858 22 Jan 1922   
C5-1.2McGillNellie M. Cushman 5 Nov 1859 25 Sep 1899  Wife of Frank C. McGill.
C5-2         A footstone with "Frank" on it.
C5-3         A footstone with "Nellie" on it.
C6         Joseph Louie Lot
C6-1BennettJohn W.  1878 1967  A flat stone.
C6-2Bennett   1890 1977  A flat stone.
C6-3LouieEllen Montgomery 1863 1892  A flat stone.Wife of Elmore J. Louie.
C6-4LouieElmore J.   1863 1946  A flat stone.
C6-5         A footstone with "Father" on it.
C6-6          A footstone with "B. E. L" onit.
C6-7          A footstone with "Mother on it.
C7          Mrs. E. K. Hall Lot
C7-1          A large monument with "HALL" on it.
C7-1.1HallEben K.     2 Nov 189051y 4m Died in Lowell, Mass.
C7-1.2WebbEmma Harvey Hall   27 Feb 192679y 1m 23d Wife of Eben K. Hall.
C7-2         A footstone with "Husband" on it.
C7-3         A footstone with "Wife" on it.
C7-4HarveyElizabeth Glenn 1876 1940  Wife of Charles E. Harvey.
C7-5Hrvet\yCharles E.  1878 1944   
C8         Levi Goss Lot
C8-1GossLevi B.  9 Apr 1834 ** 22 Jan 189156y 9m 13d  
C8-2         A headstone with "GOSS" at the top.
C8-2.1GossMarion W.  **Morgan ** 1892 Apr 1963 **  Second wife of Leonard F. Goss  **
C8-2.2GossLeonard Francis **   8 Aug 1879 ** 25 Jul 1951 **  This is the Leonard F. Goss whose first wife is buried in the Danville Green Cemetery.
C9          F. B. Goss Lot
C9-1.1GossFrancis Butler **  6 Mar 1837 ** 10 Jan 1888 **   
C9-1.2GossCelia Ella ** Woods 1 Oct 1842 ** 10 Oct 1897 **  Wife of Francis B. Goss.
C9-1.3GossRobert C.  26 Apr 1881 ** 30 Sep 1881 **  Son of F. B. and C. E. Goss.
C9-1.4GossLillian Randall  20 Jan 1877 ** 1 Apr 1901 **  Daughter of F. B. and C. E. Goss.
C9-1.5GossHarry E.  28 Jul 1867 ** 1 Feb 1909 **  Son of F. B. and C. E. Goss. Died at Portland Maine.
C10 & C11          C. H. Luce Lot
C10-1Luce        A monument with "L" at the top and "LUCE" at the bottom, names on the West face:
C10-1.1LuceJabez    11 Sep 184643y 9m  
C10-1.2LuceEliza    26 Mar 185956y 9m Wife of Jabez Luce.
C10-2LeonardAnn L. Luce 25 Sep 1827 6 Mar 1875  Wife of Orin Leonard.
C10-3.1LuceCharles H.  1833 1919   
C10-3.2LuceAugusta C. Pettingill 1835 1897   
C10-3.3LuceAlfred E.  1862 1901   
C10-3.4LuceJohn C.   1864 1899   
C10-3.5LuceNellie M.  1866 1887   
C10-3.6LuceEmily R.   1868 1887   
C10-3.7LuceGeorge  1870 1891   
C10-3.8LuceMaria C.   1877 1880   
C10-1Luce        "R" at the top, names on the East Face:
C10-3.9RobertsonJohn A.  1866 1941   
C10-3.10RobertsonInez A. Luce 1873 1956  Wife of John A. Robertson.
C10-3.11RobertsonMaurice J.  1902     
C10-3.12RobertsonPaul H.   1905     
C10-3.13RobertsonInfant Daughter   1910 1910   
C10-4         A footstone with "George" on it.
C10-5         A footstone with "Nellie" on it.
C10-6          A footstone with "Emily" on it.
C10-7         A footstone with "Maria" on it.
C10-8         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
C10-9         A footstone with "Father" on it.
C10-10         A footstone with "John" on it.
C10-11         A footstone with "Alfred" on it.
C10-12         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
C10-13         A footstone with "Father" on it.
C12         Mrs. C. E. Curtis Lot
C12-1         A monument with "CURTIS_MORRILL"  on it.
C12-1.1CurtisClarence e.    1888   
C12-1.2CurtisAlice M. Heath   1915  Wife of Clarence E. Curtis.
C12-1.3CurtisCora B.    1965   
C12-1.4MorrillJohn D.    1952   
C12-1.5MorrillElsie M. Curtis   1964  Wife of John D. Morrill.
C12-2         A flat marker with "Elsie" on it.
C12-3         A flat marker with "John" on it.
C12-4HolbrookIrwin  1915    A flat marker.
C12-5          A flat marker with "Cora" on it.
C12-6         A flat marker with "Alice" on it.
C12-7         A flat marker with "Clarence" on it.
C13         Mrs. O. G. Harvey Lot
C13-1         A large monument with "HARVEY" at the bottom of front and back sides.
C13-1.1WinslowLydia G. Harvey 29 Jan 1832 27 Jun 1904  Wife of O. G. Harvey.
C13-1.2SherburneIda G. W.   18 Oct 1854 18 Feb 1945   
C13-2         A footstone with "Ida" on it.
C13-3         A footstone with "Mother" on  it.
C14          Mary A. Ballou Lot
C14-1Ballou         A large stone with "BALLOU" on top.
C14-1.1BallouGeorge A.   1838 1878   
C14-1.2BallouMary A. Mullen 1848 1921   
C14-1.3BallouBlanche L.   1873 1895  Their daughter.
C15          George Kerr Lot
C15-1.1KerrCarrie L. Bell 1881 1948  Wife of Merton G. Kerr.
C15-1.2KerrMerton G.  1872 1941   
C15-1.3KerrMary L. Louie 1849 1948  Wife of George M. Kerr.
C15-1.4KerrGeorge M.   1852 1935   
C16         Mrs. Eliza Winn Lot
C16-1         On the West face:
C16-1.1WinnCharles  1815 1882   
C16-1.2WinnHannah P.  1811 1880  Wife of Charles Winn.
C16-1.3WinnInfant Son  1887 1887   
C16-1          On the East face: "BRADLEY" at the top.
C16-1.4BradleyHenry  1824 1909   
C16-1.5BradleyEliza Winn 1848 1927  Wife of Henry Bradley.
C17         J. T. Stanford Lot
C17-1         A vertical stone with "STANFORD" on the top dge.
C17-1.1StanfordJames T.  1854 1942   
C17-1.2StanfordCarrie A.   1854 1920   
C17-2StanfordStella M.    25 Apr 18918m "BABY" on the top edge.
C17-3MooreEdson B.    190019y Co C, 26 Regt US Vols, died in the Phillipines.
C18         F. Hastings Lot
C18-1HastingsEmelie E.   1861 1944  A flat marker.
C18-2HastingsFrank W.  1856 1925  A flat marker.
C18-3HastingsIra Ballow   1881 1914  A flat marker.
C19         G. C. Goodell Lot
C19-1GoodellGeorge C.  1836 1905  A large monument with "GOODELL" at the top.
C19-1.1GoodellEllen Haselton 1836 1905  Wife of George C. Goodell.
C19-1.2Goodell         Member Co C 8th Regt VT Vols.
C19-2         A footstone with "George" on it.
C19-3         A footstone with "Ellen" on it.
C19-4GoodellLu???    27 Jun 1874  A vertical stone. Badly deteriorated and difficult to read. Daughter of G. C. and Nellie Goodell.
C20         Ira Harvey Lot
C20-1         A stone shaped like a tree trunk with "Harvey/Smith" on it.
C20-2HarveyIra T.   1847 1910  A footstone.
C20-3HarveyRose Woods 1848 1901  A footstone.
C20-4SmithNellie H.  1871 1902  A footstone.
C21          A. T. Woodcock Lot
C21-1WoodcockEmmaroy Hall 1863 1938  A flat marker. Wife of Amasa T. Woodcock.
C21-2WoodcockVina May   17 Nov 1890 24 Jul 1907  A vertical stone with "Our Darling" on top. Daughter of A. T. and Emmaroy Woodcock.
C21-3WoodcockAmasa T.  1850 1917   
C22         G. G. Winslow Lot
C22-1         A large monument with "WINSLOW" at the bottom of the west face, nothing else on this face.
C22-1.1WinslowLuther  22 Apr 1800 8 Dec 1833  On the east face:
C22-1.2WinslowNaomi Potter 19 Oct 1791 23 Apr 1878   
C22-1.3Winslow George G.  31 Aug 1827 2 Nov 1913   
C22-2         A footstone with "George" on it.
C22-3         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
C22-4          A footstone with "Father" on it.
C23         A. Daniels Lot
C23-1         A large monument with "DANIELS" on the east face.
C23-1.1DanielsA. N.  1851 1905   
C23-1.2DanielsLucia C.  1853 1927   
C23-2FarrLucille A. Daniels 1918 2002  Wife of Collins J. Farr.
C23-3FarrCollins J.  1916    Amateur radio call W1CBW. Taught Radio Shop at St Johnsbury Trade School.
C23-4DanielsBenjamin E.       A footstone.
C23-5DanielsHelen M.       A footstone.
C23-6         A footstone with "Mother" on it.
C23-7          A footstone with "Father" on it.
C23-8DanielsCarl A.  1887 1972  A footstone.
C24          F. P. Davis Lot
C24-1         A large column with "DAVIS" at the bottom and nothing on the east face.
C24-1         On the west face:
C24-1.1DavisFrank P.   17 Aug 1852 11 Aug 1898   
C24-1.2DavisElma E.  5 Dec 1851 24 Oct 1926  Wife of Frank P. Davis.
C24-1         On the south face:
C24-1.3LouieElmore J.   3 Mar 1863 11 Jun 1946   
C24-1.4LouieEllen M.   16 Sep 1863 9 Jun 1892  Wife of Elmore J. Louie.
C24-1         On the north face:
C24-1.5LouieJoseph  12 Mar 1814 27 Mar 1896   
C24-1.6LouieLucinda T.  20 Jan 1826 15 Nov 1904  Wife of Joseph Louie.
C24-1.7LouieBertha E.  31 May 1865 29 Mar 1885   
C24-2         A flat marler with "F. P. D." on it
C24-3         A flat marker with "A. E. D." on it.
C25          C. R.. King Lot
C25-1         A large monument with "KING" at the bottom of the east face.
C25-1.1KingChester R.  2 May 1869 28 Apr 1930   
C25-1.2KingIda M. Williams 23 Jun 1868 11 Feb 1949  Wife of Chester R. King.
C25-1.3KingCarleton A.  6 Dec 1895 15 Jun 1902   
C25-2         A box marker with "Carleton" on it.
C25-3         A box marker with "Father" on it.
C25-4          A box marker with "Mother" on it.
C25-5BroomeEllen King 1898 1932  A box marker.
C25-6         A base only. No stone.
C26         James Lenton Lot
C26-1Lenton        A headstone.
C26-1.1LentonJames  10 Jan 1846 9 Aug 1957   
C26-1.2LentonMartha D. Houlden 20 Oct 1854 11 Apr 1905  Wife of James Lenton.
C26-2RundleHedley V.   1875 1939  A flat marker.
C26-3RundleLillian M. Lenton 1877 1939  Wife of Hedley V. Rundle.
C26-4         A flat marker with "James" onit.
C26-5          A flat marker with Martha" on it.
C26-6FilgateFred R.   1890 1931  Husband of Millicent Lenton.
C26-7         A vertical wooden board, painted with a yellow preservative. It is about 14-1/2 inches wide, with 33 inches above the ground. It has a curved top with the US Navy emblem below the curve. The inscription reads:
William Gary Filgate
Persian Gulf War
"Silent Service" 1985-1996
Son of Everett
Grandson of Frederick
I have fought for and found freedom
"Freedom is just another word for 'Nothin' left to 'loose'. J. Joplin

Since submarine service is designated "the silent service", it is presumed William served on submarines.
C27         W. Hastings Lot
C27-1         A large monument with "HASTINGS" at the bottom.
C27-1.1HastingsWarren J. Richardson 21 Oct 1815 2 Jun 1895  A flat marker.
C27-1.2HastingsLydia  16 Apr 1821 20 Mar 1900  A flat marker.
C27-2HastingsNellie Carr 1881 1913  A flat marker.
C27-3HastingsPhilip R.  1925 1987  A flat marker.
C27-4HastingsHugh W.  1882 1972  A flat marker.
C27-5HastingsJessie S.   1889 1977  A flat marker.
C27-6         A flat marker with "Mother" on it.
C27-7         A flat marker with "Father" on it..
C27-8HastingsStephen J.  1850 1931  A flat marker.
C27-9HastingsAlthea C.  1840 1937  A flat marker.
C28         John Hazelton Lot
C28-1         A large obelisk.
C28-1.1HazeltineJohn     25 Sep 187066y On the east face.
C28-1.2HazeltineJohn R. .    16 Mar 186024y On the south face.
C28-1,3SpauldingMinerva M. Hazeltine   12 Jul 185918y On the west face. Wife of O. T. Spaulding, daughter of J. and A. Hazeltine.
C28-1.4HazeltineAurora    1 Mar 188388y On the noth face.
C28-2SpauldingOliver T.    29 Nov 186226y 2m 17d A vertical stone.
C28-3.1SpauldingMinerva M.    12 Jul 185918y Wife of Oliver T. Spaulding, daughter of John and Aurora Hazeltine.
C28-3.2SpauldingInfant Son    9 Jul 1859  Son of Oliver T. and Minerva M. Spaulding
C28-4          A small stone with nothing on it.
C28-5         A small stone with nothing on it.
C29         Cyrus Hill Lot
C29-1         A large monument with "HILL" at the bottom and nothing else.
C29-2HillWillard C.  19 Dec 1843 15 May 1918  A footstone.
C29-3HillHannah Weeks 6 Sep 1855 13 Oct 1898  A footstone. Wife of Willard C. Hill.
C29-4HillCyrus T.  4 Nov 1810 11 Feb 1898  A footstone.
C29-5HillSarah A. Ladd 23 Jul 1816 14 Dec 1903  A footstone.Wife of Cyrus T. Hill.
C29-6HillEmeline S.    8 Mar 185515y 5m A vertical stone. Daughter of Cyrus and Sarah A. Hill.
C30          Milo Kendall Lot
C30-1KendallAddie Hill   20 Apr 187421y 10m 11d Wife of Milo Kendall, daughter of Cyrus and Sarah Hill. A vertical stone which is difficult to read.
C30-2HillSarah B.   1898 1928  A flat marker.
C30-3HillGuy W.  1878 1928  A footstone.
C30-4YoungMildred H,   1910 1913  A footstone.
C30-5YoungAgnes H.  1887 1922  A flat marker.
C31         L. J. Cummings Lot
C31-1CummingsJoseph     22 Feb 189087y  
C31-2CummingsSarah C. Morse   15 Dec 189184y Wife of Joseph Cummings.
C31-3         A footstone with "Mrs Carlie" on it.
C32         J. D. Gould Lot
C32-1          A large monument with "GOULD" and nothing else on the east face and "DENIO" at the bottom of the west face.
C32-2GouldJoseph D.  1840 1913  A footstone.
C32-3GouldMahalia L. Kendall 1839 1911  A footstone. Wife of J. D. Gould.
C32-4DenioLlewella K.   1878 1955  A flat marker.
C32-5DenioS. Arthur   1868 1950  A flat marker.
C32-6DenioDoris  1912 1993  A flat marker.
C32-7DenioFrederick G.  1906 1966  A flat marker.
C33         Salma Hall Lot
C33-1         A headstone with "JENNIE" on it.
C33-2HallJennie C.  22 Mar 1861 11 Mar 1890  Wife of J. B. Hall. A vertical stone.
C33-3HallEugene E.     17 Aug 187624y 11m A vertical stone.
C33-4HallHelen M. Wood   26 Jan 190375y 1m 21d Wife of Salma Hall. A vertical stone.
C33-5.1HallSalma     19 Dec 190386y 11m 3d A vertical stone.
C33-5.2HallFred E.    20 Dec 193868y 8m 12d  
C34         Mrs. E. E. Hovey Lot
C34-1          A large monument with "HOVEY" on the east face.
C34-2HoveyFred E.  14 Oct 1866 2 Jul 1923  A footstone.
C34-3HoveyEmery E.  28 Feb 1841 3 Apr 1905  A footstone.
C34-4HoveyEmily C.  27 Nov 1846 25 Dec 1916  A footstone.
C35        Charles Wood Lot
C35-1         A large monument with "WOODS" on the east face. Following names are on the west face.
C35-1.1WoodsCharles Henry  18541932   
C35-1.2WoodsEva Myra Thomas 1859 1922  Wife of Charles Henry Woods.
C35-1.3WoodsCharles Francis   1885 1950  Beloved husband of Josephine Knollin.
C35-2WoodsAmy Thomas-Miles 1830 1911  A footstone with "Mother" on it.
C35-3         A flat marker with "Francis" on it.
C36          S. J. Hastings Lot
C36-1HastingsEllen L.  1892 1981  A flat marker.
C36-2HastingsFrank B.  1886 1974  A flat marker.
C36-3HastingsIrene Elis  1888 1913  A flat marker.
C36-4HastingsRuthie    15 Aug 18858y 9m A vertical stone. Daughter of S. J. and A. L. Hastings.
C36-5HastingsHenry     3 Sep 18742y 8m A vertical stone.
C36-6HydeDot Hastings 1875 1918  A flat marker.
C36-7.1RobinsonBertha E.  1922    A headstone with "ROBINSON" on it.
C36-7.2RobinsonPercy A.   1901 1981