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Caledonia County, VTGenWeb
Caledonia County, VTGenWeb

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Im seeking information about Cornelius MORGAN, who died in Waterford in 1820. He came from Beverly, Essex Co., Mass., sometime after 1790. He was married to Mehitable Preston. He had children David and Cornelius Jr. that I know of. According to 1810, 1820, 1830 census, those sons in time got their own places. However, there were daughters, too, and there may have been other sons. What Id like to find is 1)a list of children of Cornelius Sr., 2)some idea of where his property was located (he had land which he farmed), 3)any information about why this branch might have come to Waterford and why, later on, they moved on to New York. Appreciate any help. Gary Morgan, e-mail <gbmorgan@dock.net > (posted 18 Mar 2008)

I am trying to find the recorded death of Zoe (Leblanc) BEAUREGARD, who was last recorded in the 1880 census living with her daughter, Josephine (BEAUREGARD) LAPOINTE, in St Johnsbury. She was born sometime around 1820 in Canada. Any information on Zoe would be much appreciated. Best regards, John Croteau  -- email <johncroteau@comcast.net>. (posted 12 Nov 2007).

I would like to find information on the parents of two BEAUREGARD who died in Caledonia County during the 1920s. The first is Benjamin BEAUREGARD, born October 1854 in Franklin County and last recorded in the 1920 US census living in Lyndon. The second is his sister, Virginia (BEAUREGARD) BENOIT, born July 02, 1850 in St. Albans, Franklin County and last recorded in the 1920 US census living in St. Johnsbury. Both Benjamin and Virginia had lived in their respective towns since 1880, so its highly likely they died and were buried there as well. Im specifically looking for information on their mother, Zoe Leblanc. Thanks! John Croteau  -- email <johncroteau@comcast.net>. (posted 12 Nov 2007).

In researching our BUTLER genealogy, one of those ancestors is Bela BUTLER, b abt 1785 Massachusetts. I have located him in the 1820, 1830 and 1840 New York Census, also the 1850 Wisconsin. I now find a marriage for Bela BUTLER and Lydia KEVOR performed by T. Asgood on December 25, 1806 in Hardwick, VT as posted on NEHG for Hardwich, VT Records to 1860. There are other Bela Butlers -- Bela L. Butler -- but none of them married a Lydia. I have a mystery photo with a note 'Lydia'. Would appreciate any help on the above mentioned names. Barbara Butler -- email <barbara_glynn@hotmail.com>. (posted 2 July  2007).

I'm searching for the burial site of Peter PAGE, his wife Sarah (FARNSWORTH). Peter was b. 02 Jun 1739 in Lunenburg, MA son of Jonathan PAGE and Mary FARNSWORTH, died after 1790 in Kirby. Sarah was born 30 Jun 1748 in Charlestown, Sullivan, NH, d. of Steven FARNSWORTH and Eunice HASTINGS and died about the same time. Peter moved to Kirby in the late 1700 with 3 sons possibly Peter, Jr., Enos and Ely.
Thank you, Susan email <pyrone2@sbcglobal.net>.  (posted 1 July  2007).

I'm looking for any info on the Bijolle family in St. Johnsbury. Joseph BIjolle 1863-1955 was my great-grandfather, Raymond was my grandfather. Any info would be helpful. Thank you. Connie Caron Fort Kent, ME.  E-mail to: Connie at <firewalker0229@yahoo.com>.  (posted 1 July  2007).

I'm searching for Squire DAVENPORT (b1761, Litchfield Co., CT; d1843,
Geauga Co., OH) m. Susannah KITTRIDGE (b1765, Middlesex Co., MA; d1824,
Seneca Co., NY) c1784, Danville, VT.
Children include (all born in Danville):
   Squire Jr. (b1785; d1869 DeWitt Co., IL) m. Ruth HARRIS (d bef1840) 1820, Danville
   Susannah (bc1878) m1. Homer BABBIT c1813, Danville; m2 ?Robert BARDALLO?
   Mary (bc1789) m. David CUTTING c1815, Danville
   Levi (bc1792)
   Esther (bc1795) m. Gabriel COLE c1816, Danville
   Lyman (bc1797) m. Mary (DAVENPORT) c1822, Danville
   Ephraim (bc1800) m. Sarah (DAVENPORT) c1825, Danville
   James (b1802; d1883, UT) m. Almira PHELPS 1822 Cattaraugus Co., NY
   Daniel (bc1804) m. Mary Ann (DAVENPORT) c1829
Some or all of the family removed to Seneca Co., NY by 1820. Squire was
a veteran of the Revolutionary War. Thanks kindly. Laury Walkey (Miss)
BC, Canada, E-mail: <polgara@telus.net>.  (posted 6 May  2007).

FELLOWS, Samuel & wife Mary UDALL
I am researching Samuel Fellows and wife Mary Udall. My information shows he died 1827 in Wheelock, Caledonia, Vt. I am not sure of its correctness! Would appreciate any information. Thank you, Joy, E-mail to: Joy at <zeller@mcsi.net>.  (posted 6 May  2007).

I am interested in sharing and receiving information on the history of BLAIR families in Caledonia County. In particular I am looking for information on the Robert BLAIR family of Barnet VT, and the Peter BLAIR family of Goshen Gore (Stannard). I have the following information.

         Robert, born in Bucklyvie, Kippen Parish, Stirlingshire Scotland in 1755, was one of the earliest settlers in Barnet VT. He was part of a group of Scottish immigrants from Perth and Stirling to settle in Barnet. Among these early settlers were Gilfillans and Lackies. Robert married Margaret McCLOSKEY (or McLackie, or McLuckie) in 1784. We have found a reference to a Robert BLAIR and Margaret McLUCKIE, married on Apr 17, 1784 in Greenock, Renfrew. They sailed for America a few days latter and reached Barnet VA in August. Robert had 8 children; John, Andrew, Christian, Robert, Alexander, Margaret, Joseph, and Janet.

         The farm that Robert settled on was kept in the family up until 1950; passed down from Robert to his son Joseph, then to his grandson Gilbert, and finally to his great grandson Joseph. The farm, now owned by the Bogie's and called Bogie Mountain, is one of the most photographed farms in New England.

         Robert's son Andrew BLAIR, along with Elihu Sabin, Reuben Smith, Elisha Sheppard, Reuben Crosby, Thomas Ransom, Azatiah Boody, and Ephraim Perrin, were the earliest settlers of Goshen Gore (now called Stannard) VT, around 1803.

         Peter(1) BLAIR (my great-great-great grandfather), son of John, was born around 1763. He married Elizabeth BELL in June 1788. Peter was a bottler in Paisley. Peter and Elizabeth had 10 children, Margaret - Sep 27, 1789; John - May 15, 1791; Elizabeth - Sep 12, 1793; Robert - Jul 11, 1858; Alexander - Jan 7, 1797; Mary - May 27, 1800; Susan - Jul 22, 1802; Janet - Jun 4, 1804; Peter(2) - Apr 27, 1806; and Amelia - Sep 1, 1808.

         My great-great grandfather Peter(2) was born April 27, 1806 and died March 6, 1888. Peter was a weaver in Scotland, weaving Paisley shawls. Work became scarce and at the request of of his uncle Robert BLAIR (who had come to Barnet VT) Peter came to America. After spending some time with his uncle Robert he went to Lowell MA where he continued his trade weaving for a time. There he met Elizabeth RODGERS who he married. Finally Peter and Elizabeth came to Goshen Gore (Stannard) VT. Peter and Elizabeth had 4 children, Elizabeth, William, Agnes, and Peter(3).

         My great grandfather Peter(3) was born in Goshen Gore on Nov 9, 1842. He died in December 1937. Peter married Etta PRATT (March 12, 1858 - November 18, 1937). Peter and Etta had had 6 children, Fayette, Winnie, Walter, Harold, Ruth, and Perley (my grandfather).

         My grandfather Perley was born on February 27, 1885 in Goshen Gore. He died on February 18, 1974. Perley came to Manchester NH sometime before 1922. He married Blanche TRESSILLIAN. Perley and Blanche had 2 children, Ellen and Kenneth (my father). For more information on my branch of the Blair Family please visit my Web Site, http://blairgenealogy.com/. Thank you, John A. Blair (3 May 2007).

Would like to correspond with descendants of the following:  Miras RAMSDELL, born 9 Apr.1810 in St. Johnsbury, Vt, son of Isaac and Polly (POTTER) RAMSDELL.  Miras RAMSDELL married Caroline PIERCE, on 13 Oct 1833 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Stanstead, L.C.P.Q. Residence, Compton, P.Q.   Caroline PIERCE was born 7 Oct.1807, St. Johnsbury, Vt, daughter of Joseph (b.15 May1773) and Susannah (LAWRENCE) PIERCE (b.21 June,1775).  Miras (Mirus) and Caroline were reportedly buried in Westfield, Vt.  Caroline died Aug.5,1846, ae 39
yrs.,10 mos.  Their daughter, Jane Parthena RAMSDELL (my Grt-Grandmother) was born 1835 in Compton, P.Q.  I Can find no records of Birth.
Mirus RAMSDELL was reportedly married 3 more times?  Maria Gilman? Lucinda Brooks? Adeline M.Ramsdell?  I would like to correspond with descendants, interested parties with any information. Thanks.  E-mail to: Frank at <fesjr@localnet.com>.  (posted 28 Mar 2007).

I would appreciate any information on Sereno Montgomery PORTER, born 22 April 1852, in Walden,Vt. (Danville,Vt?).  Father: George W. PORTER; Mother: Martha E. HEATH. Married to Esther Daggett SANDERS, on June 18,1879, Morrisville,Vt.  I have some info on 6 children. Thanks.  E-mail to: Frank at <fesjr@localnet.com>.  (originally posted in 2001, new e-mail 27 Mar 2007).


 Seeking the ancestors and families of the following STEVENS family members who may be related to my 4th gen. grandmother, Ruth STEVENS, born 1774, died 1/28/1836, Susquehanna Co., PA.  Ruth STEVENS married to Amos INGALLS, born 1772, died 1/30/1841:

Puah STEVENS, born 5/9/1800 Hardwick,VT, died 9/7/1879 Susquehanna Co.,PA
Ezoa STEVENS, born 2/17/1802 Hardwick, VT, died 12/15/1874 Susquehanna Co., PA
Augusta STEVENS, born 11/16/1816 Hartwick,VT;
STEVENS, Levi Otho 1819/1822?? Hartwick, VT--died in Earlville, Iowa. Married Jannette Lease of
St. Johnstown, VT. This couple lived in Stannard, VT before migrating west to Amoral, Delaware
Co., Iowa
How is Ruth related to the other STEVENS family mentioned above? Who are her parents, who are the
parents of the above?  Thanks. janet, E-mail: <trainldy@nep.net>.  (posted 17 Oct 2006).


 I am seeking information about the SHANNON family of Hardwick Vermont. Wallace Arthur SHANNON is my Grandfather. I believe he had several siblings; may be Pearl SHANNON, and Roy SHANNON. Any information is greatly appreciated. Barbara, E-mail: <barbracooney@yahoo.com>.  (posted 31 Aug 2006).


 Researching SHEA (Shay,Chay) family resident in Caledonia Co from after 1850-1900. Michael and Mary FARRELL. Their daughter Mary, my great grandmother, married Dominick CORBETT and resided in St. Johnsbury Vt. I am interested in any connection with another SHEA family ,Patrick SHEA and Honora HALEY, who were contemporaries and with Patrick FARRELL and wife Rose Ann HART. All of the above buried in St. Johnsbury. Anyone with connections? Maureen, E-mail: <mchicoine@linkline.com>.  (posted 8 Jul 2006).


 Searching for information on MOSES HUNTLEY, born June 1760 in (Old) Lyme CT, died March 1, 1846, St. Johnsbury VT. I am told he is listed on the Caledonia Pension List of 1840 for his service in the Revolutionary War. Does anyone have this list? I'm trying to join DAR based on this relative's service record and he is not listed in the DAR Patriot Index..  Thank you.  Cheron, E-mail: <CHERON@COX.NET>.  (posted 2 Jun 2006).


 I am looking for the graves of some of my ancestors that were born in Ryegate Vermont. First one would be William NELSON married Jane STEWART. He died January 23, 1831 in Ryegate. She was born 1737 and died September 18, 1825 in Ryegate. If anyone might have an idea of which cemetery they are buried in I would appreciate it. My email address is catamalina@juno.com. Would also be interested in anyone also researching William and Jane's descendants.  Thank you.  E-mail: <catamalina@juno.com>.  (posted 13 Mar 2006).


 MARK STILES married BETSEY (NICHOLS) SIAS 1845. Mark Stiles born 1799 Mass or VT (different responses on various censuses), and died 7 Nov, 1871, Caledonia County VT, son of David Stiles and Elizabeth Lydia Lippenwell Wyman. Mark resided at Waterford and Danville. He married (2nd), on 11 Feb, 1845 Caledonia County, Betsey Sias, a widow. Her maiden name was Betsey C. Nichols, born ca 1817 VT. She died 20 Sep 1873, Caledonia County. Any idea who Betsey Nichols was? Thanks.Bruce. E-mail: <bcw1049@verizon.net> or <bwilliams@capecodcoop.com> (posted 8 Mar 2006).


I am seeking ancestry of Ezekiel GILMAN, born about 1788 in Vermont (date shifts into the early 90s on some censes; tombstone states 1788).  Moved to Ontario, Canada by 1822 (where he had several children by wife Nancy) and then to Allegan County, MI in the mid- to late-1830s.  Walden, VT history mentions a few early Gilmans, most notably an Ezekiel and Samuel, who appear to have been involved in lumbering/sawmill operations.  Given the name, dates and occupation (for our Ezekiel and his sons ran a sawmill in Michigan and possibly Canada), I am wondering if anyone knows if Walden pioneers Ezekiel or Samuel had children before their untimely deaths, and if so, if our Ezekiel might be among them.  Appreciate any information/leads.  Thank you, Jennifer Gilman, E-mail: <swimminginpaper@yahoo.com> (posted 18 Jan 2006).

Seeking any information on the descendants of Almus E. and Lillian E. COUNSELL.
Home in 1920: Saint Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., Vermont
Almus Counsell initially lived in the State of New York where he was born to
* Solomon and Elizabeth COUNSELL in Jun 1864 (Cayuga Co.). On the 1920
Census he is now living in Saint Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., Vermont,
renting a home, married (Circa 1888), head of the household, working as a
Merchant of Farm Machinery.  Both his parents were born in England.
His son Merrick Mills Counsell (b. 9 July 1889, New York State, and died in St. Johnsbury, in 1980) was also living in Saint Johnsbury on the 1920 and 1930 Census, with his wife Eva.
They had three children, two sons and a daughter. He initially was a Public
School teacher and then became the Proprieter of the Machinery Store.
Thank you. Joy Powney, E-mail: <joypowney@hotmail.com> (posted 16 Nov 2005)


I'm looking for info on a Simon LACKEY born 1782 in Wheelock Caledonia Vermont .   He married Mary Polly Ellen SHELDON around 1807 had a son Lucius Lackey born 1825.  thank you Nancy Blair, E-mail: <jblair@freeway.net>.  (posted 11 Aug 2005)

I would like to find the parents and husband of Betsey M. ERWIN who is buried in the St Johnsbury Center Cemetery. She was born 1821 and died 1869.  Her death record from the Town Clerk states that she was married, and her parents unknown and place of birth unknown. She is buried beside Melinda MINOTT wife of Ephraim CUTLER and I have a feeling they might be related in some way. Any help will be appreciated. Joanne Hayward, E-mail: <hayward@sover.net>.  (posted 1 Mar 2004)

I am trying to find out some information on Thomas MORGAN and Aloysia La Ser.  Thomas MORGAN apparently was born in Vermont. They may have been the parents of my great great grandfather Charles J. MORGAN who married Josephine Jacque in New Orleans on Jan. 14 1854.  The web roots page listed a Thomas MORGAN from Caledonia County in Vermont so that is why I am checking with you.... If anyone has ever heard of these people or their descendents I would love to know more about them.  My email is <lynnefw@msn.com>.  Thank you for your help. (posted 25 Feb 2004)

I need to find out which DOWNS families were in the Danville area n 1821-1824.  Maybe this would be found on tax lists or directories if they existed.  Thank you. E-mail: <Goble.beth@bgsd.k12.wa.us>, (posted 13 Feb 2004)



Joshua BECKWITH was in the 1800 census,  Caledonia Co., Calais after that I find no record.  He had a son Ransom born 1794 in Kingston, Addison Co and was on the 1790 Addison Co. census. Thank you, E-mail: <Calowrie1012@aol.com> (posted 8 Feb 2004)



I am trying to find the family of Susan JOY (1803-1889) believed to be of Hardwick. I also believe she may have had brothers Sidney, Charles, Lewis, and Hollis. She married Milton WATKINS of Rutland in 1829.  Thanks for your help.  Dan Huse, E-mail: <huse0@attglobal.net> (posted 21 Jan 2004)


For a bicentennial project for Waterville, ME, I need info on a William E. HARRIS b c 1807 and d. 1851 in Danville, VT. He m. Caroline b c 1812 and had 2 children in the 1850 census of Waterville -Jane HARRIS b c 1835 and Ella D. HARRIS b c 1841. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cindy Spaulding Midlothian, VA, E-mail: <spaulding@intergate.com> (posted 25 Jan 2004)


I am looking for information on either Thelma BLODGETT born in westminster vt. about 1906, or Romeo KING, born in St. Johnsbury Vt. about 1898. Any information at all would be extremely helpful. Sylvia Purvis, E-mail: <greyladymae@sbcglobal.net> (posted 16 Dec 2003)


I am looking for information on Aaron HUNT, particulary his marriage in Oct 1825 to Susanna INGALLS which took place in Ryegate VT. Can you tell me in what church that would have been?  Aaron was born in Bath NH in 1799 and he died in Salem NH in 1874.  He was the grandson of Daniel HUNT, one of the first settlers of Ryegate.  Thank you very much for your time and effort.

Brian Hunt, E-mail: <bhunt1@nycap.rr.com> (posted 30 Nov 2003)


I am researching a John MILLER, b Oct 24,1793, who came from Scotland with his widowed mother Jane and a brother William. The deceased father was named James.

The three came to Barnet, VT.  By about 1814 John MILLER was in Queenston, Niagara, Ontario. He later settled in Chingagosy County, Peel County, Ontario with a John McNABB who had roots in Barnet.  I see that there were a Hugh, James ,and Robert Miller in Bradford. These names also occur in John MILLER's progeny. Thank you.  Marben Graham, Traverse City, MI, E-mail: <grahamrm@chartermi.net> (posted 19 Nov 2003)

Nathaniel Knight (1724 - 1776) & Abigail Merrill (1725-?), Nathaniel KNIGHT (1761 - 1843) & Hannah SMITH (1768-1843), Samuel KNIGHT (1799 - 1874) & Anna ABBOTT (1792 - 1868). I would appreciate any information about the Nathaniel or Samuel KNIGHT families in Ryegate VT. They were my GGGF & GGGGF, are supposedly buried in Ryegate. Any information about the cemetery, gravestone, or any family history would be greatly appreciated. I have information and pictures of Samuel's son, Dr. William Abbott Knight, who was my GGF. Daniel M. Brown, Mounds, Oklahoma, E-mail: <daniel.m.brown@olp.net> (posted 21 Oct 2003)

I am interested in information on William ABBOTT born 21 July 1746 d. aft 1810 in Wheelock, Caledonia, VT and his wife Bridget SPAULDING, b. 11 Mar 1748 in MA and died aft 1843 in Wheelock, Caledonia, VT. Thank You. Mary Abbott, E-mail: <mnabbott@sbcglobal.net> (posted 8 Oct 2003)

I have reason to believe that Thomas HAM, Jr., was born in St. Johnsbury abt 1818.  He was married in Barford, Stanstead, Quebec 16 Feb 1848, and died in Coaticook, also Stanstead County.  I would like to communicate with anyone who has more information on this family. Thank You. E-mail: <randsw@netstep.net> (posted 20 Sep 2003)

Hello, I am seeking info. on Mary Alfreda SAULTES born April 12,1908 and Ronald William SAULTES born April 20,1906 to Frederick Grover SAULTES and Georgianna ( SPAULDING ) SAULTES in So. Rygate, Vermont. My search has led me to believe they were living there around 1904-05 to abt. 1909. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time. Steve Carlin, E-mail: <LAWKMASTER@aol.com> (posted 7 Sep 2003)

I am trying to find evidence of the father of David TAYLOR. David was born ca 1782 . He married Sarah SAWYER, the daughter of Ebenezer SAWYER, and lived in or near Danville Vt.  They had 3 children, George, Cynthia and Amanda.  David died in 1835 in Danville, and is buried  at Green Cemetery.   I found the record of his death in extractions of the newspapers by Janice Boyko.  In those extractions of deaths, the only Taylor that I found that could have been David's father was an Edward TAYLOR who died in Danville  in 1831 at the age of 75.  To prove or disprove this connection, I have 3 possibilities,  1-- Would there have been more written than the date of death in these papers that might include family names??   2--Are any probate records of wills available yet?? and 3 -- Could their burial locations in Green Cemetery  (same or adjacent lots) be a clue.  Bill Horton <wfhorton@heartland.net> (posted 21 Jul 2003)

Searching for Benjamin SAWYER who was in Danville and married to Betsey
Taylor. Also son William F SAWYER who inherited land in Danville in 1860's
and then disappeared. Barry Bramwell <bramwell@erols.com> (posted 10 Jul 2003)

Seaching for Simon HEATH, father of William and husband of Susan LANGMAID.
Obit in Danville says he was born in Bridgewater NH abt 1766.
Barry Bramwell <bramwell@erols.com> (posted 10 Jul 2003)


I am looking for information on Jeremiah GRAY who may have came to wheelock vermont (Caledonia) in 1810. Also need info about his son Edwin GRAY, who married Carra/Carrie GOULDE. would like info about her parents.  Thank you.  Laurie Morin, <spacegirl_92071@yahoo.com>, (posted 23 June 2003).

My gggrandfather, John C. KENNISTON, was born in Ryegate in about 1834. I would like to know who his parents were, and any farther back than that if possible. His descendents spelled their name KENISTON (one "n"), so it's possible he would be listed that way, but in the 1870 census it's listed with two "n"s.  Thank you in advance for any assistance.  
Brad Feinner, Huntington Beach, CA, , <bfeinner@yahoo.com>. (posted 16 June 2003).

Any information on an Asahel BEMIS / Betsey WOOD family.  Would be interested in any type information, i. e. Marriage, birth of son William abt 1821, etc.  Reportedly they were married in Springfield and William was born there.
Thanks, Don Bemus, <dbemus@adelphia.net>. (posted 23 May 2003).

I am trying to find information on John HORN who was a member of the First Vermont Cav. Company C/D.  He was taken prisoner and was at Andersonville and was listed as a survivor.  I find him listed as being Married to Eliza with a child Israel Horn Born 10 Dec 1863 Walden Twp, Caledonia, Vermont.  I would like any information that anyone might have.  Bill Drown, <bdrown@woh.rr.com> . (posted 19 May 2003).

I am trying to find the death record of Collins NEWHALL b. 1805 Leominster MA. His father Daniel (1771-1829) is buried in So. Kirby Cemetery next to his wife Lettice Johnson Newhall Spaulding (1773-1857). His grandfather Michael has a tombstone there also: Tombstone in So. Kirby Cemetery, Kirby, Caledonia, VT: "Erected In Memory of Michael Newhall, Esq., died Sept. 17, 1812 - AET 73.
I cannot find Collins death listed in Leominster or Northfield MA where he lived, so I am wondering if he died in VT while visiting his relatives.  Could someone look in the cemetery for Collins, either near his father, Daniel or grandfather, Michael? Or perhaps there are local sources for VRs.
Thanks for any help and/or leads, Lane Benet, E-mail: <cmbenet@aol.com> . (posted 7 May 2003).

We are trying to locate a cemetery where Lodema Adeline KINGSBURY (BEAN, FOLSOM) is buried.  She was the widow of Joseph Abner BEAN and William FOLSOM and she died 16 Nov 1902.  We found her Death Certificate in Hardwick.  A family letter states her daughter visited the grave in East Hardwick, but no Cemetery name was mentioned.  Any help in locating this cemetery or possible cemetery will help us during our next visit to Hardwick.  Thank you for any assistance you can give us,
Richard-G. Badger, E-mail: <badgrden@metrocast.net>. (posted 28 Apr 2003).

Looking for the parents and siblings of Susan HOWARD. Susan was married June 20, 1844 to Samuel MOORE in Caledonia County, VT. The minister was Mordecai HALE. Susan was born in VT around the Caledonia County area.
Seeking any information on her family. Samuel MOORE was born in Canada and also seeking information about him.
Thank you, Linda     Sciross@aol.com, if that email address doesn't work, try Sciross@charter.net . (posted 22 Apr 2003).

Searching infos about my uncle Alcide Joseph PREVOST, born in Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada, on August 22 / 1904-05; immigrated to the U.S. around 1922.  He had his Social Security Act   (028-10-7694) Nov. 30, 1936, and was working at that time for : New England Power Service Co.  head office 89 Broad st. Boston Ma., and living in Barnet, Caledonia County, Vermont.  Join the U.S. forces  ???? and died in New Haven Ct. June 1982.    Had one son by the name of Billy.  Would like to get info about him---wife and children.  Like to get in touch with the family.  From one cousin from Canada Thanks, Guy, E-mail: <guy.bourdeau2@sympatico.ca>. (posted 22 Mar 2003).

Daniel HEATH and family which included children Jacob, Jehial, Betsy, Abigail, Marion, Lyman, Hannah and Simon were warned out  from a town in Northern Vermont and by January 4, 1808 were in Ryegate, Caledonia County (source Vermont-Warnings Out-Vol 1 Picton Press). I do not own this book so have this information second hand. So I do not know which town they left.  Based on the 1850 census it appears quite a few of this family remained in Caledonia Vermont. However Lyman moved to Canada and then to Michigan. Lyman named his children all the same names as are found in the Vermont families, including Nathaniel, Daniel, Jehial, Orrin, Hannah etc. I am seeking to find out more about this family or if there is anyone else researching the same family. I appreciate any help or suggestions. This research is for a friend of mine who would like to find distant cousins to share information with. Thanks in advance Deborah Burr,
Ontario, Canada, E-mail: <debbieb@xcelco.on.ca>. (posted 22 Mar 2003).

Edward T. WOOD(W)ARD, born roughly 1805 in Peacham; married a MEARS in late 1820s; fled Peacham, in debt, 1834, abandoning farm.  Where did he and wife go?  Kids?  Any info appreciated.  Reply, please, to <mkkirk@rcn.com>. (posted 11 Mar 2003).

I am researching Thomas BERRY, who appears on the 1820 Sheffield, Caladonia
Co., VT census.  Any information and/or assistance will be greatly appreciated I believe he may be my 4th-Great Grandfather.
Thanks Donna Wnek, E-mail:  <dwnek@cox.net>. (posted 24 Feb 2003).

I am looking for info on Willis H. VANCE and am particularly interested in
documentation on his siblings. I believe his parents are David VANCE O/A 1824 and
Louisa TABOR.  I also would like to know if there is a connection to David Vance
b:1778 in connecticut and spouse Phoebe Hosmer.   Mary Bolta, E-mail:  <mbolta@aboutmontana.net>. (posted 10 Feb 2003).

I am a descendant of Willis H. VANCE.
I descend: David Vance O/A1824- Louisa Tabor
                 David Henry Vance 1848-1928-Marie Darling
I believe that Willis was the son of David Henry and Marie Darling and would like to
know if they had any other children.   Mary Bolta, E-mail:  <mbolta@aboutmontana.net>. (posted 10 Feb 2003).

Searching for any info on L.O. STEVENS and wife Jennie (late 1800's), whose sister, Ruth STEVENS married Amos INGALLS; Augusta STEVENS married Burman INGALLS; Rosman Ingalls married Ezoa STEVENS.....who are these elusive STEVENS??? Rosman INGALLS is the son of Amos and Ruth INGALLS.
The family migrated to Susquehanna Co.,PA in 1810.  I don't think L.O. STEVENS did as in Rosman's will states they lived in Stannard, VT......cemetery marker says they were born in Hardwick, Vt.  Appreciate any help.   Janet, E-mail:  <jhaul@epix.net>. (posted 1 Jan 2003).

Seeking genealogy of Joseph CONNER/Anna EVANS and their son, Benjamin/Jemima
Weeks. To Wheelock/Sheffield from NH probably in the 1790s. Joseph, a Revolutionary veteran, d. 1830 +, Benjamin d. 1865.
Jane Kaskela.  E-mail: <wkaskela@dreamscape.com>. (posted 28 Dec 2002).

DANE, DANA, DANIS, DANII am looking for the birth record of Amanda DANA, DANIS or DANI.  She was born approximately 1832-1834.  According to her obituray she was born in Danville.  I need to find her date of birth and also the names of her parents in order to continue with my research.  I would appreciate any information that may be available.  Thank you.  Norma, E-mail: nrsmithmegnub@att.net

  I am looking for information regarding Captain Jesse HEATH.  He was mostly a citizen of Groton, Vermont, but died in Ryegate in 1838 or 1839.  I believe he was buried in Groton.  I am wondering where and when he was born and who were his parents.  Thank you for your assistance.  Sandee Woerner - E-mail: <woerners@msn.com>. (posted 30 Oct 2002).

  Any information regarding Abigail DODGE, born Jan 16.1783, in Londonderry N.H. She
married first James Page BLAKE Jan 1, 1807 in Bath N.H Next she married John BETON "of St. Johnsbury, Vt. Aug 26, 1833. Although two of her children from her first marriage, married in Bath after 1833, I have not found her there any longer, and feel she may have relocated to the St. Johnsbury area with her new husband.
Sincerely,   Bill Schwarm, E-mail is <wschwarm@snet.net>.   (posted 8 Oct 2002).

  I am looking for WELCH families. Edmund WELCH Jr. and his brother Jonathan, both died in Groton.   Edmund was born in Wells, ME, and died on July 13,1829 in Groton.   Edmund married, on Feb.2,1777, to Hannah ANNIS in Wells, ME (she died in Groton on Jan.24,1849).   Jonathan was born in Wells, ME, around 1776, and died on March 21,1828 in Groton.  Jonathan married Martha EMERY on Aug.3,1786 in Wells, ME.  She was born in Kittery, ME about 1761, and died in Groton on July 30,1834. Thank you for any help you can give me.  My name is Alice (Welch) Marston, my e-mail is <petamar1@msn.com>.   (posted 13 Sep 2002).

  My g-g-g grandfather Byron FARLEY was born in Danville on July 14, 1805.  He had 5 children in Danville: Ephriam(c1821), Maria (5/4/1823), Mary Jane (1/1/1826), Ebenezer (5/1/1827), Celinda (3/11/1829). His father was Ebnezer from Hollis, NH and mother was Elizabeth Nichols, unknown birth place.  Can the birth dates be verified?Is there any record of the mothers birth place? His wife was
Lucretia STEVENS born Philipstown, is any info available on her?  Were grandparents listed on any birth certificates/records? Are copies available?  Thank you for your consideration, Brian Fowkes, CT.
E-mail: LBFowkes@attbi.com.   (posted 22 Aug 2002).

  I am looking for information regarding my gggreat grandparents, Osgood KITTRIDGE (b. abt. 1810) and his wife, Mary (Fifield?).  My information shows Osgood was born in Vermont and Mary in New Hampshire.  Their son, Luther O. KITTRIDGE was born on Jan. 4, 1823 in Walden, Vermont.  The family reportedly moved to Hartford, Niagara Co., N.Y. when Luther was six years old, and from there to Michigan.
E-mail: janetwendorf@juno.com.   (posted 29 May 2002).

 I am researching two families in this area:
1. Melvina A. PATCH, death date 10 Apr.1954.  She was married first to Alfred LADOO.  She had four sons all born in Woodbury, Vt.  She was either born in St. Johnsbury or Woodbury.
Her 2nd son Edwin was born 1904, and died 23 Nov.1935 in St. Johnsbury. Any information you would be willing to share with me would be very much appreciated. I have information on some of the Ledoux's that I would be willing to share.  Thank you Carol
E-mail: RHSCES@prodigy.net.   (posted 4 May 2002).

 Looking for parents of Albert HEATH who married Betsey BENNETT in Topsham,Vermont.There son Orrin was born in Groton.  Family moved to Wisconsin about 1849, and settled in Sauk County.  Children of Albert and Betsey were:
Lois, Almina, Adelaide, Adeline, Orrin, James, Alonzo, Oscar, Stephen and Jane. Is there anyone who knows who Cutting BENNETT was?  E-mail: william_heath_99@yahoo.com.   (posted 1 May 2002).

 Looking for any records of a Stephen Augustus(?) WHITE, born 6-8-1860 St. Johnsberry Vermont.
Thanks.  Ron White, E-mail: rdwhite@one.net.   (posted 30 Mar 2002).

 Searching for any information on ancestry of Calvin ROOT, his siblings and children by
wife, Sophia HOWARD.  Calvin, born 1788, died Newark, VT 1861
Sue (Root) Waterman
2516 Capaldi Drive
Marion, Ohio 43302
E-mail: waterman@acc-net.com. (posted 30 Mar 2002).

 Looking for any info on ESTES/EUSTUS/ESTEY family. Oral family history says Rebecca Estes b. abt 1840 in "Stanstead" or Stannard, VT. Records in Jefferson, NH destroyed in fire and only incomplete complied records exist.  Father's name probably Richard O. ESTES, b. Shelbourne, VT abt 1821, mother unknown. His second wife Abigail MILES m. 1846, Barton, VT. Any help would be appreciated.
  Thanks Barbara. E-mail: JECOFFEY@aol.com. (posted 22 Mar 2002).

 I am looking for any information on Moses PLUMMER married to Betsy Paul. I think his father was Groton Town Clerk in 1801 then went back to Maine.
Sandie Longpre, E-mail: ammypop@hotmail.com. (posted 22 Mar 2002).

 I am searching for any information on Alonzo Lucas, of Peacham, 1840-369-vt. census.   Thank you.
Contact Geo.  E-mail: Gcarrwks@aol.com  (posted 18 Mar 2002).

 I am searching for any information on Hannah NILES born in Wheelock VT in 1808.  I am especially interested in knowing who her parents were.  Want to join the DAR and need to prove lineage from her great-great granddaughter to Hannah's Grandfather - Ephraim NILES who fought in the American Revolution.  Our research shows that Hannah's parents were John NILES and Nancy WINSLOW.  Need to confirm this.
Also in 1835, Hannah NILES married Abram NOYES in Wheelock VT.  Abram was born in VT 6/21/1793 and died in Detroit MI 6/17/1842.  Hannah then married John WOOD December 1, 1842.  Need any information on these marriages as well if that's possible.
Thank you.  Sincerely, Laura Lyster.  E-mail: bufflo@juno.com.  (posted 14 Feb 2002).

 I am looking for any information on the family of Harry Grafton FULLER, married to Ida FRINK, father of Henry Grafton Fuller, Arthur Burrill FULLER [b. 1882 died as infant], Charles Stanley FULLER [b. 1888 died as infant].  Harry Grafton died 23 Oct 1893.  Henry graduated from St. Johnsbury and then went to the US Naval Academy.  E-mail: hollyfuller@computrolinc.com.  (posted 14 Feb 2002).

 I'm trying to find my gggrandparents who were b. VT.
This is what I know:  Harrison ELLIS b. VT married Eliza/Elizabeth____b. 1819 VT.  Both of Eliza's parents b. VT.  They had the following children:  William Harrison ELLIS b. 1847 Hardwick, VT, John J. ELLIS b. abt.1849 VT, Edwin H. ELLIS b. abt.1853 VT, Franklin Merrill ELLIS b. 1855-57 Woodbury, VT.
Also, Eliza was in the 1870 Census for Vernon Co, WI along with her four sons, minus her husband, Harrison ELLIS.  We think he may have died in the Civil War.
I found in my search someone who may be my gggrandfather, in IGI Record which reported:  a Harrison ELLES, born 03 Jan 1817, Walden Twp., Caledonia County, VT, Father: John ELLES, Mother: Jaminia.
I also found this census record: John ELLIS in the 1820 Fed Census for Walden, Caledonia, VT
Does anyone know of ELLES or ELLIS family who lived in Walden or surrounding area?
I also found a Harrison ELLIS in Monroe, Washington, VT in the 1840 Census with a woman that could be Eliza and my Harrision ELLIS may have relocated in this new place.
Thanks for any help in my search......G. J. Ellis, e-mail: <genealogy@coslink.ne>  (posted 27 Jan 2002; e-mail updated 29 Dec 2007).

 Am seeking the maiden name and ancestry of Polly ________, wife of Josiah MILES III. (Josiah III was born 14 Oct 1777 to Josiah MILES II and Marah Sanborn). Josiah III and Polly are referred to in the "Town of Wheelock, VT Land Record, Vol. 2 (1792-1835)", pp. 373 & 374, but Polly's maiden name is not visible on the microfilm copy (p 374) I had access to. Additional information about either of them would be much appreciated.
SM Smith, E-mail: Sms7zh@aol.com. (posted 26 Jan 2002).

 I am looking for information on Thomas S. GREATOREX. First wife was Elsie M. PETTIS, marriage date unknown but there was a stillborn daughter, Julia, born in 1909 and a son, Franklin Albert Roosevelt, born in 1910. I found the information on these children in Caledonia county, Barnet vitals online.  There was suppose to be 3 other boys that supposedly died in a house fire. I want to know more about the fire, when they divorced, and all I can about Thomas.
Thank you, Linda Knight.  (posted 14 Jan 2002).

 Ephraim NILES  born 1755, Braintree, MA; died 7-25-1832; Married: Hannah LITTLEFIELD; Son: John NILES, born 1779, Braintree,MA; [d] 1862 Morgan ,Orleans Co.,VT; Married Sarah WILSLOW in1806 Wheelock,Caledonia Co. VT.  John's daughter, Hannah NILES, was born 1808,Wheelock,Vermont, Caledonia County.  I would like to know more about my family.any help welcome.e-mail me at ZMZU27A@prodigy.com Kay Morley.  (posted 7 Jan 2002).

ASTLE, Mitchel - Caledonia County.  Adelia ASTLE, dau. of Rachel Olney
NUTTING and James Thomas ASTLE, of Quebec and Lower Waterford, married
Eotis or Estis Mitchel of St. Johnsbury in the 1880s; any info appreciated.
BROWN, W. Samuel, married. Alice Elizabeth ASTLE in St. Johnsbury, 1890.
BROOKS, Alphonse, married Amanda ASTLE in Sheffield, 1873.
BABCOCK, Albert W., married Adwina ASTLE in St. Johnsbury, 1872.
Any info appreciated. Hey volunteer, who ever you may be, Thanks! Sincerely,
maf@rickbragg.net.  (posted 7 Jan 2002).

 Hi, I'm trying to find out the name of Mrs. AB SHANNON and husband and children who lived in Hardwick in 1915 as stated in Obit of her mother of  St. Albans, Vt. Thanks for any help you have. Arlene J. Martell!  E-mail to: KATYJ719@aol.com .  (posted 2 Jan 2002).

 Any information on the descendants of Nancy Elizabeth DARLING, born 4/23/1815, Groton,
Caledonia Co. VT. and died 6/10/1901, Nashua, IA. Married 1/1/1841, Ottawa, IL to Norris Dodd.
 Thank you for your help!  E-mail to: mjt@prodigy.net .  (posted 30 Dec 2001).

Samuel SHERBURN, Philinda GEORGE
 I am looking for the parentage or any info on SAMUEL SHERBURNE, who married Philinda GEORGE in Walden 10 Oct 1826.  The George family is from Walden.A Lucy SHERBURNE who married Isaac LIBBY in 1825 in Greensboro may be a sister.  Lucy is the dau of William and Margaret SHERBURNE of Greensboro.Any info on this family SHERBURNE would be greatly appreciated.Barbara Lewis, lewisroots@attbi.com.  (posted 15 Dec 2001).

My great-great-grandfather MARK DURANT was allegedly born in Walden ,VT
on March 28, 1819 to DAVID DURANT and NANCY FERSON. I seek any available
information on this family and its ancestry.
Anthony Kaney, arkaney@home.com.  (posted 6 Dec 2001).

I would be most grateful if someone could do a lookup for me. I am searching for a death date for a James FLYNN. He was born in Ireland and died in St. Johnsbury in 1921. His wife was Ellen MULLEN, and he had 2 daughters--Kathryn and Mary Agnes. All are buried in Mount Calvery cemetary, St. Johnsbury. I'm here in Kansas working on my genealogy. I ordered in the newspaper reels for 1921 to get his obit--unfortunately, I didn't realize that the newspaper was a daily!  If someone could get me a death date I would be most appreciative. Thanks-Karen Lewis klewis@salpublib.org.  (posted 16 Nov 2001).

Looking for any information on Mary Adelaide.  One record says she was married to Jehiel Richard BARNUM about 1867 in St. Johansberg, VT.  On the 1880 census her last name is said to be Maren
and birth records spell it Morien.  On her sons death certificate it is spelled MORAN.  Mary was born
in 1839 stated "of St. Johansberg, VT."   On the 1880 census it says all in family born in Canada.  They later moved to Omaha, Douglas County, NB.  Her son, Louis Octave BARNUM's death certificate says he was born in Vermont, but 1880 census says Canada.  Louis was born July 30, 1868, but cannot find him in Vermont records.  Sure would appreciate any help in solving this mixup.  My e-mail is marmeelib@hotmail.com.  (posted 31 Oct 2001).

Abraham BRICKETT married "Violetta" WOODWARD, in 1820; in 1860 census, she's
"Viliota;" 1870, "Betsey;" dies 1874, at Danville, as "Louisa (WOODWARD)
BRICKETT."  Said to be buried Peacham Cemetery.  How does her stone read, line by
line?  Was she Amaziah WOODWARD's daughter, as per 1998 BRICKETT genealogy?
Please reply to Marshall KIRK, <mkkirk@rcn.com>.  Many thanks!  (posted 21 Oct 2001).

John BRUCE was married, in Cabot, in 1797; served as a State Legislator out of Woodbury, then Caledonia Co, VT in 1814-1815-1816.  From state archives, it was learned he also lived in Newark Vt., so am seeking any information regarding BRUCE family in Newark, Caledonia Co, VT.    His
wife was Freelove BLANCHARD.  John BRUCE had sons: Jeduthan, Nathaniel, James, Joseph, John L., and daughters: Mehitible, Polly, Lovica, Susanna, and ?
John later moved to New York state where he built a saw mill, so may have been a sawyer in Newark, VT?  All of his grandsons were trained timber cruisers in Wisconsin.
I will appreciate any information about the family in Newark.   Thanks, Janet (Bruce) Nelson.  (posted 21 Oct 2001).

I am researching family ties on my Gr. Grandmother Georgia A. GRISWOLD, b: 1839  Island Pond VT or NH. died 1919,  buried Upper Plain Cemetery, Bradford, VT.  She married Harry H. HOCKENBERRY, of Chambersburg, PA, in St. Johnsbury DEC of 1862.  They lived in Bradford.
Georgia A. is listed in the VT Census 1790-1860 P. 396 with a Franklin GRISWOLD. Would like to
know name of her parents and siblings.  Any clues would be appreciated.
Kindest Regards.  Betsy (Hockenberry) Beaulieu.  (posted 14 Oct 2001).

I am looking for info on James SMITH family who lived in Ryegate area in the 1800's.  He had 2 sons, Thomas born 1800 and Andrew born in 1803, both in Ryegate.
Thank you,  Tom Smith.  (posted 12 Oct 2001).

I believe my gggrandfather David Bradbury DENNISON was in Caledonia County in 1850.  He
was born in Maine in 1829.  After doing research on line  I believe he married Hellen J. AYER  b. may 25, 1831 in St. Johnsbury to Walter and Nancy AYER.  I am Looking for them in the 1850 census and record of their marriage around 1850-51.  Is there someone in Caledonia County with the access to these records. I would appreciate any help that can be provided to me.  Please E-mail to <Huizinga@aol.com>.  (posted 7 Oct 2001).

McIndoe Falls (Barnet, VT) KIMBALLs:  Lloyd KIMBALL, William John KIMBALL, Kimball & Gilcrist Lumber Co...There were 8 girls & 2 boys in this KIMBALL family.  I Would like to hear from anybody that ever heard of this family.  1 girl, Carrie KIMBALL, married Thomas MURRAY and they lived in Monroe, NH.  Thank You.  Wes Kimball.  (posted 3 Oct 2001).

I would like to share information with anyone researching the ancestors and/or descendants
of Calvin SINCLAIR and Nancy GRAY.  Calvin was born circa 1801 in Danville, Caledonia
Co, VT. E-mail to Kimberly.  (posted 27 Sep 2001).

Hello, I'm looking for a Nathan PALMER who was married to Lucy FARROW he died 1863 and she died 1861.  The PALMERs were from Peacham, Vermont.  I would like to know in which cemetery they are buried and where it is located.  As I live in Massachusetts and these are my ggg/grandparents, I would like to visit.  Any information would be much appreciated.  Cordially, Carol. (posted 14 Sep 2001).

Dear Researchers:
My family has deep roots in Caledonia County.  I have just learned that my great great grandmother, Almira Workes (LEE) FISHER is the descendant of the LEE's who helped to found St. Johnsbury.  On the other side, my great great grandfather, George Amasa FISHER is a descendant of Jeremiah FISHER of Lyndon, father of William FISHER of Kirby.  I would like to learn more about these persons and their children.  Thank you for your help.  Sherryl Grady. (posted 1 Sep 2001).

I am looking for any information on Sarah Jane NEWELL, born June 24,1862, in Danville, Vermont.  Both parent first names are unknow to me but I believe that her mother maiden name was BADGER.  Any information about would appreciated.  N. Perrier.  (posted 1 Sep 2001).

I am looking for the marriage of my gggrandfather David B. DENNISON to Helen J. around 1850.  I have found David in the 1850 census and believe him to be in Caledonia County.  Helen in subsequent censuses lists her birthplace as Vermont.  I believe they married in Caledonia County.  I think it is also
possible that  Helen J. may be the daughter of Walter H. and Nancy Ayer, b. 1831.  Are there marriage records at that time in the county?  Does someone have a tie to Ayer family to verify this?  Any help is greatly appreciated. Sue Huizinga.  (posted 30 August 2001).

Looking for family history of Walter Lewis PARIS born May 25, 1904 in
Lyndonville, Caldonia County, Vermont.  His parents were Robert Paul Paris
and Delia Periault PARIS.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Luann M. Bianco.  (posted 26 August 2001).

Jonathan LEWIS is listed in the 1800 US Census in Concord, Essex Co. VT.  He is the only LEWIS listed.  In 1810 through 1840, he is listed in Kirby, Caledonia Co., VT.  I would like to know the names of his wife and children.  I believe he moved from Yarmouth, Barnstable Co. MA.  Mail to: Bev. Thivierge (posted August 2001).

Looking for information on the father of Minnie Aurora WEEKS. Minnie was born
in 1865, in Danville, VT. Her father may have been John WEEKS, John P. WEEKS,
or John W. WEEKS of Danville, VT. Thanks for your time and effort. Barbara MUNIZ


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