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Cemetery Listing - Riverside (Old Upper Waterford Section)

When construction of the Samuel Moore hydroelectric dam began, the village of Upper Waterford was to be inundated. There were two cemeteries in Upper Waterford which would be inundated along with the village. These cemeteries were the Pike Family Cemetery and the Upper Waterford Cemetery. A new cemetery, the Riverside Cemetery was created to receive the bodies from the two cemeteries.

During the summer of 1953, the bodies and headstones were removed from their previous locations and were interred in the new cemetery in a layout closely following the previous layout. Some organic material thought to be the remains of a body was also moved.

In the 1980s Eugenia Powers documented  the stones found in the Riverside cemetery. This listing was derived from her work, a copy of which was placed in the Waterford library. Facing the cemetery from the road, row numbers progress towards the rear of the cemetery and grave numbers begin on the left and progress towards the right. The first section between Cemetery Road and the first road within the cemetery contain burials from the Old Upper Waterford Cemetery. The second section between the first and second cemetery roads contain burials from the Old Upper Waterford Cemetery and burials after 1953. The section beyond the second cemetery road contain burials from the Old Pike Family Cemetery and unidentified remains.

This listing pertains to burials interred in that section of the Riverside Cemetery that is closest to the road. An asterisk identifies information obtained from Waterford vital records.

Stone #LastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
UW1-1MinshullWilliam  1943 1980  The lot is to the left of the left entrance drive.
UW1-2.1HeywoodSamuel W.  1882 1955   
UW1-2.2HeywoodIla Remick Joslin 1891 1969  Wife of Samuel  W. Heywood.
UW1-3JoslinNelson E.  1888 1917   
UW1-4NelsonDaniel H.  28 Oct 1832 1 Mar 1914   
UW1-5CarpenterVelma Ardelle    5 Apr 1911  Daughter of E. M. and B. N. Carpenter.
UW1-6.1CarpenterErnest M.  1885 1975   
UW1-6.2CarpenterBeda N.  1887 1975   
UW1-7.1MorrisonArthur T.  1902    No burials as of 1985.
UW1-7.2MorrisonDorothy P.  1911    No burials as of 1985.
UW1-8.1ParkerFrancis O.  15 Nov 1882 5 Apr 1950   
UW1-8.2ParkerMyra M. Freeman 3 Mar 1885 12 Feb 1961  Wife of Francis O. Parker.
UW1-8.3ParkerGuy W.  26 Jan 1903 23 Dec 1907   
UW1-8.4ParkerHarold F.  15 Aug 1905 8 Mar 1907   
UW1-9.1WilliamsJeddie E.  1871 1896  Son of George and Mary A. Williams.
UW1-9.2WilliamsGeorge W.  1844 1905   
UW1-9.3WilliamsMary A. Caswell 1843 1903  Wife of George W. Williams.
UW1-10WilliamsGeorge C.  14 Jan 1870 24 Apr 1899  A Masonic Lodge symbol - "B of L. F."
UW1-11.1WheelerAlbert E.  24 Nov 1834 25 Mar 1906  Co K 15th Regt VT Vols.
UW1-11.1WheelerSarah A. Heath 8 Jul 1842 22 Mar 1919  Wife of Albert E. Wheeler.
UW1-11.3WheelerHarkey R.    5 Mar 191348y  
UW1-12.1RobertsEdmund F.  1894     
UW1-12.2RobertsLillian A. Taylor 1895    Wife of Edmund F. Roberts.
UW1-12.3RobertsFrank E.  1867 1958   
UW1-13-1BedellGeorge N.  25 Nov 1875 7 May 1957   
UW1-13-2BedellCora B. Huntoon 21 Apr 1887 11 Mar 1907  Wife of George N. Bedell.
UW1-13-3BedellJulia M. Pike 1872 1960  Wife of George N. Bedell.
UW2-1WallaceEllen C. Russell 1872 1960  Wife of F. J. Wallace.
UW2-2WallaceFranklin  1841 1926   
UW2-3.1JoslinEdwin  1846 1933   
UW2-3.2JoslinCelia E. Houghton   25 Sep 186919y Wife of Edwin Joslin.
UW2-3.3JoslinAlice  1851 1923  Wife of Edwin Joslin.
UW2-3.4JoslinWillie H.    26 Jan 18792y 6m Son of E. and A. E. Joslin.
UW2-4JohnsonNancy A.    20 Jun 189159y 9m Wife of R. C. Johnson.
UW2-5JohnsonRodney C.    4 Aug 189570y  
UW2-6JohnsonFrank E.    15 Jan 191651y  
UW2-7BabcockAddee     27 Mar 188432y Wife of L. A. Babcock
UW2-8.1MasonInfant       Child of Hale and D. E. Mason.
UW2-8.2MasonInfant       Child of Hale and D. E. Mason.
UW2-8.3MasonInfant       Child of Hale and D. E. Mason.
UW2-9MasonAlice Jane    8 Apr 18765m Daughter of Hale and D. E. Mason.
UW2-10PaddlefordOphelia Frye  1837 1922   
UW2-11FryNancy C.    15 Feb 187268y Wife of Joseph Fry.
UW2-12FryJoseph    4 Aug 185868y  
UW2-13.1HoughtonJohn R.    3 Aug 188970y  
UW2-13.2HoughtonElisabeth Ballou   9 Mar 189571y Wife of John R. Houghton.
UW2-13.3HoughtonJames O.    24 Dec 18609y Son of J. R. and E. B. Houghton.
UW2-14HoughtonJames O.    24 Dec 18608y 10m 22d Son of John and Elisabeth Houghton.
UW2-15.1BallouOtis  25 Aug 1793 13 Mar 1883   
UW2-15.2BallouBetsy Joslin 7 Feb 1797 11 Apr 1873  Wife of Otis Ballou.
UW2-15.3BallouOtis    26 Oct 185123y Son of Otis and Betsy Ballou.
UW2-15.4BallouArmenia Joslin   22 Nov 188784y  
UW2-16.1MoultonSeth P.  1833 1906   
UW2-16.2MoultonSarah P. Colby 1841 1924  Wife of Seth P. Moulton.
UW2-16.3MoultonInfant    1874  Son of Seth P. and Sarah P. Moulton.
UW2-16.4MoultonAlpheus  1804 1862   
UW2-16.5MoultonSarah A. Fowler 1812 1896  Wife of Seth P. Moulton.
UW2-17MoultonInfant    10 Jan 1874  Son of Seth P. and Sarah P. Moulton.
UW2-18.1StreeterSamuel    5 Dec 188185y  
UW2-18.2StreeterSally    31 Dec 187275y Wife of Samuel Streeter.
UW2-18.3StreeterFrank C.    19 Feb 187825y Son of T. R. and A. M. Streeter.
UW2-18.4StreeterHannah M.    16 Mar 184921y Daughter of S. and S. Streeter.
UW2-18.5StreeterCaroline T.    19 Feb 185921y Daughter of S. and S. Streeter.
UW2-19         A headstone marker for Frank C. Streeter. There is a driveway at this location.
UW3-1WilliamsRose E.    17 Feb 188711y 9m Daughter of Claridus and Helen Williams.
UW3-2WilliamsClaridus T.  1842 1923   
UW3-3WilliamsHelen I. Bemis 1848 1919  Wife of Claridus T. Williams.
UW3-4Wallace        No other inscription.
UW3-5WallaceLouisa B.  1870 1937   
UW3-6WallaceJohn M. R.  1875 1936   
UW3-7WallaceMartha       No dates. Daughter of J. and E. M. Williams. Eugenia's note says "This child belonged to Euclid I. Williams."
UW3-8SwettMurray    193577y Son of Ephraim and Mary Swett.
UW3-9SwettLucia Kinne 6 Sep 1843 6 Jul 1924  Second wife of Ephraim Swett, Daughter of Willard and Mary J. Kinne.
UW3-10SwettMary B. Waters   13 Jun 187146y First wife of Ephraim Swett.
UW3-11SwettEphraim M.    24 Mar 189069y  
UW3-12RowellRichard F.    7 Jan 18774y 5m 21d Son of D. M. and A. D. Rowell.
UW3-13RowellGeorge B.  18 Apr 1870 30 Nov 1910  Son of David M. and Dorothy A. Rowell.
UW3-14.1RowellDollie    17 Jun 188237y Wife of D. M. Rowell.
UW3-14.2RowellDennison P.    19 Sep 187610d Son of D. M. and D. A. Rowell.
UW3-15RowellD. M.    31 Jan 190461y Co K 10th Regt Mass Vols. Roster of Civil War veterans published by the VT Adjutant General's office shows the name to be Daniel.
UW3-16.1RowellDr R. F.    3 Jan 187385y 9m  
UW3-16.2RowellMelinda    1 Aug 185551y Wife of Dr R. F. Rowell.
UW3-16.3RowellWillie    7 Mar 184111w Son of R. F. and M. A. Rowell.
UW3-17.1CaswellJohn  26 Sep 1806 16 Mar 187669y  
UW3-17.2CaswellLouisa Buck 25 Aug 1808 5 Jan 186556y Wife of John Caswell.
UW3-17.3BuckLucy  8 Nov 1795 17 Jul 185761y  
UW3-17.4CaswellCaroline M. Rowell 21 Aug 1822 16 Feb 1895  Wife of John Caswell.
UW3-18BuckWilliam    3 Jul 188182y 6m  
UW3-19BuckAmanda Fletcher   27 Jul 189279y Wife of William Buck.
UW3-20BuckGeorgie    30 Jun 186211y 2m Son of Wm. and Amanda Buck.
UW3-21BuckAustin A.  25 Dec 1819 8 Feb 1872   
UW3-22BuckEmily B. Towne 30 Oct 1822 20 Jun 1909  Wife of Austin A. Buck.
UW3-23BuckJerome    8 Jan 188937y  
UW3-24BuckJoseph    2 Feb 190653y 9m 10d  
UW3-25BuckCapt. Horatio    27 Oct 187970y  
UW3-26BuckPolly Caswell 4 Apr 1807 15 Mar 1895  Wife of Capt. Horatio Buck.
UW3-27.1NuttingJohn       Corner markers with J. N. on front markers. Two flat granite markers.
UW3-27.2Nutting        Wife of John Nutting.
UW3-28.1StreeterTimothy R.  22 Mar 1822 10 Mar 1900   
UW3-28.2StreeterAlmira Parks 17 Sep 1822 6 Mar 1900  Wife of Timothy R. Parks.
UW3-28.3StreeterEdward R.  6 Jul 1857 28 Aug 1900  Son of T. R. and A. . Streeter.
UW3-28.4StreeterCaroline H.  1859 1940   
UW4-1PriestFred L.  8 Sep 1892 16 Oct 1971  VT Co D 147 MGBN WW1
UW4-2.1CloughHarvey S.  4 Mar 1854 27 Mar 1904   
UW4-2.2CloughIda M. Wallace 29 Sep 1865    Wife of Harvey S, Clough.
UW4-3.1MorseHiram L.  19 Feb 1831 14 Oct 1904  Co H 2 Reg USSS, a GAR flag holder.
UW4-3.2MorseEmily S. Willey 3 Jan 1835 3 Dec 1910  Wife of Hiram L. Morse.
UW4-4DerbyMary J.  5 Jun 1891 17 May 1907  Daughter of C. W. Derby.
UW4-5.1PikeDaniel L.  17 Feb 1835 12 Apr 1904   
UW4-5.2CarpenterCaroline  2 Feb 1837 26 Mar 1868   
UW4-5.3TempleMinerva  28 Mar 1836     
UW4-6Fleming        No burials, no names. A footpath crosses at this point.
UW4-7.1MathewsGeorge W.  1877 1949   
UW4-7.2MathewsMary A. Woods 1880 1945   
UW4-8WoodsHarriet E.    11 Apr 189260y 2m 14d Wife of Willard G. Woods.
UW4-9WoodsWillard G.    21 Feb 190891y 7m  
UW4-10WoodsJane    1 Dec 187573y Wife of Silas Woods.
UW4-11.1WoodsFrank E.    9 May 186811y Son of Silas F. and Emma P. Woods.
UW4-11.2WoodsInfant     10d Daughter of Silas F. and Emma P. Woods.
UW4-12WoodsEmma P.    22 Jun 187054y 9m Wife of Silas F. Woods.
UW4-13WoodsLuella C.    8 Jul 186320y Daughter of Henry and Persis Woods.
UW4-14WoodsPersis Davison 1797 1876  Wife of Henry Woods, daughter of Silas Davison.
UW4-15WoodsHenry    20 Dec 186472y 2m 20d  
UW4-16.1WilliamsEuclid I.  27 Dec 1859 20 May 1934   
UW4-16.2WilliamsJennie L. Sanborn 11 Feb 1857 12 Aug 1923  Wife of Euclid I. Williams.
UW4-16.3WilliamsLucinda Russell 9 Aug 1827 19 May 1904  Wife of John W. Williams.
UW4-17WilliamsMareta A.    4 Aug 189810m 25d Daughter of E. I. and Jennie L. Williams.
UW4-18HurlbutO. B.    27 Apr 187062y  
UW4-19HurlbutSarah M. Wheeler   17 Nov 189079y 7m Wife of O. B. Hurlbut.
UW5-1MorseDaniel R.  1834 1908   
UW5-2CarpenterJane L. Morse   15 Jan 188335y Wife of G. M. Carpenter.
UW5-3MorseFanny    5 Aug 189148y 11d Wife of Thomas Morse.
UW5-4      30 Mar 187471y 10m 27d Possibly that of Thomas Morse. Top of stone and top of inscription is missing.
UW5-5.1StoddardCharles  1840 1910   
UW5-5.2StoddardLouis Nutting 1838    Wife of Charles Stoddard. Spelling is as shown on stone.
UW5-6.1PikeRobert T.  1845 1921   
UW5-6.2PikeMary E. Pratt 1846 1915  Wife of Robert T. Pike.
UW5-7PikeViolet       There are no dates.
UW5-8HibbardLyman    16 Nov 186582y  
UW5-9HibbardRebecca    16 Nov 186270y Wife of Lyman Hibbard.
UW5-10HibbardMary T.    8 Jul 18361y 11m Daughter of L. and R. Hibbard.
UW5-11HibbardSilas    15 May 186543y  
UW5-12HibbardCordelia Moulton   8 Oct 187144y Wife of Silas Hibbard.
UW5-13HibbardMary R.    6 Aug 18641y 7m Daughter of Silas and Cordelia Hibbard.
UW5-14TraskAlice S.  1 Nov 1865 18 Mar 1887  Daughter of Arthur E. and Carrie E. Trask.
UW5-15PalmerBessie       No dates.
UW5-16.1HudsonHarold H.  1901 1978   
UW5-16.2HudsonDoris J.  1903 1958   
UW5-16.3WilliamsBertha M.  1888 1964   
UW5-16.4WilliamsLeo D.  1885 1960   
UW5-17.1RevoirMedric D.  1862 1934   
UW5-17.2RenoirNellie Rahome 1859 1908  Wife of Medric D. Revoir.
UW5-17.3 Bertie       On marker to right of stone.
UW5-17.4 Sophia       On marker to right of stone.
UW5-18GaskillHuldah    2 Mar 187381y 11m Wife of Samuel Gaskill.
UW5-19GaskillSamuel  1787 1876  This grave has a flag on it.
UW5-20GaskillRufus D.  1822 1900  Son of Samuel Gaskill.
UW5-21GaskillNancy R.  1822 1896  Wife of Rufus D. Gaskill.
UW5-22JoslinJames    25 Jul 187373y 2m 4d  
UW5-23JoslinPoly Barker   30 Nov 188177y 9m Wife of James Joslin.
UW5-24JoslinEdwin    4 Jan 186022y 7m Son of James and Polly Joslin.
UW5-25BinghamLorenzo    6 Apr 185638y  
UW5-26BinghamSusan J.    25 Aug 185431y 7m 27d Wife of Lorenzo Bingham.
UW6-1StoddardFrank L.    27 Mar 187711y 11m 3d Son of W. A. and Sarah Stoddard.
UW6-2.1StoddardWillard A.  1835 1913   
UW6-2.2StoddardSarah  1837 1896  Wife of Willard A. Stoddard.
UW6-2.3StoddardNorman       No dates.
UW6-2.4StoddardAlmira       No dates.Wife of Norman Stoddad.
UW6-2.5StoddardAzro D.       No dates. Son of Norman and Almira Stoddard.
UW6-3.1KinneWillard  1819 1896   
UW6-3.2KinneMary Jane Parker 1822 1899  Wife of Willard Kinne.
UW6-3.3KinneLima  1843 1844  Daughter of Willard and Mary J. Kinne, Twin sister of Lucia Kinne Swett, see UW3-9.
UW6-3.4KinneElizabeth V.    1861  Daughter of Willard and Mary J. Kinne.
UW6-4.1BlodgettAustin E.  1851 1920   
UW6-4.2BlodgettClara  1852 1913  Wife of Austin E. Blodgett.
UW6-5.1CuttingHerbert S.  1876 1901   
UW6-5.2         Marker for "Father".
UW6-5.3         Marker for "Mother".
UW6-5.4         Marker for "Herbert".
UW6-6         Flat marker with word "Wife". Miss Powers thought it might be Mrs. William Morrison.
UW6-7.1CuttingPrudence C.    24 Aug 18742y 5m 9d Daughter of Stillman P. and Martha W. Cutting.
UW6-7.2CuttingFrankie A.    18 Aug 18741y 3m 18d Son of Stillman P. and Martha W. Cutting.
UW6-8.1CuttingStillman F.  1846 1940   
UW6-8.2CuttingMartha W. Carpenter 1848 1914   
UW6-8.3CuttingFrankie A.  1873 1874  Miss Power's notes differ from UW6-7.2.
UW6-8.4CuttingPrudence G.  1872 1873  Miss Power's notes differ from UW6-7.2. A footpath crosses at this point.
UW6-9.1MorrisonJoseph  1876 1924  Miss Power's document had typeovers for the dates but it appears these are the correct dates.
UW6-9.2MorrisonSarah T. Blodgett 1877 1914  Wife of Joseph Morrison.
UW6-9.3MorrisonLeonard Reed  1917 1918   
UW6-10.1PikeNathan  1870 1933   
UW6-10.2PikeAnnie E. Rickaby 1864 1914   
UW6-10.3PikeThomas J.  1903 1903   
UW6-10.4PikeNathan R.  1904 1965   
UW6-10.5PikeTeresa M. deHospodar 1903     
UW6-11JohnsonLeon E.  1879 1955  Son of Abner Johnson. There is a flag on this grave but he was not a veteran nor was he ever maried.
UW6-12JohnsonFlorence May    2 Jun 1878  Daughter of Abner and Helen Johnson.
UW6-13.1JohnsonAbner T.  1845 1919   
UW6-13.2JohnsonHelen J. Woods 1852 1913  Wife of Abner T. Johnson.
UW6-14JohnsonMartha Thompson   10 Dec 187764y 9m Wife of Peter Johnson.
UW6-15JohnsonPeter    9 Ovt 188069y 6m  
UW6-16.1JohnsonNiles G.  9 May 1843 28 Nov 1913  The Niles Johnson farm was located down river from Upper Waterford at a point where the Samuel Moore Dam now is situated.
UW6-16.2JohnsonEllen Lewis 22 May 1843 18 Dec 1926  Wife of Niles G. Johnson.
UW6-16.3HarveyChas. A.  24 Jan 1849 25 Aug 1880   
UW6-16.4HarveyMary A.  15 Nov 1848 9 Sep 1880  Wife of Chas. A. Harvey.
UW6-17FitzgeraldWilliam J.  1881 1949   
UW6-18FitzgeraldFlorence M.  1867 1948