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Graduates of Colleges

From The History of Barnet: The following graduates of Colleges were residents of this town while pursuing college studies, and at the time of their graduation, viz.:

Name Class of College Notes
Joseph Boardman 1907 Brown University Teacher
Eben Bremer 1871 Dartmouth College Physician
Isaac W. Choate 1904 Univ. of Minnesota Lawyer
Fanny Eastman 1896 Univ. of Vermont Teacher
David J. Foster 1880 Dartmouth College Lawyer
George T. Galbraith 1872 Dartmouth College Business
William Galbraith 1822 Union Clergyman
Harold B. Gammell 1920 Middlebury College Business
Milo A. Gibson 1906 Univ. of Vermont Teacher
Oscar L. Gilchrist 1871 Dartmouth College Physician
Daniel W. Gilfillan 1837 Iniv. of Vermont Business
John A. Gilfillan 1844 Dartmouth College Teacher
Thomas Gilkerson _ Hamilton Clergyman
Cloyes W. Gleason _ Dartmouth College Physician
Emma G. Gleason 1897 Wellesley College Teacher
Laura Gleason _ Mt. Holyoke Artist
Mary E. Gleason 1909 Smith Teacher
David Goodwillie 1820 Dartmouth College Clergyman
Thomas Goodwillie 1820 Dartmouth College Clergyman
Thomas H. Goodwillie 1863 Dartmouth College Physician
William Govan 1839 Dartmouth College Physician
Curtis K. Harvey 1832 Middlebury College Lawyer
Henry H. Hazeltine 1839 Dartmouth College Lawyer
Robert H. Hazeltine 1895 Chicago University Physician
Charles D. Hazen 1889 Dartmouth College Historian
William A. Howe 1835 Dartmouth College Lawyer
Henry C. Ide 1866 Dartmouth College Lawyer
Henry C. Ide _ Dartmouth College Physician
Robert E. Litch 1876 Princeton Teacher
Harland F. Manchester 1921 Dartmouth College Journalist
Edward D. Mason 1872 Dartmouth College Clergyman
John McArthur 1872 Monmouth Clergyman
Mary J.McArthur _ Monmouth Teacher
Benjamin McLaren 1862 Dartmouth College Teacher
William R. Monteith **1870 Dartmouth College Teacher
Frances E. Nichols 1900 Middlebury College Teacher
Herbert N. T. Nichols 1904 Dartmouth College Teacher
Joseph Potts 1906 Dartmouth College Lawyer
William H. Ray 1870 Dartmouth College Teacher
Emma G. Ritchie 1877 Wellesley College _
James J. Ritchie 1906 Dartmouth College Business
Robert Shaw _ Unknown Clergyman
Peter Shaw _ Unknown Clergyman
Albert L. Somers 1920 Dartmouth College Lawyer
Britomarte Somers 1915 Middlebury College Teacher
Warrington Somers 1877 Dartmouth College Teacher
Loren Spencer 1837 Dartmouth College Lawyer
Enos Stevens 1836 Middlebury College Teacher
George Stevens 1843 West Point Army
Henry Stevens 1845 Yale University Business
James Stuart 1818 Yale University Teacher
Clarence L. Vitty 1920 Norwich University Business
Albert W. Warden 1880 Univ. of Vermont Physician
Jenny C. Watts 1897 Radcliffe Literary
Carl W. Eoods _ Geo. Washington Univ. Physician

** This correction from Ann Vibert Wuelfing:

I'm not sure where you got the information on college graduates but you have William R. Monteith listed for Dartmouth, 1870. At that time he was about 56 years of age! Actually, it was his son, Henry Ruthven Monteith, who graduated and became a teacher, high school principal and college professor after having acted as head of the McIndoes Academy for at least a year.

Henry was my great-grandfather. He was born in VT - his mother was a Gilchrist and descended from the Walter Brock and Claud Stuart as well so I have many Barnet roots.