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Cemetery Listing - Powers/Wheeler

In the 1980s Eugenia Powers documented  the stones found in the Powers/Wheeler cemetery. This listing was derived from her work, a copy of which was placed in the Waterford library. Facing the cemetery from the road, row numbers begin at the gate and progress towards the rear of the cemetery.

An asterisk identifies those dates obtained from Waterford vital records.

Stone #LastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
PW0        A large depression in a sort of terrace below Row 1. Contains a 2 foot square flat rock. Possibly contains unmarked graves.
PW1        A small terrace just below the line of stones part way up the hill. Can't tell if this terrace contains unmarked graves or is landscaping that goes with Row 2.
PW2-1FarwellEmily   Jan 18--  Daughter of Henry and Mary Farwell.
PW2-2FarwellSara   14 Nov 183111y 6m Daughter of Henry and Mary Farwell.
PW2-3FarwellBenjamin   1 Jan 183224ySon of Henry and Mary Farwell.
PW2-4FarwellEliza   30 Dec 183429y Daughter of Henry and Mary Farwell.
PW2-5FarwellMary Bonett 17851871 Daughter of Joseph and Tamma (Johnson) Bonett.
PW2-6FarwellHenry F.  1774 1861  Son of Timothy and Sarah P. Farwell.
PW3-1        A soapstone with the initials C. P. Might be for Cindrulla Page.
PW3-2         A fieldstone sticking up arranged in such a way that they appear to mark graves. No inscription.
PW3-3        A fieldstone sticking up arranged in such a way that they appear to mark graves. No inscription.
PW3-4        A fieldstone sticking up arranged in such a way that they appear to mark graves. No inscription.
PW3-5         A flat stone lying on the ground in a level space.
PW3-6         A squarish bed of moss which appears to be growing on a solid surface.
PW4-1         Footstone to Row 5 #2. Judith cARR.
PW4-2         A white marble footstone. No inscription.
PW4-3         Dark stone, footstone to Row 5 #4.
PW4-4         A fieldstone, not slate but layered.
PW4-5         Footstone to Row 5 #6.
PW4-6         This stone marks the head of a grave.
PW4-7         Footstone marked O. P. C., Oscar P. Cheney Row 5 #10?
PW5-1PageCindrula    17 Oct 183627y 9m 9d Wife of Phineas Page.
PW5-2CarrJudith    11 Mar 183786y Wife of Parker Carr. Matching footstone J. C. leaning against a tree.
PW5-3OsgoodRuth    15 Aug 187075y 4m 24d Wife of Capt. John P. Carr
PW5-4CarrJohn P.    15 Nov 184763y Veteran's flag.
PW5-5CarrBetsy    5 Sep 183041y Wife of John P. Carr.
PW5-6CarrDrusilla    24 Jul 182721y Daughter of John and Betsy Carr.
PW5-7CarrJohn    28 Nov 181512hr Son of John P. and Betsy Carr.
PW5-8         A stone barely sticking out of the ground. No inscription of course.
PW5-9CarrDruslla    31 Jan 185628y 2m 15d Daughter of J. P. and Betsy Carr.
PW5-10CheneyOscar P.    7 Feb 1843. Son of Elias and Mary Ann Cheney
PW5-11CheneyElias    16 Dec 181025y Killed by fall of a tree.
PW5-12         Field stone leaning against opposite side of tree to left of Elias Cheney grave.
PW5-12a         Large hollow big enough for a lot.
PW5-13         Large field stone sticking out of ground under a tree.
PW5-14         A field stone protruding edgewise from ground.
PW6-1BrownMary    9 Jul 1874  Wife of Ira Brown. Also her child, Mary.
PW6-2         A field stone with a rounded top.
PW6-3         A field stone, flat, set in edgewise.
PW6-4         A field stone.
PW6-5         A number of hollows which seem to be in line with these stones.
PW7-1         Two field stone markers about a foot wide, spaced to indicate the head and foot of a grave.
PW7-1a         A field stone with a shaped top.
PW7-2aWoodsEbenezer    20 Dec 186575y 5m 2d A veteran's flag possibly 1812 militia.
PW7-2bWoodsAnnis    2 Mar 186776y His wife.
PW8-0aBrownMary    9 Jul 187468y Wife of Ira Brown.
PW8-0bBrownMary       Daughter of Ira and Mary Brown.
PW8-1         A shaped slate twelve inches wide twenty four inches tall. Appears to be a round top slate stone with engaved surface flaked off. A soap stone foot stone on other side of tree reading D. B.
PW8-2BrownDolly    29 Nov 18216y Daughter of John and Polly Brown.
PW8-3BrownSally    11 Jun 1828   
PW8-4BrownClarissa    23 Feb 182917y Daughter of Joshua and Sally Brown.
PW8-5BrownSusanna    10 Mar 182939y Wife of Joshua Brown.
PW8-6BrownJoshua    2 Nov 184972y  
PW8-7BrownRebecca    22 Aug 186672y Wife of Joshua Brown.
PW9-1BrownInfant    4 Oct 1837  Infant of Ira and Mary Brown.
PW9-2BrownFrancis M.    10 Mar 18334y Son of Ira and Mary Brown.
PW9-3BrownFrancis    22 Feb 1838  Son of Ira and Mary Brown.
PW9-4         A field stone edge up, no inscription.
PW9-5         A hollow, possibly a grave, or one that was moved.
PW9-6         A hollow, possibly a grave, or one that was moved.