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P.O. Box 89, Groton, VT 05046


Click here to get a panoramic view of the inside of the Peter Paul house.  Christopher Stokes, BMH Senior, has created these views so we can all take a virtual tour the house.  Thanks to Chris for completing this Senior project and giving those that can't travel to Groton a chance to see the Society's work.
The Groton Historical Society building is open by appointment only
and is located at 1203 Scott Hwy, Groton, VT.

The Peter Paul house (bottom left) has been home to the society since 1989 and has become a repository for the many hundreds of artifacts from Groton’s past which have been collected by the members.  The Society is in a sense a trustee of the town's heritage and as such views the gathering and preserving of mementos from the past as an on-going process since it was formed in the early 1930's. Photos by Donald L. Smith. 

Current Officers:
President.................Richard Brooks.........802-584-3417
Vice President.........Deanne Page.............802-584-3584
Secretary................Deborah Jurist...........802-584-3049

Treasurer................Alissa Smith..............
* * *
Newsletter Editor.....J. Willard Benzie.......jwbenzie@mchsi.com
Website Editor ........Donald L. Smith.......DonSmith@donsmitty.com
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A great holiday gift! The Groton Historical Society is pleased to announce that pre-orders for the new updated Mr. Glover's Groton are now being taken. The new book has been expanded from the original version with dozens of new photos, updated lists of Groton's Veterans, a listing of people buried in Groton's Cemeteries, Family Names for the first 10 census records, and summaries of the first 5 decades of the twentieth century.

The book is a paperback and the cost is $25.00 per copy. GHS members will receive a 20% discount, making the cost of the book only $20.00 for GHS members. Paid orders can be picked up at the Peter Paul house on Saturday, December 19 between 1 and 5 PM. If you wish to have us mail it to you or another recipient, please include an additional $6.00 per copy to cover postage. We must receive your check by Saturday, December 12 to assure we have a copy available for you by December 19.

Checks should be made payable to The Groton Historical Society and should be mailed to the address below. Please specify on the check or accompanying correspondence that your check is for pre-ordering the book. Also, it would be great if you could alert us at grotonvthistory@gmail.com that you have placed an order and that the check is in the mail. The address is:
PO Box 89
Groton Vermont, 05046

In addition to the pre-order option above, the book will also soon be available through Amazon.com and other online retailers as a paperback and in Kindle e-book format. We will announce when the book is available for order from online retailers

Please note that proceeds from the book sales will help to support GHS programs and preservation of the Peter Paul House and its contents.

Become a member of the Groton Historical Society:
The annual fee is only $10.00 for individuals and $15.00 for families.  Lifetime membership dues are $100.00.  There is no joining fee. You can join at any of the meetings or mail your dues to the above address.

Meetings are held at the Peter Paul House
on the first Tuesday of each month, April through October at 6:00 PM.  Visitors are welcome.

Research material available:
- Groton Times newspaper which ran from 1897 to 1930, available on microfiche.
- The Civil War, As Recollected by an Ordinary Soldier, by Seth Eastman. Copies available for $5.00 + $2.00 for S&H.
- Mister Glover's Groton - The chronicle of Groton, VT from 1789 to 1978.  Out of print, no additional copies available.. However, members will do lookups for you.
- Groton Censuses. 1790-1930. Most available on-line.
- Groton cemetery listings. Most available on-line.
- List of Groton men who served in the Civil War.
- Family Genealogies.  Groton Families in 1790
;  For Searchable Dropbox Link click here.

Projects of the Groton Historical Society - Stop by to see what projects have been completed, which ones are ongoing and what's new.  Got an idea?  Please forward to Don Smith.

Photo Gallery  - Do you have photos of Groton or the people of Groton from years past?  Would you like to share them here on the GHS website?  Please forward to Don Smith.  Remember to include captions so we can identify those places, people and things that are in your photos.  NEW - George Harbeson Collection here.

2013 GHS All-Class Reunion Yearbook The All-Class Reunion held in June was a huge success with 120 alumni (graduates, students and teachers) and 48 guests participating. All but 12 of the alumni, and some of the guests had their pictures taken for an All-Class Reunion yearbook. The booklet will be on sale Fall Foliage Day at the Peter Paul House for $2.50 or can be mailed to you for $3.00 while supplies last. (Please contact J. Willard Benzie (jwbenzie@mchsi.com).

NEW - Vermont History Through Song - On July 2nd at the Veterans Memorial Park in Groton there will be a Vermont Humanities Council event hosted by the local Historical Society and Library. Join us as we welcome Linda Radtke for her performance of Vermont History through Song. The music starts at 6pm, feel free to bring a picnic, or enjoy some of the homemade goodies that will be provided. We hope to see you there!

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