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(Kindly submitted by Tammy St. Pierre)

The following information is from Hamilton Child's "Gazetteer and Business Directory of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties for 1882-83"

Key to directory:

1-Name of individual or firm.

2-Post Office address in parenthesis.

3-The numbers following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides. If no number the party is supposed to reside in the village.

4-Business or occupation.

5-A star (*) placed before a name indicates an adver-tiser in the Gazetteer.

6-Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer in-dicate the number of acres owned or leased.

7-Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the Gazetteer.


Anderson John R., (Franklin) carpenter and builder, Main.

Armstrong Ami S., (South Franklin) r 25, dairy 37 cows, leases of B. Realty, 280 acres.

Armstrong Sanford W., (East Franklin) r 8, dairy 23 cows, leases of A. Whitney 6o.

Armstrong Theodore H., (East Franklin) r 25, dairy 45 cows, leases of Carmi L. Marsh 400 acres.

AUSTIN JOTHEN W., (Franklin) r s~, general blacksmith and machinist. AVERILL GEORGE, (Franklin) cor r 34 and 38, fruit grower too trees farmer 570.

Baker James W., (Franklin) r s8, owns h and lot.

BARKER JOHN L., (East Franklin) r TO~, blackemithing and horse shoeing. BARR ANDREW J., (Franklin) r 3, manuf. of maple sugar, dairy so cows, and farmer 540.

Bascom Elizaheth, (Franklin) r 59, tailoress.

Bashaw Fardaina, (Enosburgh Falls) r 29, farm laborer.

Bates Jane T. Mrs., (Franklin) r33, widow of Orson H., farmer 140.

Beatty James W., (South Franklin) r 32, no occupation.

Bell Charles H., (Franklin) clerk in George E. Bell's store, bds Main.

BELL EDWIN R., (Franklin) deputy collector of customs, town agent, owns farm of 530 acres on r 37, Main et.

Bell Elio XV., (Franklin) r 54, farmer Too.

Bell George E., (Franklin) r 36, general store, Main.

Bell Sewell A., (Franklin) r s8, farmer, rents of E. F. Briggs 156.

Billings Jacob, (Fast Franklin) r 7, farm laborer.

BLISS SAMUEL, (Franklin) r 2[, sugar orchard ~oo trees, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 200.

Bollow Peter, (Franklin) r 19, farm laborer, owns h and lot.

Brigge F. D., (Franklin) r 4, farmer.

BRILL BROS., (Franklin) r s8, (Ransom D. and Milo P.) carpenter shop.

BRILL MILO P.. (Franklin) (Brill Bros.) owns farm of ~o acres on r carpenter and builder, Main et.

BRILL RANSOM D., (Franklin) r 59, (Brill Bros.) live stock breeder and dealer, and farmer 84.

BRITCH GEORGE, (North Sheldon) off r 34, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 567, has lived sixty years on present place.

Britch Ralolis S., (Franklin) r 33, farmer so.

Brown Charles P., (East Franklin) r to~., harness maker for Gough & God-dard, of Berkshire.

Brown Rodney H., (Franklin) dairy 20 cows, and farmer 240.

Bruso Eloch, (Franklin) r 6, farm laborer.

Bruso Ethan, (East Franklin) r i oj, farm laborer.

Bruso Frank, (East Franklin) r 8, farm laborer.

Bullice C. William, (Franklin) r s8, owner of saw-mill.

Bullice Charles, (Franklin) r s8, works in saw-mill.

Bullice George, (Franklin) r s8, works for C. W. Bullice.

Bulyo Liedo, (Franklin) r 6, farm laborer.

Bulyo Medat, (Franklin) r 6, farm laborer.

Bunno Mayday, (East Franklin) r toj, boot and shoemaker.

BURLESON HANSON, (East Franklin) r to, farm laborer, owns h and lot on r 8.

BURNELL ELIAS, (Franklin) r 13, dairy 29 cows, and farmer 210. Burner Lewis, (Franklin) r 53, farm laborer.

Burt Adolphus C., (Enosburgh Falls) r 29, carpenter and builder, and farmer 2.

BURT ARNOLD W., (Enosburgh Falls) r 29, carpenter and builder.

Busker Charles, Jr., (Enosburgh Falls) r 29, farmer 4.

BUTLER JAMES, (Franklin) r is, manuf. of maple sugar, dairy 12 cows, and farmer iso.

Cartwright J. Anson, (Franklin) r s8, carpenter, and farmer ~o.

Chadwick Harrison. (Franklin) farmer. leaxes of G. C. Briggs, of Burlington, 40 acres, Main.

CHADWICK LEVI, (Franklin) r 36, dairy zo cows, and farmer 152.

CHAMBERLIN ANSON H.. (Franklin) r 19, musician and mechanic, rents of J. H. Manley h and lot.

CHAPELL ALBERT B., (Franklin) r s6, farmer, rents of Mrs. Hannah Record 20.

CHAPLIN GUY, (Franklin) (Guy Chaplin & Son,) Main.

Chaplin Guy & Son, (Franklin) (Guy and Hobart B.) props. of Franklin House, run daily stage and carry mail between North Sheldon, ~ miles on Missisquni R. R., and Franklin Center, Main.

Chaplin Hobert B., (Franklin) (Guy Chaplin & Son) Main.

CHENEX' JUDSON M., (Franklin) retired merchant, Main.

CHENEY JULIA F., (Franklin) r '5. farmer to.

Clapper Thomaa, (Franklin) r s8, rents of George Hefflon h and lot.

CLEVELAND DWIGHT S., (Franklin) off r 40, fruit grower mo trees, dairy 52 cows, and farmer 237.

CLEVELAND E. HARLOW, (Franklin) r 37. asst judge in county court, dairy 20 cows, and farmer, owns with Henry Pomeroy, of Leadville, 200.

COLCORD HENRY C.. (East Franklin) r is, fruit grower too trees. dairy s6 cows, leases of C. Temple 130 acres.

Colcord Herbert B.. (West Berkshire) r 26. (Colcord & Son.)

COLCORD JOHN XV., (Berkshire r 26, (Colcord & Son.)

Colcord & Son. (West Berkshire) r 26, (Herbert B. & John) sugar manufs., dairy 30 cows, and farmer 210.

Colton Charles, (Enosburgb Falls) r 29, sugar manuf., dairy 19 cows, and farmer t5o.

Coltor Willard, (Enosburgh Falls) r 29, works for Chas. Colton.

ConklingJohn, (East Franklin) r 22, farm laborer.

Coochie Casmeare, (Enosburgh Falls) r 28, farm laborer.

COOPER OLIVER A., (Enosburgh Falls) r 29, farmer s~.

CURRIER MARTHA, (Franklin) r 53. widow of Charles, farmer about 30.

DAWSON CHARLES L., (Franklin) r '9, wheelwright and millwright.

Dawson Ezbon. (Franklin) clerk in J. W. Pomeroy's store, Main.

DAWSON WILLARD, (Franklin) r s8, dairy so cows, and farmer 75.

Deford John. (Franklin) r s8, farm laborer.

Demar Francis, (East Franklin) r 2s)~, farm laborer.

Dewing Dolphus, (East Franklin) cot r 23 and zi~, dairy 40 cows, and farmer 350.

DIXON NELSON C., (Franklin) dealer in stoves and tinware, Main, h do. Doolin William B., (East Franklin) r 22, owner of saw, planing, and shingle mill, and farmer ~.

Draper Allen, (West Berkshire) off r 26, works for J. Towle.

Dusrack John, (East Franklin) r 2I~, farm laborer.

Elrick Heman A., (East Franklin) r 7. dairs 12 cows, and farmer s~o.

Elrick J. Albert, (East Franklin) r 27, dairy 52 cows, and farmer iso.

EVERSON BROS., (Franklin) r s8, (Lemmon L., Geo. W. and John C.) farmers 200.

EVERSON GEORGE XV.. (Franklin) r s8. Everson Bros.) EVERSON JOHN C., (Franklin) r i8, (Everson Bros.)

EVERSON LEMMON L., (Franklin) r s8, (Everson Bros.)

EVERSON MARY, (Franklin) r s8, widow of Frederick, with Everson Bros.

FELTON CHARLES, (Franklin) r 36, retired farmer, editor of temperance department of St. Albans Messenger.

Felton Lyman H., (Franklin) r 36, lumber dealer, dairy zo cows, and farmer 170, owns several farms in Franklin.

Flirton Henry, (Franklin) r s8, farm laborer.

FORD HARRISON L., (East Franklin) r 9, breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 130.

Fox Hannah L., (East Franklin) r 23, widow of Willard, farmer 2.

FRANKLIN HOUSE, (Franklin) Guy Chaplin & Son, props., Main.

French Alva J., (Franklin) no occupation, owns cabinet shop, Main.

Fuller Holsey, (Franklin) r s, farmer 6o.

Fuller Leonard, (Franklin) r s, farmer 75.

Gallup Francis D., (Franklin) r 7, sugar orchard soo trees, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 97.

GALUSHA A. LEALAND, (East Franklin) r 22, postmaster, carpenter, agent and director of the Vermont Mutual Fire Ins. Co.

Garret Charles, (East Franklin) r 2 1j, farm laborer.

Gates Almira, (Franklin) r 36, widow of Philip S., farmer 35.

Gates Arthur H., (Franklin) r 6, farmer with his father Rodney C.

Gates Charles W., (Franklin) r 36, superintendent of public schools, princi. pal of the Franklin academy, and farmer with Harrison.

GATES DELAZON J., (Franklin) r 36, lister, breeder of l)0~t blood Cots-wold sheep, and farmer, owns 154 acres occupied by L. K. Manley, and too in connection with the home farm of s5o.

GATES HARRISON, (Franklin) r 36, breeder of Cotswold sheep, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 125, and 35 wood land on r 40.

GATES RODNEY C., (Franklin) r 36, 2d selectman, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 210.

GENO ALEX., (Franklin) r s~, farm laborer, farmer z. Geno John, (Franklin) r is, farm laborer.

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