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RUTLAND County, Vermont
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County seat:  Rutland
Located in western Vermont, with Windsor County to the east, Addison County to the north, and Bennington County to the south, with Lake Champlain and the state of New York to it's west.
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VTGenWeb Rutland County Towns Table
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Town Date Formed Villages & Communities Within Contact 
BENSON 1780 Benson, Benson Landing Host Needed
BRANDON 1761 Brandon, Forest Dale Host Needed
CASTLETON 1761 Bomoseen, Castleton, Castleton Corners, West Castleton Host Needed
CHITTENDEN 1780 Chittenden, Holden Host Needed
CLARENDON 1761 Alfrecha, Chippenhook, Clarendon, Clarendon Springs, East Clarendon, North Clarendon, Pierces Corner Host Needed
DANBY 1761 Danby, Danby Four Corners Host Needed
FAIR HAVEN 1779 Fair Haven Host Needed
HUBBARDTON 1764 East Hubbardton, Hortonia, Hubbardton Mary Ann Wheeler
IRA 1780 Ira Host Needed
MENDON 1781 Mendon Host Needed
MIDDLETOWN SPRINGS 1784 Middletown Springs Host Needed
Mt. HOLLY 1792 Belmont, Healdville, Hortonville, Mount Holly, Tarbellville Host Needed
Mt. TABOR 1761 Mount Tabor Host Needed
PAWLET 1761 Pawlet, West Pawlet Host Needed
PITTSFIELD 1781 Pittsfield Ann Mensch 
PITTSFORD 1761 Pittsford Host Needed
POULTNEY 1761 East Poultney, Horace, Poultney, South Poultney Host Needed
PROCTOR 1886 Proctor Host Needed
RUTLAND 1761 City of Rutland, Rutland Center Tim Foley 
SHERBURNE 1761 North Sherburne, Sherburne Center, South Sherburne Host Needed
SHREWSBURY 1761 Cold River, Cuttingsville, North Shrewsbury, Russellville Host Needed
SUDBURY 1763 Sudbury Mary Ann Wheeler
TINMOUTH 1761 Tinmouth Host Needed
WALLINGFORD 1761 East Wallingford, South Wallingford, Wallingford Host Needed
WELLS Wells Host Needed
WEST HAVEN 1792 West Haven Host Needed
WEST RUTLAND 1886 West Rutland Host Needed

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