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LAMOILLE County, Vermont
Genealogy and History

Lamoille County is located in north central Vermont, with Orleans and Caledonia Counties to the east, Washington County to the south, Chittenden County to the west, and Franklin County to the north.  It was incorporated in 1835, embracing 12 towns:  Eden, Hyde Park, Morristown and Wolcott were taken from Orleans County; Belvidere, Cambridge, Johnson, Sterling, and Waterville from Franklin County; Elmore and Stowe from Washington County; and Mansfield from Chittenden County.  In 1839, 2 square miles of Mansfield were set off to Underhill and Chittenden County.

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When Founded?

Villages & Communities Within




Belvidere Center, Belvidere Corners, Belvidere Junction

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Cambridge, Cambridge Junction, Jeffersonville, Morses Mill, North Cambridge, Pleasant Valley, South Cambridge

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Eden, Eden Mills

Deanna French




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Centerville, Cleveland Corners, Hyde Park, Garfield, North Hyde Park

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Johnson, East Johnson

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Cady's Falls (aka Cadysville, aka Gates Falls, aka Lower Falls, aka Mill Village), Morristown, Morrisville

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1763 / NH

Lower Village, Moscow, Stowe

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North Wolcott, Wolcott, Pottersville

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The Trapp Family, portrayed in "The Sound of Music", located their lodge in Stowe, Lamoille County, Vermont.





   Hyde Park, VT  05665  Phone: (802) 888-3306.
   Probate Records Holdings: 1837 to present

   P.O. Box 303 - Hyde Park, VT 05655-0303;  Phone: (802) 888-2207.

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   Founded in 1791

BELVIDERE includes the villages of Belvidere Center, Belvidere Corners and Belvidere Junction.  

   RR 1 Box 1062 - Belvidere Center, VT 05442  Phone: (802) 661-2498.

   Founded in 1781

CAMBRIDGE encompasses the city of Cambridge and villages of Cambridge Junction, Jeffersonvill, North Cambridge, South Cambridge, and Pleasant Valley.  

    P.O. Box 16, Jeffersonville, VT  05464-0016

   P.O Box lu - Jeffersonville, VT 05464  Phone: (802) 644-2251.

   Founded in 1781

EDEN encompasses the villages of Eden and Eden Mills.


     Founded in 1781
     The following historical information was abstracted, by Ann Mensch, from "Elmore", by E. Henry Willey, of Hyde Park, as found in The Vermont Historical Gazetteer:  A Magazine, Embracing a History of Each Town, Civil, Ecclesiastical, Biographical and Military.  Vol. 2, part 2, edited by Abby Maria Hemenway.  Burlington, Vt :  Miss A. M. Hemenway, 1867. (pp. 626-628).

     Elmore was granted November 7, 1780; on August 21, 1781, it was chartered to Colonel Samuel Elmore and several associates.  From Col. Elmore the town derives its name.  Nothing was done toward settling the town until about July 1790, when Martin and Jesse Elmore, James and Seth Olmstead, Aaron Keeler and others, mostly from Sharon and Norwalk, Connecticut, commenced a settlement.  The population grew steadily as follows:  in 1791 there were 12; in 1800, 45; in 1810, 157; in 1820, 157; in 1830, 442, in 1840, 467; in 1850, 504; and in 1860, 602.
     Elmore was first organized with civil positions on July 23, 1792, with Joseph LEACH as the town clerk and contable; Job GIBBS, Joseph LEACH and James OLMSTEAD as selectmen; Martin ELMORE as town representative, and Martin ELMORE as Justice of the Peace, an office which he held for 18 successive years.  He was also town clerk for 41 years, from 1797 until 1838.
     During the Civil War, it is reported that the town of Elmore furnished the following 64 soldiers for the Union:  Stephen C. ALBEE, David P. BARNES, Joseph BASHAW, Henry J. BAGLEY, John P. BEDELL; Wm. BISCOMER who died of wounds 20 May 1864; Lewis BELVILLE who was said to have deserted 1 Jan 1863; Albert J. BIDDELL, prisoner 23 June 1864; Clesson CAMERON, Lyman L. CAMP, Charles CARTER, deserted 18 Dec 1862; W. B. CHANDLER, Rufus H. CLARK, Seth L. CLARK, Chas. CLEMENT, Chas S. COOPER, John A. CAMP, Luman M. DAVIS, killed 12 May 1864 at Spottsylvania; James P. DAVIS, Solon W. DAVIS, Learnard W. DAVIS, Hiram DWYER, died 17 Jan 1864; Edwin R. DODGE, killed 16 Apr 1862 at Lee's Mills, Va.; Jas. ESTES, killed 29 Jun 1862 at Savage Station, Va.; Lewis H. ESTES, Jos. FISHER, deserted 4 Sep 1862; Samuel B. FISK, Joseph GABOUREE, Justus GALE, died 19 Sep 1863; Geo. W. GARNER, died 9 Oct 1861; Russell H. GAY, Luman M. GROUT, Maj. 8th Vermont Regt.; Ira F. GROUT, John S. HARRINGTON, Andrew J. HART, Franklin HASTINGS, Edward HOLDEN, Leman HOLDEN, Solon W. HUTCHINS, died 23 Feb 1864; JOseph LaFLEUR, killed 5 May 1864, Wilderness; Melvin A. LEIGHTON, deserted 18 Dec 1862; John W. MERRIAM, died 24 Sep 1863; Curtis B. MOORE, died 9 Jul 1862; Andrew J. MORSE, Benjamin F. MORSE, Chas. W. MORSE, died 27 Aug 1862; Luther W. MORSE, died 19 Jun 1863; David R. MULIKEN, Charles NOE, Ingalls K. OBER, Franklin A. OLMSTEAD, Horation N. OLMSTEAD, Alpheus PARKER, Frank A. RUSSELL, missing in action 29 Jun 1864; Frederick SCHOFIELD, drowned 23 Jun 1863 in Miss. River; Lorenzo D. SHAW, John N. STETSON, B. P. SPARROW, prisoner 23 Jun 1864; William SWIFT, Geo. F. WHEAT, died 14 Mar 1863; Hiram WHEELER, died 25 Feb 1863; Anthony WHITE, Ezra G. WILLIAMS, prisoner 23 Jun 1864; and U. A. WOODBURY, Capt. wounded in Bull Run.

   P.O. Box LU - Lake Elmore, VT 05657  Phone: (802) 888-2637.

   Founded in 1781

HYDE PARK encompasses the town of Hyde Park and the villages of Centerville, Cleveland Corners, Garfield, and North Hyde Park.  A large portion of the Morrisville Village forest, with the Green River Reservoir, is within the boundaries of Hyde Park.

   141 Main Street - P.O. Box 196 - Hyde Park, VT 05655   Phone: (802) 888-4628.

   P.O Box 98 - Hyde Park, VT 05655  Phone: (802) 888-2300.
Cemeteries include:
Center Cemetery - est. 1820; Latitude: ; Longitude:
Holbrook Cemetery - est. 1870; Latitude: ; Longitude:
Hooper Cemetery - est. 1850; Latitude: ; Longitude:
Jedidia Hyde Cemetery - est. 1820; Latitude: ; Longitude:
Jones Cemetery - est. 1980; Latitude: ; Longitude:
North Hyde Park Cemetery - est. 1830; Latitude: 443954N; Longitude: 0723616W, (see map)
Plains Cemetery - est. 1800-present; Latitude: ; Longitude:
St. Teresa Catholic Cemetery - est. 1904; Latitude: ; Longitude:
Village Cemetery - est. 1798; Latitude: 443545N; Longitude: 0723705W, (see map)

   Founded in 1792

JOHNSON encompasses the city of Johnson and the village of East Johnson.

   Railroad Street - Johnson, VT 05656     Phone: (802) 635-7141.


   Founded in 1781

MORRISTOWN encompasses Morrisville and the village of Cady Falls.  Cady Falls has also been known by the following names: Cadysville, aka Gates Falls, aka Lower Falls, aka Mill Village.  Cady Falls is located north of Morrisville, near the Hyde Park and Morristown boundary.

   7 Richmond Street - Morrisville, VT 05661    Phone: (802) 888-3853.

   P.O Box 748 - Morrisville, VT 05661 
   Phone: (802) 888-6370  -  E-mail:   <mawtclerk@pwshift.com>

   Founded in 1763

STOWE encompasses the city of Stow and the villages of Moscow and Lower Village.  

   Pond Street - Stowe, VT 05672    Phone: (802) 253-6145.

WATERVILLE (aka previously called Colt's Gore)
   Founded in 1824

WATERVILLE encompasses the town of Waterville.

   P.O. Box 1472 - Waterville, VT 05492    Phone: (802) 644-5683.

  850 VT Route 109, P.O. Box 31 - Waterville, VT 05492 
  Phone: (802) 644-8865   -  E-mail:  watervillevt@pshift.com

   Founded in 1781

WOLCOTT encompasses the town of Wolcott and the village of North Wolcott.  


LAMOILLE County Cemeteries include the following: 

 Blake Cemetery -  Latitude:  443803N;  Longitude: 0723439W
     Located in Eden, VT 

 Center Cemetery -  Latitude: 444455N;  Longitude:  0724152W 

 East Cambridge Cemetery -  Latitude:  443923N;  Longitude:  0724606W 

 La Porte Cemetery -  Latitude: 443229N;  Longitude:  0723703W 

 Mountain View Cemetery -  Latitude: 443331N;  Longitude:  0723745W 

 Plot Cemetery -  Latitude:  443954N;  Longitude:  0724054W 

 Riverbank Cemetery -  Latitude:  442824N;  Longitude:  0724051W 

 Sterling Cemetery -  Latitude:  443223N;  Longitude:  0724237W 


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