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The Villages of Royalton, North Royalton and South Royalton, Vermont



   Cemeteries of the Royalton Area

For the location of these cemeteries, please see the Cemetery Map and the corresponding letter code.  This represents all the known cemeteries in Royalton Township. As was common during the early settlement period, most farms contain unmarked graves.

A.  South Royalton Cemetery, the earliest cemetery is located in Dist. 1 near the old Fort fordway,  already in use before the raid. Original located on Elisha Kent’s farm, the land given by him without a formal deed. He and at least nine other Revolutionary veterans are buried here: Lyman Back, Medad Benton, Danus Dewey, Daniel Gilbert, Roswell Morgan, Joseph Parkhurst, Rufus Rude, Elias Stevens, and Huckins Storrs.

B.  Royalton Broad Brook Cemetery, in use from 1800 or just before, was next to what was then the main road, near the branch road up Johnson Brook. The road now runs along Broad Brook below, and the cemetery can barely be seen. The stone of Daniel Howard Leonard, the writing master, is here. Revolutionary veterans: Timothy Cheedle, Benjamin Morgan, Benjamin Packard, and Experience Trescott.

C.  Dewey Cemetery,  next to the LDS property (and so by association now sometimes called the Mormon cemetery). This land was part of the original grant of the first Ebenezer Dewey, buried here in 1794, and after him fifteen other Deweys, and the Coy, Waterman, Cole, and Church families. Revolu­tionary veterans: Benjamin Cole and Ebenezer A. Dewey.

D.  Metcalf Cemetery is in Dist. 4 no. 8, cleared by Samuel Metcalf about 1781, used by three generations of Metcalfs and by others (Riggs, Schellinger). Samuel Metcalf Jr. was a Revolutionary veteran.

E.  First Branch or Branchview Cemetery above the mills was in use in the 1790s and was bought in 1806 by Ashbel Buckland and Dexter Waterman for the First Branch school district. It is cared for by its own cemetery association. Revolutionary veterans known to be buried here are: Gideon Crandall, William Howard, and Abraham Waterman Jr.

F. & G. Perrin Burial Lots 1 & 2., lot 1 is located near the brook in the field below the house. Asa Perrin and family are buried there. His grandson's family is buried high on the hill at lot #2.

H.  Howard Cemetery has a dozen burials of the Philip Howard family and his neighbor Levi Parker. Nash says these stones are laid flat, face up in deep  pine woods.

J.  Lindley Burial Lot, Nash says there were still stones standing in 1972, crowded by trees. Names include Lindley, Bosworth, and Hicks.

K.  Freeman Cemetery, by a wall, the stones have been laid down and covered by earth to protect them from farm equipment. Names include Freeman and Spaulding.

L.  Bowen Burial Lot, these stone have also been laid down and covered with earth by loggers. Buried here are the children of Dustin Bowen.

M.  Howe or Hickey Cemetery on the North Road was sold in 1795 by Abijah Burbank to a local committee, Luther Fairbanks and Nathan Page, whose families, with those of Theodore Howe and the Dunhams, Bowens. Beldings, Banisters, and Robinsons, are buried here, their stones now over­grown and falling. Besides Timothy Banister (?), Revolutionary veterans buried here are James Huntington, Kiles Paul, and Israel Waller.

N.  Riverview Cemetery, Royalton's newest cemetery; was first used in the early 1900's.

O.  Pleasant Hill Cemetery, laid out in 1866, it contains stones dating from 1831, but those were probably moved from other cemeteries.

P.  Havens Cemetery, land sold to Dist. 2 in 1812 by Daniel and Ira Havens; it had already been in use at least ten years. Revolutionary veterans: David Ames, Thomas Bingham, Samuel Howe, Na­thaniel Morse, John Root, Jeremiah Trescott, and William Waterman.

Q.  North Royalton Cemetery also had burials before the raid. The greatest number of early burials are here, many with hand some slate stones. Revolutionary veterans known to be buried here are, besides Timothy Durkee, Matthew Atherton, Stephen Backus, John Billings, Samuel Clapp Jr., Benjamin Day, Heman Durkee, John Hibbard Jr., John H. Hutchin­son, Zebulon Lyon, Benjamin Parkhurst, Isaac Pinney, Jeremiah Russ, lsaac Skinner, Isaac Walbridge, Zachariah Waldo, and Ebenezer Woodward Sr.




The Villages of Royalton, North Royalton and South Royalton, Vermont


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