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Rutland County Resources

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Resources on this page are of the print and online variety. They are organized with the county-wide resources listed first and then alphabetically by town. I have included an email link to individuals who have volunteered to do lookups in a particular source.

Items are listed on this page not as an endorsement, but to let researchers know what all is available. As always, you should verify any information you obtain. If you have trouble locating a particular book, check out They have access to a many hard to find or out-of-print materials.

If you know of a good Rutland County resource, either print or online, please email Sue! and make the information available to all. Thanks! (*Note: Online individual family genealogies are listed on the Personal Websites Page

Click on the town or area you wish to have information on:

  County-wide Benson Brandon Castleton
Chittendon Clarendon Danby Fair Haven Hubbarton
Ira Mendon Middletown Mount Holly Mount Tabor
Pawlet Pittsfield Pittsford Poultney Proctor
Rutland City Rutland Town Sherburne Shrewsbury Sudbury
Tinmouth Wallingford Wells West Haven West Rutland

County-wide resources

  • Atlas of Rutland County, VT
    F.W. Beers-1869-Beers, Ellis Soule-40 pages

    Maps of Every village and town including residences and businesses by name
  • Atlas of Rutland County, VT
    F.W. Beers-1869-Beers, Ellis & Soule-40 pages

    Reprint 1969 by Charles E. Tuttle
  • History of Rutland County, VT
    H.P. Smith & W.S. Rann-1886-D. Mason & Co.-1016 pages

    County and individual town histories, genealogies and much more
  • History of Rutland County, VT
    H.P. Smith & W.S. Rann-1886-D, Mason & Co.-2 Volumes, 959 pages

    Reprint 1993 by Heritage Books
  • Gazetteer and Business Directory of Turland County, VT for 1881-1882
    Hamilton Child-1881-Journal Office-643 pages

    County and individual town histories, current affairs in 1881, who's who and much more
  • Index of Gazetteer and Business Directory of Rutland County, VT for 1881-1882
    Charles D. Townsend-1983-Aceto Bookmen-70 pages

    Index to Hamilton Childs Gazetteer (above)
  • Rutland County Gazetteer for 1881-1882

    Contact Cindy Taylor-Patch at
  • Proceedings of the Rutland County Historical Society
    Volume I-L.W. Teddington-1881-Argus and Patriot Book Printers-196 pages
    Volume II-J.M. Currier-1887-Currier-150 pages

    Various articles including cemetery headstones, history, etc.
  • The History of Rutland County Vermont
    Abby Maria Hemenway-1882-White River Paper Co.-1245 pages

    Civil, ecclesiastical biographical and military
  • Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens of Rutland County, Vermont
    George Richmond, President-1899-Biographical Publishing Co.-430 pages

    Over 200 biographies including Horace Hoxie Dyer, and Col. Endearing D. Johnson
  • Rutland Suburban Directory
    H.A. Manning-1911 to 1914-Manning-3 volumes

    Includes the towns of Benson, Brandon, Castleton, Chittenden, Clarendon, Fair Haven, Hubbarton, Pittsford, Poultney, Wallingford
  • Classified Business Directory
    R.S. Dillon & Co.-1887(Vol. 8) to 1909(Vol. 19)-Tuttle Co.-unknown # pages

    Includes Fair Haven, Poultney, Castleton, Village of Hydeville (in Castleton)
  • Granville, NY Directory
    H.A. Manning-1912/1915/1927-Manning-unknown # pages

    Includes Pawlet, Wells, Fair Haven, Poultney
  • Manning's Rutland City and Township (et al) Directory
    H.A. Manning-1911(Vol 20) to 1986(Vol 83)-unknown # pages

    Includes Rutland City, Rutland Town, West Rutland, Proctor
  • Pelton's Directory
    George Pelton-1887/1888-Pelton Printing Co.-unknown # pages

    Includes Rutland, West Rutland, Proctor

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Benson resources

  • House With a Past
    Erik Barnouw-1992-Vermont Historical Society-106 pages

    The author's purchase of a stone house, a formet Mormon place of worship, leads him to investigate its history

  • Souvenir Benson, Vermont
    "Willing Workers"-1928-Willing Workers Society-56 pages

    History and current affairs of 1928

  • Benson Sesquicentennial Address of 1933
    W.E. Aiken-1951-Vermont Quarterly, V. 14, No. 3, pp. 147-158

    A perspective from 1933

Brandon resources

  • Beautiful Brandon
    Brandon Improvement Association-1910-BIA-62 pages

  • Historical Photographs of Brandon and Forestdale, VT
    Kirby & Baker-1976-Research Applications-40 pages

  • Directory of Brandon, VT for 1886-1887
    H.M. Downs-1886-H.M. Downs-117 pages

    Directory and history
  • Brandon, VT: A History of the Town Dedicated to its Citizens, 1761-1961
    Leon S. Gay-1961-Brandon Town-294 pages

  • How Neshobe Came Up Into the Green Mountains...
    J.M. Currier-1914-J.M. Currier-34 pages

    Powers family, history, Lake Bombazon
  • A Pilgrimmage to the Monuments of the Early Settlers of Brandon
    William Berg-1911-A.G. Farr-35 pages

    An address commemorating 150 years

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Castleton resources

  • Castleton: Scenes of Yesterday
    Castleton Historical Society-1975-CHS-51 pages

    History and views
  • Epitaphs of Castleton, VT
    John Currier-1887-author-48 pages

    Cemetery epitaphs
  • Colonial Day, Castleton, VT
    Margaret Onion-1950(?)-M.K. Onion-16 pages

    Historic buildings and history
  • Look About in Castleton
    Margaret Onion-1977-Castleton Woman's Club-22 pages

    Historical buildings and history
  • Memorial Exercises Held in Castleton, VT....
    John M. Currier-1885-J. Munsell's Sons-66 pages

    Biographies, decorated graves, veterans, history, etc.

Chittenden resources

  • Chittenden Pictorial Review
    Bicentennial Committee-1976-Academy Books-49 pages

    History and views

Clarendon resources

Clarendon, Vermont: 1761-1976
"Many people"=1976-Academy Books-119 pages

The story of Clarendon's past

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Danby resources

  • Danby, Spring 1976
    Crosby, et al-1976-Hadwen, Inc.-50 pages

    Danby over two centuries
  • The History and Map of Danby, Vermont
    John C. Williams-1869-McLean & Robbins-393 pages
    Reprint 1976 by Griffith Memorial Library

    Danby's history
    Contact Rob Rathbun at for lookups from this resource
    Rob can also solve Rathbun-Rathburn-Rathbone problems nationwide)

Fair Haven resources

  • History of the First Baptist Church, Fair Haven, VT
    Dorothy Offensend-1992-D. Offensend-20 pages

    Church history
  • A History of the Town of Fair Haven, VT
    A.N. Adams-1870-Leonard & Phelps-516 pages

    History and genealogy
  • Offensendt
    Dorothy Offensendt-1986-D. Offensendt-29 pages

    Offensendt family, history, genealogy
  • History of the Welsh Congregational Church of Fair Haven, VT: 1850-1911
    William Hughes-1977-Roberts & Lloyd-40 pages

    Church History

Hubbarton resources

  • Excavations at the Selleck Cabin Site, Hubbardton Battlefield, East Hubbardton, VT
    Maximilian Ferro-1978-Bower-over 56 pages

    Selleck family, Battle of Hubbardton
  • Sketches of the History of the Town of Hubbardton, VT
    Amos Churchill-1855-Tuttle & Co.,-64 pages

    History of an "Old Man", to wit: Amos, 1774-1865

Ira resources

  • History of Ira, Vermont
    S.L. Peck-1926-Tuttle Co.-83 pages
    Reprint 1970 by Tuttle Co.


Mendon resources

  • The History of Mendon, Vermont
    Mary Ruth-1977-M. Ruth-95 pages

    History and genealogy

Middletown Springs resources

  • The History of Middletown, Vermont
    Barnes Frisbie-1867-Tuttle-130 pages
    Reprint 1975 by Middletown Springs Historical Society

  • History of the Hoadley Monument
    LaRoy Southworth-1904-Southworth-46 pages

  • History of Middletown Springs

    Contact Cindy Taylor-Patch at

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Mount Holly resources

  • Clark Papers and Meech Family
    Abby Maria Hemenway-1878-A.B. Hemenway-312 pages

    Clark and Meech families
  • History of Mount Holly, VT
    Carroll Tarbell-1987-Tarbell-306 pages

    History and biography

  • Mount Holly, It's Early Days
    James Holden-1982-J. Holden-36 pages


Mount Tabor resources

  • None found so far. If you know of any, please send me the information!

Pawlet resources

  • An Historical Address...delivered at Pawlet, VT
    Carroll W. Dodge-1961-First Congregational Church Society-7 pages

  • Just Bud: A Collection of Stories
    Charles Cole-1992-Flash Graphix-130 pages

  • A Pictorial Scrapbook of Pawlet
    Pawlet Bicentennial Committee-1975-Herrick Rangers Press-51 pages

  • The Hub of a Community-The Pawlet Town Hall
    Dorothy Offensendt-1981-Pawlett(sic)-Historical Society-51 pages

  • Pages from the Pawlet Scrapbook

  • Roll of Volunteers...1861-1862
    Hiel Hollister-1863-H. Hollister-8 pages

    Civil War History
  • Pawlett for 100 Years

    Contact Cindy Taylor-Patch at

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Pittsfield resources

  • A Glimpse of the Past: Pittsfield, Vermont
    Davis & Hance-1976-The Town-141 pages


Pittsford resources

  • History of the Town of Pittsford, Vermont
    Abiel Moore Caverly-1872-Tuttle & Co.-751 pages
    Reprint 1976 by Pittsford Historical Society

    History and genealogy
  • Expanded Index to Caverly's History of Pittsford, Vermont
    PHS-1976-PHS-86 pages

    This ought to help with the above mentioned book!
  • In the Shadow of Cox Mountain
    Grace Anderson-1993-Academy Books-256 pages

  • Pittsford Now and Then
    PHS-1980-PHS-96 pages


Poultney resources

  • East Poultney, Vermont's Cradle of Culture in the Wilderness
    Poultney Historical Society-1951-PHS-24 pages

  • A History of the Town of Poultney, Vermont
    J. Joslin-1875-Journal Printing Office-249 pages
    Reprint 1979 by Journal Printing Office

    History and genealogy
  • Poultney: A Chronicle of Yesterday
    Alison Latham-1961-Latham-79 pages

  • Tales of Poultney
    Elton Haynes-1977-Exposition Press-64 pages


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Proctor resources

  • History of the Swedish Settlement at Proctor, Vermont
    Otto Theophilus Johnson-undated-unknown-5 pages

    Swedes in Proctor
  • Proctor: The way it was...
    Ruth French-1975-Journal Press-59 pages


Rutland City resources

  • Residences in Rutland City, VT
    Louis Brehmer-1900-Brehmer Brothers-28 pages


Rutland Town resources

  • Historical Rutland
    Frank Davison-1911-P.H. Brehmer-69 pages

    Illustrated history
  • Early Families of Rutland, VT
    Marvel Swan-1990-Rutland Historical Society-2 volumes

    History and genealogy
  • The History of Rutland, Vermont, 1761-1861
    Dawn Hance-1991-Academy Books-690 pages

  • Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Rutland, VT
    Chauncy Williams-1870-Tuttle & Co.-122 pages

    History, addresses, responses
  • Rutland Historical Society Quarterly
    RHS-1973/1996-RHS-26 volumes

    Newsletter, history
  • History of Rutland Newspapers
    Chauncy Williams-1870-Williams-3 pages
    Reprint 1912 by Horace Bailey

    Might help in finding some obits in a roundabout way....
  • Rutland in Retrospect
    RHS-1978-RHS-176 pages

    Pictorial history

Sherburne resources

  • An Informal History of the Town of Sherburne, Vermont
    Madeline Fleming-1967-Fleming-2 volumes

  • History of Shrewsbury, Vt
    Contact Kirsten Person Watson at for lookups from this book

Shrewsbury resources

  • Shrewsbury, Vermont: Our Town As It Was
    Dawn Hance-1988, 1980-Academy Books-320 pages

    History and genealogy

Sudbury resources

  • Hyde Manor
    A.W. Hyde & Son-1901-Hyde & Son-23 pages

    About Hyde Manor on Route 30
  • Sudbury, Vermont: A Pictorial Record
    Arthur Keefe-1978-Sudbury Bicentennial Committee-64 pages

    History, group portraits, etc

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Tinmouth resources

  • Reflections of Tinmouth: A Concise History
    Mildred Allen-198?-Allen-131 pages

    History and views
  • Literary Exercises Tinmouth Old Home Day 1905
    Charles Ballard-1906-Carpenters Printing House-48 pages


Wallingford resources

  • Wallingford, 1761-1975
    Unknown-1975-unknown-49 pages

    History and views
  • People of Wallingford, A Compilation
    Birney Batcheller-1937-Stephen Daye Press-328 pages

    History and genealogy
  • An Account of...Stone Memorial
    Walter Thorpe-1911-Thorpe-222 pages

  • A History of Wallingford, Vermont
    Julian Klock-1976-Academy Books-147 pages

  • People of Wallingford

    Contact Cindy Taylor-Patch at

  • Wells resources

  • History of Wells, Vermont
    Hiland Paul-1869-Tuttle & Co.-154 pages
    Reprint 1979 by Wells Historical Society

    History and biography
  • A History of the Town of Wells, Vermont
    Grace Esther Pember Wood-1955-Wood-150 pages

  • West Haven resources

  • None found so far. Let me know of any you know about and I'll post that information here
  • West Rutland resources

  • Historical Sketches on West Rutland, Vermont
    Patrick Hannon-1986-Academy Books-177 pages

    History and genealogy
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  • I would very much like to thank my predecessor as Rutland County Coordinator, Danielle Roberts for wealth of resource information listed on this and many other pages. What a treasure! Thanks Danielle!
  • Again, if you know of something you think should be listed here, don't hesitate to let me know! Send an email to me at Please remember to put the words Rutland County in the subject line. Thanks!
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