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Now you are going to take your place in the community. As you leave Newport High School, it is our hope that you are prepared to be a good citizen, and a good worker.

The young worker who is resourceful and alert can often discover opportunities for himself. Anyone who can provide a new service that people need, or can perform an old service in a more efficient way, usually finds a profitable field for his services.

Part of your preparation for your future was the effort to acquire the habit of using your imagination and intelligence to recognize needs and devise way to meet them. For those who have this habit, today’s world is as full of opportunities as yesterday’s.

Wishing you every success.

George Allison, Principal

The following is from the 1951 Newport High School Yearbook - "The Oracle"

ORACLE of 1951


DEDICATION – Mr. William Landers

With deep appreciation the Class of 1951 dedicates this Oracle to our coach and teacher, Mr. Landers. It was through his skilled and inspired coaching that our football team became State Champions and brought statewide recognition to our school. Mr. Landers has meant much to us and we wish him success in the future.


Editor-in-Chief – Betty Miles

Associate Editor – Robert Lanoue

Business Manager – Stanley McKenney

Production Manager – Stephen Crawford

Feature Editor – Geneva Pelkey

Sports Editors – Lorene Armstrong, Richard Forrest

Photography – John Sinclair

Literary Editor – Betty Bailey

Editor of Clubs and Classes – Joyce Wakeman

Proof Readers – Gloria Lamarche, Grace Albee, Barbara Smith, Patricia Shoff


The time is fast approaching when we, the class of 1951, will leave the doors of Newport High School for the last time as students. We shall have attended our last class, taken our last note, and laid aside our last book. There is hardly one of us who does not wish he was again a freshman; who does wish he had these four eventful years to live over. We remember football, basket ball, baseball games when we cheered hard for the Orange and Black; formals, when the auditorium became a ballroom; little get-togethers of friends—all the things that have made these past four years so wonderful.

Yet, even as the door of high school closes on us, the gate of life is opening wide, and though we feel sorrow at leaving, still we fell a sense of anticipation at what is to come. Each one of us wonders what the future has in store for him. The responsibility of taking our places in the world suddenly becomes very real to us. We realize that we face a larger challenge than any class before us for sometime. Once again the world re-echoes with the roar of guns and crash of bombs, and once again she seeks new leaders for peace—and more soldiers for war! What we do and think in the years ahead will be of more importance than ever before, for we have to choose our side—war or peace. No matter what pursuit we engage in—teaching, nursing, business, or advanced study—our actions and thoughts will help the world to follow one course or the other—the wide, easy road to war or the narrow, difficult path to peace. We hope we will have the courage and foresight to strive ahead towards peace. We hope we will make the right choices; yet somewhere along life’s path we are bound to make many mistakes, and bear our share of misfortunes. At those times, may we have the faith and courage to meet our problems face to face and deal with them as best we can.

For the past four years we have all shared the common problems of school. But now we must begin to rely on ourselves, for each of us now begins a "new" life. However, will we really be relying only on ourselves? I think not. Behind us are our teachers, who have tried to fit us for life through knowledge; our friends who have given us faith in human nature. These two have seen us fall, yet they have not admired us less for it. So in the days ahead, though they see us falter on life’s pathway, they will have faith that we shall walk again. We can never thank enough those who have helped us. We can only hope that we can repay full dividends on the backing they have given our lives.

Ahead of us, we see the gate of life now opening wide; we are about to take our first steps on this highway. We shall be hesitant at first, but we shall build up courage as we go along, and God willing, we shall succeed in reaching our goals. To those we leave behind we say a fond "thank-you" and "good-bye"—which is short for "God be with you."

Not in vain the distance beacons,

Forward, forward let us range,

Let the great world spin forever

Down the ringing grooves of change.

Thro’ the show of the globe

We sweep to heights sublime,

We the heirs of all the ages

In the foremost files of time.


Miss Cushing, Science - The difference between today’s defeats and tomorrow’s successes may be a small margin of real honest effort. May each one of the class of 1951 have he courage and vision to bring success out of defeat.

Mr. Burt, English - Surely, you don’t want anymore from me, do you?

Miss Coapland, Languages - Vincit qui se vincit.

Miss Carpenter, Mathematics - Remember that long list of angles? Some are right, some are ‘cute, but most important is the try-angle.

Mr. Murphy, English - Begin at once to live, and count each day as a separate life.

Mrs. Taft, Commercial - A smile will often get what you want. It is always worth a try.

Mrs. Allard, Home Economics - Be not afraid, when there is no wind, to pick up the oars and row.

Mr. Landers (Uncle Bill), Coach - I have enjoyed coaching the boys in football and the girls in basketball—your class provided the best material a coach could ask for. I will never forget all the wonderful things you did for me and for N. H. S.

 Mr. Croudis, Music - Your success depends upon your initiative. Be a "go-getter" and enjoy the best. May success be yours wherever you go.

Miss Spence, History - It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

Mr. Towle, Shop - Goodbye and good luck!


We, the Senior Class, feel deeply indebted to our class advisors, Miss Coapland and Miss Carpenter, for all they have done for us. They deserve more credit than we can possibly express here.

Their patience with us and their efforts in helping us succeed in whatever we undertook often went without reward and recognition, but surely not without inward thanks and gratitude.


Grace Emily Albee; Judith Diane Arkin; Elizabeth Ann Bailey; Harold William Baraw Jr.; Evangeline Tyler Bickford; Nancy June Fairbrother; Frank Fedele; Richard Edwin Forrest; Leland Robert Goss; Alson Earl Green; Charles Herber Haney, June Caroline Kendall, Co-Salutatorian, President; Harold Albion Kennison, President of Class; Dale Emery Knowles; Gloria Ann Lamarche; Robert Baldwin Lanoue, Co-Salutatorian; Helen Elizabeth Magill; Elizabeth Jane Miles, Valedictorian; Barbara Ann Mitchell; Stanley Clifton McKenny; Jeannette Helen Nault; Frances Joyce Norris; Francis Luman Ormsbee; Geneva Alice Pelkey; David Leslie Phelps; Frederic Thomas Rexford; Patrician Jean Shoff; John Burleson Sinclair; Tracy Richard Smalley; Barbara Eunice Smith; Patricia Ann Smith; Frank Harris Spates; Williard Richard Stevens; David Allen Tetreault; Joyce Ethelda Wakeman; Oscar Ralph Willard.


On a beautiful day in the fall of ’47, a dark cloud came in to he history of Newport High School. Our attempts at poise were rudely interrupted by a group of ill-mannered Juniors intent on making life miserable for us. After being put through a grueling day of hazing we were royally introduced to the social life at N.H.S. We gradually returned to normalcy in the event of our first class meeting. Our class officers were: President, Stanley McKenny; Vice-president, June Kendall; Secretary, Joyce Blanchard; Treasurer, David Tetreault.

From the very beginning of our four year lease on N.H.S., our class participated in all activities. We were well represented in the band by Leland Goss, Patricia Smith, Judy Arkin, Robert Lanoue, Jeannette Nault, Carolyn Corliss, Geneva Pelkey, June Kendall, and Betty Miles. Chosen for Northeastern Musical Festival were Carolyn Corliss, Harold Kennison, and Robert Lanoue. We were readily recognized by the upper-classmen because we made a place for ourselves in athletics. Those making the football squad were: Hector Laplante, Frank Fedele, Frank Spates, Harold Kennison, Alson Green, Frederic Rexford and manager, Milton Smith. We decided to give Newport High a break by donating Frank Fedele, Robert Lanoue, Harold Kennison and Oliver Lantagne to the boys’ basketball squad, and Joyce Blanchard, Grace Albee, and June Kendall to the girls’ basketball team. Our contributions to the diamond boys were: Charles Haney, Oliver Lantagne, Alson Green, David Tetreault, Harold Kennison and Hector Laplante. Endig what seemed an eventful Freshman year, we looked forward to being able to look backward on next year’s Freshmen.

Fresh from our summer vacation, we re-entered old N. H. S. with a feeling of confidence that could only be overcome by upperclassmen. Under the guidance of Miss Pixley and Mr. Landers, our faculty advisors, we elected Harold Kennison into the honorary office of president; June Kendall, secretary; Alson Green, vice-president; and Stanley McKenny, treasurer. We welcomed Edwin Sutherland, Gloria Lamarche, and Joyce Wakeman as members of our class, but lost James Grover.

Our first contribution to dramatics was our class play. "The Shock of His Life," with Stanley McKenny, Robert Lanoue, Grace Albee, Jeannette Nault, Barbara Mitchell and Frank Spates making up the cast.

A the same time, we added force to the pigskin boys with Harold Kennison, Oliver Lantagne, Alson Green, Frank Fedele, Frederick Rexford, Frank Spates and Milton Smith. From the sidelines could be hear our own Judy Arkin, who make varsity cheerleading.

Our big social event was the Sophomore Hop with music by the "Dream Peddlers."

Stephen Crawford and Edwin Sutherland made their debut on the basketball court alongside the veterans, Harold Kennison, Robert Lanoue, Oliver Lantagne and Frank Fedele. The "Hawkettes" from our class were Barbara Mitchell, Patricia Smith, Joyce Blanchard, June Kendall and Jeannette Nault.

The boys who earned positions on the baseball team were: Robert Lanoue, Harold Kennison, Hector Laplante, David Tetreault, Alson Green, Charles Haney, Oliver Lantagne, and Edwin Sutherland.

Thus ended our Sophomore year and we anticipated the coming of next year when we would be upperclassmen.

Here we were upperclassmen at last with two new members, Betty Bailey and Richard Forrest. It was a long awaited hour of triumph when we lined up the lowly Frosh for the annual Freshman Initiation. A good time was had by all with the exception of the guests of honor.

At our first class meeting, we elected June Kendall as president; Stanley McKenny as vice-president; Stephen Crawford, Secretary; and Frank Spates, treasurer. After our usual "free for all" in class meeting, we finally chose our class rings.

With the beginning of cold weather, we found Stanley McKenny lining the football field, while Dale Knowles, Robert Lanoue, Frank Spates, Oscar Willard, Leland Goss, Richard Forrest, Stephen Crawford, Frederic Rexford, David Tetreault, Alson Green, Oliver Lantagne, Hector Laplante, and Harold Kennison made history on the gridiron. Newport High School came out on tap as state "B" Champs while Judy Arkin, Geneva Pelkey and Patricia Smith did their part on the sidelines. Saturday afternoons were not complete without Grace Albee and Betty Bailey to lead the pre-game parades.

Giving a little assistance to Doctor Cooper in the northeastern Music Festival were Judy Arkin, Grace albee, Joyce Wakeman, Barbara Mitchell, Gloria Lamarche and David Tetreault. The discords in the band came from Betty Miles, Robet Lanoue, Geneva Pelkey, Patricia Smith, Jeannette Nault, June Kendall, and David Phelps. Of these the following went to All-State: Grace Albee, Betty miles and Robert Lanoue.

The majority of the girls in our class joined Chi Phi Delta.

The "Hawks" and "Hawkettes" were outstanding on the court by capturing all the honors in the "B" League. Force was added to the "Hawks" in the persons of Harold Kennison, Alson Green, Robert Lanoue, Dale Knowles, David Tetreault, Frank Fedele, Stephen Crawford, and Richard Forrest. On the feminine side of the court were: Barbara Mitchell, Patricia Smith, Jeannette Nault, and June Kendall.

The first of our two big dances, the Junior Prom, was a great success.

Spring didn’t have the usual effect on our boys. Their fancies turned to thoughts of baseball where Harold Kennison, Richard Forrest, Robert Lanoue, David Tetreault, John Sinclair, Alson Green, Frank Spates, and Hector Laplante made a good showing on the diamond.

"Boy Meets Family" was presented in the annual three act play contest with the following talent: Betty Miles, Grace Albee, Robert Lanoue, Oscar Willard, Stanley McKenny, Joyce Wakeman and Jeannette Nault.

During the year we were sorry to lose Lewis Coburn, Ernald Willey, Joyce Blanchard, Doris Roberts, Carolyn Corliss, Stephen Crawford and Oliver Lantagne.

Senior week was our last big undertaking. We were kept busy decorating for Class Day, Baccalaureate and the Senior Ball. Chosen as class marshals to lead the seniors to their seats of honor were Judy Arkin and Frank Spates.

Without a doubt, our last year was one of the happiest but realizing that we were now seniors, ours was a feeling of sadness. This was our last year of achievement under the banner of Newport High School.

The result of our first class meeting was the election of officers. June Kendall was elected president; Stanley McKenny, vice-president; Stephen Crawford, secretary; and Dale Knowles, treasurer. Our donation to dramatics this year was the annual senior play. The cast included Richard Forrest, June Kendall, Grace Albee, Betty Miles, Patricia Smith, Stanley McKenny, Judy Arkin, Oscar Willard, Jeannette Nault, and Frances Norris. The play was a success in every way.

In addition to the veterans on the football field were Richard Smalley and Francis Ormsbe. The boys brought home the bacon this year by winning the state "B" championship again. A new member of the varsity morale builders were Betty Bailey.

We were still undecided about our class trip, but went ahead with our plans. To put a little money in our treasury we sponsored the Inter-Faith Banquet which was a financial success.

The boys that went all the way this year to win the Northeastern basketball championship were: Harold Kennison, Richard Forrest, Alson Green and Frank Fedele. The girls tied with Orleans in the "B" League basketball championship. Those on the team were: Jeannette Nault, June Kendall, Barbara Mitchell, Patricia Smith, Grace Albee, and Lorene Armstrong with Betty Bailey as manager.

The class showed its musical ability again this year when Betty Bailey, Grace Albee, Geneva Pelkey, Barbara Mitchell, Patricia Smith, Judy Arkin, Lorene Armstrong, Gloria Lamarche, David Tetreault, David Phelps, Francis Ormsbee, Frederic Rexford and John Sinclair went to Northeastern Music Festival. Of this group, Betty Bailey, Grace Albee, Judy Arkin, Geneva Pelkey, Patricia smith, David Tetreault and John Sinclair were sent to All-State. We were represented in All-State Band by Robert Lanoue, Betty Miles, June Kendall and David Phelps.

With snow still on the ground, Harold Kennison, Hector Laplante, Alson Green, David Tetreault, John Sinclair, Charles Haney and Richard Forrest began their spring baseball training.

Baccalaureate, Class Day, the Senior Ball, and Graduation bring the curtain down on our happy and successful High School Days.


Most Popular - Harold Kennison, June Kendall

Most Likely to Succeed - Robert Lanoue, Betty Miles

Best Looking - Robert Lanoue, June Kendall

Most Fun - Stanley McKenny, Judy Arkin

Best Dressed - John Sinclair, Betty Miles

Wittiest - Stanley McKenny, Geneva Pelkey

Best Actor - Richard Forrest, Grace Albee

Neatest - Frank Spates, Jeannette Nault

Best Dancer - David Tetreault, Pauline Nault

Best Athlete - Harold Kennison, June Kendall

Noisiest - Hector Laplante, Geneva Pelkey

Quietest - Charles Haney, Evangeline Bickford

Most Talented - Robert Lanoue, June Kendall

Most Dependable - Robert Lanoue, Frank Spates, June Kendall

Most Conscientious - Frank Spates, Betty Miles

Nicest Smile - David Tetreault, Helen Magill, June Kendall

Most Sophisticated - Frank Spates, Jeannette Nault

Best Musician - Robert Lanoue, June Kendall

Most Bashful - Willard Stevens, Evangeline Bickford

Nicest Eyes - Robert Lanoue, June Kendall

Best Friend - Harold Kennison, June Kendall

Corniest - Oscar Willard, Judy Arkin

Best Leader - Robert Lanoue, June Kendall

Best All Around - Harold Kennison, Robert Lanoue, June Kendall

No. 1 Teacher's Pet - Stanley McKenny, Betty miles, Barbara Mitchell

Most Daring - Hector Laplante, Geneva Pelkey

Most Subborn - Frank Spates, Barbara Mitchell

Class Giggler - Dale Knowles, Judy Arkin

Most Argumentative - Robert Lanoue, Betty Miles

Most Gentlemanly - Robert Lanoue

Most Ladylike - Betty Miles

Happiest - Frederic Rexford, Helen Magill

Luckiest - Frank Fedele, Betty Miles

Smoothest Line - Harold Kennison, Hector Laplante, Barbara Mitchell

Nicest Complextion - Robert Lanoue, David Tetrealut, Evangeline Bickford

Best Informed - Hector Laplante, Betty Miles

Done the Most for N. H. S. - Robert Lanoue, June Kendall

Nicest Hair - Francis Ormsbee, Pauline Nault

Most Convincing - Robert Lanoue, Hector Laplante, Betty Miles

Class Couple - Alson Green, Betty Bailey

Best Physique and Figure - Harold Kennison, Geneva Pelkey

Nicest Teeth - Robert Lanoue, Jeannette Nault

Cutest - David Treatreault, Betty Bailey

Best Personality - Sanley McKenny, June Kendall

No. 1 Woman, Man Hater - Richard Smalley, Frances Norris

No. 1 Ladies' Man - Hector Laplante

Most Talkative - Hector Laplante, Geneva Pelkey, Barbara Mitchell


"Dirty Work at the Crossroads" was presented on Friday, November 17, 1950 in the N. H. S. Auditorium. The play was a gay nineties melodrama in three acts which told in laughable style of the romance of an innocent country girl, Nellie Lovelace (June Kendall) and her lover, a stalwart blacksmith's son, Adam Oakhart (Oscar Willard). The villain from the big city, Munro Murgatroyd (Richard Forrest), ably assisted by his gold-digging wife, Ida Rhinegold (Grace Albee), tried to bring misfortune to the pair; but they were defeated in this attempt by a simple rustic, Mookie Maguggins (Stanley McKenny). The play ended with the death of the evil Munro in his own trap and the return of peace to the countryside.

Other characters were: Nellie's mother, the Widow Lovelace (Frances Norris); Mrs. Upson Asterbilt, a city guest (Betty Miles); her daughter, Little Nell (Jeannette Nault). The prompters were Betty Miles and Jeannette Nault and the stage manager was Frank Spates. The pianist was Robert Lanoue. Dale Knowles painted the scenery and the shop classes built the settings. The play was directed by Mr. Burt, assisted by Miss Coapland.


Janice Baraw, Jean Bernard (secretary), Malcolm Boright, Joyce Brigham, Bernard Burke (vice-president), Joyce Burlton, Darlene Colt, Jean Currier, Shirley Jenks, Mary Kealey, Janet Langevin, Geraldine Lanpher, Donald Lapierre, Kenneth Magoon, Ronald Moore, Amelia Patenteau, Francis Perault, Basil Percy (president), Gerald Sargent, Mary Sawyer, Lucille Sheltra, Anne Sockol, Joyce Tetreault, Cynthia Turcotte (treasurer), Graydon Turner.

Our first important social event was the Freshman Reception. Several teen towns and the annual Juior Prom were also put on the class.

The winning Junior play in the one-act play contest was "Sob Stuff", under the direction of Miss Spence. The cast was as follows: Amy Pendleton, Cynthia Turcotte; Bunny, Jean Currier; Drew Forbes, Anne Sockol; Goldie Gittlesby, Mary Kealey; Mllie, Joyce Tetreault; Minerva Peabody, Mary Jean Bernard. The prompters were Geraldine Lanpher and Janet Langevin and the stage manager was Basil Percy.


Leonard Armstrong, Jean Austin, William Bailey, Louis Barber, Richard Baraw, Carleen Bates, Niles Bean (vice-president), Carl Bernier, Charles Blake, Dean Blay, Jacqueline Bowne, John Burlton, Katharine Camp, Gary Carter (president), Cynthia Cheney, Cleveland Cornell, Patricia Curran, Braunda Darling, Dale Ellsworth, Gwendolyn Gardner, Lester Greenwood, Roland Guyette, Richard Hilliker, Charles Rogers, Roland Kelly, Dixie Kendall, Carol King, Marilyn Lapierre, Donald Lindsley, Roberta Loukes, Barbara Mason, Edith Mosher (secretary), Betty Elsworth, Sandra Johnson, June Reed, Vivian Reed, Edwin Rhodes (treasurer), Evelyn Stevens, Phillis Todd, Constance Willey, Neil Willey.

On November 10, 1950 the Sophomores sponsored the Sophomore Flop, which was very successful. We also had various teen towns during the year. In the one-act play contest, our class presented "Winter Sunset", and the following were the members of the cast: Mrs. Andrews, Dixie Kendall; Anita, Vivian Reed; Bill, Roland Guyette; Doctor Michaelson, William Bailey. The director was Mr. Burt, and Jean Austin and Robert Loukes were the prompters. Patricia Curran was in charge of the costumes.


Edward D. Allen, Edward J. Allen (treasurer), Saul Arkin, Marilyn Badger, Vera Baker, Arthur Bickford, Lorraine Brainerd, John Brigham, David Cassidy, Philip Chaffee, Earlene Cheney, Patricia Cook, Cora Cornell, Harlan Cummings, Marilyn Currier, Germaine Desbiens, Patricia Donahue, Melvindene Duckless, Betty Dugan (secretary), Barbara Edwards, Willis Fitch, Lawrence Glover, Glayde Goodenough, Dorothy Goss, Ralph Holden, John Humphrey, Ruth Ingram, Bernard Kelly, Patricia Lanpher, Harold Lewis (president), Patience Messier, Mary Moore, Brian McNeal, Linda Prouty (vice-president), Josephine Reigel, Richard Rhodes, Sherman Roberts, Roy Shattuck, Arnold Sheltra, Eddie Shoff, Eileen Stevens, Barry Thibodeau, Constance Wells, Murline Wells, Sadie Watters, Wayne Wheeler, Donna Williams.

Last September we became a part of Newport High School, after being ushered in by the Freshman Reception. Some of our activities as a Freshman group were a Tea Dance, the sale of food at football games, the sale of N. H. S. Basketball pins, a teen town, and our Freshman play, "Wildcat Willie." The members of the cast were: Willie, Edward D. Allen; Gladys, Vera Baker; Joe, Willis Fitch; Kathie, Constance Wells; Vernon, Philip Chaffee; Celia, Donna Williams. The director of the play was Miss Coapland and the property manager was Patricia Donahue, with Barbara Edwards as stage manager. The prompter was Cora Cornell.


Student Council

Edward J. Allen, Mr. Allison, Carleen Bates, Harlan Cummings, Jean Currier, Miss Cushing, Richard Forrest, Robert Lanoue, Betty Miles, Edith Mosher, Basil Percy, Linda Prouty, Edward Rhodes, Joyce Tetreault.

The following officers were elected at a meeting of the student body early in the fall: President, Robert Lanoue; Vice-president, Joyce Tetreault; Secretary-Treasurer, Edwin Rhodes. Two council members were also elected from each class.

Among some of the accomplishments of the Council were: the continuation of teen towns, room inspection and the printing and editing of an NHS Handbook to be distributed to all the students. Members of the Student Council have taken over the opening of assemblies and the reading of the announcements. In its fourth year, the Council has tried to meet both the needs of the students and the faculty and has had a highly successful year. A great deal of credit for its success should go to Mr. Allison and Miss Cushing who have spent a great deal of time and energy in making Student Council stronger and more active.


Mr. Allison, Niles Bean, Bernard Burke, Gary Carter, Harold Kennison, Hector Laplante, Harold Lewis, Stanley McKenny, Barry Thibodeau, Graydon Turner.

Early in the fall each class chose two monitors. They were under the supervision of Mr. Allison, and Harold Kennison served as captain. The monitors maintained order in the halls and also directed traffic when classes were changing.


Grace Albee, Miss Coapland, Jean Currier, Robert Lanoue, Betty Miles, Stanley McKenny, Jeannette Nault, Francis Norris, Cynthia Turcotte.

At the first meeting of the Thespain Troupe No. 107 of Newport High School the following officers were elected: President, Betty Miles; Vice-President, Stanley McKenny; Secretary, Grace Albee; Treasurer, Robert Lanoue.

For a Christmas assembly the troupe put on the one-act play, "Just What they Wanted." Those taking part were William Bailey, Mary Jean Bernard, Jean Currier, Betty Miles and Basil Percy. Miss Coapland, the faculty advisor, was the director.

Several members of the troupe took part in the district play contest at St. Johnsbury. The director of the N. H. S. play, "Ring Once For Central", was Mr. Burt. Several new members initiated at the annual banquet held in the spring.

Chi Phi Delta

Grace Albee, Judy Arkin, Lorene Armstrong, Betty Bailey, Janice Baraw, Joyce Brigham, Joyce Burlton, Darlene Colt, Jean Currier, Nancy Fairbrother, Shirley Jenks, Mary Kealey, June Kendall, Gloria Lamarche, Geraldine Lanpher, Helen Magill, Betty Miles, Barbara Mitchell, Jeannette Nault, Frances Norris, Amelia Parenteau, Geneva Pelkey, Patricia Smith, Anne Sockol, Mrs. Taft, Joyce Tetreault, Cynthia Turcotte, Joyce Wakeman.

At the first meeting of Chi Phi Delta for the school year Betty Miles was elected president; Lorene Armstrong, vice-president; Jeannette Nault, secretary; Barbara Mitchell, treasurer; and June Kendall, parliamentarian.

On December 26, the annual Christmas Ball was sponsored, which proved very successful. The Ambassadors played for the gala event. The girls also took monitor positions on Sadie Hawkins' Day, May 4, 1951.


Lorene Armstrong, Vera Baker, Janice Baraw, Jean Bernard (News Reporter), Katharine Camp (Sports Editor), Cynthia Cheney (Art Editor), Harlan Cummings, Jean Currier (Literary Editor), Marilyn Currier, Edward D. Davis, Ruth Ingram, Shirley Jenks (Production Manager), June Kendall, Janet Langevin (News Reporter), Robert Lanoue, Helen Magill, Barbara Mason, Betty Miles, Barbara Mitchell, Edith Mosher (Business Manager), Stanley McKenny, Frances Norris, Geneva Pelkey, Basil Percy, Linda Prouty, June Reed (Alumni Editor), John Sinclair, Anne Sockol (Editor-in-Chief), Milton Smith (Mimeograph Operator), Joyce Tetreault (News Editor), Mrs. Taft, Cynthia Turcotte (Feature Editor), Constance Wells, Donna Williams.

The publication of the Flame was changed from twice a month to once a month, and it was exchanged with other schools. The faculty advisor was Mrs. Taft.

The staff of the Flame, which was elected after midyears to serve until the mid-term of the next year.

Home Economics Club

Mrs. Allard, Judy Arkin, Lorene Armstrong, Jean Austin, Marilyn Badger, Betty Bailey, Vera Baker, Jean Bernard, Lorraine Brainerd, Cynthia Cheney, Earlene Cheney, Patricia Cook, Cora Cornell, Patricia Curran, Jean Currier, Marilyn Currier, Germaine Desbiens, Patricia Donahue, Melvidene Duckless, Betty Dugan, Barbara Edwards, Betty Ellsworth, Nancy Fairbrother, Gwendolyn Gardner, Dorothy Goss, Miss Hyzer, Shirley Jenks, Sandra Johnson, Mary Kealey, Dixie Kendall, Gloria Lamarche, Janet Langevin, Geraldine Lanpher, Patricia Lanpher, Marilyn Lapierre, Roberta Loukes, Helen Magill, Barbara Mitchell, Frances Norris, Amelia Parenteau, Geneva Pelkey, June Reed, Josephine Reigel, Joyce Tetreault, Phyllis Todd, Cynthia Turcotte, Joyce Wakeman, Sadie Watters, Murline Wells, Constance Willey.

The most important activity of the Home Economics Club this year was the Home Ec. Circus, something new to N. H. S. The faculty advisor was Mrs. Allard and the officers were as follows: President, Betty Baily; vice-president, Lorene Armstrong; secretary, Cynthia Turcotte; treasurer, Judy Arkin.


Judy Arkin, Jean Austin, Carleen Bates, Malcolm Boright, Philip Buley, Mr. Croudis, Braunda Darling, Willis Fitch, Richard Hilliker, John Humphrey, Ruth Ingram, Bernard Kelly, June Kendall, Janet Langevin, Robert Lanoue, Donald Lapierre, Thomas Luce, Betty Miles, Benita Mosher, Edith Mosher, Ronald McKenny, William McLeod, Frances Nault, Geneva Pelkey, David Phelps, Linda Prouty, Vivian Reed, Richard Rhodes, Constance Wells, Oscar Willard, Douglas Worboys.

The N. H. S. Band, under the direction of Mr. Croudis, has put forth much effort and progress has been made. Our band played at the football games this fall and at the Christmas Cantata.

Four members were sent to the All-State Music Festival at Burlington: June Kendall, saxophone; Betty Miles, trombone; David Phelps, clarinet; and Robert Lanoue, baritone. In the Northeastern Music Festival held in Newport the following students took part: Picolo, Ruth Ingram; clarinet, David Phelps, Linda Prouty, Constance Wells, Edyth Mosher, Malcom Boright; saxophone, June Kendall, Janet Langevin; trumpet, Bernard Kelly, Richard Rhodes, Richard Hilliker; mellophone, Geneva Pelkey; trombone, Betty Miles, Harlan Cummings, Willis Fitch; baritone, Robert Lanoue; drums, Carleen Bates, Vivian Reed, Donald Lapierre.


Grace Albee, Betty Bailey, Mary Kealey, Carol King, Anne Sockol, Joyce Tetreault.

With Grace Albee as head majorette, the group was very active this year. They took part at the football games, marched in the Northeastern music Festival and at the Vermont Music Festival.

Glee Club

Grace Albee, Edward J. Allen, Judy Arkin, Saul Arkin, Leonard Armstrong, Lorene Armstrong, Jean Austin, Marilyn Badger, Vera Baker, Carleen Bates, Betty Bailey, Richard Baraw, Niles Bean, Jean Bernard, Malcolm Boright, Lorraine Brainerd, Joyce Brigham, Katharine Camp, Gary Carter, David Cassidy, Philip Chaffee, Earlene Cheney, Patricia Cook, Patricia Curran, Mr. Croudis, Harlan, Cummings, Jean Currier, Marilyn Currier, Braunda Darling, Germaine Desbiens, Patricia Donahue, Melvidene Duckless, Betty Dugan, Barbara Edwards, Betty Ellsworth, Dale Ellsworth, Nancy Fairbrother, Willis Fitch, Gwendolyn Gardner, Lawrence Glover, Dorothy Goss, Lester Greenwood, John Humphrey, Ruth Ingram, Shirley Jenks, Mary Kealey, Bernard Kelly, Dixie Kendall, Carol King, Sandra Johnson, Gloria Lamarche, Janet Langevin, Robert Lanoue, Patricia Lanpher, Donald Lapierre, Donald Lindsley, Roberta Loukes, Barbara Mason, Patience Messier, Betty Miles, Barbara Mitchell, Francis Ormsbee, Geneva Pelkey, Basil Percy, David Phelps, Linda Prouty, June Reed, Vivian Reed, Frederic Rexford, Edward Rhodes, Richard Rhodes, Josephine Riegel, Sherman Roberts, Gerald Sargent, Arnold Sheltra, John Sinclair, Patricia Smith, Evelyn Stevens, Eileen Stevens, David Tetreault, Joyce Tetreault, Phyllis Todd, Cynthia Turcotte, Joyce Wakeman, Sadie Watters, Constance Wells, Murline Wells, Constance Willey, Donna Williams.

Under the excellent direction of Richard Croudis, the Glee Club enjoyed an active year. In December, a successful Christmas Cantata was given by the mixed glee club. Several mixed groups and soloists took part in community activities and seven members were sent to the State Music Festival. They were: Grace Albee, Judy Arkin, Betty Bailey, Patricia Smith, Geneva Pelkey, David Tetreault and John Sinclair. Twenty-eight students were also sent to the Northeastern Vermont Music Festival.

A. A. Council

Bernard Burke, Betty Dugan, Gary Carter, Mr. Landers, Stanley McKenny, Jeannete Nault, June Reed, Barry Thibodeau, Cynthia Turcotte.

The first objective of the A. A. Council was to have the A. A. cards printed for the benefit of the entire Student Body. This year, also, the A. A. council had season tickets printed for the public and at the Lyndon-Newport football game folders were sold giving the names and positions of the players on both teams. It helped a great deal in promoting interest in athletics both on the part of the students and the townspeople.

Varsity Cheerleaders

Judy Arkin, Captain; Betty Bailey; Patricia Curran; Mary Kealey; Geneva pelkey; Patricia Smith; Anne Sockol; Joyce Tetreault.

J. V. Cheerleaders

Jean Austin, Captain; Braunda Darling; Betty Dugan; Shirley Jenks, Vivian Reed, Constance Willey.


Edward J. Allen, Leonard Armstrong, Richard Baraw, Niles Bean, Paul Bernier, Bernard Burke, Gary Carter, Cleveland Cornell, Stephen Crawford, Dale Ellsworth, Frank Fedele, Willis Fitch, Richard Forrest, Leland Goss, Alson Green, Lester Greenwood, Charles Haney, Roland Kelly, Harold Kennison, Dale Knowles, Mr. Landers, Robert Lanoue, Donald Lapierre, Hector Laplante, Harold Lewis, Kenneth Magoon, Frederic Rexford, Edwin Rhodes, Francis Ormsbee, Gerald Sargent, Richard Smalley, Frank Spates, David Tetreault, Barry Thibodeau, Graydon Turner, Oscar Willard.

For the second consecutive year the Hawks were chosen Vermont Class "B" Football champions. Five Newporters placed on the All-State team and one receive honorable mention. Coach Landers was chosen "Coach of the Year" for the second year.

November, 1950, featured the climax of one of the greatest football seasons Newport has ever had. Newport totaled a new high in points by rolling up 191 points against 64 for the opposition. The Hawks won six straight but they last their last game to Lyndon. This game highlighted the clashing of two undefeated teams, Newport--defending Class "B" State Champs--and Lyndon, leading contender for the Class "A" crown.

This year, as last, the boys show team-spirit and cooperation. Without this not a game could have been won nor a record broken. Much credit is due "Uncle Bill" Landers, who backed his team all the way.

Scores: Newport 26 - St. Mary's 0, Newport 26 - Littleton, NH 6, Newport 20 - BFA, St. Albans 13, Newport 34 - Montpelier 0, Newport 33 - St. Johnsbury 18, Newport 39 - Winooski 13, Newport 13 - Lyndon 14.

Boys' Basketball

Niles Bean, Charles Blake, Bernard Burke, Gary Carter, Frank Fedele, Richard Forrest, Roland Guyette, Alson Green, Harold Kennison, Kenneth Magoon, Mr. Murphy, Francis Perrault, Richard Rhodes, Graydon Turner.

With a season's record of fourteen wins to two losses. Newport High's Hawks voted outright a berth for the State Tournament at Burlington. However, the Hawks lost in the opening round to the Waterbury Longhorns by a 48-39 score.

In the Northeastern League, Newport walked off with the league trophy with eight straight wins, and the Hawks again breezed through to win in the Northeastern Tournament. After whipping Derby 61-22, they went on to trim Lyndon, 56-31, for the championship. On the All-Tournament team Sonny Green was chosen forward, Roland Guyette, center, and Bernard Burke and Harold Kennison, guards. Harold Kennison was also chosen captain of the team.

Scores: Newport 53 - Brighton 31, Newport 63 - Derby 15, Newport 39 - Richford 48, Newport 54 - St. Michael's 43, Newport 47 - Waterbury 48, Newport 44 - Richford 31, Newport 40 - St. Michael's 35, Newport 50 - St. Johnsbury 42, Newport 58 - Lyndon 36, Newport 48 - Hardwick 32, Newport 53 - Orleans 22, Newport 42 - Derby 26, Newport 49 - Lyndon 41, Newport 63 - St. Johnsbury 36, Newport 53 - Hardwick 32, Newport 50 - Orleans 27.

Girls' Basketball

Grace Albee, Mr. Allison, Lorene Armstron, Betty Bailey, Vera Baker, Katharine Camp, Cynthia Cheney, Patricia Curran, Ruth Ingram, June Kendall, Barbara Mitchell, Jeannette Nault, June Reed, Anne Sockol, Patricia Smith, Miss Spence, Joyce Tetreault, Cynthia Turcotte, Constance Wells.

The girls' team had an excellent record this year with eight wins and three losses. At the end of the season double trophies were presented to both Newport and Orleans, Northeastern Vermont "B" League Winners.

The deep appreciation of the Hawkettes goes to Mr. Allison and Miss Spence for their wonderful coaching and to Betty Bailey for her fine management.

Scores: Newport 53 - Brighton 18, Newport 27 - Richford 34, Newport 36 - Lyndon 20, Newport 27 - Orleads 33, Newport 36 - Lyndon 24, Newport 36 - Derby 24, Newport 20 - Richford 39, Newport 31 - Hardwick 13, Newport 53 - Derby 34, Newport 31 - Hardwick 17, Newport 27 - Orleans 25.

Ski Team

Mr. Burt, David Cassidy, Coventry Graded School, Dale Ellsworth, Willis Fitch, John Humphrey, Ralph Rundgren.

Northern District Meet, Sutton January 27: Willis Fitch, 12th--Slalom, Cross-country

Lyndon Outing Club's Annual Giant Slalom, Sutton, February 4: Fitch, 29th; Ellsworth, 51st

Lyndon Carnival, Lyndonville, February 4: Ellsworth, 50th--Jumping.

Three Event Meet, St. Johnsbury, February 19: David Cassidy, 1st--Downhill, Jumping.

Four event Meet, Newport, February 24: Dale Ellsworth, 1st--Jumping.

Sixth Annual Mt. Mansfield--Stowe Derby, Stowe, March 3: Cassidy, 3rd; Rundgren, 4th; Ellsworth, 5th; Fitch, 6th

Kiwanis Winter Carnival Jumping, Newport, March 4: Ellsworth, 1st; Rundgren, 2nd; Fitch 3rd.

Three Event Meet, Montpelier, March 10: Fitch, 1st, Slalom; Rundgren, 1st, Cross-country; Cassidy, 2nd, Downhill.

Four Even Competition, St. Johnsbury, March 11: Rundgren, 1st; Ellsworth, 4th; Cassidy, 5th; Fitch, 6th.

Mad River Glen invitational Prep and High School Meet, March 20: Newport placed 4th, ahead of Rutland, Burlington, Proctor.

Annual Mt. Mansfield Sugar Slalom, Mt. Mansfield, April 22.

Baseball Team

William Bailey, Bernard Burke, Gary Carter, Richard Forrest, Alson Green, Roland Guyette, Charles Haney, Harold Kennison, Hector Laplante, Kennith Magoon, Mr. Murphy, Francis Ormsbee, Francis Perrault, Edwin Rhodes, John Sinclair, David Tetreault, Graydon Turner.

Schedule: April 27 Newport Center, Home; May 1 Derby, Away; May 4 Brighton, Away; May 10 Orleans, Home; May 11 Barton, Away; May 15 Canaan, Away; May 22 Derby, Home; May 25 Craftsbury, Home; May 28 Orleans, Away; June 1 North Troy, Away; June 5 Barton, Home.

Track Team

Harold Baraw, Niles Bean, Malcolm Boright, Mr. Landers, Stanley McKeeny, David Phelps, Frederick Rexford, Oscar Willard.

Meet, Lyndonville, April 29; District Meet, Lyndonville; State Meet, Place and date to be announced.


The Oracle Staff, on behalf of the Senior Class of 1951, would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the advertisers whose generous patronage has made this year book possible. We sincerely return your compliments and extend our best wishes for your continued success.


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"In appreciation of your patronage during your high school career Jay's Snack Bar offers to each senior 1 10" hot dog and 1 Nesbitt's orange".