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Blue Mountain Cemetery - Index of Gravestones

This cemetery is located immediately west of the village of Ryegate Corner and is on the south side of Witherspoon Road. Several of the bodies from the Old Scotch American Cemetery were moved to the Old Churchyard Cemetery later named the Blue Mountain Cemetery. The Index of Gravestones was originally published by the Ryegate Historical Society in July 1999 and was revised in June 2007. Permission to add their document to this website was granted by the Society on Aug 2, 2013.

Plot map of cemetery. Entrance is from Witherspoon Road on north side of Plot A. Cemetery Road follows west sides of Plots A - D.

 SurnameNameMaiden NameBirth Death AgePlotComments
842TaylorCharles D  1873 1904  CHusband of Salina Pope
843TaylorJennie L  1852 1929  CMother of Lillian Thompson
844TaylorJoseph William  1871 1945 BHusband of Margaret McKinnon
845TaylorMargeret M McKinnon 1874 1935 BWife of Joseph William Taylor
846TaylorNathaniel B  1872 1942 C 
847TaylorSalenaPope Taylor 1870 1953 CWife of Charles D Taylor
848ThomasJames   183167B 
849ThompsonConstance  1899 1997 CWife of Raymond C
850ThompsonLillian B  1877 1912 CWife of Willie Thompson
851ThompsonRaymond C  1904 1954 CHusband of Constance Turner
852ThompsonWillie  1852 1929 CHusband of Lillian Taylor
853TrussellNathaniel  1872 1942 C2nd husband of Salina Pope Taylor
854TurnbullDean S  1853 1896 C 
855TurnbullEva MNelson 1888 1981 CWife of Lawrence Turnbull
856TurnbullLawrence  1882 1971 CHusband of Eva Nelson
857TurnerTheresa JJoliffe 1879 1959 CWife of William J Turner
858TurnerWilliam J  1881 1946 CHusband of Theresa Joliffe
859VanceBarbaraDunn 1947   DWife of Sheldon Vance
860VanceSheldon E  1942 1998 DHusband of Barbara Dunn
861WardenAndrew  (1776) (1849) BHusband of Margaret Harvey
862WardenJennette E  1811 187160BWife of William Warden
863WardenMargeretHarvey  184365BWife of Andrew Warden
864WardenWilliam   186160BHusband of Jannette Esden
865WhitakerRuth W   185471AWife of Samuel Whitaker
866WhitakerSamuel   184273AHusband of Janet Little and Ruth Page
867WhitakerSarah   183526ADau of Samuel and Ruth
868WhitakerAbagail   183544AWife of Fozwell Whitcher
869WhitcherDexter  191819202CSon of William D and Ethel T
870WhiteEthelTaplin 18851970 C Wife of W D White Sr
871WhiteEttaWelch 18961982 C Wife of Robert M White
872WhiteFred  18561936 C Husband of Sarah McLam
873WhiteHazen T  19141997 D Husband of Irma Renfrew
874WhiteInfant Son  19171917 C Son of W D and Ethel Taplin
875WhiteIrma R  1910 1996 DWife of Hazen T White
876WhiteKathleen BBenson 19202005 EWife of Reginald White and P Kling
877WhiteReginald S     WW2  19201988 E Husband of Kathleen Benson
878WhiteRobert  18921978 C Husband of Etta Welch
879WhiteRuthVincelette 1913 1990 DWife of W Dustin White Jr
880WhiteSandraAlexander 1942   DDau of William D and Ruth V White
881WhiteSarahMcLam 1854 1917 CWife of Fred H White
882WhiteWilliam Dustin Sr  1889197384CHusband of Ethel Taplin
883WhiteWilliam Dustin Jr  1912  D Husband of Ruth Vincelette
884WhitehillEdward   188534B Son of Gardner and Susan
885WhitehillFrank  18531929 B Husband of Mary Smith
886WhitehillGardner   187049B Husband of Susan C McLachlin
887WhitehillInaHunt 1887 1990 AWife of William B Whitehill
888WhitehillMarySmith    BWife of Frank Whitehill
889WhitehillSusan CMcLachlin  188064BWife of Hugh Gardner W
890WhitehillWilliam B  18841940 A Husband of Ina Hunt
891WhitelawAbigailJohnston  179031A1st wife of James Whitelaw
892WhitelawAlbert M           CW  18441921 B Husband of Stella Squire
893WhitelawConrad   18544A Son of Alexnder and Mary
894WhitelawGeorge P   18172ASon of Robert and Mehitabel
895WhitelawHarry  18711939 B Husband of Georgina Harrington
896WhitelawHelenHarvey  187288AWife of William Whitelaw
897WhitelawJames  (1748)182981A 1/Abagail,2/Susanna,3/Janet B
898WhitelawLucy WMorse 1813186652B Wife of William T Whitelaw
899WhitelawMarion  187919? BDau of Albert and Stella
900WhitelawMary   184966ARelict of Timothy Farrar
901WhitelawRobert   185980A Husband of Mehitabel Barron
902WhitelawS Agnes  18881955 BDau of Albert and Stella
903WhitelawStella ASquire 18461914 BWife of Albert M Miller
904WhitelawSusan M   1806 ADau of Robert and Mehitabel
905WhitelawSusannaRogers  181560A 2nd wife of James Whitelaw
906WhitelawWilliam   185877A Husband of Helen Harvey
907WhitelawWilliam T  18091888 B Husband of Lucy Wells Morse
908WhitneyAlvin G  18831960 B 
909WhitneyElsie G  18851970  B 
910WilliamsSumner A  18731951  CHusband of Virginia Henderson
911WilliamsVirginia J Henderson18561930  CWife of Sumner Williams
912WillisLloyd R  1905 1969 EHusband of Pauline Moors
913WillisPauline MMoore 1908 2002 EWife of Lloyd R Willis
914WoodsJames H  1906   CHusband of May Lackie
915WoodsMargeret B  1907 1990 CWife of James H Woods
916WrightBritann WWhitelaw 18381923 BWife of Waterman Wright
917WrightDavid               CW   186957B Husband of Margaret Sullivan
918WrightElizabethBrock 17971890 BWife of William Wright
919WrightFred A  18651943  BHusband of Lottie
920WrightHenry C           CW  186419 BSon of David and Margeret
921WrightJohn   185910ASon of David and Margaret W
922WrightLottie             WW1 18681947  BWife of Fred A Wright
923WrightMargeret SSullivan 1818188870BWife of David Wright
924WrightPhebe  19031933 CDau of George and Arabelle Gebbie
925WrightWaterman W  18351885 B Husband of Britann Whitelaw
926WrightWilliam  17991881 B Husband of Elizabeth Brock
927ZuccaroEdward J       WW2 19141989  EHusband of Malvina Broglio
928ZuccaroEmma  1910  E Sister of Edward Zuccaro
929ZuccaroMary  19071993 E Sister of Edward Zuccaro
930ZuncorePearl M  1907  E Wife of Paul Zuncore (divorced)