The following is a list of veterans and honorees who have American flags posted at their monuments every year. The town of Groton supplies the flags and they are put in place before Memorial Day every year.
Old Cemetery West Side of Old Cemetery New Cemetery
Adams, Clarence Adam, Crawford M. Bailey, Horace
Adams, Melvin Jr Baldwin, John Blaise, Stanley
Annis, Charles Benoit, Richard Boohower, Howard
Bailey, Ernest Burnham, Silas Boomhower, Ellis
Barnes, Clifford Butler, Elisha Bouley, Berne
Boule, Bernie Carpenter, Taylor Burke, James D
Bowles, Lewis P Cassidy, Darwood Carroll, R
Branely, William Crown, Rosa Daniels, Andrew
Brignola, Carlo Mario Dennis, Grace Daniels, Roland
Brown, Almone Dow, William Darling Guy
Brown, Newton Dale Eastman, Seth Darling, Cleason
Caldwell, Col. Alvin Emery Harry Darling, Clifford
Campbell, Ethel Ralston Emery, Alfred Darling, David Nell
Carpenter, Dwight W Emery, Archie Darling, Gerald R
Carter, William Emery, Charles Eastman, Carroll
Chapin, George Emery, Thomas Eastman, Kenneth
Chicone, Raymond Emery,Chaford Emerson, Lawrence
Clark, Benjamin Emory, Jere Emerson, Paul
Crockett, Chester Farrington, David Emerson, Phillip
Crouch, Max Frost, James Emerson, Ralph
Denis, Mary Frost, Moses Emerson, Royce
Eastman, Earl Frost, Willard Flower, James
Eastman, George Glover, Joel Foley, Winston Donald
Eastman, Harold Graham, Murdo Fowler, James
Eastman, Howard Hatch, Douglas Franklin, Eugene
Eastman, Issac Hayes, W.H. Hale, Fredrick
Evans, Carl Heath, Daniel Hale, Warren
Evans, Irving A Heath, Jesse Hale, warren
Fifield, Clifton Hendry, Darwin Hale, Warren K
Fifield, Dale Hendry, Harry C. Hart, Stanley
Fifield, Lilli N May Hodsoon, Wm. Harvery, Robert
Foley, Kenneth Holmes,Edwin Haskell, Guy
Folley, Frank Hood, Horace Hatch, Dale
Freer, Lester P Jones, John Heath, Barry Zane
Frost, Isaiah Knight, Joan LaGare, Wendell
Frost, Vern Ladd, Julia B. LeBlanc, George R
Fuller, BM Laphere, Charles E LeGare, Lucille
Gilman, Harold Latto, James Margan, John
Goodwin, J Henry Lindsey, Ned McDonald, John Bartlett
Gray, Wallace W Lord, Wendell McDonnell, Lawrence
Hanchett, Frank Marsh, Josiah Moody, Dwight
Hatch Fredrick, O Martin, J.P. Morgan, Ray Thomas
Hatch, Fredick M Miller, David Morse, Norman
Hatch, Myrtie Millis, George Morse, Norman
Hatch, O Fred or Oscar Moquin, Joseph Newell
Holmes, Clarence Morrison, Charlotte Page, Marion Margan
Hood, Cleveland Morrison, John Pena, Manuel
Jordan, Clyde W Morrison, Silas Pierce, Charles
Keenan, Edward Plummer, Moses Puffer, Harold
Keenan, Hattie Plummer, Samuel Rutter, Derk
Larry, Donald Randall, Mason Sanville, Tim
Lee, Raymond Clark Ricker, Edmund Smith, Andrew Jackson
Lund, Ruhus Ricker, Joseph Spinks, Pearley
Malnati, Walter Ricker, Josiah Spinks, Pearley
McDonald, John Ricker, Orson Webster, Clifford
McKay, Duncan Sanger, ?? Welch, Richard
McQueen, Henry Sargent, Phineas Welch, Wilber Merrill
Millis, Andrew Smith, Dwight Williams, Bernice
Murphy, Michael Smith, Frank Williams, Gerald
Orr, Chester W Smith, Gerald Williams, Guy
Orr, William Steele, Berton B. Williams, Merle
Page, Ltt. Stevens, Philip Williams, Pearley
Pillsbury, Roderick W Taisey, Ryland Williams, Randy
Pillsbury, W Russell Taisey, William Henry Williams, Stanley
Randall, Ernest Taplin, Philip Wilson, Joseph
Ricker, Isac Vance, Morris Wilson, Robert
Ricker, Pearl B Wead, T.B.
Ross, Charles E Welch, Andrew Other Cemeteries
Smith, Captain Dwight Almar Welch, Harry N.
Stanley, Phillip Whitcher, Reuben Gray Cemetery, Glover Rd.
Steele, Poland Whithill, Eliza
Tillotson, Henry M.D. Wilds, Etta Gray Dominicus - US Revolution
Vinton, Burnell Wormwood, Willaim or Thomas
Welch, Cyrus Hatch Cemetery Glover Rd
Welch, Kendall Hatch Jason
Welch, Peter Unnamed
Welch, Vernon
Welch, Virgil Martin
Whitcomb, Paul
Whitehill, Dexter or Walter
William, Taylor
Williams, Leslie
Williams, Loren
Wrinkle, Rev. Thomas