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Referred to on p. 93.


The names of the proprietors of the township of Westminster on the 11th of June, 1760, when the time for fulfilling the conditions of the charter was extended, were:


John Hulburt,                                           John Hunt,

Josiah Willard,                                          John Taylor,

William Willard,                                       John Peirce,

Valentine Butler,                                      Anthony Peirce,

Joseph Alexander,                                    Andrew Gardner, Jr.,

Nathan Willard,                                        James Jewel,

Susannah Gilson,                                     Manassah Divel,

Oliver Willard,                                         Simon Hunt,




                                                     APPENDIX F.                                          743


John Arms,                                               William Wilson,

Wilder Willard,                                         John Arms, Jur.,

John Moor,                                               Solomon Willard,

John Moor, Jr.,                                          Ebenezer Fields,

Daniel Whitmore,                                     Samuel Allen,

William Willard, Jr.,                                  Billey Willard,

Prentice Willard,                                      Caleb How,

Ephraim Dean,                                         Jonathan Hubbard,

Elijah Cady,                                             James Hills,

Asa Douglass,                                          Josiah Willard, Jur.,

Samuel Ashley,                                         Benjamin Farwell,

John Alexander,                                        Samuel Cummings,

Samuel Greely,                                         Josiah Brown,

Jethro Wheeler,                                        Peter Powers,

Jonathan Thare,                                        Robert Fletcher, Jr.,

Joshua Wells,                                            Timothy Latherbee,

Submit Foster,                                          Minister,

Nathan Willard, Jr.,                                  Henry Sherburn,

Joseph Hubbard,                                      Samuel Smith,

Joseph Ashley,                                          John Downing,

Nathaniel Mattoon,                                  Samson Sheaff,

Jonathan Willard.


Besides these fifty-nine shares, there were also fourteen others located at the north end of the town, of which two were held by His Excellency Benning Went­worth, and one each by John Wentworth, Robert Usher, John Chamberlain, Jona­than Cummings, John Usher, Jonathan Cummings, Jr., David Stearns, Byfield Lloyd, Richard Wibird, and Theodore Atkinson. One share was appropriated for a Glebe for the Church of England, as by law established, and another for the bene­fit of the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.