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Census Information for Plymouth, Vermont

Index to the 1870 federal population census for Plymouth, Vermont

If anyone is interested in transcribing early censuses for Plymouth, I would be happy to include these here.

Agricultural and Industrial Schedules

Nancy Wygant has copies of some non-population census schedules for Plymouth, and will be happy to provide transcriptions of listings for particular individuals. If the head of household you are interested in is listed in the population schedule of the census as a farmer, he will probably appear in the Agricultural schedule. Available: Agricultural Schedules for Plymouth for 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 - also industrial schedules for those same years; see below for lists of names in these. Because only manufacturers producing at least $500 worth annually were listed, small craftsmen may not be included. Unfortunately, the Agricultural Schedules for Vermont in 1900, 1910, & 1920 have apparently been destroyed. (If anyone does know of surviving copies, please contact Nancy.)

1850 - Plymouth industrial schedule:
Moses Barrett, Moses Hall, Sumner Wheeler.

1860 - Plymouth industrial schedule:
Thomas Marsh, John Messer, James Pollard, Highland Scott, David Swallow, Solomon Wilder.

1870 - Plymouth industrial schedule:
Harrison Adams, Cymes Buswell, Fred A. Butter, Jabez Butter, Chas. H. Clay, Henry [Courtney], George G. C__n, James J.C. Cook, Coolidge & Sons, Joseph Davis, Alpheus Earl, Barfilla G[reene], Levi Greene, E.A. & C.C. Hall, Joseph Hatham, Horace Leslie, James McDirmot, Elisha F. Moore, H.F. Pinney, S.S.& E.V. Pinney, Norton L. Pinney, Isaac M. Pratt, [Olin] Pratt, Addison R. Rayce, John S. Slack, Leon Sprathie Co., Sprathie Iron Co., Alpheus Stone, Daniel Swallow, Jacob W. Waul, John Waul, Houghton Willis, George Wood.

1880 - Manufacturers:
F. H. Cook, L. P. Green, E. Sanderson, H. Whitney, Henry Willis.

1880 - Flour & Grist Mills - Cheese, Butter & Condensed Milk Factories:
David H. Fuller, A. H. Hubbard, Taylor & Moore, Blisher Sanderson.

1880 - Lumber Mills, Saw Mills - Brick Yards and Tile Works
John Aylward, David H. Fuller, Alonzo F. Hubbard, Hubbard & Pratt, Parker & Piper, Streeter Pinney, Taylor & Moore.

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