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1790 Census

The first census of the United States was taken in 1790. Six information fields were recorded: 1)Name of head of family; 2) Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families; 3) Free white males under 16 years; 4) Free white females, including heads of families; 5) All other free persons; and 6) Slaves.

Please note that at the time of this census, the town was located in "Orange County".

Head of familyFWM16+FWM16->Females All OthersSlavesTotalsPage#
Brock, Andrew414009214
Chamberlin, Nicholas103004214
Crague, William225009214
Gardner, Hugh101002214
Goodwin, Wiloby141006214
Gray, John153009214
Heath, Ebenezer112004214
Heath, Jesse142007214
Heath, Simon131005214
Hervey, William100001214
Hunderson, James143008214
Hunt, Joshua101002214
Hunt, Joshua103004214
Johnson, Elihu211004214
Johnson, Samuel131005214
Johnson, William1460011214
Miller, Alexander124007214
Nelson, James123006214
Nelson, William333009214
Oar, John111003214
Page, Barker112004214
Page, Jonathan103004214
Page, Josiah234009214
Pattee, Joihn1270010214
Reed, David101002214
Remach, John101002214
Ritchie, John101002214
Runnels, George102003214
Russell, John101002214
Simm, Camel113005214
Steward, Allen123006215
Swithier, Joseph102003215
Taylor, John122005215
Walls, John212005215
Whitlaw, James223007215
Wright, Benjamin102003215