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Section 4 of Mountain View Cemetery Listing
Last updated on August 8, 2003

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Click on any blue screen number to see a picture of the tombstone.
LD = Lawnmower damage

Plot # Inscription Picture or Comment
1a,b Sacred to the Memory of Miss Betty Noyes, daughter of Lieu. Daniel Noyes and Mrs. Ruth his wife. Who departed this life Sept. 14th, 1787 Aged 21 years 4 months and 5 days    (LD)
2a Tilley Baldwin, son of Mr. Henry & Mrs. Abigail Baldwin, died Aug. 6th 1775, Aged 6 years.  
2b In Memory of Mrs. Abigail Baldwin, the wife of Mr. Henry Baldwin, who departed this life (date on stone is buried) Screen 6495   (LD)
2c Mr. Henry Baldwin Screen 6496
3a In Memory of Mr. Zaavan Gros-Lewis, who died Oct. 20, 1894, aged 89 ys. & 6 ms.  
4a In Memory of Mrs. Azubah Smith , who died June 3, 1825. Æt. 63.  
5a In Memory of Capt. Henry Baldwin , who departed this life Dec. 28th 1789 in the 36th year of his age. "God has gre~n death has takin, Christ we trust has not forsak'n, ~~ his word has frankly gro'n, ~~ ~~ the choir of heav'n.  
6a In Memory of Mrs. Mary Jones , Widow of Col. John Jones, who departed this life Oct 23d 1798, in the Hundred and fifth year of her age. Weep not for me my friends and kindred ~~ evry sigh and dry up evry tear ( the rest is buried )  
7a,b Mr. Solomon Kneeland ( the main stone is lying face up on the ground ) Screen 6504   (LD) Screen 6539
8a Miss. Mary K. Brocas , Dau. of John & Ruth Brocas, & sister of John W., died Dec. 15, 1874, Æt. 88.  
9a Cyrus B. Allen 1841 - 1928
Matilda U. Allen 1841 - 1930
Myron H. Allen 1845 - 1934
10a Dr. Josiah Bond died Dec. 18, 1852 Æ. 86.
Dolly his wife died Sept. 29, 1882 Æ. 81.
Laura A. their daughter died Oct. 16, 1857 Æ. 16.
11a Jonas Hemenway died Mar. 12, 1827 ( the stone is off its base & lying on its back )
12a ( this stone is off its base & lying face down )  
13a Capt. Noah Allen died Jan. 4, 1845 Æt. 65 yrs
Irene his wife, died July 14, 1859 Æt. 75 yrs
( the stone is off its base & lying on its back )
13b Sarah Allen ~~ ~~ ~~ died ~~~. ~8, 1852 aged 3~ yrs.  
14a Hollis Holden ~~ ~~ Co. K; 13 Mass Reg Vols. Killed in ~~ Antitnan, Md. Sept. 17, 18~2 Æt. 44.  
15a Samuel L. Howe died May 13 1889 Æt. 6~ys 3ms 5ds
Sarah died Mar. ~~ 1856 Æt. 32ys 1ms 28ds
Lucy died Mar. 18 1881 Æt. 49ys ~~ms 19ds
Laura B. died Aug. 14 1891 Æt. 50ys 8ms
Jennie L. dau. 1860 - 1927
Nelie ~~ ~~ ~~

Wives of S. L. Howe
16a Asa H. Allen 1815 - 1852
Catherine his wife 1813 - 1902
Mary E. Allen 1851 - 1852
George F. Green 1834 - 1858
Eliza L. Allen 1838 - 1861
17a Rosetta A. Dean died Apr. 2, 1864 Æt. 17ys 6 ms 2ds  
17b Henry E. son of James & Keziah Dean died Oct. 20, 1858 Æt. 17ys 6 ms  
17c Keziah Dean wife of James Dean died Jan. 14, 1879 "In a quiet sleep, Trusting in Jesus Æt. 71ys 6 ms  
17d James Dean wife of James Dean died ~~~. 20, 18~~ Æt. 74ys 4 ms  
18a Monro Winchester 1822 - 1888
Nancy Flagg his wife 1824 - 1897
Nancy F. 1850 - 1852
Elmer E. 1857 - 1858
Sylvanus A. 1861 - 1863
Alden S. 1867 - 1867
Avis M. 1869 - 1869
Children of M & N.F. Winchester
19a In memory of Mrs. Hannah wife of Simeon Ide, who died April ye 18th 1792 in ye 22th year of her age
"Endear'd to her friends by those amiable Virtues, which dignify human nature and renders it desirable even with its miseries."
20a In Memory of Mr Moses Hastings who died June 10th 1767 aged 62 years
by him lyes buried 2 sons & one daughter
Screen 6531  (LD)
21a Moses Hartsng <--?  
22a In Memory of Timothy Rice son of Mr. John & Mrs Rebeckah Rice, who died April 4th 1783 in the 16th year of his age.  
22b In Memory of Mr. John Rice departed this life July 17, 1800, Ætatis 64  
22c R. R. ( assume this is Rebeckah Rice )   (LD)
23a ( stone is broken and laying face down ) Screen 6536
24a In Memory of Mrs. Rebeckah Symmes, Relict of Mr. T. Symmes, who died May 28, 1816 in the 96 yr of her age.  
24b Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Martha Symmes, Relict of Col. John Symmes, late of Boston, who departed this life May 14th 1788 in the 86th year of her age.  
25a,b ( stone is unreadable ) Screen 6540
Screen 6541
26a,b Here lies buried the body of Sarah Smith , daught'r of Doct'r Joshua & Mrs. Sarah Smith, who dec'd Decemb'r 15 AD 1748 Age 5 years 6m & 5d's  
26c,d Lewis Smith , son of Doct'r Joshua & Mrs. Sarah Smith, died May 9th 1747 Being 5 days old  
27a,b ( both stones are unreadable, could be a Smith, same style pair of stones )  
28a ( stone is unreadable, could be Lydia Smith )  
29a In Memory of Emery Cushing son of Col. Job & Mrs. Lucy Cushing, who departed this life July 21, 1775 in the 16 yr of his age.  
30a,b In Memory of Mrs. Lucy, comfort to Col. Job Cushing, who after a life of exemplary pity & devotion, departed this life March 25, 1790 in the 64 year of her age.
"My self shall slumber in the ground till the last trumpets joyful sound.
Then burst the Chains in sweet surprize, And
(the rest is unreadable)
30c,d In Memory of Col. Job Cushing, who after a life of activity, and exemplary fidelity departed April 16, 1808 in the 81 year of his age.  
30e,f Here lies interred the remains of the Rev'd Job Cushing, A.M. and first pastor of the first Church of Christ in Shrewsbury, who after 37 years labouring in the work of the ministry suddenly expired Aug. 6, 1760 in the 67 year of his age.
Vigilans, prudens, patiens
Screen 6565  (LD)
30g,h Sacred to the memory of Madam Mary Cushing Reliet of Rev. Job Cushing and eldest daugh of Rev. John Prentice of Lancaster, who departed this life May 24, 1798, in the 90 year of her age. Prudent & desereet in life, Patient & resign'd in death.
"The greedy worms devour my skin and grow my walking ~~, When God shall build my bones again, H'll clothe them all ~~"
30i,j Here lie the remains of Mrs. Bridget Cushing who died ye June 26th AD 1769. In ye 23 year of her age. She was exemplary in her conversation, patient & resigned in her long distresing sickness, and departed this life in hope of a blessed immortality.
"My self shall slumber in the ground till the last trumpets joyful sound.
Then burst the Chains in sweet surprize, and in my saviours image life."
30k Bridget dau'r to ye Rev'd Job Cushing & Mary Cushing. Aged 5 years 4 mo & 2 ds who died of ye throat distemper.
April ye 6 1740.
30l Mary Cushing aged 8 years 2 mo & 7 ds
John Cushing aged 2 years 6 mo & 22 ds
The children of the Rev'd Job & Mary Cushing. Who died of ye throat distemper.
April ye 1 1740.
31a Here lies buried the body of Anna Dodge , dastr of Mr. Jabez & Mrs. Margery Dodge. Who died March ye 28, 1742 Æ 12 Screen 6572  (LD)
32a Here lies enterred ye body of Mr. Ebenezer Abbott, Who died July ye 21, AD 1775 in ye 54th year of his age Screen 6573  (LD)
33a ( stone is unreadable )  
34a ( stone is unreadable )  
35a ( stone is unreadable )  
36a ( stone is unreadable )  
37a George A. Brown 1863 - 1941
Inez E. Brown 1870 - 1949
38a Ida M. Brown died Jan. 15, 1885 Æ 24 yrs.  
39a,b Lurana Dean wife of Elbridge Brown, died Nov. 25 1891 Æ 68 yrs. - Mother  
40a Calvin Newton 1790 - 1874
Martha His wife 1793 - 1874
40b Joseph Newton died Jan. 11 1817 Æ 5 weeks & 5 days
Martha Newton died Jan. 15 1819 Æ 7 weeks
Children of Mr. ~~ & Mrs. Patty Newton
41a Joseph H. Warren died March 27 1856 Æ 43 yrs.
Abbie N. his wife died March 28, 1856 Æ 36 yrs.
42a Emily W. wife of Charles H. Newton died ~~ ~~ ~~ ( the stone is off its base & lying on its back )
42b Melvina L. Burr wife of Henry C. Newton died March 10, 1874 Æ 43 yrs. ( the stone is off its base & lying on its back )
43a Nancy M. wife of William W~~~ died Feb. 15, 1873 Æ 30 yrs.  
44a Susan W. wife of Prentice Lamb died Feb. 8, 1854 Æ 30 yrs.  
45a Henry L. Wheelock 1833 - 1915
Mary P. Goddard his wife 1838 - 1903
Lewis H. 1870 - 1881
Otis L. 1868 - 1889
46a My Husband ( the stone is lying on the ground )
47a Pheba May daughter of Giles B. & Kate Thompson, died May 2, 1857 aged 4 months
"We Loved Her"
( the stone is lying face up on the ground )
48a In Memory of Mr. Ezra Bouker, who died Jan 4, 1782. in the 34th year of his age.  
49a Sacred to the Memory of Leiu't. Charles Bouker, who departed this life in hopes of a better. March 11th, 1781. in the 56th year of his age.  
49b Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Eunice, confort to Leiu't Charles Bouker who departed this life in hopes of a better. Oct. 31th, 1782. in the 59th year of her age.  
49c In Memory of Mr. Asa Bouker, who died Jan 31st, 1787. in the 31st year of his age.  
50a In memory of Mrs. Hephzibath, confort ~~ Nath~~~
who departed this life ~~ ye 10th 1770, in ye 38th year of her age.
( the stone is broken and lying face up on the ground )
Screen 6599   (LD) Screen 6600
50b Capt. Nathan How died March 21st, 1781. in the 51st year of his age.
"Deaths a debt to nature due, Which I have paid & so must you."
52a Catharine daughter of Samuel & Mary Jenison died Sep. ye 5, 1760. aged 3 years 1 month 16 days  
52b In Memory of Miss. Mary Jenison, (daughter of Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Mary Jenison) who departed this life April ye 17th 1775. in ye 16st year of her age.  
53a Grandson George K. Crecar Æ 16 mos.  
53b George W. Crecar 1845 - 1913
his wife Florence P. Snyder 1843 - 1923
54a Salem Cobb died March ~ 1855 aged 55 yrs  
54b Clarissa H. wife of Joseph Cushing, formerly wife of Salem Cobb, died May 23, 1865 Æ 65.  
54c Henry M. Cobb M.D. son of Salem & Clarissa Cobb, died July 3, 1861 Æ 34ys 11ms 23ds.  
55a Luke M. Wheelock 1815 - 1880
Roxana B. his wife 1817 - 1899
Edward E. Whelock 1842 - 1919
Sarah M. Cogswell 1851 - 1935
55b Elmer  
55c Henry N. Wheelock 1851 - 1937  
55d Erastus Wheelock 1818 - 1906  
55e Susan A. wife of Erastus Wheelock died Sep. 8, 1851 Æ 27.  
56a Ethan Temple died March 10, 1860 Æ 67 ~ms ~ds
Cathrine his wife died Aug. 27 1863 Æ 67
57a Caroline E. wife of Rev. Samuel A. Cushing died ~~ ~~ 18~4 Æ 36
Elizabeth Lane ~~ daughter of Rev. S.A. & C.E. Cushing 1854 Æ 2 mo ~~
Benjamin Newhall ~~ son of Rev. S.A. & C.E. Cushing 18~~ Æ ~~
57b Elizabeth wife of Rev. Samuel A. Cushing of the ~~ ~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Born in Boston Mar. 23, 1799 ~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dec. 19, 1876 Aged 77 ~~~
58a Charles A. W. son of Wm. E. & Mary A. Shaw died Dec. 3 1863 Æ 1yr 8ms & 23ds  
59a Amasa Hyde died Aug 11 1881 Æ 76yr 9ms & 11ds
Susan his wife died Sept 30 1894 Æ 77yr 5ms & 28ds
Susan M. dau of Amasa & Susan Hyde died Dec 30 1836 Æ ~~ys 6ms
Amasa S. son of Amasa & Susan Hyde killed in battle at May D~~ry Bl~~~ 16 1864 Æ 26ys 8ms & 16ds
60a In Memory of Mrs. Lucy, wife of Mr. Oliver Torry, who died Dec. 1 1831: Æ 57.  
61a Moses Bellows died Dec. 22, 1831 Æ 52.
Relief his wife died Apr. 5 1835. Æ 60.
62a In Memory of Mr. Samuel Whitney of Shrewsbury who died Aufust 2, 1788 in the 77th of his age.  
63a In Memory of Deac'n. Jonas Stone who after living a life of exemplary piely and usefulness in church and state, departed March 22, 1809 in the 84 year of his age. Screen 6629  (LD)
64a In Memory of Mrs. Grace Goddard relief of Mr. Ben Goddard who died Oct. 22 1806 in the 90 year of her age.  
64b Here lies buried the body of Mr. Benjamin Goddard who departed this life Jamuary ye 28th 1754 in the 50 year of his age.  
64c Here lies buried the body of Mr. Simon Goddard who was born Feb. ~~~ ~~~ died ~~ ~~ ~~  
65a,b Sacred to the Memory of Major John Farrar who departed this life Jan. 15th 1793 in the 52d year of his age
"Farewel vain world, I've had enough of thee,
And now I'm careless what thou say'st of me;
The faults thou say'st in me take care to shun;
There's work within thyself that must be done."
Near this place lie the remains of 1 son and 6 daughters of the above named person & Mrs. Hannah his wife.
Patty died May 7th 1767 aged 2 month.
John died Sep. 16th 1770 aged 2 years 4 months
Lucy died Apr. 20th 1771 aged 4 months
Lucy died May 1 1773 aged 3 months
Polly died June 26th 1774 aged 3 months
Hannah died Sep. 7th 1778 aged 3 years
Releif died April 4th 1778 aged 6 months
"Weep not for us, dry up your tears,
We must lie here till Christ appears."
66a side 1 Capt. Nathan Baldwin born Sept. 24, 1790. died January 26, 1850
Eliza D. his wife, born Sept. 25, 1793. died Mar. 14, 1887
Charles Smith born March 22, 1823. died Aug. 11, 1834
Loami born March 21, 1831. died March 23, 1831
Children of Capt. Nathan and Eliza D. Baldwin
66a side 2 Henry W. Baldwin born Jan. 6, 1820. died November 30, 1864
Louise B. wife of Henry Walter Baldwin, born September 21, 1824. died June 22, 1851
Francis Ward son of Henry W. and Louise B. Baldwin born Sept. 7, 1850. died Aug. 2, 1851
66a side 3 Thomas Lyon born June ~, 1813. died December 15, 1850  
67a side 1 Sean~~~ Fales Ju~~ 11, 1872 Æ 73ys 5ma & ~ds
Hannah B. Fales died Dec. 28, 1843 Æ 41
Maria C. Fales died July 24, 1883 Æ ~4
67a side 2 Daniel Fales died May 13, 1869 Æ 98ys 9ma & 25ds
Sarah P. Fales died Jan. 28, 1851 Æ 78
Martha S. Fales died Dec. 8, 1884 Æ 75ys 9ms 3ds
67a side 3 Sarah A. Fales died Feb. 1879 Æ 22ys ~ma & ~ds  
67a side 4 John Boyd died Feb. 23, 1836 Æ 3ys 6ma
Edward Leander died June 4, 1837 Æ 2ys 3ma
John Edward died Nov. 11, 1838 Æ 11ms 17ds
Lewis Boyd died Mar. 4, 1865 Æ 22ys 5ma

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