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Cemetery Listing - Stiles

In the 1980s Eugenia Powers documented  the stones found in the Stiles cemetery. This listing was derived from her work, a copy of which was placed in the Waterford library. Facing the cemetery from the road, row numbers begin on the right and progress towards the left.

An asterisk identifies those dates obtained from Waterford vital records.

Stone #LastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
ST1-1BonnettJohn   29 Mar 184355y  
ST1-2BonnettLydia   3 Feb 184515y Daughter of John and Hannah Bonnett.
ST1-3.1YoungJohn  1819 1907  Name on front of pillar.
ST1-3.2YoungArvilla P.  1818 1902  Name on front of pillar.
ST1-3.3YoungFrank  1852 1885  Name on back of pillar.
ST1-3.4YoungJane  1850 1867  Name on back of pillar.
ST1-3.5YoungJerry  1851 1858  Name on back of pillar.
ST1-4        A slate slab propped up near fence. No inscription. A sunken grave in front of it.
ST2-1YoungAgib   28 Sep 185475yA flag in a GAR holder.
ST2-2        A rock at the head of a grave. No inscription.
ST2-3.1YoungLewis   18241895  
ST2-3.2YoungHannah B.  1828 1880  His wife.
ST3-1         Possibly footstone for graves in Row 4. No inscription.
ST3-2        Possibly footstone for graves in Row 4. No inscription.
ST3-3         Possibly footstone for graves in Row 4. No inscription.
ST3-4        Flat heavy stone, somewhat shaped. In the bushes in a rock pile.
ST3-5        Marble footstone. No inscription.
ST3-6RichardsonIsaac       Marble stone broken off and set into ground. Inscription cannot be read.
ST3-7RichardsonThankful    27 Jul 185375y Wife of Isaac Richardson.
ST3-8RichardsonIsaac    5 May 183920y Second son of Isaac and Thankful Richardson.
ST3-9TownSarah    26 Sep 1833   
ST4-1StilesJohn    25 Apr 181869y  
ST4-2StilesAnna    17 Feb 186078y Wife of Capt. John Stiles.
ST4-3StilesCapt John    23 Dec 186388y Flag with GAR holder.
ST4-4StilesIrene    30 Jan 182924y Daughter of Capt John and Anna Stiles.
ST4-5StilesJohn    11 May 187468y 4m Must have been son of Capt John and brother to Irene.
ST4-6StilesSally P.    12 Aug 189385y 6m  
ST4-7HaleBetsey    28 Aug 1839   
ST4-8.1PorterSamuel    20 Oct 184578y  
ST4-8.2PorterPertsis    13 Sep 186092y Wife of Samuel Porter.
ST4-9HutchinsonHerbert B. M.    12 Aug 186719y Son of Benjamin and Sophronia Hutchinson. Flag on this grave.
ST4-10PorterLyman    8 Jul 18382y Might be grandchild of Samuel and Persis Porter.
ST5-1HutchinsonB. Frank  1835 1917   
ST5-2HutchinsonSophronia    12 Nov 187972y 5m Wife of Benjamin Hutchinson.
ST5-3.1HutchinsonBenja    18 Mar 186561y  
ST5-3.2HutchinsonJoseph W.    10 Jun 186426y Killed at Coal Harbor, VA. Corporal in Co A 11th VT Regiment. There is a flag on this grave.
ST5-4IrvingAbiel W.    2 Sep 18461y 4m 13d Son of Benj and Sophronia Hutchinson.
ST6-1MarshallLorenzo D.    26 Feb 186310y 7m Son of James L. and Licetta Marshall.
ST6-2         A fieldstone with a rounded top. No inscription.
ST7-1WilleyJames C.    17 Mar 18331y 5m 7d Son of Moses and Armenia Willey.
ST7-2WilleyMoses    Jul 18373y 3m 20d  
ST7-3BurkeGeorge H.    17 Feb 18433y 6m Son of G. and S. Burke.
ST7-4         Stone for a head marker, a rock pile, and beyond it three hollows possibly graves.
ST7-5ChaplinHannah    8 Apr 184667y  
ST7-6ChaplinJohn    4 Apr 184679y A soldier of the Revolution. A flag in a GAR holder.
ST8-1         A layered rock sticking up, also a footstone at a distance indicating a child. Two sunken graves without markers.
          This is in the lilac thicket and was missed by the Waterford Cemetery record and by Mrs. Knight.
ST8-2.1GaskillSamuel 5th    25 Apr 185211m Son of R. D. and N. R. Gaskill.
ST8-2.2GaskillRufus M. W.    1 Jan 18599y 22d Son of R. D. and N. R. Gaskill.
ST8-2.3GaskillConsuela    28 Mar 18619m Daughter of R. D. and N. R. Gaskill.
          In front os these are flat fieldstones set up indicating three graves, child size. No inscriptions.
ST8-2.4GaskillSamuel  1787 1875   
ST8-2.5GaskillNancy R.  1822 1896  Wife of Rufus.
ST8-2.6GaskillRufus D.  1822 1900   
ST9-1WhitneyRebeca  17 Oct 1782 27 May 1853  Wife of Jazaniah Whitney.
ST9-2         A shaped rock lying on the ground. No inscription. There is a footstone so it is a grave marker.
ST9-3         A flat stone lying on the ground. No inscription.
ST9-4BlakeElizabeth    16 Oct 184191y 6m Wife of Paul Blake.
ST9-5         A shaped late stone with no design and no inscription.
ST9-6HuntleyHannah    21 May 185183y Wife of Moses Huntley.
ST9-7HuntleyDea. Moses    1 Mar 184685y 7m A flag  in a GAR holder.