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The Manchester genealogy is published in The History of Ryegate, Vermont by Miller and Wells.

#1 Deacon Ezekial Manchester

Ezekiel Manchester was a deacon in the Baptist Church in Passumpsic, VT. He married first in 1790 to Mary Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith of Bath, NH. She was born in 1770 and died July 8, 1820. She is buried in a walled enclosure in what was then a pasture . His second wife, Mary, widow of Martin Chamberlin of Bath, NH, died November 5, 1862, aged 90 years 2 months 8 days, at the home of her son, Deacon Charles Chamberlin at Waterford, VT and is buried in the Lower Waterford Cemetery in Waterford, VT.

Ezekial was born about 1750 and died March 6, 1841.

#2 Sarah Manchester

Sarah is described above.

#3 Betsey Aldrich

Elizabeth, the second daughter of Ezekial and Sarah was born October 15, 1798, married Hazen Aldrich of Ryegate about 1820 and died on October 26, the year is uncertain but appears to read 1829. Her stone says she died in her 23rd year.

#4, #5, #6 Three smaller stones said to be grandchildren.

#4 is broken and it appears the top portion may have been used to brace Ezekiel's stone.
#5 bears the initials S M
#6 bears the initials B A

Manchester Cemetery Layout