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Vermont, Windsor County




Old Families of Royalton

History of Windsor County Vermont
Lewis Cass Aldrich published in 1891

Abbott, Daniel, one of the early settlers of Pomfret, married Debora DeWolf. They had a family of seven children : Scott, Austin, Lorietta, Julietta, Collamer P., Ira A., and Edna. Collamer P. was born in Pomfret, and married Ervilla Hackett. He was a member of Company C, Ninth Vermont Regiment. His brothers, Ira A. and Austin, were also in the war. He removed to Chelsea, Vt., in 1867. His children are Casper P., Wilbur A., Alice L., Irwin D., Julia E., and Arthur A.

Abbott, Casper P., born in Pomfret, February 18, 1858, resided in Chelsea till 1879. He learned the harness trade in Hanford, where he carried on the business until 1886, when he moved to South Royalton, where he carries on his trade in connection with the livery business. He married, March 6, 1883, Abbie M., daughter of Melvin and Abbie (Brockway) Hazen. They have two children, Maud Ethel and Ralph Collamer.

Allen, Horace P., born in Eastport, Me., November 27, 1821, was the only son of Jason and Lucy Ann (Parkhurst) Allen. His mother was a daughter of Dr. Phineas Parkhurst of Lebanon, N. H. Dr. Parkhurst, when a youth, was shot at the time of the Indian invasion of Royalton, but afterwards studied medicine and became one of the prominent physicians of New Hampshire. He died at the age of eighty-eight. Jason, father of Horace P., removed from Eastport, Me., to Lebanon, N. H., where he engaged in mercantile business and died at Hanover, N. H. Horace P. attended the Norwich Military Academy, and in 1840 became a cadet at West Point, where he remained three years and was obliged to resign on account of ill-health. He then became a resident of Jamestown, N. Y., and removed to Royalton, Vt. He was three years cashier of the South Royalton Bank, and for ten years was wool buyer for Jordan, Marsh & Co., Boston. He has been town clerk since 1874 and lister for twenty-seven successive years. He married Susan W., daughter of the late Phineas Pierce. They have one son, Parkhurst P., connected with the publishers of the Youth's Companion, Boston, Mass.

Bennett, Job, the son of Elisha, and Lucretia (Hinkley) Bennett, was born in Chelsea, Vt., May 15, 1798. He became a resident of Royalton in the spring of 1830. He married Jane Greene and had seven children : Warren F., living in Springfield, Mass.; Jeannette (deceased), married, first, Thomas R. Gibson, second, Lewis Barnes; Alma H., a resident of Royalton; Josiah G.; Helen Elizabeth, a resident of Royalton; Charles W., lives at Palmer, Mass.; and Frances J., wife of Norman W. Sewall, of Royalton. Job born June 13, 1876. Josiah Greene, son of Job, was born in Royalton, married Elmina C. Sewall. They have one child, Carrie F., wife of Solon A. Buck, who has one child, Glenn Murray. Mr. Bennett is a farmer, and has always lived in Royalton.

Bingham. -The family of this name in Royalton are descended from Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary Bingham. He was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, about 1642 and came to America and married Mary, daughter of Jonathan Rudd, December 12, 1666. He was one of the thirty-five proprietors of the town of Norwich, Conn., when it was purchased from the Muhegan Indians. He died in Windham, Conn., January 16, 1729, He had a family of eleven children. Joseph, being next to the youngest, was born in 1688 and married, first, Abigail Scott, of Hartford, Mass., in 1711, by whom he had three children. He married, second. Mrs. Rachel Huntingdon. He died at Windham, Conn., September 4, 1765. Of Joseph's three children Gideon, the eldest, married Mary, daughter of Captain Eleazer Cary. He settled in Plainfield, Conn. By his first marriage he had thirteen children. His wife died in 1758 and he married second, Abigail Baker, by whom he had five children. Thomas, the fifth child, was born July 14, 1742. and married in 1766 Marcia House, of Lebanon, N. H. He emigrated from Connecticut to the latter town and afterwards to Royalton. He served during the whole period of the Revolutionary war as lieutenant. He was at the battles of Brandywine, Princeton, Monmouth, and wintered at Valley Forge in 1780. Thomas had twelve children and died at Royalton, September 23, 1823; his wife died September 10, 1812. William, the seventh child of the twelve children, mentioned above, was born April 18, 1779, and married, first, May 28, 1801, Olive Havens. He lived in Royalton and was a captain in the War of 1812, and was a man of energy and decision of character. He had three chil-1 hen by this marriage, viz.: Daniel Havens ; Mary Ann, married Cail Parkhurst; William Reddington, died unmarried. His wife died August 29, 1819, and he married November 20, 1820, Parmelia Ames, by whom he had three children, viz.: Henry, died young; George; and Olive, died aged fifteen years. William died August 29, 1857. Harry, the tenth child of Thomas and Marcia (House) Bingham, was born August 6, 1786, and married January 27, 1850, Marcia Dodge. He lived in Royalton and was engaged in public business and was a member of the Legislature for several years. He had five children, viz.: Lucy Ann, Alma Jane, Harry A., William, and George. He died February 23, 1862.

Bliss, John, was born in Rehoboth, Mass., September 17, 1773, and settled in Royalton in 1796, where he died August 29, 1859. He married Rebecca Hutchinson. Their children were Emily (deceased), married Orthneil Dunham; Calvin Parkhurst, died in Randolph, Vt.; Nathan, died sixteen years of age ; Charles, died three years of age; Sarah Ann, widow of Isaac Brown, resides at Bethel, Vt.; Charles William; Mary L. (deceased), married Nathan Parker ; John Hutchinson, a resident of Springfield, Mass.; Rebecca Jane (deceased), married Ira Holt.

Bliss, Charles Williams, son of John, born in Royalton, September 16, 1814, married Henrietta Whitney. They had three children, viz.: Willis Whitney, died forty-two years of age; William Henry, an attorney of Middlebury, Vt.; and Daniel W., resides with his father and carries on the home farm.

Bradstreet.-The family of this name in Royalton is descended from Governor Simon Bradstreet, one of the early governors of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Governor Bradstreet was born at Horbling, Lincolnshire, England, March 1603. He married first Ann, daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley. John, his third son, was born at Andover, Mass., July 22, 1652, married Sarah, daughter of Rev. William B. Perkins, of Topsfield, Mass., where he died January 11, 1718. His eldest son, Simon, born at Topsfield, April 14, 1(J82, married Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. Joseph Capin. His eldest son, Simon, born April 21, 1714, married a Miss Flint, and had a son Henry, who was the father of William Bradstreet, who was born at Topsfield, and removed to Royalton in 1829. He married Elizabeth Killum. They had a family of five children : Eliza (deceased), married Squire Marcy ; Maria (deceased), married Dr. Nelson Gardner; George W.; Abigail, widow of a Mr. Ward ; and Harriet, widow of William Ray, resides in Andover, Mass. George W., son of William, born in Boxford, Mass., May 1, 1809, married Charlotte S. Pierce. They had four children, viz.: George Pierce, who for eighteen years has been clerk of the Senate Committee on Judiciary, and resides in Washington, D. C; Jennie, died aged two years; Frank W., a resident of Washington, D. C; and Susan, died aged one year.

Brooks, John, came from Alstead, N. H., and settled in Royalton, Vt, at an early day. He married Martha Prentice. Their children were John, Howard, Austin, Joshua, Ashnath, Susan, Sophia, Martha and Austin. John died January 25, 1852.

Brooks, Austin, son of John, born at Alstead, August 4, 1799, married for his first wife Huldah Anderson. Of their five children, one died in infancy. Austin's second wife was Susan Smith of West Randolph, born March 3, 1824. Their children are Selden S., Clarence W., a resident of Ogden City, Utah, and Francis D.

Brooks, Selden S., son of Austin, born in Royalton, November 20, 1846, married Larene, daughter of Harvey and Mary (Washburn) Corbin. They have two children : Mabel E. and Sarah S. Mr. Brooks is engaged in farming, and owns and carries on the homestead farm.

Brooks, Francis D., son of Austin, born in Royalton, June 10, 1850, married Eva J. Marsh. They have two children: Lewis Francis, born November 30, 1878, and Lora May, born May 7, 1884.

Brown, Eben G., born in Augusta, Me., August 18, 1852, is the only son of Benjamin and Harriet Maria (Brown) Brown. Benjamin, the grandfather of Eben G., was born in Epping, N. H., September 2, 1793, and married Mary Colcord of Kingston, N. H. Benjamin, his father, was born November 12, 1830, and died in Boston, May 23, 1884. Eben G. married Hattie Ella, daughter of David and Lendia (Burnham) Allen. Her father was the son of Solomon Allen, who was born in Greenfield, Mass., February 22, 1800, and married Nancy Pressy of Chelsea, Vt., who was born October 3, 1804. Of their seven children, David, the eldest son, was born November 15, 1829, married Lendia, second daughter of Ariel and Sally (Payne) Burnham. Their children are Hattie R., born in Brookfield, Vt., July 18, 1853; Lendia Ardelle, born May 16, 1855, resides in Worcester, Mass.; Ariel Burnham, born July 30, 1857, married Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary Leland, and they have one child, Alice M., and reside in Clinton, Mass. David Allen died March 13, 1885, his wife August 5, 1857. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Brown are Benjamin C, born in Boston September 8, 1877; Lendia Hermione, born February 13, 1882; Albert, born April 23, 1883, died May 7, 1883, and Florence May, born February 28, 1885. Mr. Brown removed from Canaan, N. H., and settled in Royalton in 1885.

Button, John A., was born in Royalton, July 28, 1844, and is the only child of Asaph and Roxanna (Wight) Button. His lather was born December 2, 1810; his mother July 27, 1803. He married, first, Martha M., daughter of Landus and Wealtha (Brown) Spear. She was born November 10, 1845. Her father was born October 8, 1811; her mother October 10, 1812. They have one child, Albert, born July 16, 1871. John married, second. Alma J., daughter of Harry and Marcia (Dodge) Bingham. She was born December 15, 1852. Her father was born August 6, 1786; her mother March 20. 1824. Mr. Button, excepting two years, when he resided in Tunbridge, has always lived on the place of his birth, which he now owns and occupies.

Carpenter, Harlin, was born in Strafford, August 3, 1841, the eldest in a family of three children of Selah and Rebecca (West) Carpenter. After attending the district schools he was a student for three terms at the Academy of New Hampton, N. H. He was graduated from Eastman's Business College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in 1862. He studied dentistry with Dr. G. D. Blanchard, of West Randolph, Vt., and has been associated as partner with the following gentlemen, Drs. J. N. Haskell, of Woodstock, Vt., Charles B. Erickson, of New Britton, Conn., G. W. Frame, of Brooklyn, N, Y., George W. Modeman, George E. Nettleton, of New Haven, Conn., F. M. Hemingway, of Boston, and George F. Harwood, of Worcester, Mass. Dr. Carpenter opened an office in South Royalton, August 1, 1887, where he now carries on his profession.

Cleveland, Squire, was born in Canterbury, Conn.. July 17, 1754, and married, November 16, 1788, Pamelia Green. He came to Royalton in 1788, and settled on the farm now occupied by Seth Moxley. He had nine children : Bradford, died in Royalton ; John, died at Braintree, Vt.; Anna, died single ; Polly (deceased), married Samuel Babcock ; Olive (deceased), married Sanford Hannas; Bethahsa; Pamelia (deceased), married Lucian Lathrop; Zurviah (deceased), married Polydore Williams; and Nahum, died in Vermont. Squire Cleveland died June 14, 1834. Bethahsa, son of Squire, born in Royalton, May 31, 1799, married Philena Luce. They had twelve children : Ronaldo, died in Tunbridge; Enoch, resides in Wolcott, Vt; George, died in Royalton; Bradford, died in Mansfield, Vt.; Anna, wife of Seth Moxley; Miranda (deceased), married Cooley Anderson; Orlantha, wife of Marshall Cutler, of Red Wing, Minn.; Hiram, died in Royalton; Henry, died at Hyde Park, Vt.; Rosepha, wife of Sylvester Palmer, of Morristown, Vt.; Nelson, resident of Winchendon, Mass.; and Pamelia, died single Bethahsa Cleveland died June 7, 1861.

Corbin, Elijah, born in Thompson, Conn., in 1776, came to Royalton in 1792, where he died November 5, 1812. He married Orinda Childs, and raised a family of eleven children, viz. : Parley and Elsie. who died in Royalton; Esbon, died in New York State ; Betsey (deceased), married William Hatch ; Erastus, died in Royalton; Franklin ; Hiram, died in Royalton; Dolly, died single; Lucy (deceased), married Caleb Temple; Mary (deceased), married Chauncy Temple; Martha, widow of John Kent, resides in Royalton.

Corbin, Franklin, son of Elijah, born in Royalton, January 5, 1801, married March 12, 1828, Abilena Clapp, who was born August 14, 1806. Of their nine children two died in infancy. The others were Lucy, wife of John Wild of Royalton; Mary (deceased), married Charles E. Sawyer; Miranda, died single; Arthur, died young; Ella, wife of E. A. Thatcher of Royalton; Arthur, died seventeen years of age; Elba A., born in Royalton, married Emma, daughter of Dr. James E. Morse of Hartford, Vt., and resides on the farm settled by his grandfather. He has no children.

Cowdery, Nathaniel, was born November 20, 1699, and married Mehitable Damon. Their son, Jabez, born in Montague, May 29, 1741, married Ruth Wickham, who was born in Glastonbury, Conn., November 27, 1742. They had eleven children. Elihu, their youngest son, was born in Sandersfield, Conn., May 20, 1782. He was a physician, and in 1798 came to Tunbridge, Vt. He married Hannah Fifield, who was born in Unity, N. H., September 6, 1788. Their children were David W.; Chloe, widow of Sewall Godfrey, resides m Tunbridge; Fitch, died aged twenty-six; Ruth, died aged nineteen; Adelia A., married, first, Rev. Lyman Wing, second, Sylvanus Newell; Mary, married Samuel Turner; and George. Elihu died September 16, 1854. David Wickham. son of Elihu, was born in Tunbridge, Vt., May 26, 1811. His first wife was Clarissa Tarbell, by whom he had eight children: Ruth, widow of Wallace Foster, engaged in teaching in Kansas; Betsey Ann, wife of James G. Bingham of Royalton; Mary Ellen, wife of Thomas Johnson of Salem, Mass.; John W., resides at Saratoga Springs. N. Y.; Clara, widow of David Bosworth, and lives in Royalton; Maria P., wife of William G. Davis, of Glens Falls. N. Y.; Fred D. and Frank D. Mr. Cowdery has been a resident of Royalton since 1855.

Dana, Israel Putnam, M. D., of Royalton, was born in Pomfret, February 10, 1855. His father, John Winchester Dana, was thrice married. His first wife was Jerusha Goodspeed. The following were their children: John Winchester, Isaac, Jerusha, Hannah, and Sarah. He married, second, Eleanor Porter Lyon, by whom he had one child, Eleanor P. He married, third, Mary Emeline Wood. The children by this union were Mary Emily, Israel Putnam, Martha Jackman, and Edward Youngs. John Winchester Dana died in Pomfret, August 12, 1862. Dr. Israel P. Dana, after the common school, attended the Kimball Union Academy, at Meriden, N. 11., studied medicine with Dr. C. P. Frost, of Hanover, N. H., and was graduated from the Medical Department of Dartmouth College, November 12, 1883. He was employed one year in the Asylum for the Insane at Somerville, Mass. He came to South Royalton, September 20, 1884 where he has since practiced his profession. He married, November 23, 1888, Mary Alice Hillery. Helen Emeline is their only child.

Day.-This name is of Welch origin, derived from the river Dee in Wales. Robert Day, the American ancestor, was born in 1604 and came to Cambridge, Mass,, in 1634. He was twice married, being accompanied on his voyage by his first wife, Mary . His second wife was Edith Stebbins. He died in Hartford, Conn., in 1618. Of his four children, John is the common ancestor of the Hartford branch. He married Sarah Maynard and probably died in 1730. Of his family of eight children, John, the second son, was born in 1677. He resided at Colchester, Conn., and was twice married. He had eleven children. His son, Benjamin, was born in Colchester, Conn., February 7, 1704. He married Margaret Foote and died December 22, 1777. Of his family of thirteen children Benjamin, the eldest son, was born in Colchester, September 13, 1731, and removed from Hebron, Conn., to Royalton in 1774. He married for his first wife Abigail, daughter of Samuel Day of Colchester. Their children were Samuel, Benjamin, Mary, Asa and Solomon. His second wife was a widow, Mrs. Eunice Young, by whom he had children as follows: Standish, Ralph, Alfred, Sylvester, Ebenezer and Ira.

Denison, Dr. Joseph A., of Royalton, was born at Stoughton, Conn., December 22, 1774. and was the eldest son of James Denison, who became one of the early settlers of Hartland, Vt. Dr. Joseph A. became a resident of Bethel, Vt., in 1797. He studied medicine with Dr. Gallup. He practiced his profession in that town till 1815, when he removed to Royalton, where he died September 5, 1855. He married Rachel Chase. Of their family of nine children, three died in childhood. The six who reached adult age were Joseph A.; George, an Episcopal minister, died at Keokuk, la.; James, an attorney, died at San Antonio, Tex.; Alice (deceased), married David W. Grant; Rachel C, resides in Royalton; and Dudley C. Joseph A., the eldest son of Dr. Joseph A., was born in Bethel, Vt He studied medicine with his father, attended lectures at the Medical School at Woodstock, Vt., took a classical course at the University of Vermont, and a course of lectures at the Medical Department of Yale College. He spent all of his professional life in Royalton, where he died. He married Eliza Skinner. Of their family of twelve children, seven are living.

Denison, Hon. Dudley C, of Royalton, the youngest son of Dr. Joseph A. Denison, was born at Royalton, September 13, 1819. After attending the district schools he became an attendant of the Royalton Academy. He entered the University of Vermont in 1836, and was graduated from that institution in 1840. He studied law with John S. Marcy, of Royalton, and was admitted to the Windsor County Bar, May term, 1845. He commenced, the same year, the practice of his profession in his native town, where he still continues. He was a member of the State Senate in 1853-54, State's Attorney in 1858-60, member of the House of Representatives in 1861, 1862, and 1863, United States District Attorney for a number of years, member of the Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth Congresses. He married Eunice Dunbar, and they have a family of five children, viz.: Joseph D., an attorney, at West Randolph, Vt; Catharine Amanda (deceased), married Charles H. Woodward; John H., an attorney at Denver, Col; Gertrude M.; and Lucy D.

Durkee, Seymour, was born in Brookfield, Vt., November 6, 1815, the youngest son of Vine and Sarah (Doane) Durkee. His early life was spent on his father's farm. At the age of nineteen he learned the harness trade. He moved to Royalton Center in July, 1844, and for a short time was employed in driving the stage to Montpelier. He then engaged at his trade, and removed to South Royalton, March 23, 1868, where he still continues in the business. During the war he was engaged on government work in Springfield, Mass. Mr. Durkee was never married.

Dutton, Amasa, son of Amasa, was born in Clarendon, Vt., in 1783. At the age of six he came to Royalton with his father. He married for his first wife Tamison Ashcroft, by whom he had children as follows: Harry, died young; Carlos, died in Rochester, N. Y.; Caroline, the widow of Dr. James Woodworth, resides in Bethel, Vt.; Carlton, died in Buffalo, N. Y.; and Harry died in Rochester, N. Y. His second wife, Altha Louisa Hazen, was born September 11, 1805. Their children were Altha Louisa (deceased), married Joseph N. Kinney; Amasa Parmelee, a resident of Craftsbnry, Vt.; David Hazen; Tamison Ashcroft, wife of Samuel Mcintosh; Elnora Maria, died seven years of age; Sarah Parmelee, wife of Rodolphus D. Kinney; and Francis Edward, a resident of Barton, Vt. Amasa died April 1, 1863.

Dutton, David Hazen, son of Amasa, born in Royalton, January 12, 1822, married Harriet D. Walbridge of Randolph, and they have two children, Henry Walbridge, born in Royalton April 6, 1847. married Laura Anna Chapin, and has two children, Altha Lula and Laura Annie; and Abigail Caroline, wife of Charles H. Kidder of Bethel.

Fish, Edgar J., M. D., of Royalton. was born in Washington, Vt., February 7, 1851, the only child of John P. and Ann (Dulur) Fish. After attending the local schools he attended the Chelsea Academy, and afterwards studied medicine with Dr. Story N. Goss, of Chelsea. In the fall of 1872 and winter of 1873 he took a course of lectures in the Medical Department of Dartmouth College, and was graduated from the Medical Department of the University of Vermont in 1874. He commenced the practice of his profession in Tunbridge, Vt., where he remained till May, 1887, when he removed to South Royalton. Dr. Fish is a member of the Vermont State and White River Valley Medical Societies, and was president of the latter in 1887 He married Eliza A. Lyman, of Washington, Vt., and has two children, J. Euclid and Harold.

Ellis, Moses, was born in Walpole, N. H., and married Catharine Boyden, by whom he had five children, none of whom are living. He settled in East Barnard about 1785, where he died in 1830.

Ellis, Enoch, son of Moses, was born in Barnard, June 30, 1804. He became a resident of Royalton in the spring of 1842 and married, first, Eliza Smith, by whom he had two children: Moses, a resident of Keene, N. H., and Martha, died thirty years of age. His second wife was Marcia Spaulding, by whom he had four children: Marcus, George, Albert and Abbie. Enoch died June 27, 1879.

Ellis, George, son of Enoch, born in Royalton, December 4, 1847, married Florence Spaulding. They have three children: Oliver J , Jesse A. and Clifford E. Mr. Ellis was a member of the House of Representatives in 1884, and is one of the present board of selectmen.

Fay, Willard E., the youngest of three children, was born in Williamstown, Vt., December 8, 1861. Gardner Fay, his father, who was a son of Henry, who is still living in Calais, Vt., enlisted as a private in the last war, and was killed at Orange Grove. His mother, Matilda Saucry, married for her second husband Edson Allen. He had two brothers, Allen Gardner, attorney-at-law, lives in Montpelier, and Frank Irvin, jeweler, resides at Orange, Mass. Willard E. was six months old when his father enlisted, and he lived with his grandmother, Mrs. Saucry, in Williamstown till he was seven years of age, then with Norman G. Davis until he was fourteen, then went to learn the blacksmith trade of James Parmenter of Brookfield. He worked at his trade the three years following with Albert Martin of Williamstown. In 1884 he finally settled in Royalton, where he carried on his trade.

Fowler.-The families in Royalton and Bethel bearing this name were descended from William Fowler the " Magistrate." He arrived in Boston from London, England, June 26, 1637. In company with others he sailed from Boston, March 30, 1638, for Qmnnipiac, the Indian name for New Haven. In the spring of the following year he became one of the first settlers of Milford, Conn., being the first named of its trustees, and at the first meeting of the Milford Company was chosen one of the judges. He is the first mentioned in the deed of the town which was executed February 12, 1769. In the organization of the church he was elected one of the " seven pillars."' He was elected magistrate and re-appointed yearly to 1654, and died in 1660. Of his family Captain William Fowler married Mary, daughter of Edward and Ann Tapp. Of his family of four children Jonathan, the youngest, was born May 20, 1696, and married Hannah Clark, and became a resident of Coventry, Conn., in 1719, where he died. His eldest son. Rev. Joseph Fowler, born at Lebanon, Conn,, in 1722, was graduated from Yale College, and was a Congregational minister at East Haddam, Conn., for twenty-one years, where he died June 10, 1771. He married Sarah, daughter of Rev. Joseph Metcalf of Lebanon, Conn. Of their family of eight children Elisha Adams, the fifth child, was born at East Haddam, Conn., September 29, 1755, and married June 7, 1781, Mary Burr. He removed to East Bethel, Vt., at an early day, where he died February 20, 1840. He had a family of nine children, viz.: William, died young; Mary, married John F. Pierson ; Elizabeth, died at the age of twenty ; Electa, died at sixty ; Lucinda, died young; Joseph; Elisha; Lucinda, married Lemuel Woodworth ; and Sarah, died aged five. Joseph, the son of Elisha Adams Fowler, born December 27, 1793, married August 29, 1817, Cynthia Gifford. Their children were Norman, Lucinda, Alonzo, Edwin, George A., and Joseph Lewis. Joseph Fowler died August, 1849. Alonzo, the third above, was born July, 1828, in Hartford, Vt., and died in Royalton, February 17, 1877. He married Maria C. Ainsworth. Their children were Eva M., died in 1877, aged twenty-four years and seven months; William F., died in 1877, aged nineteen years and six months ; Bertie Alonzo, died in 1874, aged fourteen years and six months; and Anna M., died in 1877, aged ten years and two months.

Gage, Harry, born in Enfield, N. H., May 15, 1805, married, first, Mary Goss, by whom he had two children, Lucy and Mary, both of whom died young. He married, second, Susan Alden Fuller. The issue of this marriage was Henry Fuller Gage. Harry settled on the farm now occupied by his son in 1835.

Gage, Henry Fuller, was born in Royalton, June 4, 1845, and married August 20, 1867, Esther M., daughter of Nelson W. and Jane W. (Greene) Hunt. She was born in Royalton, August 15, 1848. They have five children: George Henry, born June 20, 1868; an infant died unnamed ; Benjamin F., born May 2, 1871 ; Nelson, born November 23, 1873, died September 16, 1877. aged four years; and Bessie M., born July 23, 1883, died June 11, 1890, aged six years.

Goff, Oliver, a native of Rehoboth, Mass., first settled on the farm now owned by Edwin Allen in Pomfret. He had ten children : Noah, died in Royalton; Frederick, died in Pomfret.; Bliss, resides in Woodstock; Oliver, died in Pomfret, aged ninety-two; Luther, died in Sharon, aged ninety ; Calvin ; Thankful (deceased), married Martin Boyden ; Olive (deceased), married Chester Perrin; Hannah (deceased), married Luther Boyden; and Nancy (deceased), married Samuel Bowen. Calvin, son of Oliver, was born in Pomfret, and married Lavinia Bugbee. Their children were Phineas, Emily H., widow of Benjamin Day; Lucinda, William S. and Harry B. (twins). Phineas, son of Calvin, was born in Royalton, February 25, 1809, married Aurilla Spaulding. They had two children : Calvin Phineas, born in Royalton, November 30, 1834, married Mary Austin, and they have one child, Abby; and Amanda, died aged twenty-four. Phineas died January 15, 1880. Harry B., son of Colvin, was born in Royalton, May 23, 1818, married June 2, 1837, Lucy F. Follett of Pomfret, who died January 22, 1877. His second wife was Laura A., widow of Elisha G. Shurtliff and daughter of Lewis and Olive Burrows. Mr. Groff has adopted two children, viz.: Charles F., living at Barnard, and Hattie M., who married Warren F. Wheeler, and died at Stoneham, Mass.

Greene.-The Greene family of Royalton are descended from William Greene, born in Devonshire, England, October 16, 1591, settled in Charlestown, Mass., and died in Woburn, Mass., January 7, 1654. He married Hannah Carter, who was born in Devonshire, March 20, 1596, and died in Woburn, September 20,1657. They had a son William, born in Woburn, who married Hannah, daughter of Francis and Mary (Todd) Kendall. She was born in Woburn, January 26, 1655, and died December 20, 1719. Jacob, their son, was born in Woburn, October 14, 1691, and died in Hanover, N. H., December 16, 1790. He married Elizabeth Crouch, who was born in Shrewsbury, Mass., October 27, 1695, and died December 24, 1755. Their son David, born in Shrewsbury, March 2, 1725, died at Stafford, Conn., about April 1, 1780. He married Ruth Rogers of Brimfield, Mass., January 30, 1752. By this marriage was born Josiah, in Stafford, Conn., August 26 1703. He married September 18, 1787, his cousin Susa, daughter of Samuel and Jane (White) Greene. She was born in Stafford, February 5, 1766, and died in Brooklyn, N. Y., October 19, 1841. Josiah died at Auburn, N.Y., September 13, 1809. Rannay, of East Randolph. Vt., son of the above, was born in Newport, N. H., April 27, 1788, and married March 7, 1810, Pamella Kelsey, born in Tunbridge, Vt., May 6, 1789. She died at East Randolph, Vt, August 13. 1859. Rannay died January 15, 1873. One of the issues of this marriage was Josiah R., born in Tunbridge, December 21, 1810, and married October 31, 1843, Sarah H. Hanks. She was born September 5, 1817. They had three children, Sarah Hortensia, born January 7, 1845, resides at Royalton ; Josiah Fayette, born in Royalton, June 21, 1848, and married October 16, 1884, Ellen Idella, daughter of Oel and Sabrina (Strong) Perrin. Their child, William Lester, born July 6, 1885, died January 24, 1886. Josiah R. died September 29, 1881 ; his wife November 4, 1881. George Lee, born October 31, 1850, died October 23, 1857.

Hickey, Dennis, was born in County Limerick, Ireland, in 1832. His father died when he was twelve years of age. His mother, with seven of her nine children, emigrated to America in 1849. Dennis and a sister came a year later, landing in New York the 2nd of September, 1850. Mr. Hickey was taken sick with ship fever and after remaining a few months in the hospital at Staten Island, joined his mother at Port Henry, N. Y. In the spring of 1851 he came to Bridport, Vt., and was engaged in farming in that town and Cornwall till 1861. In September of that year he enlisted in Company F, Fifth Vermont Regiment. He was discharged on account of disability April, 1862. returning to Cornwall, he afterwards became a resident of New Haven, Vt., and removed to Royalton in the spring of 1874. He married, September 9, 1866, Harriet Alexander, and has a family of four children : Edward D., George S., Maggie L. and Florence M.

Howard, Philip, a native of Bridgewater, Mass., born in 1770, came to Royalton in 1794, married Rebecca Wilber for his first wife, and had nine children. Caroline Stevens was his second wife, and they had two children. His family located in the West, except Elisha, child of the first wife, and Charles, child of the second wife. Charles lives in Bethel, Vt. Philip died at his son Elisha's home in 1860, aged ninety years.

Howard, Elisha, son of Philip, was born in Royalton, July 22, 1806, and died June 24, 1886. He married Polly Davis, by whom he had eleven children. She was born in Pittsfield, Vt., March 14, 1808, and died at Royalton, April 26, 1888. Their children were Almira W., born April 3, 1833, married Humphrey Cheney of Colton, N. Y., where they now live; John Benjamin, born May 7, 1836, died at Salem, Oregon, in 1887; Mary Elizabeth, born October 22, 1834, married Harvey Ainsworth, and lives in Delton, Wis. ; Amanda Melvina, born March 8, 1838, died at her father's home May 10, 1869 ; Thomas Benton, born November 22, 1839, died at Alexandria, July 3, 1861, a true soldier of the Union; Silas Wright; Philip Newton, born November 15, 1843, was color-bearer of the 16th Reg. Vt. Vols., and was killed at the battle of Gettysburg, July 3, 1863 ; David Wheelock, born December 31, 1845, married Lizzie Evans of Furgus Falls, Minn., and they live in Star, Dakota; Sarah Francelia, born January 18, 1847, married Chester Clark, of Royalton, and died June 27, 1884 ; Frank William, born October 9, 1851, married Clara McPherson of Furgus Falls, Minn., where he lives; Aldula H., born September 25, 1854, married M. K. Tucker, of Pittsfield, Vt.

Howard, Silas W., the sixth child of Elisha and Polly Howard, and the only one of their family whose residence is Royalton, is a farmer and lives on a farm adjoining the one on which his grandfather settled, and where the family have lived for the last thirty-five years. He was a soldier in the Rebellion. He was mustered into Company E, 2nd U. S. Sharpshooters, November 27, 1861, and was discharged in 1862. While in the service he was severely wounded, having received seventeen wounds at the battle of Antietam. He married Dorah Rand, daughter of Reuben and Harriet Rand of Barnard. They have seven children, Frank B., Edith M., Erva A., Willie D., Arthur H., Lucinda and Florence.

Jones, Joseph R., M.D., was born in Livonia, N. Y., June 12, 1815, the youngest son of Abiel and Rebecca (Rix) Jones. His father was a physician and a Presbyterian minister, and went as a home missionary to Ohio, returning to Royalton in 1825, where he died. Dr. Jones was a student in the Royalton Academy, took a course of lectures at the Medical College, Woodstock, and was graduated from Dartmouth College. He studied medicine with Dr. Charles B. Chandler of Tunbridge, also with his brother, Dr. Daniel Jones of Ludlow. He commenced the practice of his profession at East Barnard, but after two years he was obliged to move West on account of ill-health. Locating at Princeton, III, he practiced there five or six years, when he removed to La Moille, 111., where he continued in his profession until his death, December 22, 1882. Dr. Jones was a member of the Illinois State and Bureau County Medical Societies. He married Susan Hutchinson of Tunbridge, who returned to South Royalton in the spring of 1883, where she now resides. He had no children.

Kendall, Sumner B., eldest son of Samuel and Hannah (Harvey) Kendall, was born in Marlboro, N. H., May 20, 1815. His father moved to Canada in the spring of 1816, remaining till 1828, when he removed to Montpelier, Vt. Sumner B. continued to reside in the latter place till 1851, when he removed to Royalton. Since 1847 he has been engaged in the railroad business, and was in the employ of the Vermont Central for thirty years. His first wife was Louisa Meade. Of their four children two are living: Annette, wife of George Quimby, lives in Iowa, and Luke, a resident of Chicago, 111. Mr. Kendall married for his second wife Elizabeth Durkee. His third wife was Sarah Marsh.

Lamb, Hon. Charles M., of Royalton, was born in Randolph, Vt., April 6, 1803, and is the youngest son of Joseph and Dorcas (Marcy) Lamb He received his education in the district schools, and by attendance one term each in Randolph and Claremont Academies. Mr. Lamb became a member of the Orange County Bar in 1850, and commenced the practice of his profession at Tunbridge, Vt. In December, 1852. he moved to South Royalton, at which time he became a member of the Windsor County Bar. He continued his practice alone till 1870, when he entered into a partnership with Arthur Culver, which continued until Mr. Culver's death. He associated himself with Charles P. Tarbell in April, 1873, which partnership still exists under the firm name of Lamb &, Tarbell. Mr. Lamb is the eldest man in the practice of his profession m the State. He married Louisa Hutchinson and had a family of four children: Amos H.; Emily, wife of Henry H. Kinsman of Hartford, Conn.; Hellen (deceased), married Joseph Stannard of Cleveland, 0.; and Susan.

Lovejoy, Daniel, a native of Connecticut, settled at an early day in Sharon. He married Lorenza Havens, daughter of Robert Havens, who was one of the first settlers of Sharon. Their children were: Huldah (deceased), married Jonathan Morgan; of Middletown, Vt.; Betsey, married Jonathan Morgan; Thomas, died in Royalton; Charlotte (deceased), married Stephen Clark, of Lawrenceville, N. Y.; Joseph, died in the State of New York; Pamelia (deceased), married Collins Leach, of Grand Rapids, Mich.; Hannah (deceased), married Ira Curtiss, of Sharon.

Lovejoy, Thomas, son of Daniel, was born in Sharon, married in 1818 Susan Spalding, and had seven children: William I., a farmer, living in Mitchell, la.; Jason C, farmer, resides in Michigan; Charles D., living in Royalton; Henry Thomas and George B., living in Mitchell county, la.; Eliza (deceased), married John D. Fales; and Daniel W., a physician, died in Royalton, July 18, 1880.

Lovejoy, Charles D., son of Thomas, was born in Sharon, December 30, 1824, and married Laura J., daughter of Jacob and Dorothy (Mclntire) Wood. Mrs. Lovejoy was born in Pomfret, July 25, 1836. They have three children, Ada L., widow of John M. Miller; Thomas E.; and Mark H. Mr. Lovejoy owns and carries on the homestead farm in Royalton, and has filled the various town offices.

McCullough, James, was born in Shipton, now Richmond, Province of Quebec. Canada. February 27, 1813. He removed to Malone, N. Y., in 1837, and became a resident of Royalton in 1850. He married Elizabeth Maria Clapp. They have four children, Frederick, a resident of Wendover, Wyoming Territory; Samuel, resides in Royalton; Clara, wife of Henry Cole, of Hardwick, Vt.; Caroline, wife of Fred Fay, of Everett, Mass. Samuel Clapp, grandfather of Mrs. McCullough, was born in Dorchester, Mass., and had a family of four children, viz.: Stacey, who died during the War of 1812 at Plattsburgh, N. Y.; Samuel, died in Bethel single ; Thomas, died married. Thomas, son of Samuel, born in Royalton, October 10, 1785, died October 16, 1854, married Betsey Young. Their children were Abiline (deceased), married Franklin Corbin; Paulena (deceased), married Chester Griswold ; Caroline (deceased), married Thomas J. Fiske; Carlton, resides in Barre, Vt; Elizabeth M., wife of James McCullough; Mary, widow of Harper Johonnot, lives in Syracuse, N. Y.; Jennet (deceased), married Roswell D. Lillie; and Clarissa, resides in Royalton, with James McCullough, who lives in the same house built by Samuel Clapp, grandfather of Maria McCullough, 102 years aged, and held in the Clapp family since built.

Madgett, John, an early settler of Tunbridge, Vt., was a hotel-keeper in that town. He married Mary Chambers, and had two children. Ira, and Achsa, who married Ira Riddle, and died in Tunbridge. Ira married Abigail Knight, of Newburyport, N. H. He had six children : Sarah, Mary, Hannah, John, Abigail, Ira. John, of the above family, was born m Tunbridge, February 9, 1829, where he resided until twenty years of age. He then learned the machinist trade in Manchester, N. H., which he followed for twenty years in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California and Vermont. Mr. Madgett enlisted as a private in Company E, First Vermont Cavalry, and received his discharge in April, 1862, and in August, 1863, re-enlisted in Company G, Fourth Vermont Infantry, and received a final discharge January 1865. He was wounded at Spottsylvania Court House, on which account he receives a pension. In 1877 he patented the " Madgett Hay Tedder," which was re-patented in 1883. This machine has taken more than one hundred first premiums, and is sold in the States, Territories and foreign countries. He has been a resident of South Royalton since 1806, removing from Tunbridge, and devotes his time to the sale of the Hay Tedder. He married, first. Lavina Jane McColley, of New Boston, N. H. They had two children, George A., a telegraph operator in New York city; and Nellie (deceased). He married, second, Mary L. Clifford.

Moxley, Seth, resided in Tunbridge. where he died. He married Marcia Russ, and had a family of five children, none of whom are living. His son Joseph was born in Tunbridge, August 14, 1789, and died in January, 1856. He married Sophia Waldo. Seth, son of Joseph, was born in Tunbridge, October 12, 1828, and married Anna Cleveland. They had ten children : Sarah A., married James Gould, April 19, 1882 ; Frank H., married N. Hunt, November 19, 1879; Fred G.; Kate A.; M. Lee; Lena L., married H. E. Russ, January 13, 1884; Lettie M., married George Day, September 4, 1890; Charles S.; L. Winifred ; and Susie M. Mr. Moxley is a farmer, and has been a resident of Royalton since 1843.

Parker, Charles N., was born in Wilmington, Mass., May 12, 1842, the only child of Newman and Alice (Sloan) Parker. His father moved with his family to Royalton in 1850. He was a shoemaker by trade, but very soon after his coming to Royalton he became a merchant, in which business he remained until his death, which occurred October 8, 1883. His wife died June 23, 1886. They were buried in the North Royalton Cemetery. Mr. Parker attended the Academy School at Royalton. He was employed on the railroad about four years, but at the age of twenty-four he went into company with his father in the mercantile business at Royalton, which was continued till the death of his father. He then carried on the business till the time of his death, which occurred August 21, 1887. He was postmaster at Royalton seven years. He married Laura, daughter of John and Philena (Freeman) Williams, who was born in Royalton, August 3, 1842.

Parkhurst, Benjamin, came from Plainfield, Conn., to Sharon, one of its early settlers. After a residence there of live years, on what is now known as the Dana farm, he removed to Royalton, settling a farm at the mouth of the second branch of White River. He was the third settler of the town, and was there at the time of the Indian raid. His daughter, Rachel, was the first white female child born in Royalton. He practiced medicine and was the first school teacher in the town. He married Sarah Shepard, and of their twelve children, one died in infancy. The others were Rachel, married Sylvester Day ; Amy, married Howe Wheeler, and died over ninety years of age; Betsey, married Abel Stevens; Mary, married Otis Wilson; Sarah, married William Smith; Eunice, married General Lovell Hibbard; Simon, Phineas, Sterhen, Coit and Levi. Benjamin died aged ninety-six. Coit Parkhurst, above, was born in Royalton, February 28, 1800, and died in Hinckley, 111., July 5, 1884. He married Mary Ann, daughter of Willaim Bingham, of Royalton, who died at Hinckley, March 25, 1890. They had six children : Olive, died sixteen years of age; Helen, died aged twenty-four; Benjamin Franklin, born in Royalton, June 28, 1826, married Frances J. Graves, and they have one child, Helen M., and reside in Worcester. Mass.; Agnes, died thirty-three years of age ; William Frederick, died m infancy ; and Frederica, wife of A. F. Prince, of Hinckley, 111.

Perrin, Asa, was born in Woodstock, Conn. He was a Revolutionary soldier, and was at the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga, and his sword is now in possession of his great-grandson, Horace H. Perrin, of Randolph, Vt. His wife was Olive Bellows, of Canterbury, Conn. Three of his sons, Asa, Nathaniel, and Greenfield, came to Royalton as early as 1786. The latter was born in Woodstock, Conn., March 11, 1763, and married in 1791 Sally, daughter of William and Tammesin (Cady) Ashcroft. She was born in Connecticut, Decembers, 1775, and died in Northfield, Vt., while on a visit to her sister, June 18, 1842. Greenfield purchased the farm now in possession of his son, Ira, of Daniel Fuller, the deed being dated June 26, 1786. He died June 2, 1854. They had twelve children, viz.: William, born February 11, 1793, married Nancy Morrill, of Randolph, Vt., and died in Wisconsin; Serepta, born April 16, 1797, died January 4. 1878; Daniel, born February 16,1799, died January 19, 1855; Fannella, born April 11, 1801. married Alfred Converse, died at Moretown, Vt.; John, born March 8, 1803, married Elsie Herrick, of Northfield, Vt., and lives in Lebanon, N. IL; Oel. born May 30, 1805, married Sabrina Strong, of Randolph, Vt., and lives in Brookfield, Vt.; Eliza, born June 16, 1807, died October 21, 1826; Lucretia, born March 7, 1810, wife of James Murch, of Lebanon, N. H.; Alzina, born May 6, 1812, married Chester Green, died April 29, 1890; Asa, born March 20, 1816, married, first, Hannah Simonds, of Roxbury, Vt., and second, Mary Strong, of Randolph, Vt., and died November 30, 1888; Ira, born in Royalton, June 27, 1818, and married, first, December 21, 1841, Clarissa, daughter of Calvin and Betsey (Hincher) Ellis. Their only child, Lilla, is not living. Mrs. Perrin died in 1863, and he married, second, June 10, 1869, Mrs. Weltha A. Holden, nee Simonds.

Pierce, Nathaniel, married Priscilla Shepard and had children as follows: Lucy, married Dr. Phineas Parkhurst of Lebanon, N. H.: Williard, Betsey and Isaac. The latter married Polly Smith, who was a sister of Joseph Smith, the Mormon Apostle, who was a native of Royalton ; also Bester, who lived and died in Potsdam, N. Y., and Priscilla, who married a Mr. Howe.

Pierce, Willard, son of Nathaniel, born in Connecticut in 1761, married, July 22, 1784, Susan Waldo of Pomfret, Connecticut. Soon after his marriage he removed to Royalton. He had a family of eight children, viz.: Betsey, died young; Phineas; Albigence, died in Royalton; John D., died in Strafford, Vt.; Lucy (deceased), married a Mr. Herrick of New London, N. H.; Betsey (deceased), married, first, a Mr. Greenough, second, Joseph L. Dewey; Priscilla (deceased), married Dr. Thomas Whipple of New Hampshire; and Daniel W., died in Sharon, Vt. Willard died in Royalton in 1828.

Pierce, Phineas, the son of Willard, born in Royalton, July 13, 1787, married, September 30, 1813. Charlotte Stone Parkhurst. They had eight children: Charlotte Stone (deceased), married George Bradstreet; Susan Waldo, wife of Horace P. Allen of Royalton ; Phineas Dana, married Eleanor D. Kibbe; Martha Parkhurst (deceased), married David Bryant Cox; Priscilla Whipple, widow of Silas H.Clark; John Henry, died young; Frances Caroline; and Ellen Augusta. Phineas died November 15, 1875.

Richards, Samuel H., was born in Middlebury, Vt., April 16, 1856, the eldest son of Samuel H. and Phebe Richards. He has been a resident of Royalton since 1884, and is section boss on the Vermont Central Railroad, also engaged in farming. He married Melinda Pecor and has a family of five children, viz.: Erva A., Ella May, Hattie M., Maud Edna and Samuel H.

Rix, Daniel, born in Preston, Conn., in 1738, became a resident of Royalton in 1778, and married Rebecca Johnson. Their children were Gardner, Joseph, Daniel, Elisha, Susannah, Rebecca and Jerusha. Daniel died at Royalton in 1823. Elisha, son of Daniel, born in Preston. Conn., in 1778, married Betsey Flinn. They had eight children, viz.: Almira, Emily, George. Charles, William, Lucy, Susan and Edward. Elisha died in 1853. William, son of Elisha, born in Royalton, July 10, 1810, married Catharine F. Kendall. They have two daughters, Catharine Kendall, wife of William Skinner, of Royalton ; Elizabeth, wife of Joseph D. Dennison, at West Randolph, Vt. William Rix is a graduate of the University of Vermont, and from 1834 to 1865 was engaged in mercantile business in the South, since which time he has been a resident of Royalton.

Russ, Jeremiah, one of the early settlers of Royalton, was a native of Connecticut, he married Eunice Moxley and had three children, viz.: Thomas, Eunice died young, and Harmina died single.

Russ, Thomas, son of Jeremiah, was born in Royalton, March 31, 1789, and married January 1, 1811, Judith Morrill, who was born August 16, 1789. They had six children : Niel, resides in East Bethel, Vt.; Nathaniel, died in Haverhill, Mass.; Jeremiah, died young; Eunice, died young; Jeremiah; and Ira M., resides in Royalton. Thomas died in April, 1869.

Russ, Jeremiah, son of Thomas, born in Royalton, September 28, 1824, married. May 29, 1845,  Mary C. Kenworthy. They had two children: Thomas Jeremiah, born in Royalton, July 20, 1848, married Susan Perrin, resides in Brookfield, Vt.; and Martha Eunice (deceased). Mr. Russ resides on the farm settled by his grandfather.

Sewall, Philip G., the sun of John, was born at Wilmot, N. H., September 21, 1818. He has been a resident of Royalton since 1835. He married Eunice M. Howe, and has three children, viz.: Elmina C, wife of Josiah G. Bennett, of Royalton ; Ellen A., widow of Samuel Heaton, resides in Keene, N. H.; and Norman W., born in Royalton, September 5, 1847, married Frances J. Bennett. They have one child, Blanche C. Norman W. is engaged in farming.

Shepard.-Among the early settlers of Sharon was Moses Shepard, who was a native of Connecticut, and was born in 1753. He died February, 1828. He had four children: Thomas, Isaac, Polly and Sarah. Isaac, second son of the above, married Esther Hitchcock, and their children were Constant, who resides in Worcester, Mass.; Isaac Stephens; Mary (deceased), married Horace Gould; Ruth (deceased), married John Waldo; John, died about thirty-three years of age; Pliny, died in Minnesota; and Ann (deceased), married Alvin Fellows. Isaac Stephen, born in Sharon, Vt.. June 14, 1802, married December 7, 1827, Lucy Wheat, who was born in Pittsfield, Vt. November 4, 1803. They had four children : George, died in Wisconsin in 1862 ; Mary Jane (deceased), married Rev. Rollin Fay, a Congregational minister; John F.; and Esther Ann, wife of James Riddle of Royalton. Isaac S. died August 21, 1883. John F., son of Isaac S., born in Sharon, September 4, 1835, married Mary Button. They have five children : Charles F., resides at Barre, Vt.; Lucy A., wife of Arthur Fowler of Royalton; George S., lives in Pawtucket, R. I.; John C; and Fred J. John F. has been a resident of Royalton since 1846, and is engaged in lumbering and farming.

Skinner, Edmund R., born February 22, 1827, married Rebecca Damon. They have three children : Betsey, wife of Alpheus Bachelder of Plainfield, Vt.; Anson P.; and Ruth, wife of Henry Smith of Strafford, Vt. He removed from Plainfield to Royalton in 1853, and in 1882 became a resident of Tunbridge, where he now resides.

Skinner, Anson P., was born in Marshfield, Vt., March 5, 1845. He commenced the meat and grocery business in South Royalton in 1872, and having been burned out in August 1886, united in building the fine block in which he now carries on business. He married Helen French and has three children: Leon A., Edith and Archie.

Slack. John A., married Harriet Little and had six children, Charles W.; Samuel L.; Fred J., resides in Manchester, N. H.; Lewis P., lives in Washington; Hattie L., wife of W. B. Smith of Lake Village, N. H.; and Louisa S., wife of William A. Wood worth of South Royalton. Samuel L. was born in Norwich, November 18, 1851, and married, October 2, 1869, Ade J., daughter of Ira and Elvira Batchelder. She was born in Plainfield, Vt.. April 9, 1853. They have three children: Hattie E., born September 11, 1873; Wallace W., born December 3, 1876; Harry J., born December 11, 1880. Mr. Slack removed to California in 1871, and returned to Vermont in 1888, locating in Royalton.

Slack, Royal, was born in Windsor, Vt., 1786, and died in 1849. He married Sally Wilcox and of their eleven children, eight died in infancy, the other three were Harriet, died single; Joel P., died in Northfield, Vt., and John W., born in Norwich, Vt. December 4, 1821, became a resident of Royalton in 1856. He married Eunice Houston of Northfield, Vt., who died March 15, 1889. Their family consisted of three children : George M., a resident of Royalton ; Heman B., married Mary Taylor, they have one child, George, resides at Proctor, Vt.; and Mary Ella, wife of Carter R. Rogers of Proctor, Vt.

Southgate, Thomas, was one of three brothers who settled at an early day in Bridgewater. He had three children: Mary (deceased), married Alonzo Davis; Franklin, lives ill Colorado; and Thomas. The latter was born in Bridgewater, June 17, 1795, and married Dulcina Marsh, who was born December 26, 1798. Thomas died August 2, 1839, and his widow married Samuel Harwood of Holley, N. Y., where she died September 5, 1881. Thomas Southgate was a merchant in Bridgewater, also postmaster and town clerk. He had children as follows: Julia Adeline, wife of Robert Johnson of East Kendall, N. Y.; Charles Carroll; Volney Marsh, lives in Rockford, III; and John Murray, also living in Rockford.

Southgate, Charles Carroll, was born in Bridgewater, October 24, 1831. He married Eleanor, daughter of Caleb and Millie (Densmore) Livingstone. She was born in Westmoreland, N. H., November 24, 1829. They had four children: Florence, born October 14, 1854, married George B. Piersons of Montpelier; Charles Thomas, born February 1, 1857, married Cora Diamond, they have one child, Ray Edward; Hattie, born November 24, 1858, died August 18, 1863; and Helen Frances, born April 4, 1861, is the present postmaster of South Royalton. Mr. Southgate moved from Bridgewater to Woodstock in 1847 and learned the tailor's trade, and in 1852 located in business at South Royalton.

Stearns, David Clark, was born in Windham, Windham county, Vt., December 28, 1835, the second in a family of six children of James and Achsah (Burnap) Stearns. James Stearns, his grandfather, came from Worcester, Mass., and settled in Windham in the latter part of the last century. He married Sarah Chase and had a family of six children. David Clark was married in Lowell, Mass., to Sarah J., daughter of Sullivan and Laura (Sherwin) Fay, who died February 24, 1866. He married, second, Ellen Frances, daughter of Harvey and Laura (Smith) Lee, who was born in Peacham, Vt., April 3, 1844. She was eleven years a teacher, five years preceptress of Chester Academy and two years principal of Royalton Academy. Mr. and Mrs. Stearns have had but one child, Ellen Lee, born in Windham, April 24, 1870, died in Royalton, March 17, 1888. Mr. Stearns moved from Windham to Royalton, where he first settled upon a farm. In 1884 he became owner and proprietor of the Cascadnac House, Indian name for White River, which position he still occupies.

Stickney, Rev. Moses Parsons, was born in Rowley, Mass., July 12, 1807. He spent two years in Demmer Academy m that town, afterwards went to Farmingham Academy, and entered Harvard College in 1825 and remained two years, but was obliged to relinquish his studies on account of ill health. He afterwards was graduated from Amherst College in 1830. The next two years he was engaged in school teaching. He then became a student at the Bangor Theological Seminary, where he remained two years, when he entered the Theological Department of Yale College, from which he was graduated in 1835. He was ordained at Eastport, Me., 1836, and settled over the Congregational church in that place. In 1841 he became an Episcopalian, and was ordained by Bishop Griswold at St. Ann's church, at Lowell, Mass. His first parish was St. Michael's church, Marblehead, Mass., in 1842, where he remained five years. His next charge was St. Peter's church, Cambridgeport, Mass., where he also remained five years. From 1851 to 1852 he was rector of Burlington College, Burlington, N. J. From the spring of 1853 to the summer of 1871 he was assistant rector of the Church of the Advent at Boston. At the latter period he removed to Vermont, and till 1888 was the rector of Christ's church at Bethel, Vt., and St. Paul's Episcopal church at Royalton, Vt. He married Jane Frances Curry, of St. Andrews, N. B., by whom he had five children, viz.: Elizabeth (deceased), married Nathaniel Whittier; William Brunswick Curry, an attorney at Bethel; Agnes died at fifteen years of age; Henry Storer, died five years of age; Cornelia Loring resides at Boston.

Thurston, George, son of Edward, came with his father from Deerfield, Mass., when a child, and settled in Norwich, Vt. He married Melinda Dean, and died in Sharon, April 20, 1866. His wife died in Barnard, March. 1881. They had eight children: one died in infancy; Henry, killed by an accident in Braintree, Vt.; James, died in Sharon; George R., born in Hartford, January 18, 1840, enlisted August 10, 1862, in Company K, Sixteenth Vermont Regiment, mustered out July 10, 1863, re-enlisted the same year in Company I, Ninth Vermont Regiment, was mustered out in June 1865, and married Martha Longee of Washington, Vt., and had four children: Delia, Franklin H., Bertha, and Louisa, is a farmer and resides in Sharon; Harrison H., farmer residing in Sharon; Mary Jane, wife of Henry George, of Sharon; Wilbur N., born in Sharon, February 11, 1847, enlisted as a private in Company G, Ninth Vermont, June, 1862, was transferred in the fall of that year to the Seventeenth U. S. Infantry, was taken prisoner at Harper's Ferry September 15, 1862, was paroled the next day, and was finally discharged from the service on account of wounds, November, 1864, and married first Celia Starks, by whom he has two living children, Melinda M. and Henry W., and married, second, Abbie G., daughter of James and Rebecca Williams, is a carpenter by trade, but is at present engaged in farming in Royalton; Andrew, died in Braintree, Vt.; and Alice E. (deceased), married William Harlow,

Tolles, David, the son of Benjamin, was born in Weathersfield, Vt., September 10, 1816. He moved from his native town to Bethel, Vt, February, 1843, and became a resident of Royalton, March, 1855. He married Parthenia Dartt of Weathersfield. The issue of this marriage was two children, viz.: Almond D., who was born in Bethel, March 19, 1846, and married Harriet R. Bugbee of Bethel. He resides in Great Falls, N. H., and has two children, Benjamin D. and Edna P., and Edna P., died single, David married, second, Mrs. Jane Arnold, nee Wellington.

Waldo, Zachariah, born in Pomfret, Conn., December 25, 1765, married Abigail Corbin, of Dudley, Mass  Their children were Sarah, died single; Ralph; William resides in Stoughton, Mass.; Mahala (deceased) married a Mr. Reynolds; Louisa, widow of Isaac Upham, lives at North Grovensdale, Conn.; Sullivan died in Royalton ; John died in the West; and Joseph Warren resides in Royalton. Zachariah was killed by falling from the roof of his house, August 3, 1818. Ralph, his son, born in Royalton, September 11, 1797, married, March 31, 1828, Parmelia Wheat, who was born in Pittsfield, Vt., March 11, 1809. Their children were William Leavins; Emma Louisa, wife of George Curtis, of Stoughton, Mass.; Charles Francis; Marie Antoinette (deceased), married Chester D. Clark; Joseph Warren; Mary Elizabeth, widow of Nicholas Vesper, resides in Royalton ; Benjamin Franklin lives in Santa Cruz county, Cal; George Washington resides in Allegan, Mich ; Henry R. lives in California ; Willis Wales died aged thirteen ; Flora Adelia, wife of the Rev. Alphonso Dunbar, Second Advent preacher, located in Ohio; and Jennie Adell, widow of Frank Bailey, resides in Royalton. Ralph died January, 1869. Charles Francis, son of Ralph, born in Royalton, October 11, 1833, married March 22, 1860, Fannie, daughter of Mark and Sarah L. (Harris) Bowen. Their children are Nellie, died in infancy; Edward C, assistant cashier of the Trader's Bank, of Kirwin, Kan.; and Willis C. married Fannie M. Bigelow, of Barnard, and at present resides there.

Waller, (Deacon) Israel, was the first settler of this family in Windsor county and located at Royalton. He was a native of Connecticut. He married Anna Buftington, and among his children were David; Calvin, a lawyer who resided in New York city, where he died; Silas, a doctor who lived and died in New York city ; and Sarah. Deacon Waller was related to General Israel Putnam.

Waller, David, son of Israel, was born in Royalton, and was captured during the Indian raid on that town in 1780, was taken to Montreal and was two years away from his home. Among his children were Daniel, Sarah, Anna and Israel.

Waller, Daniel, of the above family, was born in Royalton in 1794, and married Mary Russell of Cambridge, Mass. Their children were Emily, wife of James Gilson of Brookfield, III; Julia, wife of Harvey Ellis of Springfield, Mass.; Patten died in Bethel, aged twenty years ; and David F. Daniel died in November, 1878.

Waller, David F., was born in Royalton, February 25, 1824, and married Mary D., daughter of Daniel S. and Lydia B. (Lewis) Hallett, a native of Hyannis, Mass. They had two children, Mary E. and Daniel B. David F. was for a number of years conductor on the Boston and Worcester Railroad and died in Worcester, Mass., July 23, 1867. Daniel B. died July 29, 1807.

Waterman, Robert Smith, was born in Portsmouth, N. H., April 24, 1832, the fifth in a family of ten children of Benjamin Franklin and Lucy (Goelet) Waterman. His great-grandfather's name was Abraham, a native of Rhode Island, who came at an early date to Royalton. His son, Gideon, married Mary Lee, and raised a large family. Benjamin F. moved to Crown Point, N. Y., in 1842, where he died. Robert Smith Waterman was a private in the One Hundred and Eighteenth Infantry Regiment. N. Y. He enlisted August, 1862, and received his discharge June 13, 1865. He lost his eyesight by a sunstroke while in the army, and receives a pension on that account. He married Marcia, daughter of James A. and Mehitable (Chapman) Reynolds. They have six children, viz.: John E., James F., William R., Charles F., George A., and Mabel A. Mr. Waterman moved from Crown Point and settled in Royalton in 1880.

West, Caleb, came from Connecticut to Norwich in 1785. His wife was Ruth Benton. Their children were Ruth (deceased), married Roger Lyman ; Pamelia, died single; Darius; Aaron, died in Pennsylvania; Hannah, died single; Irenia (deceased), married David Dutton; Caleb, died a young man ; and Josiah. Darius, son of Caleb, was born in Connecticut, January 31, 1782, married Sarah Hazen. They had eight children, one of whom died in infancy. The others were Moses H., a resident of Norwich, Vt.; George and Sarah, both died young; George, resides in Royalton; Caleb, died in Norwich; Sarah, died young; and Charles. Darius died June, 1840. Charles, son of Darius, was born in Norwich, August 13, 1826, married Dorcas E. Dutton. They had six children: Ellen E.; Lucy S., wife of Frederick D. Freeman of Sharon, Vt.; Mary D., wife of Frank S. Ainsworth of Brookfield, Vt; Ada E., died aged twenty-four; Laura, died aged sixteen; and Elizabeth A., died aged eighteen. Mr. West became a resident of Royalton in the spring of 1867, has been selectman and was a member of the Legislature in 1880.


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