CHITTENDEN County, Vermont

Abstracted, in 2002-4, by Ann McRoden Mensch,
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  •      Each household reported in the 1790 U. S. Census of Vermont is being abstracted within these pages.  A state-wide Names Index is planned upon completion of the individual towns and counties.  Note:  Vermont joined the Union in March, 1791, so its 1790 census was actually taken in 1791.  At that time, Vermont consisted of 7 counties.  Present-day counties were later formed from all or portions of these seven counties.
  • To identify the town(s) in which a name appears; then, scroll back to the top of this page to select the appropriate town/township, from the list below, to see the abstracted details of each household, on the selected town/township page.

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    County-wide Index to Names of Heads-of-Households
    in the 1790 U. S. Census of Chittenden County, Vermont 

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    Disclaimer:  Though the information on this web page is believed to be correct, the possibility of error remains.  Please notify the Ann Mensch should an error be found.

         The index below identifies the names of the heads-of-households which are reported, within Chittenden County, Vermont, on the 1790 U. S. Census Population Schedules.  They are arranged, in alphabetical order, by surname.  Each name is followed by the name of the town/township in which it appears and the handwritten page number as found on the 1790 U. S. census resource below.

         The abstracted information for each household may then be viewed by selecting the appropriate town from the top of this page.

    National Archives.  [Microfilm M-637, Roll 12].  First Census of the United States, 1790.  "Vermont."

         Given Name, SURNAME :  Town/Township, (page number)
         Amaza GREEN : Bethel, (p. 35)

    Please note:  It is quite common to find several spelling variations of names.  It is, therefore, recommended that possible spelling variations be taken into consideration.

    Index to Heads-of-Households 
    in the 1790 U. S. Census of Chittenden County, Vermont
    [in progress]

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     Reported summary of population for Chittenden County, Vermont: 1790/1791

    Free white males of 16 years and upward including heads of families =
    Free white males under 16 years = 
    Free white females including heads of families =
    All other free person =
       ["All other free persons" were enumerated within the towns of , in Chittenden County, Vermont]
    Slaves = 0
    Total =

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    Census resources:

  • National Archives.  [Microfilm M-637, Roll 12].  First Census of the United States, 1790.  "Vermont."
  • National Archives.  [Microfilm T-498, Roll 3].  First Census of the United States, 1790.  "Vermont."  (These are the printed schedules as published by the Bureau of the Census in 1907-8.)
  • 1790-1890 Federal Population Censuses Catalog of NARA Microfilm online.
  • NARA: Clues in Census Records, 1790-1840.

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