Barnet, Vermont - War of 1812                   





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The War of 1812 was unpopular here, especially among the natives of Scotland and their sons, yet there seems to have been no evasion of the general requirements of the general government. It was held by a large number, perhaps the majority, of the people of New England that in declaring war against Great Britain the United States was playing into the hands of Napolean at a time when England seemed about to be overwhelmed, and that this country should have foreborne many acts in consideration of the desperate straits in which England was placed.

Resolutions were passed at town meetings in different parts of the State which protested vigorously against the proceedings of the administration. Along Canada line the people were so much alarmed for their own safety that several towns were almost deserted. One the 1st of Sept., 1812, the selectmen of Barnet received a requisition from General Mattocks of Peacham, who was in charge of the militia, for ten men as their quota to march to Derby to quiet the inhabitants along the border. There is no record as to the names of the men who were mustered.