NEWFANE, JULY 4, 1874.






FAYETTEVILLE, VT., May 18, 1874. Agreeable to a notice given out by the acting pastor of the Congregational Church, Rev. Charles Burnham, on the previous Sabbath, the citizens assembled at the vestry of said church, to take into consideration the subject of a Centennial celebration of the organization of the town of Newfane, also of the church, and organized by choosing Rev. Charles Burnham, Chairman, and F. O. Burditt, Secretary.

VOTED, To hold a town and church celebration. O. T. Ware and J. J. Green were appointed a committee to consult with citizens in the south part of the town, and invite them to be present and participate at the next meeting.

VOTED, To adjourn until the evening of the 26th inst., at 7 o'clock.

A true record.

F. O. BURDITT, Sec'y.


May 26, 1874. Met agreeable to adjournment, and the meeting was called to order by the Chairman. The report of the proceedings of the last meeting was read by the Secretary ; also heard the report of the committee appointed at the former meeting to consult with the citizens of the south part of the town. In response to the call of the Chairman, remarks were made by B. E. Morse, S. W. Bowker, D. D. Dickinson, E. P. Wheeler, A. J. Morse and Alexander Fairbanks in favor of, and heartily endorsing a centennial celebration.






VOTED, To celebrate the centennial anniversary of the organization of the town on some day to be determined hereafter.

VOTED, To appoint a committee of arrangements to consist of ten persons.

VOTED, That a committee of five be appointed to nominate permanent officers, and the committee of arrangements. The nominating committee was constituted as follows, viz: A. J. Morse, S. W. Bowker, D. D. Dickinson, O. T. Ware and B. E. Morse. After consultation, the committee reported as permanent officers the following list:

President of the Day A. J. Morse.

Vice Presidents B. E. Morse and Austin Birchard.

Secretary F. O. Burditt.

Committee of Arrangements S. W. Bowker, J. J. Green, D. D. Dickinson, B. E. Morse, O. T. Ware, W. T. Bruce, A. B. Franklin, W. A. Stedman, S. P. Miller and S. G. Brown.

The report was accepted and adopted.

VOTED, That the ladies present form themselves into a committee of the whole, and nominate a committee of arrangements from among themselves. The following nominations were made and confirmed:

Mrs. D. D. Dickinson, Mrs. Samuel Morse,

" S. F. Whitney, " W. T. Bruce,

" D. A. Dickinson, " O. L. Sherman,

" F. O. Burditt, " G. B. Johnson,

" S. W. Bowker, " Hazelton Rice,

" O. T. Ware, " Amherst Morse,

" E. Park, Miss Fanny Newton,

" W. H. Goodnow, " Jessie M. Miller,

" Frank Moore, " E. E. Morse,

" S. Sabin, " Mary R. Birchard.

" Nathaniel Higgins,

Floral Committee Mrs. F. A. Fish and Mrs. Henry Cowan.

VOTED, That the celebration be held at Fayetteville on the 4th of July next.

VOTED, That a committee, consisting of one lady and one gentleman from each section of the town, be appointed to solicit subscriptions to pay necessary expenses.








Mrs. F. O. Burditt and Mr. O. T. Ware, Mrs. O. L. Sherman and Mr. D. D. Dickinson were appointed said committee.

VOTED, That the committee of arrangements meet at S. W. Bowker's to-morrow evening at 7:30, P. M.

VOTED, That when this meeting adjourns, it do so subject to the call of the committee of arrangements.

VOTED, To adjourn.

A true record.

F. O. BURDITT, Sec'y.


WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 27, 1874. The committee of arrangements met at S. W. Bowker's, at 7:30 o'clock, and proceeded to business as follows:

VOTED, That a committee of three be appointed to make arrangements with the hotel keepers to furnish dinners on the day of celebration. S. W. Bowker, A. J. Morse and O. T. Ware were chosen such committee.

VOTED, That S. W. Bowker be the committee to consult the Hon. C. K. Field, and procure his services to deliver a historical address at the celebration. Should circumstances prevent his acceptance of the trust, then to procure some other person to perform that service.

VOTED, That the ladies take charge of the arrangements for costumes , and also for the singing.

VOTED, That the hour for the address be 11 o'clock.

VOTED, To have three Marshals, and S. W. Bowker, Col. A. B. Franklin and Samuel Morse were elected to those positions.

VOTED, That we meet at 9 o'clock, A. M., at or near the school house in Fayetteville, and form the procession.

William T. Bruce was appointed a committee to engage a band for the occasion.

J. J. Green was appointed a committee to furnish notices of the celebration and procure their insertion in the county papers.

VOTED, That when we adjourn, it be to meet at Bowles' Hotel two weeks from this evening, (June 9th), at 7 o'clock. Should it be a stormy evening, then to meet on the first pleasant evening after. Adjourned.

A true record.

F. O. BURDITT, Sec'y.








JUNE 9TH. Met at Bowles' Hotel, at 7 o'clock, P. M. Meeting called to order by S. W. Bowker, Chairman. The report of the last meeting was read by the Secretary.

VOTED, That B. E. Morse and Rev. Charles Burnham be appointed Toast Masters.

VOTED, That S. W Bowker appear in Continental costume, as one of the Marshals.

VOTED, That a committee of three be appointed to preュpare a programme for the day, and J. J. Green, O. T. Ware and F. O. Burditt were elected said committee.

VOTED, That a committee of five be appointed to procure costumes, and make all necessary arrangements connected therewith. Mrs. D. A. Dickinson, Mrs. Wm. H. Goodnow, Mrs. S. W. Bowker, Mrs. O. T. Ware and Mrs. D. D. Dickinson were appointed such committee.

VOTED, That F. O. Burditt and wife, and D. A. Dickュinson and wife be a committee to arrange for the singing.

VOTED, That the committee on costumes be requested to send for twenty male and twenty female costumes.

VOTED, To adjourn the meeting for two weeks from this evening, to S. W. Bowker's Hotel, at 7 o'clock, P. M.

A true record.

F. O. BURDITT, Sec'y.


JUNE 23D, 1874. The Committee of Arrangements met, according to adjournment, at S. W. Bowker's, at 7 o'clock, P. M. The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, and the proceedings of the last meeting were read by the Secretary.

On motion, a committee of three was chosen to procure lumber, build a platform, prepare seats, and make the general arrangements for the accommodation of speakers, invited guests, and the public in general. S. G. Brown, F. O. Burditt and D. A. Dickinson were appointed said committee.

VOTED, To adjourn without day.

I certify the foregoing to be a true record of the proceedings in relation to the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the organization of the town of Newfane.


F. O. BURDITT, Sec'y.






The following is a copy of the circular letter of invitation issued, and published in the newspapers of the day :


1774 1874.





Of the Town of Newfane, Vt.






Vice Presidents.






DEAR SIR : This is the centennial year of the charter and organization of the Town and Congregational Church of Newfane, and we feel it not only a duty but a pleasure to do honor to the memory of those brave Fathers and noble Mothers who, facing all the perils and suffering the hardュships incident to pioneer life, wended their way into this, then pathless forest, and built for themselves homes that soon echoed to the music from the cradle and the busy hum of the great wheel and the little wheel, and the wild free song of the girl at the loom


As she fashioned the wool and the tow,

For wear and not for show.


The settlement of the town was commenced in May, 1766, by Jonathan Park, Nathaniel Stedman and Ebenezer Dyer, from Worcester County, Mass.

The town was organized in 1774, and we feel that the appropriate day of the year to honor its founders, is that day which has crowned the work of all our fathers with honor and glory among the nations of the earth.

Therefore, we do earnestly and cordially invite you and yours to come and join with us in celebrating the Town Centennial, on the 4th of July, 1874.

Yours truly, S. W. BOWKER,

Chairman of Com. of Arrangements.

NEWFANE, VT., June 1, 1874.








1774. NEWFANE 1874.





July 4th, 1874.








At 9 o'clock, A. M., the Procession will be formed in the following order:

1st. Ye ancient Marshal, S. W. BOWKER, will appear in the Military Uniform of Continental times, assisted by Marshals Col. A. B. Franklin and Samuel Morse, arrayed in the Military styles of the present day.

2d. Brattleboro Cornet Band.

3d. Settlers of 1766 moving into town.

4th. Parson Taylor's goodly people on their way to church, in the Sunday-go-to-meeting garb of a hundred years ago.

5th. Young America and My Lady of the Period.


The line of march will be through the Streets and around the Square.

At 11 o'clock, Prayer by the Rev. CHAS. BURNHAM.




Music by the Choir ..................................................... Auld Lang Sync.


Music by the Band.

Historical Address by the Hon. CHAS K. FIELD.

Music by the Choir....................................................... Ode to Science.


Music by the Band.

Dinner at 12 1-2 o'clock.




2 o'clock, P. M., Music by the Choir.................................... Old Liberty.



Music by the Band.

2d. Voluntary Speeches, Sentiments, Responses, &c.

An Original Poem written for the occasion.






Sunday, July 5. The morning service will be devoted to a