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Cemetery Listing - Passumpsic Cemetery - Old Section (North of Access Road)

After Miss Powers death in 1985, her documentation for the Passumpsic Cemetery was not available so in the summer of 2004 I undertook a project to document the cemetery using a plat survey dated 1917. That map laid out the cemetery by sections. A few years later I found she had documented the cemetery and I obtained a copy of her work. In her document, the dividing line between the old cemetery and the beginning of the newer sections was confusing so this table is built  on my work. She had not used the 1917 map.

This listing contains that portion of the old cemetery that lies north of the access road.

Facing the cemetery from US Route 5, the oldest section lies on both sides of the access road. Row numbers begin at the fence near US Route 5 and progress towards the rear of the cemetery. Grave numbers for the most part begin at the entrance road and progress towards the north fence. I have used the Stone # format as PONn (Row #) - n.n (Stone # in row). The decimal point signifies that there are multiple names on one stone.

An asterisk identifies information obtained from Waterford vital records or Cemetery Records. A double asterisk indentifies information derived from the Goss family history.

Stone #LastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
PON1-1KnoxEmma J.   15 Jun 18526y 4m Daughter of Alonzo and Mary Knox.
PON1-12KnoxAbbie A.    15 Apr 18543y Daughter of Alonzo and Mary Knox.
PON1-3KnoxMary B..   4 Aug 18563y 2m Daughter of Alonzo and Mary Knox.
PON1-4WoodsTruman S.    21 Jan 183110y Son of Capt. Leonard and Eunice Woods.
PON1-5WoodsDiadamia S.   3 Dec 1837  Wife of Stevens Woods. Stone is sunken with age line below ground.
PON1-6WoodsCapt Leonard   16 Feb 184347y  
PON1-7ShoreyC. L. Percival1819 1902  Wife of Miles Shorey.
PON1-8ShoreyMiles   30 Dec 188187y  
PON1-9WoodsFrederick T.   19 Feb 184552y  
PON1-10WoodsEllathan   3 Sep 185481y Wife of Dea. John Woods.
PON1-11WoodsDeacon John   30 Dec 184260y  
PON1-12WoodsAbigail   21 Jan 184986y Wife of John Woods.
PON1-13ArmingtonJohn   9 Jun 181883y Born in Rehobeth MA. There is a Sons of the American Revolution marker here.
PON1-14ArmingtonJoseph    16 Oct 183279y This stone is difficult to read and is partially sunken.
PON1-15ArmingtonDeborah   6 Oct 184281y Wife of Joseph Armington Esq.
PON1-16ArmingtonMary   24 Nov 1832 *17y * Daughter of Joseph and Deborah Armington.
PON1-17ArmingtonEzra   8 Oct 181926y  
PON1-18ArmingtonOlive   29 May 181541y 9m Wife of Lieut. John Armington.
PON1-19ArmingtonSylvester   28 Jan 18103y Son of John and Olive Armington.
PON1-20ArmingtonSamuel    21 Jul 184866y  
PON1-21ArmingtonMary    29 May 184454y Wife of Samuel Armington.
PON2-1.1ArmingtonChartles S.   20 Apr 184921y 10m Son of John and Betsy Armington.
PON2-1.2ArmingtonEzra E.   27 Jun 185125y 10m Son of John and Betsy Armington.
PON2-2PartirdgeNancy S.   31 Oct 185543y Wife of O. B. Patridge.
PON2-3PatridgeO. B. Patridge   30 Sep 185249y  
PON2-4PalmerHarriet E.   30 Apr 184933y Wife of Willis Palmer.
PON2-5HarveyLydia Lueella   11 Apr 18507y Daughter of Ortis G. and Susan N. Harvey.
PON2-6        Two pieces of a stone leaning against a large rotted tree stump. It appears one piece has "D. S. W." on it.
PON2-7HarveyMary   22 Dec 1822  Daughter of Ira and Hannah Harvey.
PON2-8        A small stone with no writing on it. It may be a foostone.
PON2-9.1HarveyOrtas G.   19 Feb 188062y 8m  
PON2-9.2HarveySusan N.   13 Aug 187263y Wife of Ortas G. Harvey.
PON2-9.3HarveyIra   30 Mar 183465y  
PON2-9.4HarveyHannah   5 Jan 185683y Wife of Ira Harvey.
PON2-9.5HarveyLuella L.   14 Apr 18507y Daughter  of O. G. and S. A. Harvey.
PON2-10        A small stone with no writing on it. It may be a foostone.
PON2-11HarveySNH      A small stone with "SNH" across the top.
PON2-12HarveyMary   19 Oct 18078hr Daughter of Ira and Hannah Harvey.
PON2-13        A small stone with no writing on it. It may be a foostone.
PON2-14HarveyIra Esq.  22 Nov 1772 30 Mar 183462y  
PON2-15HarveyMary   10 May 183386y  
PON2-16HarveyZechariah   26 Sep 181875y This stone was very difficult to read.
PON2-17CushmanClarke    20 Sep 185181y  
PON2-18CushmanCatherine    8 Mar 183761y 5m Wife of Clarke Cushman.
PON2-19CushmanTheophilus   3 Mar 185256y  
PON2-20CushmanMatilda   21 May 185760y Wife of Theophilus Cushman.
PON2-21CushmanLydia   8 Oct 185442y Wife of William Cushman.
PON2-22CushmanWilliam   5 Jun 184737y  
PON2-23CushmanWilliam Henry   23 Jan 188849y Son of William and Lydia Cushman.
PON2-24CushmanCharles G.    29 Apr 18432y 9m Son of William and Lydia Cushman.
PON2-25CushmanSarah K. Armington   31 Jul 183420y 11m 25d Wife of William Cushman, daughter of John and Abigail Ramsey.
PON2-26CushmanMary K.   20 Mar 18376m 20d  
PON2-27CushmanLewis    29 Oct 18141y 5m Son of Lewis and Catherine Cushman. Rest of stone is below ground.
PON2-28LawrenceGeorge    26 Nov 186383y  
PON2-29LawrencePatty    28 Jun 184157y Wife of George Lawrence.
PON2-30LawrenceGeorge W.    27 Sep 18313y 7m 27d Son of George and Patty Lawrence.
PON2-31ClarkeSally   20 Jul 185472y Wife of Ira Clarke.
PON3-1WheatonCaleb   18 Sep 183168y A native of Seekonk, MA.
PON3-2WheatonPatience   20 Nov 184281y Wife of Caleb Wheaton.
PON3-3WheatonCapt Zalmon   11 Jul 188486y 2d  
PON3-4WheatonLucy Sherman **   28 Jan 188784y Wife of Capt Zalmon Wheaton.
PON3-5PercivalAnnis   23 Jan 1851 *7m 10d Daughter of Wm? and Amanda Percival. This stone lies between rows 2 and 3.
PON3-6BadgerOlive    11 Feb 181227y Consort of Amasa Badger.
PON3-7.1BrownInfant Son   ???  Son of Benj. P. and Ann Brown. There were two dates on this stone - 25 Jan 1841 & 23 Jul 1831.
PON3-7.2BrownInfant Son   ??  Son of Benj. P. and Ann Brown. There were two dates on this stone - 25 Jan 1841 & 23 Jul 1831.
PON3-8BrownAnn Armington 15 Aug 1802 25 Mar 1885  Wife of Dea. B. P. Brown.
PON3-9BrownDea. B. P.  1 Jul 1801 6 May 1891   
PON3-10HouseMary S.   31 May 1891  The stone has been patched and the patching material is flaking off.
PON3-11HouseRev. A. H.    26 Nov 186149y 5m  
PON3-12.1KendallWilliam    13 Jul 181573y Rev. War Soldier.
PON3-12.2KendallMercy    29 May 180769y Wife of William Kendall.
PON3-13KendallChester    7 Sep 18221y 3m Son of Jerreb and Lucy Kendall. The remainder of the stone has sunk below ground.
PON3-14KendallCapt Jerreb    1 Mar 185472y  
PON3-15KendallLucy    29 Mar 186882y Wife of Jerreb Kendall.
PON3-16KendallLorenzo   9 Nov 185739y 8m  
PON3-17KendallInfant Daughter    30 Jun 1837  Daughter of J. E. and R. W. Kendall.
PON3-18KendallLarnard L.  25 Mar 1811 5 Oct 1888   
PON3-19KendallIsabell M.    26 Feb 186547y 6m Wife of Larnard Kendall.
PON3-20KendallJerreb L.   23 Apr 185313y 7m Son of Larnard and Isabell M. Kendall.
PON3-21BodwellRansom   21 Mar 183543y  
PON4-1.1PotterBarnabas    25 Mar 182675y  
PON4-1.2PotterMary    31 Jan 184190y Wife of Barnabas Potter.
PON4-2HasellineAbigail    27 Nov 184373y Wife of Joseph Hasselline. This stone is behind the Lawrence obelisk.
PON4-3HasellineJosiah C.   6 Jun 183925y 5m This stone is behind the Lawrence obelisk.
PON4-4Hasellane ?Betsy V.   29 Aug 184446y This stone is behind the Lawrence obelisk.
PON4-5ThayerPreston Esq.   15 Dec 185571y  
PON4-6ThayerNaomi   11 Feb 186374y Wife of Preston Thayer.
PON4-7.1FreemanNaomi B.   11 Feb 186374y Wife of Preston Thayer. Second stone.
PON4-7.2FreemanOrimel H.   7 Jan 186556y  
PON4-8.1LawrenceDavid   24 Jul 185880y  
PON4-8.2LawrenceDeborah   10 Jan 184156y Wife of David Lawrence.
PON4-8.3LawrenceElecta J.   21 Aug 185871y Wife of David Lawrence.
PON4-8.4LawrenceHorace  13 Feb 1825 30 Nov 1902   
PON4-8.5LawrenceElecta Miner  23 Jun 190078y 5m 11d Wife of Horace Lawrence.
PON4-9IdeAnna   22 May 185681y Wife of Jacob Ide. This stone was  being reset.
PON4-10IdeJacob   21 Oct 184061y This stone was about to break in 2004. No knowledge of current condition.
PON4-11KeachFreelove    1 Dec 186764y Wife of Philip Keach.
PON4-12KeachPhilip    1 Aug 186976y  
PON4-13.1KeachSophia    30 Mar 183320y 2m Daughter of Philip and Freelove Keach. This stone was in bad shape and had been patched.
PON4-13.2KeachRuth    31 Mar 18337y Daughter of Philip and Freelove Keach. This stone was in bad shape and had been patched.
PON4-14KeachEllen    8 Jun 18468y Daughter of Philip and Freelove Keach. The rest of the stone is below ground.
PON4-15.1FelchSarah Ayers   25 Sep 1797  Wife of Joseph Felch Esq.
PON4-15.2FelchCarlton    Sep 17963y Son of Joseph and Sarah Felch.
PON4-15.3FelchIthamer    Nov 17974m Son of Joseph and Sarah Felch.
PON4-16FelchJoseph Esq.   27 Jun 184681y  
PON4-17FelchAbigail   18 Sep 185985y Wife of Joseph Felch Esq.
PON4-18FelchCurtis   23 Jun 1844   
PON5-1KendallLangdon   16 Jun 188778y 9m 8d  
PON5-2KendallLouisa Woods  30 Dec 189178y 9m Wife of Langdon Kendall.
PON5-3KendallLucy   18 Nov 183661y Wife of Wiliam Kendall.
PON5-4KendallLucia Lewella    13 Apr 18508y Daughter of Langdon and Louisa H. Kendall.
PON5-5KendallHorace    31 Jan 185619y 11m Son of Langdon and Louisa H. Kendall.
PON5-6BruceMinerva Kendall  6 Oct 190763y 9m Wife of Henry Bruce.
PON5-7.1BruceHenry   4 Jun 189152y 4m  
PON5-7.2BruceMabel J.   2 Apr 18879y 10m Daughter of Henry and Minerva Bruce.
PON5-8        A small footstone with Mabel on it..
PON5-9SmithAna A. Fuller  11 Apr 191092y 5m 11d Wife of Ira Smith.
PON5-10FullerSarah A.    5 Mar 185669y Wife of Benj. Fuller.
PON5-11FullerMary S.    4 Feb 183310y Daughter of Benj. and Sarah Fuller.
PON5-12FullerSarah B.    18 Oct 185834y Daughter of Benj. and Sarah A. Fuller.
PON5-13BrownNath'l    8 Jun 185239y  
PON5-14WilderBenjamin    21 May 181115y Son of Nathan and Mercy Wilder.
PON5-15SmithThomas    19 Feb 182584y  
PON5-16WoodsEunice  19 Jun 1794 ** 31 Jan 181722y Daughter of Capt. Joseph and Diademia (Newell) Woods.
PON5-17WoodsLemuel  7 Apr 1792 ** 17 Nov 1821 **29y Son of Capt. Joseph and Diademia (Newell) Woods.
PON5-18KeachSally    16 Nov 181130y Wife of Benjamin Keach.
PON5-19KeachBenjamin O.   14 Jun 182243y  
PON5-20KeachRuth Emmons  29 Nov 183835y Wife of Hazen Keach.
PON5-21.1KeachPhilip   18 Oct 183174y * A Revolutionary soldier. This stone is broken and has been bolted together.
PON5-21.2KeachRuth   12 Aug 184083y Wife of Philip Keach.
PON5-22LeonardAlfarata E.   29 Jan 18524y Daughter of W. E. and L. D. Leonard. This stone is very hard to read.
PON6-1IdeSarah M.   28 Apr 184428y Daughter of John and Sarah Ide. There is a big gap to the next stone.
PON6-2WoodsCapt Joseph  2 Nov 1758 ** 16 Jul 183475y  
PON6-3WoodsDiademia ** Newell **12 Sep 1760 ** 16 Apr 183675y Wife of Joseph Woods. There is a large rotted tree stump between this stone and the next.
PON6-4WallarSally    28 Feb 183944y Wife of Samuel K. Wallar.
PON6-5HazeltineNath'l   1 Dec 187164y  
PON6-6.1HazeltineAlma S.    23 Jun 189778y 6m 11d Wife of James H. Hazeltine. This is a double stone.
PON6-6.2HazeltineJames H.   9 Apr 184426y  
PON6-7 Mary Jane      This stone was broken and the top half slid down behind the lower. I could read Mary Jane and nothing else.
PON6-8HaseltineInfant Son       Son of Thomas and Sarah M. Hazeltine. Rest of stone is buried.
PON6-9DavisCharles W.    1 Jun 186435y  
PON7-1.1ArmingtonSimon  1815 1889   
PON7-1.2ArmingtonMary Norris1819 1890  Wife of Simon Armington.
PON7-1.3ArmingtonTaylor N.  1848 1860   
PON7-2GoodellAdonijah Judson    30 Apr 183520y 4m 11d Son of Somers and Betsy Goodell. This stone was covered with lichens, one of the worst I've seen. I cleaned it as best I could.
PON7-3RowellSarah D.    27 Aug 184286y Wife of Samuel Rowell.
PON7-4.1GoodellBetsey F.   2 Jan 186989y 5m Wife of Somers Goodell. This is a double stone.
PON7-4.2GoodellSomers    18 Oct 184573y 6m  
PON7-5BentonJacob    14 Sep 181215m Son of Samuel and Esther Benton.
PON7-6WoodsNathan E.    25 Nov 181723y Son of E. A. and Mary Woods. This stone has been repaired.
PON7-7WoodsEbenezer    9 Dec 184374y 8m  
PON7-8WoodsSarah Farwell ** 17 Sep 1772 ** 11 Sep 185683y 11m 16d Wife of Ebenezer Woods.
PON7-9WoodsJephthah    22 May 182321y 11m Son of Ebenezer and Sarah (Farwell) Woods. **
PON7-10WoodsAnna    21 Dec 184242y 10m Wife of Elias Woods.
PON7-11WoodsHarriet    28 Dec 18307w 3d Daughter of Elias and Anna Woods.
PON7-12WoodsInfant Son    5 Jan 18291d Son of Elias and Anna Woods.
PON7-13WoodsInfant Daughter      Daughter of Elias and Deidama ?? Woods.
PON7-14WoodsInfant Daughter    1 Sep 1812 *  Daughter of Elias and Anna Woods.
PON7-15WoodsElias    25 Aug 186364y 20d  
PON7-16GelmanSally    10 Jun 184910y 8m Daughter of Harvey and Miriam Gelman.
PON7-17PersonsLucy B.    19 Aug 183819y Daughter of Edmund and Abiah Persons.
PON7-18FarwellIsaac    4 Feb 1828 *41y * Son of Timothy and Sarah Farwell. Rest of stone is in the ground.
PON8-1HardyFrancis E.    23 Oct 186115y 6m Son of G. W. and E. Hardy. There is a big gap between this stone and the next.
PON8-2GossMary B.  21 Apr 1829 ** 30 Jun 18334y Daughter of Lock and Sally Goss.
PON8-3GossLucy S.  28 Jul 1822 ** 4 Apr 1849 **26y Daughter of Lock and Sally Goss. This stone has been repaired.
PON8-4GossSally B. Butler 7 Jan 1796 ** 12 Mar 186367y Wife of Lock Goss. This stone was broken and laying on the ground.
PON8-5GossLock  28 May 1797 ** 24 Mar 185254y This stone has been repaired.
PON8-6GossLucy Sherman ** abt 1766 ** 1 Mar 1820 **  Wife of Levi Goss. The stone is covered with lichens.
PON8-7.1GossEunice Leonard **abt 1761 ** 21 Apr 179635y Wife of Levi Goss.
PON8-7.2GossLeonard  18 Oct 1794 ** 15 Oct 1816 **22y Son of Levi and Eunice Goss.
PON8-8GossLevi  24 May 1765 ** 13 Nov 182661y  
PON8-9MasonSafrona   22 Apr 184313y  
PON8-10BrighamLucy   1 May 184218y Daughter of Ezra and Mary Brigham.
PON9-1         A footstone with "Father" on it.
PON9-2        A footstone with "Mother" on it.
PON9-3LawrenceAddie May    19 Aug 18644y 5m 3d Daughter of Geo. C. and Hannah L. Lawrence.
PON9-4.1LawrenceGeorge C.  18 Sep 1813 24 Dec 1894   
PON9-4.2LawrenceHannah P. Barker5 May 1817 1 May 1890  Wife of George C. Lawrence.
PON9-4.3ButterfieldHattie I.Lawrence  29 Jan 187736y 1m 29d Wife of Harvey H. Butterfield.
PON9-4.4LawrenceAddie May   19 Aug 18644y 5m 3d Daughter of Geo. C. and Hannah L. Lawrence.
PON9-5WinslowLoren P.    13 Apr 187243y This stone was face down on the ground in 2004 but had been reset by Oct 2005.
PON9-6Lawrence        A footstone with "Hattie" on it.
PON9-7GenestCora B.  1860 1907  Wife of Homer A. Genest.
PON9-8JacksonSally    7 Oct 184259y Wife of Caleb Jackson.
PON9-9JacksonCaleb    2 Dec 185570y 8m  
PON9-10IdeTimothy  15 Feb 1772 ** 6 Aug 183866y  
PON9-11IdeEsther Armington **   2 Mar 184972y Wife of Timothy Ide.
PON9-12IdeMary Ann  abt 8 Aug 1813 ** 17 Apr 18148m 9d Daughter of Timothy and Ester Ide.
PON9-13TysonSally    12 Aug 1838  Wife of John Tyson.
PON9-14IdeJohn    30 Jan 184342y This stone was split.
PON9-15IdeMarcy Ann    25 Jul 186752y 5m The rest of the stone is below ground.
PON9-16HoughtonInfant       Infant child of Homer and Cynthia Houghton.
PON10-1RussellEllen M. Felch 1835 1922  Wife of Hiram Russell. Widow of Albert Felch who was killed in the Civil War.
PON10-2RussellAnn M. Lawrence1824 1865  Wife of Hiram Russell.
PON10-3RussellHiram  1823 1905   
PON10-4.1NorthropEllzy W.  1859 1888   
PON10-4.2SpauldingMary E. Northrop 1861 1948  Wife of G. R. Spaulding.
PON10-5LawrenceChloa    8 Aug 186678y  
PON10-6SargentZachariah    17 Jun 18293y Son of Amos and Anna Sargent. This stone is difficult to read.
PON10-7SargentWilliam    26 Jul 183828y Son of Amos and Anna Sargent.
PON10-8WhiteMary Jane   6 Oct 184511y 13d Daughter of Owen T. and Harriet N. White.
PON10-9WhiteCharles   11 Apr 1830 *17y * Son of Samuel and Eunice White. The rest of the stone is below ground.
PON10-10        A small stone with no inscription.
PON10-11.1WhiteSamuel   26 Mar 185072y  
PON10-11.2WhiteEunice   6 Apr 185882y Wife of Samuel White.
PON10-12HoughtonLaura   5 Jun 181312y 6m  
PON10-13HoughtonBenjamin    15 Jul 18285y  
PON10-14HoughtonWillard   27 Jan 184766y 5m  
PON10-15ElliotMary L. Houghton   15 Jul 185635y Wife of A. A. Elliot, daughter of Willard and Hannah Houghton.
PON10-16HoughtonLaura    1 Mar 18182y  
PON10-17KidderPolly O.    27 Jul 1841 *51 Wife of Benjamin Kidder.
PON10-18 Robert W.       Son of Nath'l and Sarah. I could not read the rest of the inscription as the stone had deteriorated from weather.
PON10-19         A small stone damaged by mowers.
PON11-1CummingsGeorge T.  1847 1870   
PON11-2CummingsMarie R.    23 Aug 187734y This stone has been badly pitted, has been split and repaired.
PON12-1         There is a base only with no headstone. This is the only stone in this row.
PON13-1LittleFrancis O.    6 May 18563y Son of M. and M. E. Little. This stone is difficult to read.
PON13-2VincentChristiana    11 Apr 18562y 6m Daughter of C. M. Vincent according to cemetery records..