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Residents who served in World War I


NameEnlistedService UnitNotes
Abbott, Louis B.___
Brunnell, Harry P._49th Battalion, Canadian Army Killed in action near East Arras, Aug 28, 1918
Cahill, Charles R.___
Delworth Murray4 Apr 1917102nd InfantryWounded
Demars, Fred__Greensboro man; entered service from Barnet
Gay, Allen24 May 1918__
Gray, Robert E.22 Feb 1918__
King, Louis___
Lamberton, I. W.1 Oct 1918 to 10 Feb 1919__
Miles, Clayton W.___
Miles, Harry F._NavyDied in service 12 Feb 1920
Morrill, Leslie22 Feb 1918Co F, 58th Infantry_
Rash, Richard_Navy_
Smith, Walter R._Aviation_
Vinton, Guy__Newport man, working here
Vitty, Clarence T.23 Oct 1918_Sergeant
Winckley, Leslie___

East Barnet

NameEnlistedService UnitNotes
Adams, Earl P.28 Aug 1918 to 18 Dec 1918Bat. E, 33rd Coast Artillery Corps_
Bandy, Arthur27 Jun 1917102nd Machine Gun Battalion_
Gammell, Alexander H.___
Gammell,George C.___
Gammell, Harold B.___
Kay, Nichol R.___
Kendall, Sergeant Clarence Merle__Killed at Chateau Thierry, 19 Jul 1918
Kendall, John9 Aug 1918Navy_
Martell, Philip Joseph14 Jun 1918__
Moore, Edward F.___
Quimby, Fred M.18 Mar 1918__
Quimby, George M.15 Mar 1918__
Warden, David R.___
Whittemore, Floyd F.29 May 1917103rd Infantry_


NameEnlistedService UnitNotes
Champanay, Edward E.13 Dec 1917101stMachine Gun Battalion_
Cheney, Charles E.4 Apr 1917Navy_
Dow, Franklin4 Oct 1918 to 16 Dec 1918S.A.T.C. Dartmouth_
Elliot, Howard R.13 Dec 1917__
Elliot, Loren Porter14 Oct 1918__
Farnsworth, Frank_Troop F, 6th Cavalry_
Gearwar, GeorgeApr 19171st Co, 1st Expeditionary Forces M.P.Wounded
Gilchrist, Alexander3 May 1918 to 27 May 1919__
Goodrich, Elmer Lester__Montpelier Record
Hilliard, Raymond C.5 Mar 1918Navy_
Holbrook, Max_Navy_
McDowell, Neal18 Oct 1918S.A.T.C> Norwich University_
McGoff, Owen__Hardwick man enrolled in Barnet
Morgan, Neal__Killed on the Vesle, 6 Aug 1918
Mason, Harry__Son of Philip Mason
Priest, Thomas_Navy_
Somers, Carroll___
Somers, Harold23 Oct 1918S.A.T.C. University of Vermont_
Welch, George E.___

Barnet Center

NameEnlistedService UnitNotes
Allen, Bertram14 Jun 1918 to 5 Jul 1918__
Allen, Elton_Co. C, 101st BattalionWounded
Gammell, Denman T.24 May 1918 to 6 Jun 1918__
McDonald, John_236th Canadian Battalion, "McLain Kilties"_
Nutter, Clarence7 Nov 1918S.A.T.C._
Roy, Clarence S.1 Jun 1918 to 27 Mar 1919__

West Barnet

NameEnlistedService UnitNotes
Caldwell, Charles Thomas___
Field, Claude C.15 Jul 1918__
Hastie, W. Glenn15 Jul 1918 to 23 May 1919Corporal, Co. B, 336th Tank Corps._
McLellan, George_5th Infantry_
Roy, Leon N.28 Aug 1918 to 15 Nov 1919__
Roy, Grover__Enlisted from California
Roy, Joseph Warren23 Jul 1918 to 27 Jul 1919__
Somers, Bruce10 Apr 1917Navy_
Whitehill, Roy26 Feb 1918 to 14 Jun 1919__


NameEnlistedService UnitNotes
Bofie, Selbie V._Co. K, 324th InfantryWounded
Briggs, George_Co. K, 103rd InfantryWounded 18 Aug 1918
Cooney, Robert3 Jul 19174th Field Hospital, 26thDivision_
Crane, Nelson H.4 Jun 1918 to 25 Jul 1918__
Curley, Arthur_13th Canadian Battalion, R.H.C.Wounded
Darling, Sergeant George Samuel_102nd Machine Gun BattalionKilled at Seichprey, 20 Apr 1918
Gardner, George H.15 Jun 1918__
Gates, Angus__Resident of New Hampshire
Gates, Stanley4 Apr 1917Co. B, 102nd Machine Gun Battalion_
Gibson, John25 Apr 1917Sergeant, Co. D, 57th Pioneers_
Hunt, Balfour_14th Engineers (Ry)Enlisted in Massachusetts
Larvey, John7 Apr 1917 to May 1919Co B, 102nd Machine Gun Battalion_
McCarthy, Augustus W._Co. H, 58th InfantryDied 11 Jan 1919, pneumonia
McDonald, Bernard W.___
McMaster, Charles A.26 Aug 191542nd Royal Highlanders, Canadian ArmyWounded
Rainey, Percy25 Feb 1918 to 20 Mar 1919Co. K, 58th InfantryWounded
Stuart, Hamilton Corcell___
Van Dyke, Norman S.28 Oct 1918 to 28 Jan 19196th Coast Artillery Corps._
Van Dyke, Percy J.15 Dec 1917 to 3 Mar 191961st Coast Artillery Corps._
Wallace, Claire2 May 1917__
Way, Murray C.30 May 1918 to 17 Jun 1919__
Wilson, Charles F.244th Canadian Battalion, "Kitchener's Own"Sergeant, gassed, discharged 30 Jan 1918_


1) The source for this page was The History of Barnet, Vermont by Frederic Palmer Wells, 1923, a copy of which is located in The Vermont Historical Society in Montpelier, VT.