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Barbara Garrett, Resource Editor
Welsh-American Genealogical Society, Inc. (WAGS)

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Born in San Francisco, California, Barbara spent her childhood in Montana and Idaho.  She graduated from Boise, Idaho High School and worked for several years as secretary at the VA Regional Office.  Due to her husband's work with the Dept. of Air Force, transfers offered them opportunities to live in several locations in Washington State and for 23 years in Hawaii.  She is mother of two daughters and a son who are all residents in California and Washington.  During her years in Hawaii, she worked as corporate secretary for a Navy contractor (SEACO) that did underwater research.  In 1991, she moved to California to live near and care for her parents, and remained there after caring for her father who passed in his 97th year of age.
        Barbara notes she has always loved research and writing newsletters; for her children through grade school and scouts; later neighborhood associations and fraternal organizations.   
        Barbara's father is her Welsh connection.  His grandmother, Elizabeth Evans, was born in Wisconsin to Welsh parents from Talsarnau, North Wales claimed to be "homeport" for a number of sailing families active in the Portmadog area in North Wales.  When Elizabeth Evans married a Wisconsin man, they became parents of four boys; one being Barbara's paternal grandfather.  The whole family moved to Utah around 1904.  Barbara's grandfather passed away when her father was only 6 and the remaining family moved to southern California.  She notes her father "reconnected with one of his uncles in the late 40s" but they didn't begin looking for the Welsh family until her father's retirement in the 1970s.  She notes she got interested in helping her father and in the 90s when she "retired" she got really serious about it.  She's been at it "ever since!" 
                "If I could have just one wish, I would hope that WAGS could endure for many more years: we have the beginnings of a wonderful library and society with Welsh-only genealogies unique in the world.  The internet genealogy sites, which will multiply through the years, do provide us a wonderful agenda to find our roots; but the true genealogist really loves going through those old archives, checking the heavy parchment sheets for the handwritten names of family births, deaths and marriages!  And, as we all have found, those records are very fragile!  The Internet will never take the place of YOU finding records on your own.  Perhaps when people realize how valuable a WAGS library of genealogies can be, we will get more support.  May we live forever, and we will - through our family histories."

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UPDATED:  14 November, 2010