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Blue Mountain Cemetery - Index of Gravestones

This cemetery is located immediately west of the village of Ryegate Corner and is on the south side of Witherspoon Road. Several of the bodies from the Old Scotch American Cemetery were moved to the Old Churchyard Cemetery later named the Blue Mountain Cemetery. The Index of Gravestones was originally published by the Ryegate Historical Society in July 1999 and was revised in June 2007. Permission to add their document to this website was granted by the Society on Aug 2, 2013.

Plot map of cemetery. Entrance is from Witherspoon Road on north side of Plot A. Cemetery Road follows west sides of Plots A - D.

SurnameNameMaiden NameBirth Death AgePlotComments
AchillesAlbert F 1880 1958  CHusband of Eva Buchanan
AchillesEva BBuchanan1887 1967  CWife of Albert Achilles
AdamsAlbert H 1886 1970 CHusband of Bertha
AdamsBertha B  1892 1925 CWife of Albert H Adams
AdamsDonald 1911 1965 EHusband of Eleanor Wilson
AdamsEleanorWilson1911 1988 EWife of Donald S Adams
AdamsHarry 1910 1988 CHusband of Margaret D
AdamsMargaret D 1911 1993 CWife of Harry Adams
ArthurAndrew   186464BHusband of Janet Allen
ArthurElizabethShaw  186663AWife of A. Arthur (Topsham)
ArthurJames   185465AHusband of Elizabeth Shaw
ArthurJames   188274BHusband of Martha Todd
ArthurJames   1864 BSon of Andrew and Janet
ArthurJames A 1769 1854 AHusband of Margaret Gibbs
ArthurJanet   1868 BDau of Andrew and Janet
ArthurJanet 1802 1877 ADau of James and Elizabeth
ArthurJanet   186359BWife of Andrew Arthur
ArthurMargaretGibbs1889  45BWife of James A Arthur
ArthurMariaGates1831 1859 AWife of William Arthur
ArthurMarthaTodd  189364BWife of James Arthur
ArthurWilliam 1810 1857 AHusband of Maria Gates
AshcroftEdward 1878 1955 CHusband of Lillian M King
AshcroftLeslie H 1929 1933 CSon of Ed and Lillian
AshcroftLillian MKing1894 1968 CWife of Edward Ashcroft
BakerHelenGibson1892 1985 BWife of Vernon L Baker
BakerVernon 1893 1974 BHusband of M Helen Gibson
BakerWilliam 1852 1936 E-W 
BallAlston H  19111912 CSon of Grover and Lillian
BallEmma M  18931984 E Mother of Pearl Zuncore
BallGrover C  18841927 C Husband of Lillian M
BallLillian M  18881977 CWife of Grover Ball
BatchelderErnest E  18811969 E-W 
BayerJaneEhrlich 19451985 F Mother of Zachary and Emily
BeattieAgnes   1878?A 
BeattieBlanche MMiller 19021972 CDau of J R W and Blanche M
BeattieBlanche N  18751961 CWife of J RW Beattie
BeattieClarence B  18591921 C 
BeattieElizibeth A   186014BDau of James and Margaret
BeattieHannah G   185228AWife of Loren Thayer
BeattieHannah G   186670A 
BeattieIbbie J  18941910 CDau of J R W and Blanche M
BeattieJ. R. W.  18721929 C Husband of Blanche Miller
BeattieJames  17761866 A Husband of Margaret Gillespie
BeattieJames M Rev  18111884 B Husband of Margaret Nelson
BeattieJames M  18951896 CSon of J R W and Blanche M
BeattieJoseph   18711BSon of James and Margaret
BeattieMargaret A   18?69A 
BeattieMargaret JGillespie  184273AWife of James Beattie
BeattieMargaret NNelson 18301907 BWife of Rev James Beattie
BeattieMary AO'Brien 18391911 CWife of Thomas G Beattie
BeattieThomas G  18221907 C Husband of Mary O'Brien
BensonClarance A  18721968 E Husband of Mary D
BensonMary D  18751968 EWife of Clarance A
BerryDorisGibson 1908  D Wife of Roger Berry
BerryPatriciaGould 19432001 DWife of Wayne Berry
BerryRoger  19101996 D Husband of Doris Gibson
BerryWayne      Husband of Patricia Berry
BigelowEmily A  18381839 BDau of John and Mary
BigelowFrancis H  18501898 BSon of Sarah B Goodhugh
BigelowJohn  18031891 B Husband of Mary Thompson
BigelowMary CThompson 18211915 BWife of John BIgelow
BigelowWilliam  18461860 BSon of Sarah B Goodhugh
BigelowWillie   186013BSon of John and Mary C
BloodArnold C  19331987 F Husband of Priscilla Page
BloodPriscillaPage 19331974 F1st wife of Arnold Blood
BoardwayFred M  18611925 C Husband of Louise B
BoardwayLouise  18561942 CWife of Fred Boardway
BoardwayPerley C         WW1 18931978  CSon of Fred and Louise B
BogardusRoger             WW2 1915   FHusband of Stella
BogardusStella J.          WW2 19101996  FWife of Roger Bogardus
BoneDavid    184659AHusband of Margaret
BoneJames B   18456 moASon of David and Margaret
BoneJane   18488ADau of David and Margaret
BoneMargaret   185351AWife of David Bone
BowleyLucille L  19252005 FWife of Norman Bowley
BowleyNorman W  19171989 F Husband of Lucille
BoyceClinton W  19292004 C Husband of Jeanette L Boyce
BoyceHarlan H  18811899 CSon of James and Roselle
BoyceJames N  18511904 C Husband of Roselle Miller
BoyceJeanette L  1936    
BoyceRoselle MMiller 18571927 CWife of James Boyce
BrockAlexander H  18111890 B Husband of Jannett Gibson
BrockAndrew   181768AHusband of Mary Taylor
BrockJannett GGibson 1813189481BWife of Alex H
BrockJeanMiller  180386AWife of Robert Brock
BrockJohn C  18521938 BSon of A H and Janet Gibson
BrockMary   183817A 
BrockMaryTaylor  185894AWife of Andrew Brock
BrockMatthew J  18501915 BSon of A H and Janet Gibson
BrockRobert   179984AHusband of Jean Miller
BrockRobert B   185421ASon of William and Tryphena
BrownCarroll E        WW2 19321996  FHusband of Helen J Morse
BrownDavid Jr   188438BSon of David and Mary
BrownHelen JMorse 19351989 FWife of Carroll E Brown
BrownJohn   184565A 
BrownMargaret   18581BDau of David and Mary
BrownMaryDuncan  189169BWife of David Brown Sr
BrownSteven  18791935 E-W 
BruglieraLouis Jr  1938  E Husband of Catherine E
BruglieraCatherine E  1943  E Wife of Louis Brugliera Jr
BuchananAndrew  1770183767AHusband of Jean Robin
BuchananAndrew  18071863 ASon of Andrew and Jean
BuchananDavid  18441912 C Husband of Martha C Nelson
BuchananJames  18221823 ASon of Walter and Mary
BuchananJean RRobin 1785186377AWife of Andrew Buchanan
BuchananMartha CNelson 18491968 CWife of David Buchanan
BuchananMary JJohnston 1789186980AWife of Walter Buchanan
BuchananMoses  18161817 ASon of Walter and Mary
BuchananMoses   184343AIn lot with father William
BuchananMoses    54ASon of Andrew and Jean
BuchananWalter  1765184378AHusband of Mary Johnston
BuchananWilliam   1856 AWith wife and children
BuskeyAmie B  19271982 ESon of Ora and Annie
BuskeyAnnieButler 18921971 EWife  of Ora P Buskey
BuskeyOra P  18931968 E Husband of Annie Butler
ButlerClarence  18591921 CIn Thomas Beattie plot
CameronArchibald  17951798 A Son of John and Elizabeth
CameronArchibald  1799183031ASon of John and Elizabeth
CameronBen F   18148ASon of John and Elizabeth
CameronBetty  17971798 A Dau of John and Elizabeth
CameronDonald  1813 4A Son of John and Elizabeth
CameronDonald P  18781951 A Son of John and Sarah  M S
CameronElizabeth SStark 17711813 A Wife of John Cameron
CameronHazel H  1884  A On the Cameron monument
CameronJaneGray  186046AWife of John Cameron
CameronJohn  1800187575A Husband of Jane Gray
CameronJohn (Hon)   183776AHusband of Elizabeth Stark
CameronJohn S  18761960 ASon of John and Sarah  M
CameronJohn Stark        CW 18411914  A Son of John and Jane Stark
CameronSarah M  18631881 A Wife of John Stark Cameron
CameronSarah P  18811971 A Dua of John and Sarah  M Stark
CameronVirginia S  18881974 AOn the Cameron monument
CarbeeDorcas HJohnson  187467BWife of Joel Carbee
CarbeeElsie M  18951934 E Wife of William Carbee
CarbeeElsie M  1938  


Dau of William and Leila
CarbeeJane     B Dau of Joel and Dorcus
CarbeeJoel   186570BHusband of Dorcus Johnson
CarbeeLeila  18981986 


2nd wife of William Carbee
CarbeeLeslie   1937  


Son of William and Leila
CarbeeVictor L  19631981 


CarbeeWilliam M  18961968 E Husband of Elsie
CashDaniel   1878 BHusband of Mary
CashMary  18051863 B Wife of Daniel Cash
CheneyRoyden W  18781936 C Husband of Nellie McLam
CheneyNellieMcLam 18741926 C Wife of Royden Cheney
CinnamondLee R  19171980 F Husband of Velma
CinnamondVelma  1917  F Wife of Lee Cinnamond
ClarkPhebe  17961863 B Wife of William Clark
ClarkWilliam  17941878 B Husband of Phebe
CoburnJonathan   186074BHusband of Rhoda Stevens
CoburnRhodaStevens  186274BWife of Jonathan Coburn
CochranAddieNelson 18471919 B Wife of George Cochran
CochranAlexander   181539AHusband of Ann Neilson
CochranAnnNeilson  184273AWife of Alexander Cochran
CochranArchibald   186326BSon of Robert and Jane
CochranDora D  1910  A Wife of G Dean Cochran
CochranEdith LTurnbull 18851976 C Wife of Nelson G Cochran
CochranG Dean  1906  A Husband of Dora A
CochranGeorge  18411917 B Husband of Addie Nelson
CochranJane   186252BWife of Robert Cochran
CochranJane R   18412ADau of Robert and Jane
CochranJohn N   188231BSon of Robert and Jane
CochranLawrence N  1913  C Husband of Mary B
CochranLewis R   186214BSon of Robert and Jane
CochranMary B  1911  C Wife of Lawrence Cochran
CochranNelson G  18791958 C Husband of Edith Turnbull
CochranRobert   187665BHusband of Jane Park
CochranRobert H  18691871 B Son of Alex and Theresa Hall
CollierIna     D 
CollinsEsther J  18961899 C Dau of Franklin and Leatha
CollinsFranklin A Jr  18981899 C Son of Franklin and Leatha
CollinsLeatha D  18721932 C Wife of Rev Franklin
CollinsMary W  19041908 C Dau of Franklin and Leatha
CollinsFranklin A  Rev  18641948 C Husband of Leatha D
CorlissAliceSimmons 18851984 C Wife of Edward M Corliss
CorlissDuncan M  18471900 C Husband of Jennie Miller
CorlissEdward (Ned)  18851945 C Husband of Alice Simmons
CorlissGeorge C  18801905 C Husband of Lillian Symes
CorlissJennie M Miller 18531896 C Wife of Duncan Corliss
CorlissKathryn  19071908 C Dau of George and Lillian
CrosbyAlfred W  1892  E 1st Caesarian in New England,  son of Charles and Ella-Beth
CrosbyCharles T  18511938 E Husband of Ella-Beth
CrosbyElla-Beth  18641932 E Wife of Charles T Crosby
CroweEdithTitus 19031979 E Wife of Frank Crow
CroweFrank B  19001972 E Husband of Edith Titus