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Y Cysylltiad Cymreig o Vermont (The Welsh Connection from Vermont), by Janice B. Edwards

"Before We Went Wireless", Is Now Published -
The First-Ever biography of the brillant Welsh inventor, David Edward Hughes,
the Welshman who became the worlds first to transmit and receive radio waves,

is now published by authors Ivor Hughes and David Ellis Evans

Poultney, Vermont

     "Before We Went Wireless" is the first-ever biography of the brilliant inventor and practical experimenter, David Edward Hughes.  A contemporary of Edison and Bell, Hughes made major contributions in telegraphy, telephone, metal detection, and audiology.  His printing telegraph, adopted across much of Europe, made him a fortune, and he freely gave away all of his later inventions.  Hughes sent and received wireless signals in 1879, some sixteen years before Marconi, but faced with the skepticism of his peers, he discounted his research, and his accomplishments were only recognized years later."

Morgan Wesson, Writer, Journalist and Filmmaker whose credits include Alexander Graham Bell, and Empire of the Air with Ken Burns said about this project, "...Hughes not only invented the 19th century's most commercially successful telegraph, in a stunning revelation authors Hughes and Evans detail beyond a doubt his discovery of wireless in 1880 nearly two decades before Marconi's work arrives on the scene!  How this happens and just why Hughes is moved to suppress his own invention makes for one of the great reads of technological history."  Additional book credits include those by Sir Peter Williams CBE FRS, Vice President and Treasurer of the Royal Society, Bernard Finn, Curator Emeritus of the Electrical Colletions, Smithsonian Institution, Paul Israel, Director and General Editor, Thomas A. Edison Papers, Rutgers University and Gilbert Taylor, Booklist.
       This book, the fruit of over ten years of research in libraries, archives, and museums, as well as access to all of Hughes's private papers and visits to places where Hughes lived and worked in the UK, US and Europe, is the definitive account of a great Victorian scientist whose inventions laid the foundations of the Communications Age.

Author Ivor Hughes, a Vermont resident now retired from a career in both the UK and USA in the telecommunications and aerospace industry has heritage to North Wales to Fairbourne (near Barmouth), to Lanruig (near Caernarvon), to Anglesey and to Abergele (near Colwyn Bay).
       Author David Ellis Evans, of North Wales, a native of Druid (near Corwen and Llangollen), a Welsh speaker as his first language and now retired from a career in purchasing and materials management in an engineering environment lives a stone's throw from Bala, where David Edward Hughes's ancestors were from.  

       "Before We Went Wireless" is published by Images From The Past, Bennington, Vermont.  Visit the book trailer video about this story on You Tube .

March 21, 2011

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