John Horne Tooke, in his "Diversions of Purley," sugュgests that Field in old English was written Feld. Field land or Feld land was open land and was used to designate land where the trees had been felled, in contradistinction to wood or forest land. Feld, Felde and Fielde were comュmon names in England before the fifteenth century.

Hubertus De la Feld came from Colmar, an imperial city during the middle ages, near Strasburg, in Alsatia, on the German border of France. He was of the Counts De la Feld, who resided at Colmar as early as the sixth cenュtury. He came to England with William the Conqueror, in 1066, and held lands in Lancashire, in 1068, granted to him by the Conqueror for military services. The De la Felds and De la Feldes were common before the reign of Richard II. During the fourteenth century the prefix "De la" was dropped, in consequence of the wars with France having made it unpopular. In the fifteenth century the name Field seems to have been generally substituted for that of Feld, Felde, or Fielde.

John Field, the astronomer, was born about 1525, and died at Ardsley, England, in 1587. He published the first astronomical tables in 1550 that ever appeared in England, they were calculated upon the basis of the Copernican theory.

The first appearance of the name of Field without the prefix "De la" was in Ardsley and Bradford in the west riding of Yorkshire which borders upon Lancashire, near the lands granted by the Conqueror to Hubertus De la Feld.


Ancient records and documents furnish satisfactory evidence that the name Feld without the prefix "De la" is not to be found earlier than about 1400, and the fact that the Fields appear where the De la Felds were originally located indicates that the families were identical. In addition, the Coat of Arms of the ancient De la Felds is the same as that of the modern family of Field. "Sable, a chevron between three garbs, argent."

John Field, the Astronomer, married Jane Amyas, of London, in 1560. They had eight sons and one daughter. John Field, Jr., the fourth son, was the father of Zechariah Field, who was born at Ardsley, England, in 1600, emigrated to Boston, in 1632, and settled in Dorchester, where he remained until 1639, when he removed to Hartュford, Conn., and from thence, in 1659, to Northampton, Mass., and, in 1663, to Hatfield, Mass., where he died in 1666.

He married Mary 覧, and left five children who were all born in Hartford, between the years 1643 and 1658. The youngest son, Joseph Field, remained in Hatfield until 1714, when he removed to Sunderland, and from thence to Northfield, in 1720, to gain a title to his allotment of land. He returned to Sunderland, in 1726, died February 15, 1736 , aged seventy-eight years.

He married, first, Joanna, daughter of John Wyatt, of Hartford, Conn., June 28, 1688 ; second, Mary Belding. She died March 15, 1751, at Northfield, aged eighty-seven years. Joseph Field had by his first wife eleven children. Jonathan Field, youngest son of Joseph Field, was born October 13, 1699, at Hatfield, and removed with his father to Sunderland. He married, first, Mary Billings, of Hatュfield, March 30, 1721, by whom he had four daughters. She died in 1736. In 1738 he married, for his second wife, Esther Smith, of Hatfield, by whom he had four sons and two daughters. His oldest son, Seth Field, was born in 1741, and died in 1813. Seth Field married, first, Mary Hubbard, of Sunderland, by whom he had six children. Second, Margery Lotheridge, of Pelham, Mass., in 1815. She was born in the north of Ireland, in 1754, her maiden


name was Margery Knowlton. She died at Silver Creek, N. Y., in 1833.

Martin Field, son of Seth Field, was born January 12, 1773, died October 3, 1833. Married Esther Smith Kelュlogg, of Amherst, Mass., February 21, 1802. She was born February 25, 178o, and died June 6, 1867. They had four children as follows:

Charles Kellogg, born April 14, 1803. Married Julia Ann Kellogg, of Cooperstown, N. Y., June 29, 1828.

Mary Hubbard, born September 13, 1804. Married, first, Theodore F. French, of Troy, July 27, 1824. Died Sepュtember 11, 1828. Second, Thomas Jones, of Enfield, Mass., December 24, 1835. Died October 21, 1853.

Roswell M., born February 22, 1807. Died at St. Louis, July 12, 1869. Married Frances Reed, of St. Louis, May 30, 1848. She died November 18, 1856.

John F., born September 25, 1808. Died in Wisconsin, August 25, 1847.

Chas. K. Field had five children, as follows:

Julia K., born October 14, 1829. Married Elisha Payne Jewett, of Montpelier, January 15, 1861.

Martin, born April 24, 1831. Died September 3, 1861. Esther Sophia, born January 5, 1834. Died April 17, 1837.

Mary H., born August 5, 1839. Married Henry C. Willard, of Brattleboro, June 1, 1868.

Henry K., born June 8, 1848. Married Kate L. Daniels, of Hartford, Conn., November 25, 1872.




Thomas Knowlton and Margery Goodhue, both of Ipswich, Mass., were married in Watertown, Mass., December 2, 1692. She was the daughter of Deacon William Goodhue, who was in Ipswich, in 1635, and whose wife was Margery Watson. They were probably from England.

Deacon Ezekiel Knowlton, son of Thomas and Margery, was born about 1707. He married Susanna, daughter of Capt. Morgan and his wife, Susanna Pitts, from England; Captain Morgan died on the voyage hither, and his widow married 覧 Clark. Ezekiel and Susanna Knowlton came to Shrewsbury, Mass., probably from Manchester, as they were discharged from the church there and added to that in Shrewsbury, in 1731.

Luke Knowlton, son of Deacon Ezekiel Knowlton, was born in Shrewsbury, Mass., October 24, 1738, and July 29, 176o, married Sarah, daughter of Ephraim Holland, of Shrewsbury, who married Thankful Howe, of Worcester, Mass., December 11, 1739. Luke and Sarah Knowlton had seven children, three sons and four daughters. Five of their children survived their father. Six were born in Shrewsbury, Mass., and one, the youngest, in Newfane, Vt.

Calvin, born January 22, 1761. Married Sophia Willard, of Petersham, Mass., sister of Samuel Willard, February 3, 1793. Died, at Newfane, January 20, 1800. Their son, Geo. W. Knowlton, born in Newfane, in 1794; now resides in Watertown, N. Y.

Patty, born December 5, 1762. Died in 1814, in Ohio. She married Daniel Warner.

Silas, born December 19, 1764. Married Sarah Holュbrook, the sister of his brother-in-law, John Holbrook, November 30, 1786. She died in Canada, about 1800. He also died in Canada, aged 8o years. Their son, Paul H. Knowlton, was born in Newfane, in 1787.

Sarah, born May 2, 1767. Married John Holbrook,


November 30, 1786. She died, in Brattleboro, Vt., March 22, 1851, aged eighty-four years.

Alice, born July 22, 1769. Married Nathan Stone. Died, in Newfane, November 14, 1865, aged ninety-six years.

Lucinda, born August 8, 1771. Married Samuel Willard. Died in Canada, in 1800.

Luke, born in Newfane, March 24, 1775. Married Charlotte Kenney, March 18, 1799. She died in Canada, in February, 1843. He also died in Canada, in 1855, aged eighty years.









The Morses of Newfane, though of two distinct branches, have a common origin in Joseph Morse, who was born in England, in 1615, emigrated to New England with his father, Samuel Morse, in 1635 ; first settled at Watertown, Mass., and afterward resided at Dedham and Medfield. The more numerous and earlier settled branch, more immeュdiately descended from Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Morse, of Boylston, Mass., a graduate of Harvard College, a skillful physician and an eminent preacher. Dr. Morse early came into possession of a large tract of land in the southwestern part of the newly chartered township of Newfane, whither his sons, John, Joshua, Ebenezer and Amherst, came to settle.

Dr. John, the oldest son of Rev. Ebenezer and Persis (Bush) Morse, was born July 15, 1746. Married Elizabeth Andrews, of Boylston, May 11, 1769. Removed to Newュfane, and settled on the farm now owned and occupied by Elwin Ingram, in the parish, in June, 1774 ; his family being the twentieth which settled in town. On the night of their arrival they stopped at Luke Knowlton's, on Newュfane Hill, and the next day, guided by marked trees,


walked to their rude log house which had been constructed by Dr. Morse, during his visit to Newfane the previous autumn. Dr. Morse, or "Dr. John," as he was more familiarly called, was the first physician in town, and for many years the only one. He was poorly paid for his labors, often receiving no remuneration, yet, prompted by his kindness of heart, he allowed no call to go unheeded, whether of the rich or of the poor. His services were therefore of inestimable value to a community largely made up, as was the one in which he lived, of persons possessュing but little wealth. He died April 7, 1822, on the farm which he cleared, and on which he had lived for nearly half a century.

Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. John and Elizabeth Morse, was born March 2, 1770. Married Ichabod Merrifield, December, 1793. Died December 6, 1844. Had nine children, viz.:

Lucinda, born September 5, 1794. Married Levi Buel, of Fort Plain, N. Y. Died 1872.

Mary, born September 12, 1796. Married Ephraim Hall, of Newfane. Died September 12, 1849.

John A., born May 9, 1799. Died July 31, 1801.

Elizabeth, born March 3, 1801.

Sarah, born March 19, 1803. Died April 4, 1816.

John A., born October 27, 1808. Married Louisa Williams, January 14, 1842; is a farmer and resides in school district No. 6.

Aaron R., born October 14, 1810. Married, first, Harriet N. Mather ; second, Rachel M. Cox. Died at Vicksburg, Miss., September 22, 1851.

Anna, born May 7, 1814. Married, May 13, 1835, Geo. W. Lamb, who is a farmer and resides in school district No. 5.

Fanny, born May 31, 1815. Married John W. Hill. Died, at Chicopee, Mass., July 11, 1858.


John, second child of Dr. John and Elizabeth Morse, was born January 15, 1773. Married Susanna Osgood ; settled on what is now known as Timson Hill. Died June 19, 1850. Had eight children, viz. :


Eliakim, born November 3, 1799. Married Roxa Briggs, of Dover ; resides at Troy, N. Y.

Charlotte, married Wm. Hall, of Newfane.

Adeline, Calvin and John, residences in Pennsylvania.

Susan, married Lorenzo Estabrooks ; resides at Dover.

Mary, married Jonathan P. Hall ; resides at Rochester, N. Y.

Sidney, married Janette Rand ; was well known as a livery stable keeper, at Brattleboro, at which place he died, May 3, 1869.


Ebenezer, third child of Dr. John and Elizabeth Morse, was born July 14, 1775. Married Sally Goodnow ; resided on the farm now owned and occupied by Dea. Joseph Morse, in district No. 8 ; was a justice of the peace for many years, and died March 29, 1846. Ebenezer and Sally Morse had eleven children, viz.:

Lawson B., born February 4, 1805. Married, first, Elizabeth Gates ; second, Mary Ingram. Died, at Philaュdelphia, January 1, 1870.

John, died young.

Eliza A., born November 11, 1810. Married Dea. Joseph Morse, May 21, 1833. Died February 5, 1868.

Mary F., born February 18, 1815. Married Joseph Dexュter ; resides at Philadelphia ; summer residence at Pondville.

John, died young.

Benjamin E., born December 23, 1816. Married Mary Ann, daughter of Rev. Phineas Howe, April 2, 1840. Is a farmer, and now resides at Pondville. Has been a justice of the peace, or notary public for many years, and has had considerable practice as an attorney in minor courts of law.

Sarah G., born January 31, 1819. Married Russell Mason, January 31, 1854, who is a farmer and resides at Pondville.

Ebenezer, born November 3, 1820. Married, first, Clara Pendleton ; second, Lavina L. Warren, and resides at Springfield, Mass.

Ashley W., born August 31, 1822. Married Aurelia Lawton. Died at Dummerston, September 24, 1875.




Charles F., born September 1, 1824. Died in California, February 16, 1854.

Amelia, died young.


Jonathan, fourth child of Dr. John and Elizabeth Morse, was born January 9, 1778. Married Polly Bailey. Resided for many years with his father, but died, June 14, 1838, on the "Lamb Place," so called, now owned and occupied by Emory Dunklee.

George A., son of Jonathan and Polly Morse, was born January 13, 1807. Married Mary P. Merrifield, October 1828 ; second, Martha Wood, April 8, 1832, and now resides in Philadelphia, where he has been engaged in the baking business. His earlier years were mostly spent as a farmer in the parish, living with his parents the latter part of his father's lifetime, and afterward erecting the buildings on the place where Loima Lamson now lives. He was a distinguished musician, and highly popular as a teacher of singing schools in this and neighboring towns.


Mary, fifth child of Dr. John and Elizabeth Morse, was born September 1782. Married Simon Fisher, of Newュfane, and died July 27, 1813. Simon and Mary Fisher had five children, viz.:

Daniel, born August 27, 1805. Married in Maryland, and was killed by the cars.

Mary, born April 25, 1807. Married Pardon T. Kimュball, December 9, 1824, now resides at Dubuque, Ia., with her son Nelson.

Simon and Sophia P., died young.

Martha Ann, born April 7, 1812. Married Hough, and resides at Lebanon, N. H.


Thomas Andrews, sixth child of Dr. John and Elizabeth Morse, was born March 13, 1786. Married Lucinda Wood, lived, the latter part of his years, and died, July 29, 1840, upon the farm which his father settled. He is said to have been a man of great industry and strict integrity. Thomas A. and Lucinda Morse had six children, viz.:

Caroline, born November 28, 1810. Married Welcome Allen, December 11, 1834. Died Febuary 1, 1843.


Elizabeth A., born June 16, 1812. Married Austin J. Morse, April 9, 1835. Died July 20, 1846.

Frederick J., born October 23, 1814. Married H. A. Adams, October 13, 1840; is a lumber dealer, and resides at Williamsville.

Franklin B., born September 20, 1817. Married Mary Warner. He is a farmer and resides in the parish.

Ann W., born June 8, 1822. Married Laban Dexter, and resides at Springfield, Mass.

Andrews T., born October 17, 1824. Married, first, Emily A. Houghton ; second, Sarah (Kelsey) Burt, and resides at Springfield, Mass.




Joshua, son of Rev. Ebenezer and Persis Morse, was born March 8, 1752, married Lavina Holland, of Boylston, a sister of the wife of Hon. Luke Knowlton, came to Newfane with Judge Knowlton, in 1773, first settled on the farm now owned and occupied by Welcome Allen, in the parish ; removed to the "Dr. Olds Place," on Newfane Hill, and subsequently to the farm now owned by Sabin Morse, where he died October 1, 1828. Joshua and Lavina Morse had eleven children, viz.:

Tabitha, born September 8, 1773. Died, unmarried, in 1817.

Amherst, born April 25, 1776. Married Abigail Holden, February 11, 1800. Settled on the farm now owned and occupied by Marshall Houghton, in district No. 8, and afterward removed to his father's farm on Newfane hill, where he continued to reside until his death, July 20, 1842. Amherst and Abigail Morse had four children, viz,:

Maria, born May 4, 1804. Married Nathaniel Cheney, of Wardsboro, October 27, 1825 ; now resides at Brattleュboro.

Abigail H., born May 20, 1807. Married Huntington Fitch, April 23, 1832; now resides at Columbus, Ohio.

Austin J., born November 11, 1812. Married, first, Elizabeth A. Morse, April 9, 1835 ; second, Catherine Miller, March 18, 1847. Resided many years on Newfane Hill and at Fayetteville; has been an extensive farmer and cattle drover, represented the town in the State Legislature


in 1863 and '64, and in the Constitutional Convention for 1870, and now resides at Worcester, Mass.

Sabin P., born March 15, 1817. Married Sarah C. Fitts, September 12, 1839, lived on for many years, and now owns, the farm on Newfane on which his father and grandfather lived and died, but now occupies the residence erected by Gen. Martin Field, at Fayetteville.


Ephraim, third child of Joshua and Lavina Morse, was born May 23, 1778. Married, first, Polly Cook ; second, Sally (Keyes) Lamb. Settled on the farm now occupied by Geo. W. Knapp, on Timson hill, but afterward removed to the farm now owned by A. B. Hazelton, in district No. 8, where he died March 24, 1865. Ephraim and Polly Morse had six children, viz.:

William H., born September 25, 1804. Married Mary Hall, April 30, 1828; is a farmer and resides in district No. 8.

Sewall, born January 6, 1809. Married, first, Sarah A. Houghton ; second, Electa Stevens. Is a mechanic and resides at Brattleboro.

Amherst, born January 16, 1811. Died December, 1813.

Ephraim, born June 25, 1812. Married Mary Ann Winchester, February 11, 1840 ; is a farmer and now resides at Williamsville.

Nelson, born August 22, 1814. Married Electa (Keyes) Fletcher, April 16, 1845 ; is a farmer and resides at Williamsville.

Thomas Parker, born November 29, 1817. Married, first, Martha (Kelsey) Ingram ; second, Mary (Alden) Adams ; third, Mary Lane. Is a farmer, and now resides at Dummerston.


Joseph, fourth child of Joshua and Lavina Morse, was born September 16, 1780. Died January 26, 1792. Luke Knowlton, fifth child of the same, was born February 6, 1783. Married, first, Elizabeth Cook, February 29, 1808 ; second, Clara Cook (now Mrs. Newman Allen, of Fayetteville), May 6, 1824. Lived, and died September 21, 1830, on the farm now owned and occupied by his


son, O. P. Morse. Luke K. and Elizabeth Morse had three children, viz.:

Lewis C., born November 19, 1809. Died February 21, 1827.

Oliver Plimpton, born March 4, 1816. Married Lydia L. Stratton, January 1, 1838. Represented the town in the General Assembly of 1845 ; is a farmer and resides in school district No. 6.

Elizabeth, born October 10, 1820. Died February 22, 1824.

Luke K. and Clara Morse had Jonas C., born February 7, 1825. Died March 17, 1825.


Persis, sixth child of Joshua and Lavina Morse was born January 17, 1785. Died July 9, 1809.

Eunice, seventh child of the same, was born March 28, 1787. Died July 19, 1789.

Eunice, eighth child of the same, was born August 30, 1789. Married Jonathan Adams, of Wardsboro. Died October 15, 1826. Jonathan and Eunice Adams had three children, viz.:

Julia, born December 27, 1818. Married, March 10, 1842, Orwell Stratton, who is a farmer and resides in disュtrict No. 8.

Oliver C., born August 8, 1821. Married Aurilla Jackュson, April 18, 1844; is a merchant and resides at Shushan, N. Y.

Marcia, born May 16, 1824. Died February, 1847.


Windsor, ninth child of Joshua and Lavina Morse, was born January 9, 1793. Married Arletta Pratt, October 20, 1818 ; settled about a mile south of Williamsville, on the road leading to Dummerston Hill, where he lived for more than half a century, but moved, in his old age, with his son Charles, to the Pratt farm, in district No. 5, where he died August 31, 1875. Windsor and Arletta Morse had three children, viz.:

Lavina H., born December 31, 1822. Married Joel K. Dickinson, February 16, 1841 ; now resides at Williamsville.

Hannah Louisa, born January 1, 1829. Died September 6, 1845.


Charles W., born May 25, 1834. Married Jenette F. Brown, November 7. 1865.


Sewall, tenth child of Joshua and Lavina Morse was born April 12, 1795. Died September 3, 1795.


Betsey, eleventh child of the same, was born August 24, 1796. Married Calvin Davis, May 5, 1818. Resided on the place now owned and occupied by L. J. Timson, in district No. 6, and died November 6, 1862, Calvin and Betsey Davis had seven children, viz. :

Rhoda, born October 24, 1819. Married Samuel Hall, May 20, 1835 ; now resides at Baraboo, Wis.

Alexander H., born November 16, 1821. Married Sylvia Timson, June 10, 1847; now resides at Brattleboro.

Mary B., born February 22, 1825. Married John S. Dutton ; resides at Jaffrey, N. H.

Sarah E., born May 7, 1827. Married Leonard J. Timson, August 13, 1846.

Franklin C., born February 5, 1829. Married Mary Ann Downs ; now resides at Brattleboro.

Henry H., born March 12, 1833. Married Sarah E. Journay ; resides at Brooklyn, L. I.

Ann C., born March 22, 1836. Married Charles Howard ; resides at Townshend.




Ebenezer, son of Rev. Dr. Ebenezer and Persis Morse, was born July 10, 1755; married, September 22, 1782, Henrietta Siverly, of New York, a highly accomplished and cultivated lady, and soon afterward removed to Nova Scotia. About the year 1788 he came to Newfane, at the urgent solicitations of his brothers and other citizens of the town, for the purpose of building a gristmill. Selecting for his farm the site of the present village of Williamsville, and the hillside north of it, then a forest, he erected a house on the ground on which the hotel now stands, and built, soon afterward, near the site of the present mill, the first gristmill m the southern part of the town, of which we have any knowledge. He was a good mechanic, worked at his trade, in connection with tending the mill,



for many years, and died June 30, 1813. Ebenezer and Henrietta Morse had twelve children, viz. :

Abraham, born July 26, 1784. Died young.


Priscilla, born November 15, 1786. Died 1801.


Mary M., born July 28, 1791. Married David Reed, who kept the first hotel at Williamsville. Died April 24, 1826. David and Mary Reed had six children, viz.:

Ransford, Charles E., Henrietta M., William N., Martha A., and Lucius E.


Ann D., daughter of Ebenezer and Henrietta Morse, was born October 13, 1793. Married Denzil, son of Rev. Hezekiah Taylor. Carried on the millinery and dress-makュing business at Williamsville for many years, supported and educated her children, and died September 6, 1858. Denzil and Ann D. Taylor had four children, viz. :

Horace B., born August 25, 1815. Married Abby E. Bryant, July 2, 1844; resides at Boston, where he has accumulated a large fortune in the foreign commission business.

George W., born December 15, 1819. Married Leonice F. Kilton, January 29, 1842; was merchant and postmaster at Jonesboro, Maine, for twenty-two years, and is now a foreign commission merchant at Boston.

Harriet A. E., married Wm. S. Jones and succeeded her mother in the millinery business at Williamsville. W. S. and H. A. Jones had Alfred H., born December, 1852. Entered Harvard College in 1872. Died August 10, 1873. Was a young man of fine natural talent, and took high rank as a scholar.

Henry R. Taylor, born May 31, 1829. Married, first, Amelia Longfellow ; second, Laura Smith ; is a jeweller, and resides at Machias, Maine.

Harriet S., daughter of Ebenezer and Henrietta Morse, was born November 26, 1797. Married Jonathan M. Dexュter, a merchant of Boston. Died in 1841. J. M. and Harriet S. Dexter had seven children, viz.:

Samuel, Frances, Augustus, George, Harriet, Montュgomery and Helen. Frances married James P. Tolman and resides at Philadelphia.



Sarah K., daughter of Ebenezer and Henrietta Morse, was born February 22, 1799. Married, first, Chas. K. Gayety ; second, 覧 Oliver, resided in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Died July, 1870.


John G., son of Ebenezer and Henrietta Morse, was born June 23, 1801. Died 1837.


Robert McNeil, son of the same, was born January 8, 1807. Married Sarah M. Clark ; is a merchant residing in Boston, and has four children, viz.:

Robert McN., Jr., all eminent Boston lawyer ; Charles F., Ellen C., and Mary.

Emily F., daughter of E. and H. Morse, was born July, 1812. Married, first, Alpheus Atherton ; second, Samuel Tolman. Died at Watertown, Mass.




Amherst, youngest son of Rev. Ebenezer and Persis Morse, was born November 11, 1760. Married Widow Fisk, mother of Miss Catherine Fisk, the celebrated teacher, resided in Nova Scotia and afterward came to Newfane and settled on the farm now owned and occupied by George Briggs, in district No. 10. Had no children.




Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Morse, while on a visit to Newfane, in 1773, or the early part of 1774, preached from a rock on the premises now occupied by Welcome Allen, the first sermon ever preached in town. In the course of the sermon he used this expression. "The people of this parish" must do so and so. From this circumstance that section of the town has since been called " The Parish."




Jacob Morse, of whom the second branch of Newfane Morses are descendants, son of Joshua and Mary Morse, of Medfield, Mass., was born December 24, 1745. Married, first, Mary Kingsbury ; second, Mary Hawes. Came to Newfane from Princeton, Mass., in 1787, settled on the farm now owned and occupied by his grandson, Samuel Morse, in the parish district, and died April 14, 1818. Had nine children, viz:


Catherine, born March 18, 1773. Married William King ; resided near the brickyard, opposite Lamson's mills, and died November, 1858. William and Catherine King had four children, viz.:

Lydia, born November 8, 1803. Married Joel Redfield, died at Woodford. September 1, 1841.

William, born July 25, 1807. Married Emily Duncan.

Louisa, born February 1813. Married, first, John Knapp, of Woodford ; second, Elnathan Houghton ; resides in district No. 8.

Ezra, born September 11, 1820. Married, first, Hannah Bellows ; second, Jane O. Benson ; resides in district No. 8.


Joshua, second child of Jacob Morse, was born November 20, 1774. Married Sally Phillips, August 12, 1798, resided on the farm which his father settled, and died September 12, 1859. He was a man of many good qualities. Was kind and generous to the poor, and liberal in his contributions to public charities. He built, almost wholly unaided, the first meeting house of the Pondville Baptist Society. That he enjoyed the confidence of his fellow townsmen is attested by the fact that for many years he was constantly called to their service, very often in the capacity of selectman. Joshua and Sally Morse had twelve children, viz.:

Electa, born April 25, 1800. Died November 8, 1800.

Joshua, born September 3, 1801. Married, first, Eunice Kelsey ; second, Rheuhama Pierce; is a carpenter and resides in district No. 6.

Willard, born July 23, 1803. Married, first, Polly Goodュnow ; second, Almira Keyes. Died June, 1838.

Joseph, born June 24, 1805. Married, first, Eliza Morse, May 21, 1833 ; second, Dolly R. Stratton ; is a fanner and resides in district No. 8. Has been a deacon of the Baptist Church for many years.

David, born June 28, 1807. Died in 1811.

Polly, born July 22, 1809. Married Asa Stratton, who is a farmer and resides in district No. 11.

David, born September 19, 1811. Married, first, Louisa Bellows; second, Mary Williams. Died April 10, 1876, at Springfield, Mass.


John, born November 24, 1814. Married Priscilla Ward. Died November 3, 1853.

Sally, born January 9, 1817. Married Harvey G. Whitaker. Died, at Brattleboro, January 29, 1868.

Nathan C., born July 2, 1818. Married Mary Z. Withers ; resides at Covington, Ky. Has been somewhat celebrated as a teacher of music, but is now an extensive dealer in and a large owner of real estate.

Samuel, born October 13, 182o. Married Georgiana Goodnow, November 12, 1846. Now owns and occupies the farm which his grandfather settled, and which is the only one in town, with the exception of the Stedman farm at Fayetteville, that has been retained in constant possession of the family by whom it was settled.

Elijah, born January 23, 1823. Married Mary E. Charter, and resides in California.


Unity, third child of Jacob Morse was born February 3, 1777. Died young.


Polly, fourth child of the same, was born December 26, 1778. Married Levi Knowlton of Stukeley, P. Q. Died March 28, 1803.


Sally, fifth child of the same, was born November 15, 1780. Died young.


Joseph, sixth child of the same, was born April 5, 1783. Died young.


James, seventh child of the same, was born March 18, 1785. Married, first, Hannah Bailey ; second, Sarah B. Yeaw ; third, Eldice Simpson ; resided in district No. 11, and afterward at Gouverneur, N. Y. Had thirteen children viz.:

Julia Ann, born October 9,1808. Died January 20, 1811. Horace D., born December 7, 1809. Married, first. Elizabeth Goodell; second, Almira Drake.

Elliot, born March 17, 1812.

Appleton George, born September 17 1813. Married 覧 Spaulding ; resides at Ellsworth, Ohio.


Chesselden, born October 4, 1815. Married Dolly Ann Ingram.

James, born July 11, 1817. Died October 20, 1821. Samuel, born April 6, 1819.

Royal, born October 26, 1820.

Lectana, born November 6, 1821. Married Silas Gates, of Marlboro, now of Minnesota.

Polly, born October 13, 1823. Married 覧 Spaulding; resides at Ellsworth, Ohio.

Hannah, born October 26, 1825. Married and resides at Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sarah, born March 20, 1831.

James, born November 8, 1832.


Jacob, eighth child of Jacob Morse, was born January 22, 1787. Married Adah Brown ; lived on the place occupied by his son, Emerson Morse, in district No. 8. Died September 12, 1838. Jacob and Adah Morse had ten children, viz.:

Emerson, born December 24, 1810. Married Mary Belュlows. Died January 11, 1876.

Sally, born May 1, 1812. Died August 6, 1817. Melinda B., born September 18, 1815. Married Rev. Geo. W. Brewster. Died 覧 覧 覧.

Catherine, born January 22, 1818. Married Mason Ingram, December 4, 1845. Died February 28, 1867.

Cynthia, born November 9, 1820. Married Cyrus Hill. Died April 15, 1852.

Sarah S., born March 22, 1823. Married John Howe, April, 1847; resides at Boston.

Hannah P., born July 22, 1825. Married Wm. S. Baker, May, 1844 ; resides at Boston.

Abby M., born February 5, 1827. Married John Buck, July, 1848; resides at Bucksfield, Maine.

Mary E., born July 18, 1830. Married Lorenzo W. Childs, April, 1847; resides in Iowa.

Albert Mc., born April 22, 1836 ; resides in Nebraska.


Hannah, ninth child of Jacob Morse, was born December 6, 1789. Married Nathan Phillips. Died May 9, 1840. Nathan and Hannah Phillips had six children, viz.:


Bathsheba H., born March 1, 1811. Married Rev. Denzil M. Crane, formerly of Brookline.

Sidney, born August 23, 1813. Married Abigail Atwood ; resides at Boston.

Adin, born February 6, 1816. Married Rebecca Sanborn. Aurelia, born January 11, 1818. Married Warren Lazell, October 29, 1839 ; resides at Dover.

Nathan O., born October 20, 1822.

Mary H., born March 6, 1827. Married Edwin F. Sherman, of Dover, September 23, 1846. Died March 11, 1848.




The name of Morse is less common in Newfane to-day than it was forty years ago. It does not follow, however, that the race is running out. Many have gone forth into other towns and states. The family name has been largely merged in others. And four of the five men mentioned in this article as original settlers of the town, and somewhat prominent in its early history, were represented, at the date of its first centennial, by fully five hundred living descendants.









Dea. Jonathan Park, born in Milbury, Mass., September 22, 1743. Died July 18, 1827.

Elizabeth Fletcher, his wife, born January 14, 1750. Died February 14, 1787.

Sarah Scott, his second wife, born June 29, 1751. Died May 11, 1789.

Mariam Fiske, his third wife, born in 1758. Died March 26, 1841.

Children of Jonathan Park arid his wives.

1. Elizabeth Park, born February 20, 1768. Died Sepュtember 26, 1773.


2. Lucy Park, born August 20, 1769. Died September 18, 1773.

3. Jonathan Park, born June 17, 1771. Married Caroline. Locklin, March 14, 1799. Died at Lyndon, June 17, 1829.

4. David Park, born November 27, 1772. Died Septemュber 30, 1773.

5. Submit Park, born October 26, 1774. Married Thurstin Holman, February 19, 1801. Date of death unknown.

6. Samuel Park, born October 6, 1776. Married Rachel Chase, January 27, 1802. Died September 17, 1863.

7. Lydia Park, born July 12, 1778. Married Thomas Downs, November 19, 1798. Died May 5, 1857.

8. Ephraim Park, born March 29, 1780. Married Hanュnah Whitcomb, September 20, 1802. Died February 6, 1861.

9. Rhoda Park, born February 18, 1782. Married Thomas Cook, February 21, 1802. Died March 1, 1873.

10. Moses Park, born August 17, 1788. Died February 29, 1796.

11. Nathan F. Park, born June 1, 1794. Married Almena Bennet, October 29, 1818. Died March 18, 1860.

12. Sarah Park, born February 26, 1796. Married Jasper Stone, March 16, 1817. Still living, aged 81.

13. Miriam Park, born July 27, 1797. Married Thomas Sherwin, March 8, 1818. Died November 1, 1850.







Nathaniel Stedman, born April 18, 1746. Died October 16, 1812.

Ruth Stedman, born April 3, 1750. Died December 22, 1843.

Children of Nathaniel and Ruth Stedman:

1. Billey Stedman, born July 5, 1773. Died September 14, 1777.


2. Betty Stedman, born November 14, 1774. Died September 10, 1777.

3. Mary Stedman, born September 15, 1776. Died Sepュtember 20, 1777.

4. William Stedman, born March 26, 1778. Died Decemュber 27, 1864.

5. Lucinda Stedman, born March 12, 1780.

6. Luritta Stedman, born November 19, 1781. Died October 9, 1817.

7. Huldah Stedman, born October 10, 1783. Died 1860.

8. Betty Stedman, born March 10, 1785.

9. Mary Stedman, born August 13, 1788. Died 1860.

10. Rath Stedman, born March 26, 1790.

11. Sarah Stedman, born February 7, 1792. Still living.









Daniel Taylor, Jr., was born at Concord, Mass., in 1767. Married Elizabeth Wheeler, of Newfane. They had twelve children, four of whom died young.

Nathan Bigelow, born in 1786. Married Hannah Bixby, of Dummerston, and settled in Newport, N. H.

Elizabeth, born in 1788. Married Roswell Elmer, of Claremont, N. H.

Arad, born in 1796. Married Hannah L. Robinson, of Newfane, settled in Claremont, N. H.

Daniel, born in 1798. Married first, Mary Ann Ainsュworth, of Claremont, N. H. Second, Lucia Chase, of Weathersfield, Vt. Settled in Waterloo, Que.

Luke, born in 1800. Married Nancy Newman, of Newュfane. Settled in Newfane, but afterwards removed with his family to Shefford, Que.

Luther, born in 1802. Married Louisa Rice, of Winュchester, N. H. Settled in Boston, Mass.


Mary, born in 1804. Married, first, Dan Bailey, of Brattleboro. Second, Wright Porter, of Hartford, Vt.

Laura, born in 1807. Married Charles Allen, of Chester, Vt. Settled in Waterloo, Que.

Daniel Taylor and Charles Allen went to Waterloo, Que., with Hezekiah Robinson, or shortly after, and entered into co-partnership under the firm name of Allen & Taylor, Iron Founders and Merchants. The firm is still in existence under the same name, the business being conducted by the sons of the original partners.






Parson Taylor was born on Wednesday, November 28, 1748. Died August 23, 1814.

His wife, whose maiden name was Sarah Frost, was born May 24, 1751. Died March 3, 1840.

They were married March 31, 1774.

May 20, 1775, their first child, a son, Hollis, was born, who died at Rotterdam, in Holland, August 14, 1793.

The second child, Simon, was born January 25, 1778. Died July 23, 1818.

The third, Pardon, was born May 28, 178o, and was drowned in the Connecticut river, at Brattleboro, July 2, 1797, the day upon which the late well-known Gen. Kimball was born, and it was this sad ending of a young life, on the day his began, that gave him the name of Pardon Taylor Kimball.

The fourth son, Frost, was born December 4, 1781. Died September 23, 1802.

The fifth, Sally, born November 3, 1783. Married Moses Sabin, April 24, 1814. Died October 25, 1819.

The sixth, Patty, born November 2, 1785. Married Josiah L. Holden, November 2, 1806. Died May 10, 1825.


The seventh, Denzil, born January 21, 1787. Died May 13, 1868.




We extract the following from Mr. Taylor's private church notes:

He baptized 446 children, the first of whom was John Farrar, son of Phineas Farrar, July 10, 1774.

Attended 328 funerals, the first of which was an infant son of Moses Kenney, November 22, 1774.

Married 111 couples, the first of whom was Joseph Gleaュson and Sarah Ball, July 1, 1774.

March 12, 1775, Nathaniel Stedman and his wife united with the church, the first after its organization.

Fourteen were admitted to the church during the year 1775.

From November 22. 1774, to July 2, 1778, he has recorded the deaths of twenty-four children under fifteen years of age.