Union Meeting House at Stockbridge Common

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The Town of Stockbridge, Vermont
including the village of Gaysville


As listed in Town Records

Before Stockbridge was an Organized Town, a tax was levied on each owner of a "Right" or share of land
in the town. Most of these owners did not actually settle in Stockbridge.

    A Tax or assesment of Three Pounds Ten Shillings Lawful Money, granted by the Proprietors of Stockbridge at their Meeting, held at Windsor on the seventh day of May A.D. 1785 to be levied on each original right or Share of Land in said Town, as follows..........

    On the Right of 

William Dodge
Isaac Appleton
Michael Fairley
Arthur Abbott
Isaac Burnam
Isaac Dodge
Moses Fitts
Abraham Choat
Thomas Burnam
Samuel Adams
Abraham Dodge
Joshua Henshaw
Jeremiah Green
Robert McMillen
William Sloan
Samuel Davis
John Cunable
Joseph Marrion
Andrew Belcher Esq.
Joseph Russel
John Edwards
John Ruddock
Silas Jones
Thomas Fisk
William Fisk
Joshua Orne
James Friend
John Porter
Nathaniel Fairfield
Josiah Fairfield
Nathaniel Dodge
John Harrick
Ephraim Kymball
Benjamin Fairfield
Thomas Anderson
William Cooper
William Hall
Benjamin Davis
Thomas Raymond
Thomas Bentley
Henry Alline Junr
Samuel Frothingham
Peter Curtis
Aaron Davis
William Story
William Mason
Thomas Kirk
Jacob Dodge
Joseph Whipple
Jsarel (?) Andrews
Daniel Warner Esq
James Nivin Esq
George Wentworth
Eleazer Russell Junr
John Sherburne
Henry Deering
John Winthrop Esqr
Edward Wigglesworth
Revd Nathaniel Appleton
Joshua Wentworth
Byfield Loyd
Samuel Wentworth Esqr
Samuel Warner
Nathaniel Warner
Honl Thomas Hutchinson Esq
Col Jacob Wendell
Benning Wentworth Esqr
           two rights

Signed by Sylvanus How, Elias Keyes and John Whitcomb - Assessors for the proprietors of Stockbridge

Recorded by Jonathan Grout, Proprietors Clerk

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