The Town of Stockbridge, Vermont
including the village of Gaysville





Gazetteerand Business Directory of Windsor County, VT, for 1883-84.
Compiled andpublished by Hamilton Child. Syracuse N.Y.:

Directory is arranged as follows:--

1--Name of individual or firm
2—Post office address in parenthesis
3--The figures following the letter r indicate the numberof the road on which the party resides,
and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number
is given the party is supposed to reside in the village.
(MAP accompanying Childs Gazeteer and Directory)
4--Business or occupation.
5--A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiserin this work.
6--Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicatethe number of acres owned or leased.
7--Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given theirpatronage to the work, and without
whose aid its publication would have beenimpossible.

Abbreviations.--Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards;bet., between; cor., corner; E., east;
h., house; manuf. manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp.,opposite; prop., proprietor;
reg., registered. The word street is implied.

Transcribed by Marilyn Hunt

Abbey Warren, (Gaysville) r 14, farm laborer, lives with L.W. Spaulding

Abbott Annie R., (Gaysville) r 6, teacher

Abbott Fred S., (Gaysville) clerk for L. P. Dean.

Abbott Harrison, (Gaysville) r 6, flock of 30 sheep, andfarmer 75

Abbott Henry C., (Gaysville) off r 6 ½, farmer 200

Abbott Otis L., (Gaysville) r 6, lives with his father,Harrison

Abbott Roxy.,  (Gaysville) (Mrs. Elam) lives with O.H. Roberts.

Abbott Solomon S., (Gaysville) r 6, farmer about 75

Abbott Thomas S., (Gaysville) r 6 farmer 100

Adams Amasa C., (Gaysville) r 8, leases of J. Adams 100

Ainsworth Charles, (Stockbridge) r 12, employee at Mrs.Richardson’s tub factory

Aldrich Timothy R., (Gaysville) employee Gaysville Manuf.Co. h and lot.

Allen David W., (Stockbridge) farm laborer, leases house ofGeorge Walker

Allen Jonathan, (Stockbridge) r 2 farmer 100

ALLEN LUKE P. (Gaysville) r 2, farmer 50

Angell John Q., (Gaysville) employee of Gaysville Manuf. Co.

Angell John R. (Stockbridge) r 1,  farmer 100

Averill John T., (Gaysville) r 16 farmer, leases of O.T.Boutwell 75

Averill Mason T., (Gaysville) r 16, wheelwright, owns 6acres

Baker Asa E., (Stockbridge) off r 22 farmer 200

Baker James H., (Stockbridge) r 12, sugar orchard 300 trees,farmer 110

BALLARD MITESUS A., (Gaysville) r 10, dairy 14, cows, sugarorchard 700 trees, in Sherburne 140,
       home farm 600, largest stock farmer in town

Barnes, Lucian, (Gaysville) r 6, farmer

BARNES NANCY E. (Stockbridge) r 12, widow, farm 150

Bartlett Orison A., (Stockbridge) manager at F.V. Hassam& Co.’s steam saw mill

Bates W., (Gaysville) r 31, farmer 250

Baunhan Martha, (Gaysville)r 25, widow of John, farm 150

Bemis Daniel D., (Pittsfield, Rut. Co.) bark peeler, andfarm laborer.

Bennet Clarence, (Gaysville) employee of Gaysville Manuf. Co.

Bent Edwin J. (Stockbridge) r 12, farmer 80

Bent James B. (Stockbridge) r 12, lives with Edwin J.

Bigelow Alfred, (Gaysville) laborer

Brown Austin, (Stockbridge) 1 mile off r 20, farmer 190

Bird Lorenzo B. (Stockbridge) r 2, farmer 180

Blackmer H.W., (-------------------) r ---, farmer 87

Blackmer Joel, (Stockbridge) r 13, overseer of the poor,farmer 200

Blake Charles E., (Gaysville) r 7, blacksmith and farmerwith H.F.

Blake Henry F., (Gaysville) r 7, 60 sheep, farmer 150

Blanchard George C., (Gaysville) r 37, farmer 50

Blanchard Harvey, (Gaysville) r 37, laborer

Blanchard Isaac, (Gaysville) r 37, laborer

Blanchard James, (Gaysville) r 37, farmer 60

Blanchard Levi H., (Gaysville) r 37, farmer 60

Blanchard Mary, (Gaysville) widow of Solomon, h and lot, and40 acres of woodland.

Blanchard Riley, (Gaysville) r 37, farmer 100

Blanchard Wells W., (Gaysville) employee Gaysville Manuf.Co.

Bourne Dennis, (Gaysville) stone mason, farmer 90

BOUTWELL ASAHEL W., (Gaysville) r 25, sugar orchard 100trees, and farmer 180.

BOUTWELL CHARLES R., (Gaysville) r 25, farmer, leases ofMrs. Mary Parker 50.

BOUTWELL CHAUNCEY, (Gaysville) r 35, 45 sheep, sugar orchard275 trees, and farmer 190

BOUTWELL DAVID, (Gaysville) r 35, lives with his son,Chauncey, aged 78.

Boutwell Elisha P., (Gaysville) r24, farmer 150.

Boutwell Gilbert A., (Gaysville) r 37, farmer, leases ofFred Fullam 75.

Boutwell Henry M., (Gaysville) blacksmith, generalrepairing, h and lot.

Boutwell John, (Gaysville) r 24, lives with his son E.P.

Boutwell Julius, (Stockbridge) r 35, farmer, son of Seth.

Boutwell Owen T., (Gaysville) r 16, carpenter and joiner,employee of Gaysville Manuf. Co.

Boutwell Seth, (Gaysville) r 35, farmer 200.

Boutwell Wilber C., (Gaysville) farm laborer.

Bowen Lettice Miss, (Gaysville) aged 92, h and lot.

Brink Merritt, (Gaysville) employee of Gaysville Manuf. Co.

Broughton John D., (Gaysville) r 16, stone mason, and farmer80.

Brow Ada H., (Gaysville) employee of Gaysville Manuf. Co.

Brow Lizzie J., (Gaysville) resident.

Brown Austin, (Stockbridge) off r 20, farmer 190.

Brown Susie I., (Gaysville) widow of George, lives with herfather, Waldo E, Perkins.

Brown Susan P., (Gaysville) widow of George G., milliner anddressmaker, owns h and 2 acres.

Buckman Charles R., (Gaysville) r 33, farmer 50.

Bundy Lewis S., (Stockbridge) r 2, farmer 60.

Bullard Luther P., (Bethel) r 3, farmer, leases of JuliusConverse, of Woodstock, 140.

Burnham Ezra, (Stockbridge) laborer.

Burroughs Thomas, (Stockbridge)  r 19, sugar orchard 200 trees, farmer 98.

Cady Zenas C., (Stockbridge) r 2, sugar orchard 300 trees,farmer, leases of A. Whitcomb 130.

Carroll Augustus S., (Stockbridge) owns farm 172.

Carroll Charles S., (Stockbridge) wheelwright, owns h andlot, works farm of Augustus S. 172.

Carruth L. D. (Gaysville) r 33, laborer.

Caswell Bingham M., (Gaysville) house and lot.

Caswell Fina (Gaysville).

Chamberlin Augustus W., (Stockbridge) farmer, leases of Ed.H. Whitcomb 125.

Chamberlin Elbert H., (Stockbridge) r 1, farmer with John.

Chamberlin Harvey., (Stockbridge) r 1, farmer 140.

Chamberlin Joel C., (Stockbridge) r 13, farmer 80.

Chamberlin John , (Stockbridge) r 1, farmer 80.

Chamberlin Jonathan Mrs. (Stockbridge) r 13, farm 100.

Chamberlin Loren W., (Gaysville), r 7, farmer 100.

Chamberlin William, (Gaysville) r 7, farmer 100.

Chamberlin William A., (Stockbridge) farm laborer, h andlot.

Chandler Abbie H., (Stockbridge) r 22, widow of  Enos, farm 100.

Chandler Augustus L., (Stockbridge) r 22, farmer 125.

Chandler Eli, (Gaysville) r 30, farmer 55.

Chandler Melvin A., (Stockbridge) r 22, farmer, son of A. L.

Chedell John A., (Gaysville) (John A. Chedell & Co.)

Chedell John A. & Co., (Gaysville) (John A. Chedell andA. A. Brooks) general merchants.

Claflin Clinton E., (Gaysville) laborer.

Clark Eugene W., (Stockbridge) blacksmith, generalrepairing, h and lot.

Clay’s Hotel, (Gaysville) James M. Clay, prop.

Clay James M., (Gaysville) prop. Of Clay’s Hotel.

Cobb Charles, (Gaysville) foreman of Gaysville Manuf. Co.

Cody John A., (Gaysville) employee of Gaysville Manuf. Co.

Colby Cleveland C., (Stockbridge) farmer, leases of A.Whitcomb.

Conner Royal A., (Gaysville) r 15, sugar orchard 300 trees,and farmer 70.

Cunningham Almon, (Gaysvill) h and lot.

Curtice Abel, (Gaysville) r 33, lives with Robert, aged 85.

Curtice Jacob, (Gaysville) r 18, farmer, with R. S.Whitcomb.

Curtice John , (Gaysville) r 25, cider manuf., farmer 60.

Curtice Joseph, (Stockbridge) employee in O. A. Bartlett’ssawmill.

Curtice Robert, (Gaysville) r 33, sugar orchard 200 trees,and farmer 120.

Curtice Thomas, (Gaysville) r 38, farmer.

Cutler Bela, (Gaysville) r 16, farmer 150, aged 75.

Cutler John H., (Gaysville) r 16, farmer 150.

Cutler Vernon S., (Gaysville) r 16, painter, owns h and lot.

Cutts Ezra, (Gaysville) knitter.

Davis Frank N., (Gaysville) r 8, dairy 10 cows, farm 160.

Davis Fred, (Stockbridge) employee of O. A. Bartlett.

Davis Julius S., (Gaysville) r 25, leases of Rufus Davis 320acres, and dairy of 12 cows.

Davis Melvin H., (Gaysville) r 15, son of Nathan, works hisfarmer’s farm of 160.

Davis Nathan, (Gaysville) r 15, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard250 trees, and farmer 160.

Davis Rufus (Gaysville) r 25, dairy 13 cows, farm 320.

Davis Rufus (Gaysville) r 25, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100.

Dean Harry L., (Gaysville) laborer.

Dean Lewis P.,( Gaysville) postmaster and general merchant.

DOLE JAMES N., (Gaysville) employee of Gaysville Manuf. Co.,h and lot.

Doty Charles L., (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 12, farmlaborer.

Durkee Charles O., (Stockbridge) manager of Vt. SoapstoneQuarry Co.

Durkee Fisk, (Stockbridge) r 12, sugar orchard 150 trees,farmer 130.

Durkee John, (Stockbridge) r 12, farmer, leases of hisfather 130.

Durkee Norman, (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 12, farmer 9.

DURKEE RANSOM, (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 12, dairy 6 cows,farmer 125.

DURKEE WILLIS P., (Gaysville) livery stable, leases h ofNelson Gay.

DURKEE WILLIAM H., (Stockbridge) r 12, dairy 17 cows, andfarmer 225.

DURKEE RAY, (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 12, manuf. ofskewers, and general repair shop.

Dwyer Charles, (Gaysville) r 32, farmer.

Eaton Samuel, (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 12, farmer 100.

EDMUNDS WILLIAM H., (Gaysville) r 37, (Stony Brook LumberCo.)

Emerson Charles J., (Gaysville) laborer.

Everett Merrick, (Stockbridge), r 19, sugar orchard 200trees, and farmer 184.

Everett Susan Miss (Stockbridge) lives with CatherineJohnson.

Flint Charles, Jr., (Gaysville) r 29, sugar orchard 200trees, and farmer 121.

French Amplias, (Gaysville) r 3, farmer 85.

FRENCH ASAPH M., (Stockbridge) r 13, farmer 60.

French Burtis L., (Stockbridge) r 12, farmer.

French Charles I., (Stockbridge) farm laborer.

French George F., (Stockbridge), r 12, machinist.

FRENCH SUMNER, (Gaysville) off r 16, farmer, leases ofGeorge W. Broadstreet 1,000.

French Sarah A. Miss, (Stockbridge) lives with her father,A.M.

French Warren J., (Stockbridge) r 10, farmer, leases of A.S. Carroll.

FRENCH WARREN L., (Stockbridge) r 12, dairy 7 cows, andfarmer 150.

FULLAM F. L., (Gaysville) manager of Stony Brook Lumber Co.’ssteam mills, capacity
       10,000 feet of lumber per day, and 6,000 clapboards.

Furman Charles W., (Gaysville) r 31, farmer.

Gailey Robert So., (Gaysville) r 27, laborer.

Gay Daniel E., (Gaysville) teamster.

GAY NELSON, (Gaysville) (F.V. Hassam & Co.) (GaysvilleManuf. Co.) (Gay, Kimball & Gay),
       town clerk, and president of National White River Bank of Bethel.

GAYSVILLE MANUFACTURING CO., (Gaysville) (Nelson Gay, F.P.Holden, A. A. Brooks,
       Chester Downer,) manufs. of knit underwear.

Gillespie Robert., (Stockbridge) r 1, farm laborer.

Gilman Frank B., (Stockbridge) r 2, dairy 12 cows, andfarmer 250.

Gilman J.C., (Stockbridge) r _,  farmer 140.

Goddard Joseph E., (Gaysville) off r 34, farmer 130.

Goddard Levi B., (Gaysville) r 24 n 29, farmer 215.

Goodell George E., (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) farmer, withWilliam F.

Goodell William F., (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 31, farmer155.

Gould James A., (Gaysville) dealer in horses, and farmer125.

Gove Aaron (Stockbridge) r 2 ½, farmer, leases farm of J.Blackmer.

Grant Gilman L., (Stockbridge) r 12, farmer 100.

Grant Nelson M., (Stockbridge) r 13, farmer 110.

Gree Charles, (Gaysville) lives with L. B. Morey, aged 88.

Green Charles K., (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 12, farmlaborer.

Green Warren C., (Stockbridge) r 2 ½, farmer 75.

Guernsey Amos F., (Stockbridge) r 12, blacksmith and generalrepairing.

Hagar John, (Gaysville) r 39, farmer.

Hagar Truman So., (Gaysville) r 38, farmer, aged 71.

HANSON CHARLES E., (Gaysville) business manager for H.C.Dunham, of Bethel, branch store,
       general groceries, meat market, flour, and boots and shoes.

Hardey Charles, (Gaysville) r 37, farmer 65.

Harrington Orwell N., (Stockbridge) farm laborer.

Harrington Sherman C., (Gaysville) Jersey cattle, dairy 20cows, and farmer 210.

Hassam Francis V., (Gaysville) (F.V. Hassam & Co.) ownsfarm 112.

Hassam Francis V. & Co. (Gaysville) (F.V.H. and NelsonGay) lumber manufs. and dealers in
       all kinds of lumber, and owns farm 112.

Hassam George P., (Gaysville) r 32, farmer 163.

Hassam Louia, (Gaysville) r 32, farmer, with G.P.

Hastings Holman K., (Gaysville) r 16, pastor Gaysville,Bethel, Lympus and Stoney Brook M.E. churches

Hay James, (Gaysville) pastor of Cong. Church

Hill John, (Gaysville) r 39, farmer, with John Hagar.

Hodkins John, (Stockbridge) r 13, lives with Mrs. C.Chamberlin.

Holden Farwell P., (Gaysville) (Gaysville Manuf. Co.)

Holland Silas R., (Stockbridge) r 11, sugar orchard 300trees, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 450.

Holmes Danaris Miss, (Gaysville) r 23, lives with RufusCurtice.

Holt Lucinda C. Mrs., (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) lives withher son, Lyman, aged 87.

Holt Lyman, (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 12, farmer 130.

Howard John M., (Gaysville) r 38, farmer 200.

Howard John W., (Gaysville) r 7, farmer.

Howe Edward A., (Gaysville) r 3, farmer, leases of A. French85.

Howe Olive R., (Stockbridge) r 22, lives with Mrs. AbbieChandler.

Howland Rollin C., (Stockbridge) violinist.

Hubbard Idella, (Stockbridge) widow of Thomas C., keepshouse for Elder Hubbard.

HUBBARD THOMAS S., (Stockbridge) retired Cong. clergyman.

Hunt John Harvey, (Gaysville) off r 24, farmer 85.

Jackman Martha, (Gaysville) widow of Abner, resident.

Jacques Frank S., (Stockbridge) r 12, manager of Mrs.Richardson’s gristmill.

Johnson Katherine, (Stockbridge) r 11, widow of Ephraim F.,h and lot.

JONES DAVID, (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 12, dairy 10 cows,farmer 250.

Jones Henry M., (Gaysville) r 24, sugar orchard 150, farmer150.

Jones Isaac T., (Gaysville) r 25, prop. Saw-mill, farmer150.

Jones Jonathan N., (Gaysville) lives with R.C. Mack, ownsfarm 25.

Kelton Lewis, (Gaysville) r 13, farm laborer.

Kennedy John, (Gaysville) employee of Gaysville Manuf. Co.

Kimball Elbert B., (Gaysville) (Gay, Kimball & Gay, ofRutland,) general merchant

KIMBALL GEORGE H., (Gaysville) clerk for E.B. Kimball

Knowlton Albert T., (Gaysville) r 24, sugar orchard 200trees, farmer 200.

Knowlton Emmaeus, (Gaysville) r 18, farmer 164.

Knowlton John T., (Gaysville) r 18, farmer 150.

Knowlton Rosetta Miss, (Gaysville) r 33, lives with Mrs. P.Taggart.

Labarron John, (Gaysville) r 38, farmer 100.

Lamb Austin F., (Stockbridge) r 12, marble and graniteworker and undertaker, h and shop.

Lamb Lindal S., (Gaysville) dealer in all kinds of lumber,farmer 237, and 268 woodland.

Larned Alva, (Stockbridge) r 11, employee of J.R. Tupper.

Leet Elbert R., (Gaysville) r 37, sawyer, employee StonyBrook Lumber Co.

Leonard Charlotte, (Gaysville) widow of Henry J., owns h andlot.

Longley Sullivan S., (Gaysville) r 35, sugar orchard 300trees, farmer 230.

Luce Clinton A., (Gaysville) r 15, lives with R.A.Conner,works farm on shares.

Lyon M., (Stockbridge) laborer.

Mack Rufus C., (Gaysville) r __, farmer 25.

Manning George J., (Stockbridge) r 22, farmer, leases of L.Lamb 200.

Manning William E., (Stockbridge) r 22, farm laborer.

Manning William, (Gaysville) laborer.

Mason Benjamin, (Gaysville) shoemaker, farmer, h and lot.

McCollom Ezra Deacon, (Gaysville) furniture dealer andundertaker.

Merrell Elmer W., (Gaysville) blacksmith and farm laborer.

Mills Edward, (Gaysville) r 19, farmer 77, owned by M.Wyman.

Mills George, (Gaysville) off r 33, 14 sheep, sugar orchard230 trees, farmer 130.

Mills George T., (Gaysville) r 33, son of George.

Morey Lyman B., (Gaysville) miller, employee in VermontSoapstone Quarry Co.

Morgan Ira S., (Stockbridge) r 13, with Joel Blackmer.

Morgan Harvey D., (Stockbridge) postmaster, trustee surplusfund, general merchant, and farmer 200.

Morrill Fred H., (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 12, generalblacksmith, and repairer.

Neff Benjamin Co., (Gaysville) r 17, shingle maker, andfarmer 110.

Neff Charles A., (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 30, farmer,leases of A. Whitcomb.

Neff Orrin C., (Gaysville) r 5, farmer 60.

NEWELL AUGUSTUS A., (Gaysville) r 26, 45 sheep, sugarorchard 300 trees, farmer 160.

Newell Carroll D., (Stockbridge) employee at Hassam, Gay& Bingham’s steam saw-mill.

Newell Dell H., (Gaysville) r 37, farmer 100.

NEWELL EUGENE C., (Gaysville) lives with John Curtis.

NEWELL JOSEPH S.,  (Gaysville) off r 26, 28 sheep, farmer 150.

Norton Edward J., (Gaysville) r 24, farmer, leases of OwenBoutwell.

NYE PHINEAS M. (Gaysville) harness and shoemaker, h and 1acre.

Packard Alexander, (Gaysville) off r 26, farmer 100.

Packard Alonzo C., (Gaysville) r 25, farmer, leases of F.V.Hassam 90.

Packard Calvin L., (Gaysville) r 6 ½, farmer, leases ofBenj. Abbott 200.

Packard David, (Gaysville) off r 28, farmer 115.

Packard Edwin S., (Gaysville) employee of GaysvilleManufacturing Co.

Packard Philander, (Gaysville) farmer, in Barnard 75.

Packard William, (Gaysville) off r 28, farmer with David.

Page Chares, (Stockbridge) r 22, stock grower, farmer 160.

Paine Edwina A., (Stockbridge) r 12, widow, owns farm 20.

Paine Herbert L., (Stockbridge) r 12, farmer.

Parker William A., (Stockbridge) r 21, farmer 70.

Perkins Waldo E., (Gaysville) off r 36, sugar orchard 300trees, farmer 160.

Poland Orville C., (Gaysville) pastor of M.E. church.

Pratt Abigail, (Stockbridge) r 21, widow of Willard liveswith W. A. Parker.

Quimby Alfred C., (Gaysville) r 32, laborer.

RANNEY JULIUS M., (Stockbridge) engineer, lives with Mrs.N.E. Barnes.

Ravlin Oriss E., (Sherburne, Rutland Co.) r 31, wool grower50 sheep, farmer 130.

Reed Carmi, (Gaysville) r 16, leases of R. S. Whitcomb 70.

Reed Frank, (Gaysville) employee of Gaysville Manuf. Co.

Reed William B., (Gaysville) r 16, laborer.

Rice Jones, (Stockbridge) r 11, farmer 5.

Rice Sumner W., (Gaysville) stone mason.

Richardson Azuba Mrs. (Stockbridge) widow of Hazen, withMrs. Mary L.

Richardson Henrietta Miss, (Stockbridge) r 12, lives withMary L.

RICHARDSON MARY L., (Stockbridge) r 12, widow of Jeffers O.,prop. of grist and saw-mill,
       also butter tub factory.

Richardson Orlando J., (Gaysville) r 14, farmer 155.

ROBERTS ORLANDO H., (Gaysville) r 6, farmer on Elam Abbott’sfarm 114 acres.

Roberts West D., (Gaysville) employee of Gaysville Manuf.Co.

ROOT BENJAMIN F., (Gaysville) r 26 sugar orchard 200 trees,farmer 100.

Roundy Arvilla, (Gaysville) r 25, widow of Truman, farmer125.

Roundy Fred A., (Gaysville) lives with his mother, Mrs. Hulda.

Sargent Adeline, (Gaysville) widdow of Elisha, now livingwith W.P.Durkee.

Savage Alvin M., (Gaysville) r 29, blacksmith, and farmer125.

SAVAGE CHARLES C., (Stockbridge) teamster.

Savage Clarence, (Gaysville) laborer.

Savage George G., (Gaysville) carpenter and joiner.

Savage George H., (Pittsfield, Rutland Co.) r 23, farmer 64.

Sawins ------, (Gaysville) carpenter and joiner.

Sawyer Cephas W., (Gaysville) r 24, 30 sheep, sugar orchard325 trees, farmer 160.

Sawyer Romain A., (Stockbridge) r 10, sugar orchard 250trees, farmer, leases of
       S.B.Sawyer estate 130 acres.

Shaw Mary Miss, (Stockbridge) now lives with R. Whitcomb.

Sheldon Egbert (Gaysville) r 13, 1st selectman,dairy 12 cows, farmer 100.

Shirlock Frank, (Stockbridge) r 12, farm laborer.

Smith Charles C., (Gaysville) allo. physician and surgeon.

Smith Izett, (Gaysville) widow of Allen.

SMITH JOSEPH J. Jr., (Stockbridge) r 11, carpenter andjoiner, h and lot.

SMITH MILTON E., (Gaysville) justice of the peace insuranceagent, notary public, H and lot.

Smith Phebe M. Miss, (Gaysville) correspondent of “Heraldand News,,” h and 9 acres.

Smith Rufus B., (Gaysville) son of Elias C., farm 235.

Spaulding Eugene F., (Gaysville) knitter for GaysvilleManuf. Co.

Spaulding Elbridge G. (Gaysville) laborer, h and lot.

Spaulding Lucian W., (Gaysville) r 14, farmer 125.

Spaulding Sarah, (Gaysville) widow of Charles P., lives withher son-in-law, R.C.West.

STEELE FRED E., (Gaysville) homeo. physician and surgeon.

Stoddard Simeon, (Gaysville) r 38, farmer 175.

STONY BROOK LUMBER CO.,( Gaysville) ( J.E. Potter, W.H.Edmonds and F.L.Fullam)
       F.L.Fullam, manager, capacity 10,000 feet of lumber, and 6,000 clapboards per day.

Stratton Richard E., (Gaysville) r 14, farmer 115.

Strong William, (Gaysville) aged 73, h and lot.

Tabor James B., (Gaysville) pastor of Universalist church ofBethel.

Tabor Ruth A.D.Mrs., (Gaysville) pastor of Universalistchurch at Gaysville.

TAGGART GEORGE K., (Gaysville) r 33, sugar orchard 200trees, farmer 130.

Taggart John B., (Gaysville) r 6 ½, lister, dairy 17 cows,sugar orchard 350 trees, farmer 250.

Taggart Phila, (Gaysville) r 33, widow of Joseph, lives withher son, George.

Taggart Sally, (Gaysville) widow of Irad, aged 83.

TAGGART WILLIAM, (Gaysville) off r 29, sugar orchard 500trees, farmer 150.

Taggart William T., (Gaysville) carpenter and joiner.

Tenney Ella L., (Gaysville) widow of James E., resident.

Tenney James M., (Gaysville) r 25, retired farmer, leases toEli B. Whitney 150.

Terrell Albert N., (Stockbridge) carpenter, and farmer 300.

Thayer Frank A., (Gaysville) r 25, farmer 150.

Thomas Charles A., (Gaysville) farmer, owns 3, 500.

Town Hollis F., (Gaysville) manuf. of scythe sticks.(snathes!)

Town Philip K., (Gaysville) r 24, manuf. of butter tubs,farm 2.

TWITCHELL AZUBA Miss, (Gaysville) lives with Ephraim.

Twitchell Elbridge F., (Stockbridge) r 2, hop grower, andfarmer 200.

TWITCHELL EPHRAIM, (Gaysville) r 8, 130 sheep, sugar orchard500 trees, farmer 200.

TWITCHELL ROYAL E., (Gaysville) lives with his father.

Underwood Ernest N., (Gaysville) spinner for GaysvilleManuf. Co.

Walker George L., (Stockbridge) farmer for H.D. Morgan.

Ware Austin, (Gaysville) r 31, farmer.

West James E., (Gaysville) r 10, farm laborer, leases h andlot of M.A. Ballard.

West John L., (Gaysville) r 10, farm laborer, leases ofM.A.Ballard 170.

WEST ROBERT C., (Gaysville) employee Gaysville Manuf. Co.Weston N.B., (Gaysville) r 24, cabinet maker, owns 100 acres.

Whitcomb Abel, (Stockbridge) r 21, farmer 100, aged 69.

Whitcomb Edwin H., (Stockbridge) r 11, farmer 140.

WHITCOMB ELBRIDGE, (Stockbridge) r 11, dealer in cattle,sheep and calves, sugar orchard 150 trees, farmer 250.

WHITCOMB FRANK D., (Gaysville) r 3, dairy 5 cows, farmer200.

Whitcomb Harrison, (Stockbridge) lives with A.W. Chamberlin.

WHITCOMB HENRY, (Gaysville) r 8, dairy 10 cows, sugarorchard 400 trees, farmer 200.

Whitcomb John N., (Stockbridge) r 21, leases of Abel 100.

WHITCOMB REUBEN, (Stockbridge) r 11, dairy 7 cows, 50 sheep,farmer 275, aged 77 years.

Whitcomb Rueben S., (Gaysville) r 18, farmer 75, aged 80years.

Whitcomb Susan D. Miss ( Stockbridge) r 13, h and 5 acres.

White John, (Gaysville) r 37, teamster, and farmer 80.

White Orson O., (Gaysville) r 25, sugar orchard 100 trees,farmer 96.

White Walden L., (Gaysville) r 32, farmer 80.

Whitney Eli B., (Gaysville) r 25, leases of J.M.Tenney 150.

Wright David, (Gaysville) r 6, h and lot.

Wright Hattie E. Miss (Gaysville) lives with her father,David.

Wilcox John D., (Stockbridge) manuf. of last blocks.

Wilcox Leonard, (Gaysville) r 25, farmer 86.

Williams John R., (Gaysville) r 24, farmer 170.

WILLIAMSON FRED, (Gaysville) r 26, farmer 87.

WILLIAMSON JAMES S. (Gaysville) r 26, dairy 8 cows, 40sheep, farmer 200.

Williamson Polly H., (Gaysville) r 25, widow of Caleb B.,lives with James S. Williamson.

Wilson Emily D., (Gaysville) (Mrs. P.B.)

WILSON JEREMIAH, (Gaysville) cor r 15 and 14, sugar orchard200 trees, farmer 150.

WILSON PETER B., (Gaysville) resident, aged 79 years, h andlot.

WILSON RYLAND E., (Gaysville) constable, farmer 150.

Woodard Cyrus S., (Gaysville) r 25, h and lot.

Wolcutt Ebenezer, (Stockbridge) r 2, farmer 130.

Wolcutt John, (Gaysville) r 14, farmer 200.

Wright Jesse, (Gaysville) machinist.

WYMAN ELLIOT (Gaysville) r 37, employee of Gaysville Manuf.Co., farmer 35.

Wyman Ira A., (Gaysville) r 25, lives with Orson White.

Young George, (Gaysville) farm laborer.



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