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Rutland County Church Records

Most of what is currently listed here are printed materials. If you have a copy of these, or other church sources and are willing to do look-ups for others, please email Sue! so I can get that listed. Also, please let me know of any other print or internet church resources you find! Thanks!

General Resources

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Brandon Castleton Clarendon
Fair Haven Ira Pawlet
Pittsford Poultney Rutland
Wallingford West Rutland  

Brandon resources

  • Brandon Congregational Church:
    Brandon Congregational Church; Author; 1869; 15 pages
  • Centennial Celebration of the Brandon Congregational Church:
    H. Eckley; Tuttle Co.; 1885; 85 pages
  • Sermon Preached at the Installation of Rev. Francis Wheeler:
    W. Shedd' Chronicle Press; 1850; 22 pages
  • Two Memorial Windows at Congregational Church:
    W. Smart; Congregational Church; 1907; 22 pages
  • History of the First Baptist Church:
    J. Burbank; Author; 1967; 40 pages

Castleton resources

  • Centennial Program, Hydeville Baptist Church:
    Baptist Church; Journal Press; 1950; 46 pages
  • Manual for the Communicants of First Congregational Church:
    First Congregational Church; Tuttle & Co.; 1859; 36 pages
  • Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of of Congregational Church:
    Congregational Church; Redfield; 1884; 52 pages

Clarendon resources

  • Centennial Manual of the Congregational Church:
    Congregational Church; Tuttle Co.; 1922; 15 pages

Fair Haven resources

  • Celebration and History: First Congregational Church:
    G. Brown; Journal Press; 1953; 44 pages
  • Men, Brethren, Fathers!: Read my general exposition...
    P. Franklin; Author; 1870; 20 pages
  • Sermon at Dedication of New Meeting House
    N. Beman; Stong; 1812; 24 pages

Ira resources

  • History of the Baptist Church
    W. Cooper; Tuttle Co.; 1925; 78 pages

Pawlet resources

  • Bicentennial of the First Congregational Church
    C. Dodge; Pawlet H.S.; 1981; 13 pages

Pittsford resources

  • Centennial Observance 1884
    Congregational Church; Tuttle Co.; 1885; 78 pages
  • The Confession of Faith....Congregational Church
    Congregational Church; Chronicle Press; 1834; 8 pages

Poultney resources

  • Sesqui-centennial Program 1785-1935
    First Baptist Church; Author; 1935; 8 pages
  • Discourse on New Meeting House
    Samuel Leonard; Dodd & Rumsey; 1804; 33 pages
  • Remembrances of Past Years at Baptist Meeting House
    Tuttle's Book and Job Office; 1852; 16 pages


  • Articles of Association St. Paul's Universalist Parish
    St. Paul's; McLean' 1890; 18 pages
  • Articles of Faith
    Congregational Church; Author; 1831; 7 pages
  • Articles, Standards, Members...
    East Rutland Congregational Church; Tuttle & Co.; 1868; 28 pages
  • Historical Sketch of East Parish Society
    E.P. Society; Tuttle Co.; 1892; 22 pages
  • Directory of the Congregational Church
    James Johnson' Tuttle & Co.; 1868; 16 pages
  • History of the Congregational Church
    James Johnson' Tuttle & Co.; 1880; 28 pages
  • Manual of the Congregational Church
    Congregational Church; Tuttle & Co.; 1877; 39 pages
  • Manual of the Baptist Church
    Baptist Church; Tuttle & Co.; 1879; 56 pages
  • One Hundred Years of Church Life in Rutland, Vt. 1794-1894
    Edward Temple; J. Carruthers; 1894; 32 pages
  • 125th Anniversary Celebration of the Congregational Church
    Congregational Church; Author; 1913; 60 pages
  • Annual Statement of the Congregational Church
    Congregational Church; Author; Many years in existence from as early as 1891; # pages varies
  • History of Grace Congregational Church
    Grace Church; Author; 1987; 114 pages

Wallingford resources

  • Review of the First 150 Years of the First Congregational Church
    Mrs. Edmund Edgerton; Vermont Printing Co.; 1942; 16 years
  • Historical Sketch of the First 100 Years of the Baptist Church
    S. Henry Archibald; Tuttle & Co.; 1880; 34 pages

West Rutland resources

  • A History of St. Bridget's Parish
    Patrick Hannon; Author; 193?; 26 pages
  • Manual of the Congregational Church
    Congregational Church; Vermont Chronicle Office; 1858; 23 pages
  • Manual of the Congregational Church
    Congregational Church; Dodge; 1904; 31 pages
  • The United Church: Congregational, Baptist, Methodist 1773-1973
    United Church; Chadwicks; 1973; 20 pages

I would like to especially thank Danielle Roberts, the previous Rutland County Coordinator for the items on this page. What a wonderful resource this is!

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