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Cemetery Listing - West Waterford

In the 1980s Eugenia Powers documented  the stones found in the West Waterford cemetery. This listing was derived from her work, a copy of which was placed in the Waterford library. Facing the cemetery from the road, row numbers begin on the right and progress towards the left.

An asterisk identifies information obtained from Waterford vital records.

Stone #LastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
WW1-1        A fieldstone near the fence - no inscription.
WW1-2GoodellLester   6 Sep 183068y  
WW1-3         A fieldstone with a curved top - no inscription.
WW1-4         A piece of stone sticking out of the ground. A possible fragment behind it - also in line.
WW1-5GoodellZedekiah    17 Sep 186394y A flag on this grave.
WW1-6GoodellHannah    12 Apr 184374y Wife of Zedekiah Goodell.
WW1-7         A fieldstone without inscription, in the line.
WW1-8        A fieldstone without inscription, in the line.
WW1-9       A fieldstone without inscription, in the line.
WW1-10        A fieldstone without inscription, in the line.
WW1-11CushmanThankful    13 Aug Rest is in the ground.
WW1-12CushmanDelano, Esq.    20 Feb 183454y Eugenia thought Thankful and Delano were man and wife.
WW1-13GoodellLydia A.    8 Nov 186852y & Broken stone on the ground.
WW2-1GoodellJohn S.    19 May 187668y 4m 
WW2-2GoodellJohn V.    28 Nov 186421y 10m Died in US Hospital, Baltimore, MD. Flagon the grave. Mortally wounded in battle on 19 Oct 1864. Co C 8th Regt VT. Date was suggest Battle of Cedar Creek.
WW2-3OtisCharles F.   27 Aug 185730d  
WW2-4OisEllen M.   16 Aug 185725y 3m 4d Wife of Benj. P. Otis
WW2-5SilvesterTryphosa    23 Oct 185650y Wife of Levi Silvester.
WW2-6SilvesterAnna    31 Aug 1826 *  Wife of Levi Silvester.
WW2-7SilvesterWillard *    Sep 182912y 6m * Son of Levi and Anna Silvester.
WW2-8FarnsworthAnn M.    23 Feb 185429y Wife of Stephen Farnsworth.
WW2-9SylvesterLevi    30 Nov 187976y  
WW2-10         A footstone for Rev Prosper Davison, Row 3 #11
WW3-1DavisonPersis    11 Jan 185785y 3m Wife of Rev Silas Davison.
WW3-2DavisonRev Silas    16 May 184275y 6m  
WW3-3DavisonJohn Rice    16 Oct 183121y Son of Silas and Persis Davison. He was studying medicine when he died
WW3-4DavisonPreserved FI  1807 * 14 May 1829  *21y  
WW3-5DavisonClaudius L.    1 Aug 182119y Son of Eld. Silas and Persis Davison.
WW3-6DavisonPaul    19 Feb 182126y Son of Eld. Silas and Persis Davison
WW3-7DavisonBenjamin    6 Feb 18225y Son of Eld. Silas and Persis Davison
WW3-8FordMartha    15 Feb 183138y Wife of Robert Ford and daughter of Eld. Silas and Persis Davison
WW3-9FordSilas D.    2 Jul 183722y  
WW3-10DavisonAngeline    21 Feb 183320y 2m Daughter of Henry C. and Zeruah Divison.
WW3-11DavisonRev Prosper    24 Sep 183832y  
WW4-1MartinGeo.  27 Sep 1810 14 Mar 1860   
WW4-2MartinEsther    13 May 184326y 7m Wife of George Martin.
WW4-3.1WhippleWillard    18 May 186445y Died at  Washington D.C. He was in Co I 3rd Regt VT and was mortally wounded in battle on 5 May 1864. Date would suggest this was the Battle of  the Wilderness. There is a flag on this grave.
WW4-3.2WhippleMary E.    28 Nov 18648y Daughter of Willard and Almira Whipple.
WW4-3.3WhippleMattie E.    18 Nov 18645y Daughter of Willard and Almira Whipple.
WW4-3.4AnnisAlmira Whipple  1827 1913   
WW4-5MorrillOra E.  1880 1948   
WW4-6TownsendMargaret    17 Mar 185217y 5m Daughter of Josiah and Cynthia Townsend.
WW5-1KinneHiram    1 Sep 183230y  
WW5-2Morrison  *Mary Ann    8 Nov 183218y Name may be Mary Carleton or Mary Ann Morse.
WW5-3KinneHarriet    13 Mar 18394y 3m 3d Daughter of Elisha and Elizabeth Kinne.
WW5-4KinneMilo    21 Jun 18423y 23d Son of Elisha and Elizabeth Kinne.
WW5-5         A rounded top stone barely protruding from the ground, might be a footstone.
WW6-1StevensAnna    18 Apr 185635y  
WW6-2StevensNehemiah    21 Sep 188712y Son of N. and D. Stevens.
WW6-3StevensDeborah    10 Aug 18--  Could be 1827 or 1837. Wife of Nehemiah Stevens.
WW6-4StevensNehemiah    11 Jan 185877y  
WW6-5         A fieldstone. Spaced in  a row like graves.
WW6-6         A fieldstone barely protrudes from the ground. Spaced in a row like graves.
WW6-7GoodellShubal    30 Jul 1848   
WW6-8GoodellHannah    29 Mar 184371y Wife of Shubal Goodell.
WW6-9GoodellTimothy    27 Mar 186368y  
WW6-10GoodellHuldah    9 Jun 184348y Wife of Timothy Goodell.
WW6-11.1GoodellIretus    23 Nov 185023y Died at Willow Springs, CA. Son of Timothy and Huldah Goodell.
WW6-11.2GoodellAustin    21 Aug 186433y Killed in battle near Charleston, VA. Possibly Battle of Globe Tavern. Son of Timothy and Huldah Goodell.
WW6-12GoodellAmanda M.    16 Mar 1847  Daughter of Timothy and Huldah Goodell.
WW6-13GoodellFernando    5 Apr 18448y 8m Son of Timothy and Huldah Goodell.
WW6-14EmersonFlorilla    11 Feb 184736y Wife of John F. Emerson.
WW6-15WeymouthSusan    8 Apr 182231y Wife of Timothy Weymouth. Daughter of Dea. Parley Church.
WW6-16         A footstone protruding about five to six inches from the ground.
WW7-1HoveyMarcus A.    22 Feb 186418y 5m 11d Died at Washington, D.C. Co G 1st VT Volunteers.
WW7-2HoveyEmily G.    29 Mar 184618y 3m Daughter of Wm and Lydia Hovey.
WW7-3HolbrookMary    25 Jan 185276y Former wife of Asa Hovey.
WW7-4HoveyAsa    8 Sep 181849y  
WW7-10         Might be a footstone, no inscription.
WW7-11         A curved fieldstone, one or two inches out of the ground.
WW7-12HastingsAnna    23 Apr 184362y Wife of Amasa Hastings.
WW7-13HastingsAmasa    1 Feb 185279y  
WW7-14SmithSusan W.    21 Feb 185832y 10m Wife of B. F. Smith.
WW7-15SmithB. F.       Only the word "Died".
WW7-16SmithEmilie J.    18 Nov 186711y 5m Saughter of B. F. and S. W. Smith.
WW7-17HastingsMoses    2 May 187569y 11m  
WW7-18         A base, a heavy piece of granite with a slot cut into it.
WW8-1NicholsIrene    2 Feb 183813y 8m Daughter of Isaac and Achsah Nichols.
WW8-2.1SmithAaron    7 Apr 186480y  
WW8-2.2SmithRosanna    24 Apr 186479y Wife of Aaron Smith.
WW8-3         A square piece of marble, probably a footstone.
WW8-4         Soapstone, marked "E. K.". Maybe Elisha Kinne?
WW8-5         A marble stone with a design o it. Another piece of marble in the ground.
WW9-1CarpenterIsaiah  29 Jun 1783 6 Jul 187-  Born at Ashford, Conn, died at St. Johnsbury.
WW9-2BugbeeCaroline  27 Dec 1785 2 Aug 1865  Born at Ashford, Conn. Wife of Isaiah Carpenter.
WW9-3CarpenterIsaiah Philander    10 Aug 184128y Son of Isaiah and Caroline Carpenter. Died at Wilmington, N.C. A flag is on the grave.
WW9-4.1CarpenterAlonzo Merwin    18 Nov 18096m 26d Son of Isaiah and Caroline Carpenter.
WW9.4.2CarpenterSalla Bugbee    13 Feb 181313d Daughter of Isaiah and Caroline Carpenter.
WW9-4.3CarpenterAlathea    18 Jul 18216m 6d Daughter of Isaiah and Caroline Carpenter.
WW9-4.4CarpenterOceana Melvina    19 Feb 18256m 10d Daughter of Isaiah and Caroline Carpenter.
WW9-5CarpenterAlathea    18 Jul 18216m 7d Separate memorial.
WW9-6CarpenterOceana Melvina       Separate memorial.
WW9-7HurlbuttLois    29 Jun 186472y Wife of Hezekiah Hurlnutt.
WW9-8HurlbuttHezekiah    20 Dec183567y  
WW9-9HurlbuttBetty F.    1 Nov 182849y 3m Wife of Hezekiah Hurlbutt.
WW9-10HurlbuttEri  30 Oct 1802 14 Jun 1865   
WW9-11CushmanValentine    15 Mar 18235y 4m 6d Son of Sowle and Esther Cushman.
WW9-12HendrickEsther    18 Jan 187980y  
WW9-13HastingsJoseph    22 Feb 184018y Son of Josiah and Mary Hastings.
WW9-14HastingsJosiah    18 Jan 185064y  
WW9-15HastingsMary    30 Mar 185158 Wife of Josiah Hastings.
WW9-16HastingsHarriet    11 Nov 185027y Daughter of Josiah and Mary Hastings.
WW10-1HadleyJohn G.    20 Oct 186871y  
WW10-2HadleyMahitable       Wife of John G. Hadley.
WW11-1RiceObediah    7 Jan 182877y  
WW11-2.1RiceObediah    7 Jan 182677y  
WW11-2.2RiceHannah    29 May 182877y Wife of Obediah Rice.
WW11-3.1BrownAsa    28 Nov 185372y 8m  
WW11-3.2BrownRuth    3 Jun 186070y 1m Wife of Asa Brown.
WW11-4BrownRuth    26 Oct 185941y Maybe daughter of Asa and Ruth Brown?
WW12-1ParkerCelestia B.    25 Jun 185817y 5m Daughter of Alden and M. Lynda Parker.
WW12-2ParkerClara Emma    13 Mar 186413y 10m Daughter of Alden and M. Lynda Parker
WW12-3QuimbyDaniel    30 Jun 1838 (or 36)80y 8m  
WW12-4QuimbyAbig    8 Dec 182865y 5m A recheck of the stone indicated the name might have been Abigail.
WW12-5HavensJariah    18 Jul 184377y  
WW12-6HavensMahitable    2 Jan 184378y  
WW12-7HavensHarriet Oliva    15 Jan 18471y 5m 15d Daughter of Daniel and Lydia Havens.
WW12-8HoveyWillliam    28 Mar 187275y 5m  
WW12-9HoveyLydia    1 Oct 187978y 5m Wife of William Hovey.
WW13-1         A fragment sticking out ot the roots of a stump.
WW13-2QuimbyLydia    6 Aug 1830  Wife of ??? Quimby. Might be "Hubbard", See WW13-3.
WW13-3QuimbyChloe Amanda    23 Nov 18395Y Daughter of Hubbard and Lydia Quimby.
WW13-4CarrRev David  22 Jun 1780 27 Apr 186180y Was ordained Elder in the ME Church.
WW13-5         A piece of marble sticking out of the ground at the right distance from David Carr to be another grave.
WW13-6LaddMianda    3 Nov 1857  Wife of Alonzo Ladd and daughter of John and Zurviah Brown.
WW13-7ChurchZurviah    26 Aug 188995y 1m Wife of John Brown.
WW13-8BrownAzro    3 Oct 188982y  
WW13-9BrownAdron I.    7 Sep 18846m Son of Adron V. and Vinna A. Brown.
WW13-10BrownVinna Annette    4 Jan 190418y 9m Daughter of A. V. and Vinna A. Brown.
WW14-1WattsMargaret    18 Sep 183412y 8m 25d Daughter of John and Hannah Watts.
WW14-2SpaldingOliver D.    20 Feb 185961y  
WW14-3SpaldingMartha D.    25 Jan 185361y Wife of Oliver D. Spalding.
WW15-1DavisRoswell    17 Dec 185572y  
WW15-2DavisMercy    18 Dec 183753y Wife of Roswell Davis.
WW15-3DavisMiranda    23 Aug 184127y Probably a daughter of Roswell Davis.
WW15-4         A marble stone with no inscription.
WW15-5KidderBenjamin F.    3 Apr 185253y 15d  
WW15-6 Azro       Looks like a footstone with nothing else on it.
WW15-7KidderElizabeth    20 Aug 1839  Wife of Aaron Kidder.
WW15-8         A coarse slate stone with no inscription.
WW15-9.1CarpenterAmos B.  1818 1904  On west side of monument.
WW15-9.2CarpenterCosbi P.  1828 1904  On west side of monument.
WW15-9.3CarpenterPhilander  1850 1852  On west side of monument.
WW15-9.4CarpenterEzra P.  1864 1904  On west side of monument.
WW15-9.5Carpenter        A heavy granite monument on a double base.
WW15-10.         An old fashioned granite base with a slot for a tall gravestone.
WW15-11CarpenterHazel  11 Mar 1900 18 Mar 1900  Daughter of Miner B. and Mary G. Carpenter.
WW15-12         A depression in the mound with stones face down. Possibly two or three graves.
WW15-13CurtisJames Arthur    13 Aug 18651y 10d Son of J. W. and L. C. Curtis.
WW15-14CurtisLovina C.    18 Mar 188864y Wife of J. W. Curtis.
WW15-15CurtisJames W.    3 Dec 189158y There is a flag in a GAR holder.
WW16-1.1HarveyGeorge W.    3 Jun 186444y 1m 3d Killed at Battle of Cold Harbor, VA.
WW16-1.2HarveyAma D.    13 Feb 187151y 5m 19d Wife of George W. Harvey.
WW16-1.3HarveyMilo M.  12 Jan 1846 7 May 1872  Co G 3rd Regt VT Volunteers.
WW16-1.4HarveyIsabel A. R.    4 Feb 18657y 2m 10d  
WW16-2         A marble stone with no inscription.
WW16-3         A marble stone with no inscription.
WW16-4BournAbagail    24 Aug 184643y Wife of Solomon Bourn.
WW16-5         This marble stone is in a stump. Only inscription says "Motheer".
WW16-6SmithFreeman    25 Jul 184717y Only son of Andrew and Esther Smith.
WW16-7BurnhamBetsy W.    4 Oct 187777y 9m 9d Wife of Asa Burnham.
WW16-8BurnhamAsa    17 May 188788y 11m  
WW16-9BurnhamSilas W.    17 Apr 1813?12y 8m Poor quality marble and is eroded. Son of Asa and Betsey Burnham.
WW16-10BurnhamDavid B.    19 Feb 186017y 4m Son of Asa and Betsey Burnham.
WW16-11CarpenterPhilander I.    14 Jan 18521y 2m Son of Amos B. and Cosbi R. Carpenter.
WW16-16BeachHattie E.    14 Sep 18492y 3m Daughter of L. and M. A. Beach.