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Michel Campbell (Guillaume Campbell and Marie-Josephte Chartier) m. 20 November 1797, Chambly

Marie-Desanges Dumas (Etienne Dumas and Marie-Josephte Piedalue)

Josephte Chartier, of this parish, wife of Guillaume Cambel, age about 55 years, buried 24 October 1799, Lacadie, P.Q., d. 23 October.

Guillaume Campbell, b. Scotland, d. 15 March l8ll, L'Acadie, P.Q., bur 17 March, widower of Josephte Cartier, aged about 80 years.

NOTE: the marriage of Guillaume/William Campbell and Marie-Josette Chartier has never been located. He was almost certainly a demobilized soldier of the Seven Years War. The marriage probably took place about 1760/61 in the region of Deschambault. The oldest daughter, Marie-Josette "Oiam", was baptized 17 November 1761, Deschambault, of "Guillaume Ecossais" and Marie-Josette Chartier, Canadienne. "William the Scotsman" was very probably William Campbell, of either Fraser's Highlanders or Montgomery's Highlanders. There was also a William Campbell in the 47th British Regiment, Seven Years War.

If William Campbell was a soldier from Fraser's Highlanders, the missing marriage was probably performed by the Rev. Robert MacPherson, Presbyterian chaplain of the regiment.

Contrary to the assumption of M. Jean Robert in his five volumes on the Chartier family, Marie-Josette Chartier, wife of Guillaume Campbell, cannot have been the daughter of Jean Chartier/John Carter and Marie Courtemanche, for their daughter Marie-Josette Chartier died unmarried at age 18, as recorded in the registers of both St-Denis-sur-Richelieu and St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu.

The marriage contract of Hypolite/Paul Campbell, son of the above couple, lists a Jacques Samoisette as "cousin". Tracing the ancestry of this man via his mother Angelique Gagnon and his grandmother Isabelle Chartier, wife of Pierre Gagnon, indicates that Marie-Josette Chartier will prove to be a granddaughter of Michel Chartier II (who had children by three wives and was settled around St-Francois-du-Sud and Montmagny).

Tanguay contains an error which will perhaps prove pertinent here. Michel Chartier II and his second wife Anne Picard dit Destroismaisons had a son Louis, b. 24 January 1707, Berthier-sur-Mer, and buried 29 July 1748, St-Vallier. He married 26 April 1728, Berthier-sur-Mer, to Madeleine Lefebvre/Boulanger (Pierre Lefebvre/Boulanger and Francoise Fournier). She remarried 1 July 1748 at St-Vallier to J.F. Hayot.

A daughter of Louis Chartier, Marie-Josette, was born 5 December 1732, Berthier-sur-Mer. Contra Tanguay, she did NOT marry 12 November 1770 at Longue-Pointe, Montreal, to Jean-Baptiste Archambault: that woman was a Chartier-dit-Robert. M. Jean Robert in his five volumes on the Chartier family carries the Archambault marriage correctly in his volume on the Chartier dit Robert, but follows Tanguay's error on p. 201 of his volume on Michel Chartier's descendents.

It is true that this daughter would have been twelve years older than Guillaume Campbell's wife IF her death record is correct about her age. However, there is one aspect of the Campbell family records which indicates that this woman may well have been older. The children of Guillaume/William Campbell and Marie-Josette Chartier may be listed as follow:

1. Marie-Josette Campbell, baptized 17 November 1761, Deschambault, and married 1783 at St-Philippe-de-

Laprairie to Pierre Boutin [many descendents--this couple both buried at Napierville].

2. Guillaume-Alexandre Campbell [b.c. 1763?], married 17 November 1788, Lacadie, to Josephte Bisaillon [many descendents].

3. Marguerite Campbell [b.c. 1765?], m. 1736, Lacadie, to J.B. Boutin. He m. (2) in 1789 at Lacadie to M. Mad. Tremblay, so she died young.

4. Felicite Campbell [b.c. 1767?], m. 1791, Lacadie, to Francois Thiriac dit Laforest [many descendents].

5. Pierre Jeremie Campbell, bap. 13 October 1770, Laprairie. Godparents Paul Denault and Marie Charlotte Pinsonnault. m. 1790, St-Philippe, to Marie-Anne Rondel/Dubois (Jacques at Catherine Babeux). At least two daughters who married.

6. Paul/Hyppolite Campbell [b.c. 1772?], m. (1) 1795 at Laprairie to Felicite Bourdeau and (2) 1834 at St-

Athanase to Francoise Choquette [many descendents].

7. Michel Campbell, bap. 8 March 1776, St-Philippe, born the preceding day. Godparents: Michel Surprenant and Clotilde Lapierre. m. 1797, Chambly, Marie-Desanges Dumas [many descendents].

A search of the records of St-Philippe, St-Constant, Laprairie, and Chambly indicates no more baptisms for this couple after 1776, not even of children who later died. Documents would indicate that Guillaume and Marie-Josette continued living together. If she were 55 at her death, she would have ceased child-bearing at the age of 32. This was NOT common for a French-Canadian woman. On the other hand, if she were the daughter of Louis Chartier born in 1732, she would have ceased childbearing at the age of 44, which was about average.

Antoine Campbell (Michel Campbell and Desanges Dumas) m. 6 May 1822, Lacadie

Emelie Alexandre (Jacques Alexandre and Josette Bonneau)

Alexandre Campbell (Michel Campbell and Desanges Dumas) m. 9 October 1827, Lacadie

Josette Perron (Louis Perron and Olive Charland)

Zoe Campbell, age 21 (Alexandre and Jovite Perron) m. 7 May 1853, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y.

Louis Patnaude, age 23 (Louis Patnaude and Marguerite Bourque).

Bap. 10 September 1831, Lacadie, Josephte, born 22 March last of Antoine Campbell and Emmelie Alexandre of Halburg, U.S.

Bap. 3 September 1834, Lacadie, Marie Odille, dau. of Antoine Campbell and Emilie Alexandre of St. Albourn.

Bap. 6 July 1844, at St-Georges-d'Henryville, Abraham, age 3 years, of the legitimate marriage of Antoine Campbell and Emilie Alexandre of Alburg, U.S.

Bap. 2 July 1837, Lacadie, Joseph, b. 4 January 1836 of the legitimate marriage of Antoine Campbell and Emelie Alexandre of Albourg, U.S.

Bap. 25 May 1834, Lacadie, Alexandre Campbell, son of Alexandre Campbell and Jovite Perron.

Bap. 6 July 1844, St-Georges-d'Henryville, Jean Baptiste, born 20 June last of the legitimate marriage of Alexandre Campbell and Jovite Perron of Alburg, U.S. Godfather Michel Bombardier; godmother Virginie Perron.

Emilie Campbell m. Antoine Bombardier and resided at Alburgh, Vt. 8 May 1846, buried at St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Antoine LaBombardie, d. day before yesterday at Alburge, spouse of Melie Cambel, aged about 25 years. A son, Joseph Bombardier, bap. 1844, St-Georges-



1. Antoine Campbell, b. 1822, Canada--d. 25 August 1903, Franklin Co., N.Y. Civil War veteran. Freeman 1858, Isle la Motte. m. 1 May 1847, Isle la Motte, Vt., Caroline LaBombard, b. 1829, Canada--d. 25 July 1903, Franklin Co., N.Y., dau. of Michel and Therese/Sadie (Hall/Hale) LaBombard.

2. Antoine Camel, b. c. 1793/97, Canada. m. Mary /Emilie Alexandre, b. c. 1804, Canada.

1850 census, Alburgh, Vt.; 1860 census, Isle la Motte, Vt., 1870 census, Alburgh, Vt.

2.1 Sarah Campbell, b. c. 1826, Canada.

2.2 Josephte Campbell, b. 22 March last, Alburg, U.S. Baptized 10 September 1831, Lacadie.

2.3 Marie Odille Campbell, b. St. Albourn, bap. 3 September 1834, Lacadie.

2.4 Joseph Camel, b. c. 1836, Vt. Joseph Campbell, b. 4 January 1836, Albourg, U.S., baptized 2 July 1837, Lacadie.

2.5 Pheba Camel, b. c. 1838, Vt.

2.6 Abraham Campbell, b. c. 1841/42, Vt. Bap. 6 July 1844, St-Georges-d'Henryville, Abraham Campbell, age 3 years, parents of Alburg, U.S.Godparents: Joseph Perron and Cecile Chatelle. Possibly m. as a resident of Alburgh, Vt., Church of the Nativity, Swanton, Vt., 1 May 1865, as a son of Antoine Campbell and Marie Boneau, to Merentia Raymond, daughter of Nazaire Raymond and Flavia Coise(?) of Swanton, Vt.

2.6.1 Abraham Campbell, b. 22 July 1866, baptized 12 August 1866, Redford, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents Hyppolyte Houle and Euphrosine Bricot dit Lamarche.

2.7 George Campbell, b. c. 1843, Vt. Possibly m. Eulalie/Eudolie/Delia Dubois. If so, he had the following children:

2.7.1 Martine Campbell, b. 28 March 1869, baptized 16 August 1869, Redford, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents Michael Kelly and Angelique Dubois.

2.7.2 Mary Joanna Campbell, b. 18 March 1870, baptized 12 May 1872, Redford, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents Alexandre Lavoie and Helene Lecourt.

2.7.3 Eugene Campbell, b. 15 May 1872, baptized 29 June 1872, Redford, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents Gedeon Dubois and Marie Dubois.

2.7.4 Gertrude Campbell, b. 18 March 1874, baptized 17 February 1877, Redford, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents Cheri Rocheford and Louise Defayette.

2.7.5 Alfred Campbell, b. 1878, bap. 12 April 1878, Redford, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents John Farrand and Marie Anne Gagnier.

2.7.6 Josephine Campbell, b. 15 March 1880, baptized 15 August 1880, Redford, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents Antoine Pare and Emma Besset.

2.8 Ann Eliza Camel, b. c. 1841/45, Vt.

2.9 Albert/Arthur Campbell, b. c. 1846, Vt. m. Angelina/

Angelique Wood/Dubois, dau. of Jed and Lydia (Parot) Wood/Dubois.His widow m. (2) _____ Gaston and (3) Abram Wells.

2.9.1 Henry Campbell, b. c. 1872, Saranac, N.Y. m. 1 December 1894, Grand Isle, Vt., Gertie Blow.

2.9.2 Maud Emma Campbell, b. c. 1877, Saranac, N.Y. m. 24 July 1895, Grand Isle, Vt., Charles Blow.

2.10 Job Campbell/Jobe Camel, b. c. 1849/50, Vt.

3. Alexander Campbell, b. c. 1804, Canada. m. Zoa /

Jovite Perron, b. c. 1809, Canada. 1860 census, Alburgh, Vt.

3.1 Zoe Campbell, b. c. 1832. m. at age 21, 7 May 1853, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Louis Patnaude, age 23, son of Louis Patnaude and Marguerite Bourque.

3.2 Alexandre Campbell, bap. 25 May 1834, Lacadie.

3.3 Moses Campbell, b. c. 1841, Canada. Moyse Campbell, son of Alex. Campbell and Zoe Perron of Princeville, m. 12 November 1861, St-Georges-d'Henryville, Florence Ledoux, dau. of Joseph(?) Ledoux and Marguerite Fontaine of the seigneury of St. Thomas de Foucault.

3.4 Jean Baptiste Campbell, b. 20 June last, Alburg, U.S., baptized 6 July 1844, St-Georges-d'Henryville. Godparents: Michel Bombardier and Virginie Perron.

3.5 Giles Campbell, b. c. 1848, Vt.

3.6 Henry Campbell, b. c. 1850, Vt.

3.7 Deby Ann Campbell, b. c. 1852, Vt. Possibly the same as Celina, bap. 11 September 1852, St. Georges d'Henryville, age 1 year and 12 days. Parents Alexandre Campbell and Zoe Perrault of Albourg, U.S. Godparents: Jean Baptiste Bombarbier and Zoe Campbell. Celina Campbell, age 20 years, m. 22 October 1871, Alburg, Vt., St. Amadeus Church, John Bourret, 21 years, son of David Bourret and Adeline St. James.

3.8 Michel Cambel. m. 24 June 1858, Church of the Nativity, Swanton, Vt., Aloysia Zavaria, dau. of Joseph Savaria and Olive Equit.

NOTE: Joseph Savaria/Sabre (Jean-Baptiste Savaria and Catherine Dussault) m. 11 January 1825, Napierville, Olive Hethier/Ethier (Jean-Baptiste Ethier dit Quay dit Dragon and Agathe Dubeau).

3.8.1 Mathilda Campbell, dau. of Michel Campbell and Louise Savaria, m. 12 October 1874, Alburg, Vt., Geo. Breslt/Bristlo, age 26 years, of Texas.

4. Flavie Campbell. m. Baptiste Latour/Jean-Baptiste Noel dit Latour. Resided at Alburgh, Vt.

4.1 Olive Latour, age 2 years, buried 23 July 1847, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y.

4.2 Zoe Noel dit Latour. m. 13 April 1863, Church of the Nativity, Swanton, Vt., Henry LaBombarde, son of Joseph LaBombarde and Aloysia Laberge of Alburgh, Vt.

4.3 Benjamin Noel, baptized 4 October 1842, St-Georges-

d'Henryville, born 3 April. Parents reside at Alburg. Godparents: Antoine Tetreau and Sophie Lavoie.

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