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To make the values compatible with many GPS Trackers, coordinates have been recalculated to decimal degrees.

NameFirst BurialLast Burial# of GravesLatitudeLongitude
Blue Mountain1794In Use300+44.20816 N072.10608 W
Hillside1855In Use300+44.18528 N072.13389 W
Manchester Family18201846644.20713 N072.07300 N
Nameless? Abandoned2 fieldstones44.20420 N072.14602 N
Old Scotch American1700s?Moved44.19861 N (est)072.09639 N (est)
Pinehurst1883In Use300+44.18528 N 072.12861 W
West (Hall)1820196650+44.23071 N072.16033 W
Whitelaw1811 Moved44.17581 N072.08499 W (est)

Blue Mountain Cemetery

This cemetery is located immediately west of the village of Ryegate Corner and is on the south side of Witherspoon Road. Several of the bodies from the Old Scotch American Cemetery were moved to the Old Churchyard Cemetery later named the Blue Mountain Cemetery.

Index of Gravestones - Achilles to Crowe
Index of Gravestones - Dickerson to Gutterson
Index of Gravestones - Hall to Murray
Index of Gravestones - Neilson to Symes
Index of Gravestones - Taylor to Zuncore

Hillside Cemetery

This cemetery is located south of US Route 302 near the village of South Ryegate.

Manchester Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the eastern part of town very close to the Interstate 91 highway and north of East Road, the road from Ryegate Corner to East Ryegate. While it is located on the east side of Gibson Road, Gibson Road is a dead end road with a sign "Private, Keep Out". The landowner, Roy Darby, was very helpful and took us straight to the cemetery. Mr. Darby seems willing to guide people to the cemetery and may be reached at 802-748-3206. Mr. Darby plans to clean up the cemetery, repair and straighten the stones,  and add an iron arch over the entrance gate.

Manchester Family Information

Nameless Cemetery

This cemetery is located immediately south of the intersection of Hall Road and Stone Road and is comprised of two field stones in a patch of brush. There is a steep bank to climb but the stones are just inside the area of brush. One fieldstone is at the base of a tree. The Ryegate Historical Society believes there were no burials here.

Old Scotch American Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the east side of Town Road  #7 and is some distance in the woods. A local guide is necessary. While the town still has the deed, all of the marked graves were moved to the Blue Mountain Cemetery long ago. This is the oldest cemetery in Ryegate. Markers were placed at the corners of the cemetery to preserve its location. I am advised that it is possible that unmarked graves were not moved. The location given above is approzimate.

Pinehurst Cemetery

This cemetery is located immediately north of US Route 302 just east of the village of South Ryegate. Look for Pinehurst Road. The stones in this cemetery are beautiful examples of the local stone workers craft.

West Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the east side of Hall Road between South Ryegate and Peacham.

Whitelaw Cemetery

This cemetery is located near the intersection of South Bayley Hazen Road and Interstate 91. I have not yet visited this cemetery so the GPS coordinates are approximate..