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Revolutionary War


At the commencement of the Revolutionary War, the residents of Thetford numbered 300; of these 10 enlisted into the army of the United States and served during the war-Col. Jonathan Child, Josiah Hubbard, Richard Wallace, Levi Parker, John Frizzell, Richmond Crandall, Simon Gillett, Asa Bond, Solomon Strong and T. Wilmot.

Revolutionary War Pensioners of Thetford, June 1840
Names Age Heads of Families with whom resided
Mary Hubbard


Orange Hubbard

Bethial Briant


James Campbell
Eunice Parker 74 Justus Newcomb
Edward S. Meeder 47 Edward S. Meeder
Richmond Crandall 86 Richmond Crandall
Robert Farris 81 Robert Farris
Simon Gillett 83 Joseph Gillett
Mary Emerson 79 Joseph Fletcher
Samuel Shepherd 79 Samuel Shepherd
James Tyler 80 James Tyler
Joseph Bruce 82 David Bruce
Jeremiah Tyler 74 Wm. M. Tyler

1782-The committee of safety met in Thetford to ascertain whether a union of the territory of the Connecticut river could be affected with the state of New Hampshire, and on what terms, and to commence upon measures of defense against the enemy.

Source of Information:  The Vermont Historical Gazetteer by Abby Maria Hemenway   1871