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"Boston, 28th December, 1713. Grants made by the Government of the Massachusetts Bay, for which Equivalents are to be granted, being so much that falls to the Southard of the Colony Line lately run.


"To his Excellency Joseph Dudley Esqr.----------------------------- 1,500- acres.

To the Honble William Stoughton Esqr.-------------------------------- 818-   " 

To Robert Thompson Esqr.--------------------------------------------- 2,000-   " 

To Col. William Whiting------------------------------------------------- 1,000-   " 

To Mr Thomas Freak now Mr Woolcots------------------------------ 2,000-   " 

To Mr John Collins---------------------------------------------------------- 500-   " 

To Mr John Collins Heirs--------------------------------------------------- 500-   " 

To Mr John Gore------------------------------------------------------------- 500-   " 

To Andrew Gardiner and Benjamin Gamling-------------------------- 500-   " 

To Black James and company with their Assigns

                 Lt Col William Dudley-------------------------------------- 2,228-   " 

The town of Woodstock----------------------------------------------- 30,419-   " 

Sr Richard Saltonstall's Farm of 2000 acres, the

                 one half--------------------------------------------------------- 1,000-   " 

The other half included in Enfield Tract lying

                 south of the line -------------------------------------------  36,180- "

Springfield-------------------------------------------------------------------- 640- "




"The within fourteen articles of Land belonging to the Towns and Persons set down severally on the aforegoing side, are Grants of the General Assembly of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay and taken up and surveyed accordingly, and by the running of the South Line of the Massachusetts Province are now found to fall to the south­ward of the said Line, amounting to the number of 79,785 acres and the colony of Connecticut must have an equivalent granted them for the same.

"The number of acres 79,785 to be allowed to Connecticut are to be taken up on the East side of Connecticut River."

West of Connecticut river there was granted by Massachusetts of lands belonging




736                          HISTORY OF EASTERN VERMONT.


to Connecticut, to Springfield, 287 acres; to Suffield, 22,172 acres; to Westfield, 5,549 acres; making in all 28,008 acres, which added to 79,785 acres, gives 107,793 acres — the quantity of the land belonging to Connecticut which had been granted by Massachusetts.

"Dec. 29, 1713. [Connecticut] agreed to take for 79,785 acres, the same from Mass., i.e. 40,000 in one place, 30,000 in another, 9,785 where it can be found, taking one side of the Great River."

The commissioners appointed to locate the equivalent lands, were Joseph Dudley, Governor of Massachusetts; Gurdon Saltonstall, Governor of Connecticut; Elisha Hutchinson and Isaac Addington of Massachusetts; William Pitkin and William Whiting of Connecticut. On the 10th of November, 1715, these gentlemen reported that they had laid out "21,976 acres East of Hadly town (now Belchertown); 29,874 acres North of the first surveyed piece (Pelham, &c.); 43,943 acres, Within the Limits of the 2d Province on Connecticut River above the former settlements." The boundaries of the last portion are given in the text. It is uncertain where the other 11,992 acres, which make up the complement 107,793, were located. — Records in office Sec. State Conn., entitled "Colonial Boundaries. Vol. III. Massachusetts. 1670-1827."

The equivalent lands were sold at Hartford, on the 24th and 25th of April, 1716. The purchasers were:


"Gordon Saltonstall                     New London            Esqr             one share

Paul Dudley                                 Boston                        "                      "

Addington Davenport                    "                                "                      "

Thomas Fitch                                 "                                "                      "

Anthony Stoddard                          "                                "                      "

William Brattle                             Cambridge               Clerk                   "

Ebenezer Pemberton                    Boston                        "                      "

William Dummer                            "                         Merchant      one half share

Jeremiah Dummer                          "                             Esqr                    "

Jonathan Belcher                            "                         Merchant         one share

John White,                                    "                        Gentleman               "

William Clark                                 "                         Merchant                "

John Wainwright                            "                                "           one third share

Henry Newman                            London                    Esqr                    "

John Caswell                                  "                         Merchant                "

Mary Saltonstall                           New London           Dame            one share

Nathan Gold                                Fairfield                   Esqr         one half share

Peter Burr                                       "                                "                      "

John Stoddard                              Northampton              "                      "

Elisha Williams                            Weathersfield      Gentleman               "

John Read                                     Lone Town                 "              one share."


— Records in office Sec. State Mass., ii. 278.