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1850 Census of Washington County, Vermont
transcribed by Diantha Howard
proofread by Maggie Stewart for the
USGenWeb Census Project.

Waitsfield: There are 25 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Adams, Alvina
Adams, Benjamin H.
Adams, Catherine
Adams, Mary S.
Adams, Walter F.
Ainsworth, Betsey
Ainsworth, Charles
Ainsworth, George
Ainsworth, Leonard W.
Ainsworth, Mary
Ainsworth, Sarah
Bakeman, James
Barnard, Albert
Barnard, Alminah
Barnard, Carloss
Barnard, Ebenezer
Barnard, Experience
Barnard, Linus
Barnard, Lucy
Barnard, Lydia
Barnard, Mary
Barnard, Milo
Barnard, Orilla
Barnard, Pimima
Barnard, Rufus
Barnard, William C.
Barrett, Sybil
Barrill, George
Bates, Eliza
Bates, Harvey
Bates, Ira
Bates, John
Bates, Leoma
Bates, Lucy A.
Bates, Rheuben
Bates, Sarah
Beedle, Sarah C.
Benedick, Charles
Benedick, Constant
Benedick, Emely
Benedick, Hiram
Bigelow, Charles
Bigelow, Charles E.
Bigelow, Harriet
Bigelow, Sarah
Bisby, Elijah W.
Bisby, John
Bisby, Lucy J.
Bisby, Lydia
Bisby, Nancy
Blair, Andrew
Blair, Andrew
Blair, Betsey
Blair, David
Blair, James
Blair, James
Blair, Janett
Blair, Lucy A.
Blair, Mary
Blair, Nancy
Blair, Nathaniel
Boyce, Nathan
Brown, Artemas
Brown, Asa C.
Brown, Dan
Brown, Eunice
Brown, Laura E.
Brown, Lucy
Bushmile, Acogill
Bushmile, Alvira
Bushmile, Gordan
Bushmile, Henery
Bushmile, Ira
Bushmile, Mathiasa
Bushmile, Nayma
Bushmile, Zedekiah
Bushnell, Almira
Bushnell, Bordon
Bushnell, Faradice
Bushnell, George
Bushnell, Milo
Bushnell, Orlando
Campbell, David B.
Campbell, Emily C.
Campbell, Fanny O.
Campbell, Harriet
Campbell, Henry W.
Campbell, Hiram
Campbell, Jackson
Campbell, John
Campbell, John C.
Campbell, John S.
Campbell, Laura
Campbell, Loice
Campbell, Mary
Campbell, Nancy
Carpenter, Adaline
Carpenter, Betsey
Carpenter, Harriett
Carpenter, Harriett
Carpenter, Huldah
Carpenter, James
Carpenter, Jane
Carpenter, Nathaniel
Chase, John
Chase, Josiah
Chase, Loren
Chase, Luther
Chase, Moriah
Chase, Polly
Chase, Timothy
Childs, Anora
Childs, Edwin
Childs, Israel
Childs, Jane
Childs, Lewis
Childs, Mariah F.
Childs, Mary A
Childs, Philena
Childs, Philena
Childs, Rufus
Childs, Sophrona
Chitman, Ann L.
Chitman, Ellen
Chitman, Herman H.
Chitman, Lucia A.
Chitman, Nancy
Chitman, Samuel
Chitman, William
Clapp, Mary *.
Clapp, Norman
Clapp, Rollin
Crain, Bridgett
Crain, Hugh
Crain, Jeremaih
Crain, Jeremiah
Crain, John
Crain, Mary
Crain, Mary
Cutter, Ebenezer
Cutter, Francis
Cutter, Laura
Cutter, Loren
Cutter, Mary A.
Cutter, Zilpha
Dana, Henery
Dana, Sarah
Dana, Sarah
Day, James
Deal, Charles
Deal, Corris
Deal, Eliza
Deal, George
Deal, Jane
Deal, William
Dean, Annett E
Dean, Charly
Dean, Ezra Marie
Dean, John R.
Dean, Mary J.
Dean, Orange S.
Dean, Sarah
Dean, Sarah E.
Dean, Silas
Dewey, Abby
Dewey, Henery
Dewey, Permilia
Dewey, Zilpha B.
Dow, Caroline
Dow, Catherine
Dow, Cathrine
Dow, Fostina
Dow, Hannah
Dow, James
Dow, John
Dow, Lydia
Dow, Sarah
Dow, Sarah
Dow, Zacheus
Drew, Abel
Drew, Eliza
Drew, Louisa
Drew, Mariah
Drew, Martha
Drew, Paul W.
Drew, Ronwell
Dumane, Adaline
Dumane, Adaline
Dumane, Adaline
Dumane, David
Dumane, Julia
Dumane, Julius
Dumane, Lester
Dumane, Lyon
Dumane, Mary A.
Dumane, Milia
Dumane, Sophia
Dumane, Sophia
Dumas, Almina
Dumas, Alnora
Dumas, Caroline
Dumas, Dauphine
Dumas, Edmons
Dumas, Edward
Dumas, Edwin
Dumas, Julia
Dumas, Julius
Dumas, Loiza
Dumas, Marcella
Dumas, Miles
Dumas, Miles
Dumas, Moses
Dumas, Nancy
Dumas, Odun
Dumas, Relief
Dunham, Catherine
Dunham, Elizabeth
Dunham, Francis
Dunham, Lucy
Dunham, Mary
Dunham, Mary J.
Durant, Charles
Durant, Charles M.
Durant, Elizabeth
Durant, Luther
Durant, Lyrena
Durant, Susan
Ellis, Calvin H.
Ellis, Mary A.
Ellis, Samuel P.
Ellis, Sophia P.
Farrell, Betsey A.
Farrell, Eliza
Farrell, James
Farrell, Mary
Farrell, Mary
Farrell, Nancy
Farrell, Patrick
Farrell, Patrick
Farrell, Thomas
Fish, Anson
Fish, Betsey
Fish, Caroline
Fish, Edward
Fish, Emily
Fish, Hannah
Fish, Harriett
Fish, Joanna
Fish, Lyman
Fish, Mary
Fish, Mary
Fish, Norman
Fish, Paul B.
Fish, Phidelia
Fitz, Adaline
Foran, Lyman
Foran, Martin
Foster, Betsey
Foster, Charlotte
Foster, Joel
Foster, Joel Jr.
Foster, Patty
Freeman, Barr
Freeman, Dennison
Freeman, Nancy
Freeman, Nancy
French, Adaline
French, Augusta
French, Emma
French, Levi
French, Mary
Fullerton, Calvin
Fullerton, Calvin
Fullerton, Caroline
Fullerton, Caroline
Fullerton, Elizabeth
Fullerton, George H.
Fullerton, Harriet F.
Fullerton, Henry
Fullerton, Henry T.
Fullerton, Horatio
Fullerton, James
Fullerton, Lucy
Fullerton, Sophia
Gale, Jackson
Glasan, Darius
Glason, Abigaile G.
Glason, Harriett A.
Gleason, Aaron E.
Gleason, Emeline
Gleason, Emeline
Gleason, Mariah
Gleason, Painy
Gleason, Patty
Gleason, Richard
Gleason, Samuel
Gleason, Samuel
Gleason, Sarah
Gleason, Sarah
Goodspeed, Jane
Granger, Abel S.
Granger, James
Granger, Jane
Granger, Nelson
Granger, Pliny
Granger, Sarah A.
Green, Anna
Green, Betsey
Green, Eellen
Green, Jonathan H.
Green, Joseph
Green, Lewis E.
Guild, Edward
Hadley, Charles
Hadley, Charles L.
Hadley, Emily
Hadley, Frank E.
Hadley, George M.
Hadley, James L.
Hadley, June
Hadley, Langdon
Hadley, Laura
Hadley, Moses E.
Haistens, Goranta
Haistens, Hannah
Hambleton, Lydia
Hambleton, Stuart
Hasting, Darlington
Hawley, Avery
Hawley, Harvey
Hawley, Lydia
Hawley, Mary
Hazelton, Caroline
Hazelton, Joseph
Hazelton, Susan
Hazelton, William
Heath, Abigail
Heath, Benjamin
Heath, Carlass
Heath, Caroline
Heath, Orvis
Heath, Susan A.
Hinds, John
Hines, Ersula
Holden, Lewis
Holden, Nancy
House, Edmond
House, Elinor
House, Jason
House, John
House, Lucy
House, Nathan D.
Jackson, Arean L.
Jacob, Lorinda
James, Abert C.
James, Betsy
James, Carloss
James, Edwin
James, Fanny
James, Henry
James, Lorin W.
James, Lucia
James, Mary
James, Mary A.
James, Mathias
Johnston, Eliza
Johnston, Martha
Johnston, Mary A.
Johnston, Moses
Johnston, Robert
Jones, Charles
Jones, Charles E.
Jones, Clarra
Jones, George
Jones, Hannah
Jones, Harriett
Jones, Hiram
Jones, Hiram E.
Jones, Jennison
Jones, Laura
Jones, Loiza
Jones, Lucy
Jones, Lura L.
Jones, Martin L.
Jones, Mathiyus Jr.
Jones, Orvis
Jones, Osea
Jones, Philiny
Jones, Roxy
Joslin, Ahira
Joslin, Amandy
Joslin, Behnel
Joslin, Charles E.
Joslin, David C.
Joslin, Edna
Joslin, Enos O.
Joslin, Gartria
Joslin, John
Joslin, Josett
Joslin, Loren O.
Joslin, Louvina
Joslin, Lucy
Joslin, Lucy
Joslin, Lyman R.
Joslin, Nathaniel G
Joslyn, Aaron
Joslyn, Abigail
Joslyn, Amelia
Joslyn, Annaconda
Joslyn, Annett
Joslyn, Bethuel
Joslyn, Betsey
Joslyn, Cady D.
Joslyn, Calista U.
Joslyn, Calistro
Joslyn, Calvin T.
Joslyn, Caro E.
Joslyn, Caseus
Joslyn, Corintha
Joslyn, Cyron
Joslyn, Cyrus
Joslyn, Cyrus F.
Joslyn, Cyrus G.
Joslyn, David
Joslyn, Edgar
Joslyn, Edward O.
Joslyn, Eli S.
Joslyn, Eliza
Joslyn, Emeline
Joslyn, Emigren
Joslyn, Emily
Joslyn, Emily
Joslyn, Eron
Joslyn, Harriet
Joslyn, Harriet
Joslyn, Harriett
Joslyn, Hiram
Joslyn, James A.
Joslyn, James M.
Joslyn, Jenison
Joslyn, Joanah
Joslyn, John W.
Joslyn, Joseph
Joslyn, Joseph C.
Joslyn, Loiza
Joslyn, Loiza
Joslyn, Lucy
Joslyn, Lucy B.
Joslyn, Luke
Joslyn, Lydia
Joslyn, Lydia
Joslyn, Mary
Joslyn, Mary F.
Joslyn, Mary M.
Joslyn, nn
Joslyn, Olive W.
Joslyn, Oliver
Joslyn, Oramel
Joslyn, Orphan
Joslyn, Ruth
Joslyn, Sarah
Joslyn, Sophia
Joslyn, Stephen P.
Joslyn, Thrissa
Joslyn, Watson
Joslyn, Webber
Joyce, Caty C.
Joyce, Charles
Joyce, Charles H.
Joyce, Elizabeth
Joyce, Harriett
Joyce, Mary A.
Joyce, William
Keizer, Eluba F.
Keizer, Joseph
Keizer, Laray
Keizer, Sarah
Kidder, Charles
Laron, George
Laron, John
Laron, Laura
Laron, Laura
Laron, Lucinda
Laron, Orrin
Laron, Samuel
Lawton, Charles
Lawton, Edwin
Lawton, Emeline
Lawton, Hellen S.
Lawton, Lucy E.
Lawton, Stillman
Lawton, Stman
Leach, Alphonza
Leach, Chester Sawyer
Leach, Cyntha
Leach, Edward
Leach, Henery
Leach, Julia
Leach, Lucinda
Leach, Lucinda
Leach, Mary A.
Leach, Moses
Leach, Robert
Leach, Rodney
Leach, Willard
Lewis, Harriett
Lewis, Philo
Liscomb, Charles
Liscomb, Francis
Liscomb, Jerusha
Liscomb, Martha A.
Liscomb, Mary A.
Liscomb, Samuel
Liscomb, Susan
Lockwood, Abby
Lockwood, Albert
Lockwood, Edward
Long, Andrew
Long, Fanny
Long, Margaret
Long, Moses
Lord, Bathsheba
Lord, Seth E.
Mannum, Auguston
Mariam, Sarah
Marshall, Cyntha
Marshall, Edmond M.
Marshall, Ellen
Marshall, Harrett M.
Marshall, Leander
Marshall, Robert R.
Marthae, John
Martin, Julia
Martin, Mary
Martin, Nancy
Martin, Patrick
Mathews, Alexander
Mathews, Calista
Mathews, Calista
Mathews, Fanny
Mathews, George
Mathews, Harvey
Matthews, Almira *.
Matthews, Crayel
Matthews, Gosom ?
Matthews, Harriett A.
Matthews, Henry
Matthews, Mary
McAllister, Anna L.
McAllister, Wesley
McAllister, William
McAllister, William W.
McAllister, Ziba H.
McArty, Eugene
McCordy, Rufus
McCortin, Alaice
McCortin, Ellen
McCortin, Girance
McCortin, Norman
McCortin, Robert
McKathen, John
McKenny, Daniel
McKenny, Eliza
McKenny, Hugh
McKenny, James
McKenny, Jane
McKenny, Margarett
McKenny, Mary
McKenny, Rachael
Miller, Samuel
Moraity, Michael
Neland, Abel
Neland, George W.
Neland, Lucy
Neland, Martha
Neland, Mary
Neland, Silas
Neroton, Olive
Newcomb, Anna
Newcomb, Anna
Newcomb, Charles
Newcomb, Diantha
Newcomb, Edwin
Newcomb, Eliza
Newcomb, Harlin
Newcomb, James *.
Newcomb, James F.
Newcomb, Loiza J.
Newcomb, Orinal E.
Newcomb, William G.
nn, Charels M.
Nuss, Charles
Nuss, Daniel
Nuss, Daniel G.
Nuss, Emily
Nuss, Emma
Nuss, George
Nuss, Lucius
Nuss, Mary
Nuss, Pheobe
Olds, Catherine
Osgood, Sarah
Palmer, Aaron
Palmer, Adaline
Palmer, Almira
Palmer, Alvira
Palmer, Analiza
Palmer, Edwin
Palmer, George
Palmer, Hiram
Palmer, Jerusha
Palmer, Joseph
Palmer, Joseph
Palmer, Julius
Palmer, Mariam
Palmer, Mary A.
Palmer, Mary A.
Palmer, Moses
Palmer, Orman
Palmer, Sarah
Palmer, William
Pease, Cazira
Pease, Chester
Perrin, Edwin
Perrin, Patrick
Phelps, Alexander
Phelps, Alny
Phelps, Edwin
Phelps, Joel
Phelps, Laura
Philips, David M.
Philips, Lovenia
Philips, Rachel
Pike, Albert
Pike, Alfred
Pike, Alma
Pike, Charles
Pike, Cyrus
Pike, George
Pike, Harris
Pike, Laura
Pike, Leonora
Pike, Luthera
Pike, Lydia
Pike, Nelson
Pike, Rozilla
Pike, Seth
Pike, William
Printis, Albert L.
Printis, Chenery
Printis, Emetin S.
Reed, Adaline
Reed, Arathusa
Reed, Benjamin
Reed, Benjamin
Reed, Calista
Reed, Charles
Reed, Corallen
Reed, Franklin
Reed, Hiram
Reed, Jane
Reed, Leslie
Reed, Loren
Reed, Lorett
Reed, Moriah
Reed, Osean
Reed, Osmore
Reed, Phinett
Reed, Susan
Reed, Timothy
Rice, Duran
Rice, Dusain
Rice, Edwi L.
Rice, Emiray
Rice, Ester A.
Rice, George
Rice, Henry L.
Rice, Lucy
Rice, Mary
Rice, Mary A.
Rice, Orora
Rice, Solman
Rice, Sophia
Rice, Tiba
Rice, Walter
Richardson, Ai T.
Richardson, Albert
Richardson, Anna
Richardson, Betsey
Richardson, Betsey
Richardson, Calvin
Richardson, Charles
Richardson, Clarance
Richardson, Dan
Richardson, Dan E.
Richardson, David
Richardson, Edwin
Richardson, Eliza
Richardson, Enos B.
Richardson, Frances A.
Richardson, Frank
Richardson, Frederick
Richardson, Frederick
Richardson, Hamman
Richardson, Harriet E.
Richardson, Harriett
Richardson, Ira
Richardson, Ira A.
Richardson, James N.
Richardson, John
Richardson, Julia A.
Richardson, Laura
Richardson, Laura
Richardson, Lavina
Richardson, Lavirn
Richardson, Lovina
Richardson, Lucy
Richardson, Lucy F.
Richardson, Lyman *.
Richardson, Roderick
Richardson, Roderick D.
Richardson, Salome
Richardson, Shira
Richardson, Sophia
Rider, Apolas
Rider, Asa
Rider, Cathran
Rider, Coratina J?
Rider, Deal
Rider, Sarah
Rider, Susan
Robinson, Andrew
Robinson, Charles S.
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Emily
Robinson, Eugena
Robinson, Eunice
Robinson, Hannah *.
Robinson, Jane
Robinson, Janett
Robinson, Martha
Robinson, Nathaniel
Robinson, Norman
Robinson, Samuel E.
Rockwell, Martha M.
Rockwell, Martin
Rockwell, Polly
Rockwell, Rupell
Rockwell, Syntha
Rockwell, William
Ross, Henery
Runnells, Brigett
Runnells, James
Runnells, John C.
Runnells, Margarett
Runnells, Patt
Russ, Asa
Russ, Catherine
Russ, Daniel
Russ, Eunice
Russ, George
Russ, Hannah
Russ, Harriett
Russ, James
Russ, Lucy A.
Russ, Mary M.
Russ, Sarah
Sampson, Amelia
Sampson, Ann
Sampson, Benjamin C.
Sampson, Cyntha
Sampson, Mary
Sampson, Nancy
Savage, Lucius
Scott, John
Sears, Abigail
Sears, Jonathan
Sears, Josiah
Sears, Levi
Sears, Margarett
Sears, Mary
Sessions, Mark H.
Shattuck, Abirt
Shattuck, Ebely
Shattuck, George
Shattuck, Lucy
Shattuck, Martha M.
Shattuck, Mary
Shattuck, Norman
Shattuck, Rosina
Shattuck, Sarah
Shaw, Henery
Shaw, Lewis
Shaw, Mary
Shaw, Sternrs
Shepard, Oramel
Sherman, Asad
Sherman, Betsey
Sherman, Loice
Skinner, Angeline
Skinner, Ann
Skinner, Celia
Skinner, Chandler
Skinner, Chlara
Skinner, Content
Skinner, Cyrus
Skinner, Daniel
Skinner, Hannah
Skinner, Harriett
Skinner, Henry
Skinner, Hiram
Skinner, Joel
Skinner, Julia
Skinner, Juliett
Skinner, June
Skinner, Lydia
Skinner, Martha
Skinner, Mary
Skinner, Orison
Skinner, Patty
Skinner, Susan
Skinner, Thomas
Skinner, Thomas
Smith, Abigail
Smith, Allen
Smith, Calvin A.
Smith, Charles D.
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Defrony
Smith, Francis
Smith, Hannah M.
Smith, Harriett
Smith, James G.
Smith, Laury
Smith, Lucy
Smith, Lucy
Smith, Mary
Smith, Orrin
Smith, Orsimus
Smith, Ruth
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Silas
Smith, Tostina
Smith, Zadock
Spalding, Abigail
Spalding, Edwin
Spalding, George
Spalding, Henery
Spalding, Lewis
Spalding, Luiza
Spalding, Martha
Spalding, Mary
Spalding, Norman
Spalding, Olive
Spalding, Silva
Spalding, Solon
Spalding, Stephen
Spalding, William
Spaulding, Henery
Steel, Alfred
Steel, John
Steel, Mary
Steel, Mary M.
Steel, Sewell
Steel, Susan
Sterns, Phoebe
Stevens, Almus
Stevens, Harriett
Stevens, Hiram
Stevens, Hiram
Stevens, Mary J.
Stevens, Mondary
Stevens, Phoebe
Stevens, Sarah
Stewart, Augusta
Stewart, Gerden
Stewart, Loice
Stewart, Moses
Stewart, Moses
Stewart, Sarah
Stewart, Silas
Stockwell, Eunice
Stockwell, Moses
Stockwell, Nathaniel
Stoddard, Abby
Stoddard, Alvira L.
Stoddard, Anthony
Stoddard, Ashbel
Stoddard, Betsey
Stoddard, Charles C.
Stoddard, Charlong
Stoddard, Clarisa
Stoddard, Clarisa
Stoddard, Daniel
Stoddard, Darak S.
Stoddard, E***iriene
Stoddard, Elinor
Stoddard, Eliza
Stoddard, Emma
Stoddard, Franklin
Stoddard, Gideon
Stoddard, Harland
Stoddard, Henery
Stoddard, Hezekiah
Stoddard, Hiram
Stoddard, Horace
Stoddard, Lathrop
Stoddard, Lyman
Stoddard, Mary
Stoddard, Mary
Stoddard, Mary J.
Stoddard, Mira A.E.
Stoddard, Orleans S.
Stoddard, Robert
Stoddard, Rodney
Stoddard, Sabyne
Stoddard, Simeon
Stoddard, Simeon
Stoddard, William
Stoddard, William
Strafford, Abram
Strong, Joseph
Tarbell, Charles
Tarr, Asenath
Tarr, Fanny
Tarr, Joseph
Tarr, Timothy W.
Tarr, William
Tashman, Mary
Taylor, Chandler
Taylor, Daniel
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Ira
Taylor, Jane D.
Taylor, Martha
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Moriah
Taylor, Rachael
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Susan
Thayer, Aaron
Thayer, Anthony
Thayer, Aretus
Thayer, Caroline
Thayer, Daniel
Thayer, Eliza
Thayer, Emeline
Thayer, Emily
Thayer, Erastus
Thayer, Esther
Thayer, Ferrus
Thayer, Horace
Thayer, Jane
Thayer, John
Thayer, Laura
Thayer, Lewis
Thayer, Lewis
Thayer, Loiza
Thayer, Lovina
Thayer, Lucilia
Thayer, Patience
Thayer, Roany
Thayer, Rosina
Thayer, Rufus
Thayer, Susanah
Thomas, Francis
Thomas, Julia
Thomas, Norman
Tinkham, Cerephta
Tinkham, Luana
Tinkham, Milan
Tinkham, Susn
Tinkham, Thomas
Tuckesbury, Betsey
Tucksbury, Charles D.
Tucksbury, Gorge R.
Tucksbury, Julia A.
Tucksbury, Mary .
Tucksbury, Mary M.
Tucksbury, Oliver
Tucksbury, Orrilla
Tucksbury, Sarah E.
Walden, Elijah
Walden, Josiah
Walden, Mary
Walden, Orpha
Waldon, Dan C.
Waldon, Fanny M.
Waldon, George P.
Waldon, John
Waldon, Margaret
Waldon, Mary L.
Waldon, Sarah A.
Waldon, Sarah D.
Waldon, William C.
Waterman, Alenia B.
Waterman, James M.
Waterman, John
Waterman, Mary L.
Waterman, Sarah
Wheaton, Matthew
Wheeler, Anne
Wheeler, Cyrus W.
Wheeler, David
Wheeler, Laura
Wheeler, Mary
Wheeler, Sophia
Wilder, Asenith
Wilder, George
Wilder, Jirod
Wilder, Laura
Wilder, Levi
Wilder, Levi C.
Wilder, Oramie A.
Wilder, Princes
Willard, Amiet
Willard, Ira
Willard, Levi
Willard, Sarah T.
Winter, David D.
Woodrath, Lucy C.
Woods, Augusta L.

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