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Welcome to Groton, VT
Chartered 1789

From a 1905 postcard of Groton, submitted by Donald L. Smith.

Groton is located in central Vermont, a part of the Northeast Kingdom. It is on Hwy 302 which runs from Woodsville, NH to Barre, VT.
The township includes Groton State Forest which hosts several State Parks/Campgrounds.

Groton Lookup Volunteers

When requesting a lookup, please follow these guidelines:

  1. On the subject line enter Groton Lookup
  2. Put name of book you are requesting in the first line of the message as many of these wonderful people have volunteered to look up several things.
  3. Limit your request to 1 or 2 specific names on separate lines.
  4. Don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time and effort.

    List of local genealogy researchers.

Groton Resources

* Groton Town Clerk's Office

* Groton's official website.

* Groton Historical Society

* Groton Free Public Library

* Other Genealogy & History Resources

Mister Glover's Groton - - The chronicle of Groton, VT from 1789 to 1978.  Out of print and no additional copies available. See the Groton Historical Society page above for lookups.

List of Groton men who served in the Civil War.

List of Groton residents who served in WW I

List of Groton residents who served in WW II.

List of Groton residents who served in the Korean War.

List of Groton residents who served in Vietnam

List of Groton Cemeteries.

Censuses for Groton, VT.

An 1814 map of Vermont, back when Caledonia County was still part of Orange County. Just click on the map.

An 1858 map of Groton that pinpoints the location of each resident's home.

A 1935 map of Groton

A 1876 history of Groton from the Vermont Gazetteer.

A 1887 history of Groton by Hamilton Child.

The current newspaper covering Groton is the Caledonia Record.

Groton Records

Groton Town Clerk's Office

-- Available Records --
Birth, death & marriage records -- 1750-1856 mostly by index book record only *
Birth, death & marriage records -- 1857 - present by index & actual documents

*Official records were not required prior to 1857. It was a voluntary thing, so some records may not have been recorded with the town.

The town charges $2.00 per hour for research time and $1.00 per page for regular copies
and $7.00 per page for certified copies.


Groton Attractions

Groton Businesses  A list of local businesses.

State Parks; Campgrounds (Stillwater, Ricker Pond, New Discovery), Boulder Beach and Seyon Ranch Lodge in Groton State Forest


Groton Queries

Please feel free to post a short query for your surname in Groton on the Caledonia County Query Page however, if your lines are not in Caledonia County, please do not enter a query here. View Current and Archived Queries along with information on how to Post your own query.

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