is located on the northern slope of Whitcher Mountain. It is entirely surrounded by a stone wall, except for a gateway. So long has it been neglected, that the forest has taken over and the yearly deposit of leaves and fallen branches has so filled the space, that the number and location of the graves is not apparent. Two slate stones that once marked the graves of Hiram Whitcher's children, now lean against a tree. If there are other stones with inscriptions, they are now fallen and covered by the hand of Nature. It is supposed that all burials here were members of the Whitcher clan and included that of Foxwell Whitcher, the father of the local branch of the family.

It is suspected that this cemetery holds the remains of Foxwell Whitcher, b. cir 1762 and his wife, his children; Reuben, Hiram, Joseph, and John, as well as their wives and probably some of their children.

Information taken from "Mr. Glover's Groton".


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