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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Saw Mill Sept 21 1852

Dear Mother

I am well but have had so much to do that I could not get time to write to you;
there has been twenty men here for the last few weeks and it takes a pile of
provision to keep them. for the last week I have baked 150 lbs of flour besides
lots of jonney cakes; cooked 25 1bs of beef per day besides pork, beans,
rice, mackerel etc in all quite a lot to cook over one stove not so good as our
old Conants, but I get along as yet though I have got about sick of it I dont like 
to get up at 4 o'clock very well you know, and I have to been here all the time & 
have not lost a single day, except when I was sick in June, for almost five months 
and begin to want to rest a little. and think some of going down to Stockton to see 
Mr Goodell. I received a letter from him last Friday and he thinks I can do well 
down there, and wants I should come down and see and I think I shall go soon he 
is well and says he is now doin well! I have not rec'd any letter from you by the 
last mail but I hope to get one in the next which we expect every day I am anxious 
to hear from you as often as possible and hope you will write every mail if you can. 
I dont know when I shall come home it may be in a few weeks but I think I shall stay 
another winter and perhaps longer if you will let me but I want very much to know how

page2 get along to home; if you are all well. and how the boys get along with the work?
dont let them work too hard but let them go to school all they can and hire Pat
when you need him. You will want to get some wood for next winter. if you do
not sell the hill, & I would not sell it lefs than what it is worth
for if my health is good here till spring we can keepe it let Pat cut some
wood on it to 1/2 if he will and then you can get it drawed. I think you had
better sell the stock and raise what monney you can in that way, & if
you cant sell Charley let Uncle Knapp take him and keep him this winter. When
you know how much the debts are and also how much the farm & stock is prize
at write to me & write also how much you think you will need without
selling the farm to pay all the debts & when you will need it & if I
continue to have good luck I will and send it to you

Sept 25th Mother I get a few
moment more to wite after making my bread. perhaps you would be a little curious 
to know how we make bread here well everytime I bake (& that is ever day) I 
leave dough enough to make a small loaf; this sours for ?[emptinsJ. I stir it up 
in water and then stir in my flour, salt and saleratus till it is thick enough 
to kneed then kneed it well and let it rise till it is very spongey before it is 
baked sometimes we use Soda to sour it. I make some cake with 1 bowle melasses 
1/2 bowle of vinegar 1/2 bowle 

page3 sugar, 2 bowls flour & such spice & shortning as I can get sometimes I
make a chicken pie of beef and sometimes a rice pudding without milk or eggs & 
as for nut cakes & Jonney cakes I can make as good as anybody without milk or eggs 
at least I thinks so this is about the whole history of my cooking in Cal but Mother 
while I think of it has Mr White got home? if he has he can tell you what I have been 
doing and what kind of a place I have got to live in. tell him to write me a long 
letter in rememberence of our many days spent over the pick & spade in Cal. tell 
all the Cousins to write to me and tell them I will write all I can but I cant get 
much time and will make it all up when I get home you must all take care of your healths
and write as often as you can. I would write more if I had time but shall go to the 
Post Office with my letter in the morning and hope I shall find a letter from you as 
the mail is in from the States till th and now I must bid you good by Mother 

Your Son