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     Thetford Township Births




Birth Parents Notes Source


12 Oct 1795 Barnabus & Lydia (Strong) Strong Gparents: Benejah & Polly (Bacon) Strong: Solomon & Mary (White) Strong Karen D
James 18 May 1790 M/M Locke   Family File
Sarah 6 Dec 1781 Ezra & Ednah (Bailey) Annis   Web Site
Sabra 22 Mar 1784 John & Sabra (Closson) Annis   Web Site
James H. 1 Sep 1835 Asa & Harriet (Campbell) Cummings   Book
Grace A. 31 Jan 1878 Carlos & Lydia R. (Hagen) Slafter   Book
Angeline 9 May 1822 Eben & Betsy (Jaquith) Cummings   Book
Mariah A. 18 Apr 1825 Joseph & Mariah (Tyler) Hoyt   Book
Cyril C. 31 Dec 1803 Jeremiah & Irene (Heaton) Tyler   Book

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