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"Province of the Massachusetts Bay — Fort Dummer, 1737.

"Pursuant to an order from his Excellency the Governor to us the subscribers




                                                     APPENDIX B.                                          737


directed, appointing us to confer with Ontaussoogoe and other delegates of the Cagnawaga tribe of Indians; we came to Fort Dummer aforesaid, where we arrived on the 5th of October Anno Domini 1737.

"We acquainted the said delegates that his Excellency the Governor having been informed that they were come to Fort Dummer to treat about some publick affairs, he had thereupon ordered and appointed, us on behalf of the Government of the said Province to confer with them of such matters as were given them in charge, and that we should be ready to hear what they had to say when they were prepared to speak. The usual ceremonies being over, they withdrew.

"October 6. Being met in the morning, Ontaussoogoe said to us as follows vizt. 'Brother the Broadway, two years past I was at Deerfield; the matter then delivered to us by you was, that the old covenant of peace and unity between our brother the Broadway and us might be continued.

" 'We now return in answer for our three tribes, that our desire is that it might remain firm and unshaken, and do from our heart promise that the covenant shall not be broken on our part, but if ever there should be any breach, it shall begin on yours, and the God of Heaven who now sees us and knows what we are doing, be witness of our sincerity.' Then laid down a belt of Wampum.

"Ontaussoogoe then said again, 'We your brethren of the three tribes have learned by hear say, that our Brother the Broadway has lost his wife. Such losses ought to be made up. We did not know whether the Govr would be capable of a Treaty under his affliction, but find that he is, and are thankful for it.' Then gave a belt of Wampum to quiet the Govrs mind and remove his grief for the loss of his wife, and added, 'I rowl myself in the dust for the loss of our great men.'

"Ontaussoogoe said again, 'We do in the name of our three tribes salute the Govr and all the Gentlemen belonging to him Tho' at a great distance and strangers, yet something acquainted. This was their desire and our design when we came from home thus to salute you with this belt, wishing you happiness, and prosperity;' laid it down, and said they had done speaking.

"We then said to them, we would take what they had delivered into conside­ration, and return answer thereto in the afternoon. We then drank King George's health to them. They also drinked King George's health and the Governor's and to us.

"In the afternoon being met, We said to them, 'You have in strong terms assured us that the covenant of friendship renewed two years ago at Deerfield between this Government and the Cagnawaga tribe shall always remain firm and unshaken, and we do in the name and behalf of the Government, assure you that they will cultivate the friendship they have contracted with your tribe, and that nothing in our own hearts, nor the instigation of others, shall ever prevail upon us to break our solemn engagements to you, but we shall always hold ourselves under the strongest obliga­tions to a punctual observance of what we have promised.' We then gave a Belt of Wampum.

" 'You have in your speech to us this day condoled the death of the Governour's Lady. Her death was the cause of much grief to him. We doubt not but your sympathizing with him, will tend to abate and lighten his sorrow. We take this occasion to express our concern for the death of your friends and to comfort your hearts under your afflictions.' We then gave three black Blankets instead of a Belt.

" 'We kindly accept the salutation of your people, and esteem it a token of their respect and friendship to us, and we do in the name of the Government return the like salutation to your old men and young, both to your counsellors and to your men of war, to all of them we wish prosperity and happiness for ever.' Then we gave a Belt of Wampum.

"Ontaussoogoe said, Gentn, I return thanks, you have rehearsed all that has been






738                          HISTORY OF EASTERN VERMONT.


said this day — are glad your hearts are disposed as we find they are to friendship and desire that they always may, and declare that ours ever will, and thank God for it — and wishes well to all.'

"We then drinked the Govrs health.

"The speeches being ended, we then in the name of the Govt Gave a present to them of the value of seventy pounds ten shillings.

                              "John Stoddard, Eleazr Porter, Thos Wallis,

                                                                 Joseph Kellogg, Isr. Williams, Comrs."


— Records in office Sec. State Mass., xxix. 333—335.