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The Villages of Royalton, North Royalton and South Royalton, Vermont

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About Royalton and it's History


About Royalton


A Brief History of Early Royalton

The town of Royalton is the only town in Windsor County to receive its charter from the Province of New York. On November 13, 1769 Royalton was chartered to George Banyar, William Smith, Whitehead Hicks and John Kelly all residents of New York. On August 21, 1771 the lands of the town were partitioned between William Livingston, Goldsboro Banyar, Whitehead Hicks, William Smith and John Kelly and it was under these proprietors that the first permanent settlement was made in town during the year 1771, by the coming of Robert Havens and his family; and in the next year Elisha Kent and family appeared as settlers.

On December 20, 1781, by an act of the Vermont Legislature, the town was granted and chartered to Comfort Seaver and his associates. The petition for the charter list the petitioners, the actual settlers who had acquired there land under New York, who were as follows: Comfort Seaver, Elias Stevens, John Kent, Elias Kent Jr., John Hibbard, James Hibbard, Jedediah Hide, Ebenezer Dewey, Ebenezer Church, Nathan Fish, John Safford, Benjamin Parkhurst, Simon Shepard, Reuben Parkhurst, Daniel Gilbert, Daniel Ricks, John Kimball, Garner Ricks, Ebenezer Parkhurst, David Fish, David Brewster, Robert Havens, William Blackmer, Herman Durkee, Ebenezer Brewster, Medad Benton, Nathaniel Morse, Robert Handay, Benjamin Day, Timothy Durkee, John Gillett, Aden Durkee, John Billings, Joseph Fish, John Wilson, John Hibbard Jr., Samuel Benedict, Calvin Parkhurst, Josiah Wheeler, Joseph Parkhurst, Elias Curtis, John Havens, Johnson Safford, John Stevens Jr., Isaac Morgan, Zebulon Lyon, Nathan Morgan, Daniel Fuller, William Joiner, Martin Fuller, Daniel Havens, Benjamin Day Jr., John Evans, Jeremiah Trescott, Israel Waller, William Jones, John House, Tillie Parkhurst, Phineas Parkhurst, Samuel Clark, Joel Marsh.


The Attack On Royalton

The major event in Royalton's history occurred during the Revolution when on October 16, 1780 was attacked by the British and Indians. For an account of this event and some of the people who were killed and taken prisoner.

The attack on Royalton caused a tremendous amount of destruction and the Legislature extended the time of payment of the "grant in fees" for a period of five years, and designated by name the persons to whom the extension should be made as follows: Timothy, Heman, Aden and Timothy Durkee Jr., David and Joseph Fisk, David Brewster, Zebulon Lyon, Elias Stevens, Robert Hendee, Calvin Parkhurst, James Cooper, Joseph Parkhurst, Joseph Havens, Elisha Kent, Daniel Rix, Gardner Rix, Joseph John Rix, Medad Benton, Nathan Morgan, John Billings, Benjamin Day, Israel Waldo, Peleg Parkhurst, Daniel Gilbert, Simon Shepard, Jeremiah Trescott, Nathaniel Morse, widow Sarah Rood, Isaac Morgan, Elias Curtis, Robert Havens, Daniel Havens, John Evans, Martin Fuller, John Hibbard and Jonathan Benton.


National Register Nomination for the Royalton Town House, Central District School, and Privy  This link will take you to a site maintained by by C. Aidita Rodríguez




The Villages of Royalton, North Royalton and South Royalton, Vermont


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