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Annie Lloyd, Columnist
Welsh-American Genealogical Society, Inc. (WAGS)

           Annie was born in Culver City, Los Angeles County, California.  Her father was a Welsh-born immigrant who came from Mountain Ash, Glamorgan to the USA in 1913.  Her mother's Welsh ancestors came to America starting in 1638 and settled in Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.  Annie is a writer, genealogist, lecturer and consultant.
        Annie grew up enjoying opportunities of listening to stories from her mother, an oral historian, who recanted stories about the family in America.  Her father was interested in Welsh genealogy and used to talk of Welsh and American history.  She grew up playing with pedigree charts.  She started on her American lines in 1982 and the Welsh side in 1983 and has enjoyed opportunities to conduct on-site research in Wales in Ceredigion, Carmarthen and Glamorgan.
        Genealogy has become a passion for Annie, and she has published the following books:  Beginning Welsh Research, Third Edition, Welsh Surnames and Given names, Welsh Place and Farm Names, How to Plan a Research Trip to Wales, Techniques to Finding the Place of Origin of your Welsh Ancestor, and Bibliography of Welsh Sources.
        In addition to her volunteerism with WAGS, Annie keeps busy with the British Isles Family History Society - USA, Ceredigion Family History Society, Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association of which she is a Life member, and Friends of the National Library of Wales.
        Notes Annie, "I'm very happy that WAGS is into its second decade.  It always seems to me that even with the wonderful gifts that our Welsh founding fathers gave to America, that somehow we get slighted in that the records rarely mention the Welsh or if they do mention them, they never say they are Welsh.  There are so few genealogical organizations for the Welsh so it is very nice to have one of our own - WAGS!  Anyone who is Welsh and a genealogist should belong!"
        Annie's advice to Welsh genealogists is to "keep looking for that elusive ancestor of yours and be sure and keep up your membership in WAGS."

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