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Cemetery Listing - Riverside (Old Upper Waterford Cemetery and Recent Burials)

When construction of the Samuel Moore hydroelectric dam began, the village of Upper Waterford was to be inundated. There were two cemeteries in Upper Waterford which would be inundated along with the village. These cemeteries were the Pike Family Cemetery and the Upper Waterford Cemetery. A new cemetery, the Riverside Cemetery was created to receive the bodies from the two cemeteries.

During the summer of 1953, the bodies and headstones were removed from their previous locations and were interred in the new cemetery in a layout closely following the previous layout. Some organic material thought to be the remains of a body was also moved.

In the 1980s Eugenia Powers documented  the stones found in the Riverside cemetery. This listing was derived from her work, a copy of which was placed in the Waterford library. Facing the cemetery from the road, row numbers progress towards the rear of the cemetery and grave numbers begin on the left and progress towards the right. The first section between Cemetery Road and the first road within the cemetery contain burials from the Old Upper Waterford Cemetery. The second section between the first and second cemetery roads contain burials from the Old Upper Waterford Cemetery and burials after 1953. The section beyond the second cemetery road contain burials from the Old Pike Family Cemetery and unidentified remains.

This listing pertains to burials interred in the center section of the Riverside Cemetery. An asterisk identifies information obtained from Waterford vital records.

Stone #LastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
RV1-1         A headstone marked "Mother".
RV1-2         A marker "Edwin".
RV1-3.1BickfordThomas    31 Dec 187781y 20d  
RV1-3.2BickfordLouisa    8 May 189081y 1m 6d Wife of Thomas Bickford.
RV1-3.3BickfordEdwin E.    8 Mar 188334y 10m 14d  
RV1-4         A marker "Father".
RV1-5         A marker "Father". The Cross lot begins here.
RV1-6         A marker "Mother".
RV1-7.1CrossFrederick .  18 Dec 1807 24 Mar 1905   
RV1-7.2CrossMary  17 Jan 1810 29 Mar 1876  Wife of F. A. Cross.
RV1-7.3CrossEllen E.  1843 1932  A teacher of Christian Science for 47 years.
RV1-8CrossEllen       A marker for Ellen.
RV1-9.1AstleJames T.  1818 1877   
RV1-9.2AstleRachel Nutting 1826 1888  Wife of James T. Astle.
RV1-10AstleAgnes T.    13 Jul 188127y 8m  
RV1-11GregoryMary F.    15 May 188143y 3m Wife of Charles F. Gregory.
RV1-12CarpenterGlenn E.  1906     
RV1-13CarpenterMabel L.  1906 1967  Wife of Glenn Carpenter.
RV1-14.1CarpenterGeorge M.  1849 1926   
RV1-14.2CarpenterClara D.  1858 1945   
RV1-15TulipEmma P.  1859 1912   
RV1-16Tulip        A heavy gray granite monument says "Tulip" and nothing else.
RV1-17.1KerwinAmarelle P. Whitcomb 12 Mar 1858 23 Jun 1897  Wife of Joseph Kerwin.
RV1-17.2KerwinJoseph  12 Jan 1847 18 May 1915   
RV1-18.1HurlburtJames    9 Jan 187852y 8m  
RV1-18.2HurlburtSeth W.    10 Jan 187813m 15d Son of J. and L. Hurlburt.
RV1-19HurlburtLewis S.  5 Jun 1854 13 Sep 1915   
RV1-20HurlburtForrest    31 Dec 18912y 11m 8d  
RV1-21Hurlburt        A marble marker with "Father" on it.
RV1-22         A square top marble marker with nothing on it.
RV1-23.1HurlburtSamuel    2 May 187880y  
RV1-23.2HurlburtSally    6 Oct 190793y Wife of Samuel Hurlburt.
RV1-23.3HurlburtSamy    29 Apr 18567y 2m Son of Samuel and Sally Hurlburt. This was the spelling on the stone.
RV1-23.4HurlburtRachel    1 Apr 184842y Wife of Samuel Hurlburt.
RV1-24LewisMary    4 Oct 187033y 6m 12d Wife of Curtis Lewis. Died in California, probably not buried here.
RV1-25.1GregoryLois Rowell   22 Jan 188480y Wife of C. S. Gregory.
RV1-25.2GregoryCharles F.    12 Feb 186867y  
RV2-1.1McKinistryJohn A.  1928 1976   
RV2-1.2McKinistryJean E.  1932     
RV2-2.1BlodgettGeorge Thomas  1887 1937   
RV2-2.2BlodgettMary Ellen Goss 1885 1971  Wife of George Thomas Blodgett.
RV2-3LeaJohn B.  1919     
RV2-4LeaHarriet B.  1914     
RV2-5         A granite marker "Unknown".
RV2-6Stearns        A plain granite monument with nothing but the family name on it.
RV2-7StearnsEmma A.  1851 1916  Wife of Zimri Stearns.
RV2-8StearnsZimri  1833 1916   
RV2-9.1BakerMicah G.  1878 1947   
RV2-9.2BakerMary A. Hale 1891 1973   
RV2-9.3BakerMildred g.  1916 1916  A footpath crosses at this point.
RV2-10WilleyEllen M.  19 Feb 1845 21 Apr 1917  Wife of James Willey.
RV2-11CarllyleFreeman  24 Mar 1934 18 Sep 1934  Son of F. L. and L. W. Priest.
RV2-12.1WallaceFlora W.  1869 1954   
RV2-12.2WallaceGeorge S.  1887 1935  There is a Masonic emblem on the stone.
RV2-13CarpenterAbel F.    26 Feb 188955y 2m Co E 6th VT.
RV2-14CarpenterEllen E.  1895     
RV2-15.1MillenNathann W.    26 Sep 187969y  
RV2-15.2MillenCaroline E.    20 Dec 189271y  
RV2-15.3MillenInfant Son    30 Sep 1839  Son of Nathan W. and Caroline E. Millen.
RV2-15.4MillenHenry E.    14 May 18454y 9m Son of Nathan W. and Caroline E. Millen.
RV2-15.5MillenEmma I.    6 Sep 1853  Daughter of Nathan W. and Caroline E. Millen.
RV2-16 Little Dora       Nothing else on the stone. Possibly a Millen daughter.
RV2-17MillenInfant Son    30 Sep 1839  Son of N. W. and C. E. Millen.
RV2-18MillenHenry E.    14 May 18464y 9m Son of N. W. and C. E. Millen.
RV2-19AdamsMaria       A headstone.
RV2-20AdamsCharles       A headstone.
RV2-21.1AdamsAmos    18 Aug 189781y 4m  
RV2-21.2AdamsEliza    13 May 187966y 11m Wife of Amos Adams.
RV2-21.3AdamsG. C.    20 Feb 18451y 7m Son of A. and E. Adams.
RV2-21.4ParksMaria    13 Feb 188073y 10m  
RV2-21.5AdamsGeorge L.    25 Feb 187831y 11m  
RV2-21.6AdamsCharles R.    4 Jan 192482y  
RV3-1.1HeywoodHarry R.  1856 1922   
RV3-1.2HeywoodMartha Presby 1862 1922   
RV3-2HeywoodFrank R.  1879 1926   
RV3-3HeywoodWendell F.  16 Sep 1918 27 Apr 1974   
RV3-4HeywoodRuth  1930 1932   
RV3-5 Infant  1930 1932  Miss Powers thought this might be an error.
RV3-6.1PriestC. Lyman  1887 1962   
RV3-6.2PriestEva S.  1895 1977  Miss Power's note says this was Eva Sunbury.
RV3-7.1PriestA. J. Carleton      Miss Powers says this was Annie Carleton.
RV3-7.2PriestR. J.       Miss Powers says this was Ray.
RV3-8PriestFreeman J.  17 Dec 1888 18 Oct 1918  Private 1st Class, Battery C, 76th Division, 503 Field Artillery, born in USA, died in France.
RV3-9EastmanSidney T.  1913 1979  A footpath crosses at this point.
RV3-10HarveyC. Irving  1878 1963   
RV3-11HarveyBonnie B.  1889 1979   
RV3-12HarveyLeslie  1925     
RV3-13ManganBettyH.  1909     
RV3-14ManganDaniel C.  1895 1970   
RV3-15.1BradfordAlbert  1853 1925   
RV3-15.2BradfordJessie Clark 1851 1926  Wife of Albert Bradford.
RV3-15.3BradfordEmily Judd 1845 1918   
RV3-16RollinsMay E.  1896 19--   
RV3-17RollinsCarl D.  1922 1971   
RV3-18.1YoungBion T.  21 Oct 1860 10 Feb 1903   
RV3-18.2YoungHattie M. Parker 17 Dec 1874 25 Sep 1944  Wife of Bion T. Young.
RV3-20CarterMelissa C. Millen 21 Jun 1837 2 Sep 1911  Wife of Frank Carter.
RV3-21CarterFrank  26 Sep 1834 12  Jan 1916   
RV3-22ParksEphraim C.  1798 1881   
RV3-23ParksAlmira M.  1799 1879   
RV3-24Parks        A gray granite monument.
RV3-25ParksAlice M.  1825 1869   
RV3-26ParksHiram M.  1829 1916  The access road crosses at this point.
RV4-1.1PowersLeland C.  1922     
RV4-1.2PowersThelma L. Wright 1927     
RV4-1.3PowersCarl L.  1950 1966   
RV4-2PowersCarl L.  1950 1966  Drowned in the Connecticut River.
RV4-3.1YoungRoger L.  1951 1966  Drowned in the Connecticut River
RV4-3.2YoungBruce A.  1949 1966  Drowned in the Connecticut River.
RV4-4.1YoungMary Haselton 1909     
RV4-4.2YoungH. Clarence  1908    Grandparents of Roger and Bruce.
RV4-5BronsonArlene  1928     
RV4-6Bronson        A granite monument.
RV4-7BronsonBlanche E.  1903 1965   
RV4-8BronsonFrank G.  1895 1959   
RV4-9SunburyArthur  12 Nov 1888 19 Sep 1972  Pvt. US Army, World War 1.
RV4-10.1SunburyArthur  1888 19--   
RV4-10.2SunburyHelen Elizabeth    1931   
RV4-10.3SunburyBernice H.  1897 19--   
RV4-11.1SunburyAllen M.  31 Mar 1855 15 Feb 1926   
RV4-11.2SunburyNellie F. Howard 10 Jun 1861 15 Feb 1926   
RV4-12SunburyMaud  1896 1848  Wife of Allen M. Sunbury.
RV4-13SunburyMaurice  30 Dec 1886 17 Jan `1955  Cook, Co G 58 Infantry, World War 1
RV4-14SunburyHoward A.  1881 1948  A footpath crosses at this point.
RV4-15.1MorrisonRaymond C.  1895 1974   
RV4-15.2MorrisonHazell G.  1903 1959   
RV4-15.3MorrisonRaymond C.  5 Oct 1895 1 Sep 1974  PFC Air Service.
RV4-16.1BonnettEarl F.  1912     
RV4-16.2BonnettHelen F.  1919 1958  Wife of Earl F. Bonnett.
RV4-16.3BonnettStanton G.  1957 1957   
RV4-17.1LewisEdmond  1879 1962   
RV4-17.2LewisMartha  1888 1960   
RV4-18.1CarpenterJerrold H.  1938 1963   
RV4-18.2CarpenterCharlene V.  1932     
RV4-19.1LynaughHoward  C.  1910 1973   
RV4-19.2LynaughNora R. Stuart 1916     
RV4-20.1PowersGilbert A.  1912     
RV4-20.2PowersGlenn G.  1895     
RV4-20.3PowersGeneva  1919    Oldest child of Glenn Powers.
RV4-20.4PowersEva B. Page 1896 1977  The access road crosses at this point.
RV5-1.1HallEugene C.  1906     
RV5-1.2HallLena M.  1909 1974   
RV5-2Heywood        A granite monument. No other inscription.
RV5-3HeywoodMary Ann  1926     
RV5-4HeywoodBartlett S.  1922     
RV5-5HeywoodStephen W.  1948 1968   
RV5-6ParkerFrancis F.  19 Aug 1912 7 Dec 1966   
RV5-7ParkerFrancis F.  19 Aug 1912 7 Dec 1966  Vermont PFC 48 Armd Inf Bn World War II BSM  PH. A footpath crosses at this point.
RV5-8.1MorrisonMervyn E.  1900     
RV5-8.2MorrisonAnita D.  1904     
RV5-9.1BarrettMartha M.  1922     
RV5-9.2BarrettHerbert E.  1920     
RV5-10 Baby John  1974    Possibly John V. Brien III ??
RV5-11CarpenterRoger .  1916 1970  Son of I. F. Carpenter and father of Jerrold H.
RV5-12MurrayInfant Nathan William    11 Jul 1976   
RV5-13.1BloodEdna A. Joslin 1910    Wife of Clement R. Blood.
RV5-13.2BloodClement R.  1903 1974  The access road crosses at this point.
RV6-1BlodgettMelvin C.  1923 1970  Son of Carl and Ona Blodgett of West Waterford.  Mis Powers thought he was in World War II but there is no sign of it here.
RV6-2Blodgett        No other inscription, no markers.
RV6-3.1FitchettJohn L.  1911     
RV6-3.2FitchettVida N. Watson 1917     
RV6-4.1WillsonDean H.  1917     
RV6-4.2WillsonEula Hall 1920     
RV6-4.3WillsonBruce L.  1923     
RV6-4.4WillsonBeryl Harvey 1922     
RV6-5CurranJames A.  Oct 1895 4 Feb 1979  US Army World War 1.
RV6-6.1CurranJames A.  1895 1979   
RV6-6.2CurranMamie Gray 1896     
RV6-7GravettJeffrey A.  1948 1972   
RV6-8GravettCarolyn H.  1947     
RV6-9         A gray granite monument with the names "Gravett","Kimball","Lavigne" on the front.
RV6-10KimballDorothy A.  1920    A marker.
RV6-11KimballHugh O.  1913    A marker.
RV6-12LavigneBetty L.  1943    A marker.
RV6-13LavigneDavid V.  1944    A marker.
RV6-14LavigneGary P.  1967    A marker.
RV6-15.1HallRobert  1924 1975  A gray granite monument.
RV6-15.2HallBeverly R.  1932     
RV6-16.1HeathZenas J.  1900 1969  A fancy flat stone, not a headstone.
RV6-16.2HeathRhena W.  1904     
RV6-17.2HallRichard I.  1918 1977  Brother to Eula Willson, see RV6-4.2.
RV6-17.2HallAnita C.  1919