When our military stores at Bennington became in danュger, and the call came for the Green Mountain Boys to rally for the rescue, Lieut. Jonathan Park and others from this grant, volunteered, and after a two days' march reached Bennington in time to participate in the glorious struggle of that memorable day. In returning after the battle, Park, worn by the fatigues and hardships of the campaign, sickュened and was several days in reaching home. We can find no record, or reliable tradition, of the names or numュber of men who accompanied Lieut. Park on this expediton. But the fact that our minute men responded to the call to arms, is vouched for by one who has often heard the venerable Lieutenant recount the trials of that eventful day and the weariness of the homeward march. From Mrs. Baker's biographical sketch of her grandfather, we doubt not that Ward Eager was one of the number.

The following is all the official record we have been able to find that in any way connects this town with the war for our independence. "March 8, 1781, they voted to raise the soldiers, for the defense of the frontiers, by a town tax." But who or how many soldiers ever enlisted under that vote, or in any other manner went from this town to serve in the struggle for our national independence, the records showeth not.






WAR OF 1812-15.


September 29, 1812, a town meeting was called to see if the town would vote to raise the wages of the Cavalry and Militia, that should be compelled to march, to ten dollars per month. They voted to dismiss the article and adjourned without day.








There is a tradition that at one time the militia expected to be called to Plattsburg, and the company volunteered. Many of the men worked all night, before the day of their expected march, running bullets, making cartridges, etc. But the order came the next day to disband, instead of march. This would seem to explain the second article in the warrant for a town meeting, May 31, 1813, which reads as follows: "To see if the town will raise a sum of money to make compensation to Andrew Grimes, Jr., for damage done said Grimes, by the failure of a certain conュtract made with him by said town, for the transportation of military stores to Burlington in 1812." They voted to dismiss the article. The soldiers who actually enlisted from this town were Lyman Holden, a man by the name of Gambel, a Mr. Bullard, and Nathaniel Holland, who died at Plattsburg, October 6, 1814. The venerable Isaac Hovey, now of Williamsville, enlisted in January, 1814, from the town of Craftsbury, and served for a period of eighteen months in the engineers' department. He was in only one engagement, the battle of Bridgewater. He now draws a pension of $96 per year.



SOLDIERS OF 1861-65.


It would naturally be supposed that a history of the solュdiers who served in the war for the suppression of the slave-holders' rebellion, could, at this time, when so many of the veterans are still living, be easily and correctly written. But in fact we have found it one of the most serious and diffiュcult tasks of the entire work. After corresponding and conversing with many of the soldiers and their friends, and spending days in carefully searching, analyzing and comュparing the various names and dates in the Adjutant-Genュeral's Reports, the following are the results, which we feel justified in presenting as historical facts:










Miller, Frederic F., aged 24. Enlisted May, 1861, 3rd Corp. Promoted Sergeant. Killed at Spottsylvania, May 10, 1864. He fought in seventeen battles without receivュing a wound, but was instantly killed by a Minie ball over the left eye, just at night-fall on the first day of the eightュeenth engagement, which commenced at Spottsylvania, May 10th, and closed on the 18th. The story of his death, as told by his comrades, is as follows: The Regiment was massed upon a hillside, in an undergrowth of bushes and small trees, in a position that it was evident must soon be abandoned. Sergeant Miller and his men were lying in a hollow behind a knoll, when he crept carefully to the top and fired upon the enemy, time and again handing back his empty gun, and receiving a loaded one from his companュions, until, as was supposed, he was sighted and picked off by a sharpshooter. His comrades pulled him back by the legs, and took from his pockets $64.00, a knife and tobacco-box, and sent them to his mother, then cut his clothing so that the enemy should not avail themselves of its use, and left his body on the field. The eulogium proュnounced upon him by his Captain and comrades, who served with him to the day of his death is, that he was one of the bravest, truest men that ever wore the blue.

Carpenter, Edwin J., aged 18. Enlisted Aug. 10, 1861. Wounded in the leg and taken prisoner at Savage Station, June 29, 1862; carried to Richmond, exchanged and disュcharged from the General Hospital at West Philadelphia, Penn., Jan. 28, 1863.

Howe, Edmund P., aged 22. Enlisted May, 1861. Proュmoted Sergeant. Mustered out of service June 29, 1864.

Lamb, Henry L., aged 22. Enlisted May, 1861. Taken prisoner at Savage Station, June 29, 1862. Reported to the War Department as a deserter, Oct. 19th, 1862, when in fact he was a prisoner, and was afterwards exchanged and sent to the General Hospital at Washington, D. C., where he was discharged by order of the surgeon, January 25, 1863.

Mason, Albert, aged 21. Enlisted May 18, 1861.








Taken prisoner near Spottsylvania, May 21, 1864. Exchanged Nov. 19, 1864. Discharged Dec. 24, 1864. His was the first name on the roll from this town. In speaking of his life as a prisoner, he says: "I marched eight days after I was captured. with the rebel army, and was well treated." Upon leaving the army he was confined two weeks in Libby Prison, where all his greenbacks were confiscated ; from there he was sent to Andersonville, where, he says: "I suffered what no pen can tell. When I was exchanged I could not walk nor straighten either of my legs. I was almost dead with the scurvy."

Miller, Morris, aged 40. Enlisted May, 1861. Discharged June 2, 1863.

Pratt, R. M., aged 22 years. Enlisted May, 1861. Disュcharged Nov. 1, 1861. He was severely wounded in the right arm, early in the first battle of Bull Run. In attemptュing to go to the rear, he fainted from fatigue and loss of blood, and not recovering himself until after the day was lost, he was captured by the victorious rebels and taken to Libby Prison, where he suffered a foretaste of all the horュrors in store for our unfortunate prisoners of war. While in prison his arm was amputated near the shoulder. A portion of the winter after his discharge, he spent with a comrade in lecturing in various towns in Vermont, upon the horrors and sufferings of his prison life, and showing up to the North with what zeal, fiendish spirit and intent the rebels were engaged in the great rebellion.





Allison, Everett M., aged 23. Enlisted June 1, 1861 ; re-enlisted Dec. 22, 1863. Killed at the battle of the Wilュderness, May 5, 1864.





Cooley, Geo. C., aged 20. Enlisted Aug. 21, 1861, 2d Corporal. Reduced to the ranks. Re-enlisted Dec. 15, 1863, promoted Sergeant, and transferred to Co. F, Feb. 25, 1865 ; mustered out July 13, 1865.





Hall, James, aged 29. Enlisted Sept. 2, 1861. Discharged March 14, 1862.








Perry, Daniel, aged 25. Enlisted Sept. 5, 1861. Discharged Oct. 22, 1862.

Perry, Henry, aged 22. Enlisted Sept. 3, 1861 ; re-enュlisted Dec. 15, 1863. Taken prisoner June 23, 1864 ; transュferred to Co. F, Feb. 25, 1865. Mustered out July 13, 1865.

Nelson, Stephen H., aged 38. Enlisted Dec. 6, 1863. Mustered into service Jan. 4, 1864. Taken prisoner on the Weldon Railroad. June 23, 1864. Died in Andersonュville, Ga., Dec. 13, 1864.

Sexton, Thomas B., aged 21. Enlisted Dec. 6, 1863. Captured June 23, 1864. Died at Andersonville, Sept. 11, 1864.





Green, Geo. E., aged, 34. Drafted July 13, 1863.





Betterly, Frank W., aged 26. Enlisted Sept. 21, 1861. Mustered out Nov. 18, 1864.

Donohue, Patrick, aged 39. Enlisted Jan. 3, 1864. Musュtered into service the 7th, and missed in action at Ashュland, Va., June 1. Died at Andersonville, Aug. 17, 1864.

Goodnow, Orwell S., aged 21. Enlisted Sept. 16, 1861. Discharged Sept. 20, 1862.

Pond, William W., aged 21. Enlisted Dec. 15, 1863. Missed in action at Ridley's Shop, June 30, 1864.





Brown, Lewis G., aged 18. Enlisted Jan. 3, 1865. Musュtered out June 27, 1865.





Hazleton, Edward L., aged 24. Enlisted Nov. 30, 1861 ; promoted 2d Serg't. Re-enlisted Feb. 17, 1864; promoted 1st Lieut., July 31, 1865. Mustered out March 14, 1866.





Franklin, Alvin B., aged 23. Enlisted November, 1861 ; commissioned 1st Lieut., Jan. 17, 1862; promoted Capt., Oct.








27, 1863 ; promoted Maj., Nov. 24, 1864 ; promoted Lieut-Col., March 8, 1865. Mustered out June 28, 1865. In June, 1862, Co. H were stationed at Des Almands, La., and on the 22d inst., Lieut Franklin was ordered to take a detachment of thirty-two men, all told, and with an engine and car proceed carefully up the railroad on a reconnoisュsance. When slowly nearing Raceland station, they were ambuscaded by the enemy, who fired a heavy volley from the thicket on either side of the road, killing three men and wounding several. Franklin received a number of buckshot in the arms and chest and was supposed to be mortally wounded. At the seige of Port Hudson, from May 25 to July 9, he was hit several times but not injured. At the battle of Cedar Creek, Va., six balls passed through his clothes, one of which wounded him slightly.





Holland, Geo. N., aged 27. Enlisted November, 1861 ; commissioned 1st Lieut., Jan. 17, 1862. Resigned Oct. 25, 1862.

Morse, Joshua C., aged 30. Enlisted Nov., 1861 ; commissioned 2d Lieut., Jan. 17, 1862 ; promoted 1st Lieut., Oct. 25, 1862. Resigned July 10, 1863.

Betterly, Thomas F., aged 21. Enlisted Nov. 26, 1861 ; 4th Serg't. Deserted June 30, 1863. Returned under the president's amnesty proclamation, May 6, 1865 ; dishonoraュbly discharged June 12, 1865.

Hudson, Bonaparte, aged 20. Enlisted Nov. 30, 1861 ; 2d Corp. Died in the hospital at New Orleans, May 24, 1862.

Warren, Francis E., aged 23. Enlisted Dec. 23, 1861; 5th Corp.; promoted Serg't. Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864; promoted 1st Serg't, June 8, 1864. Wounded at Winchesュter, Va., Sept. 19, 1864. Promoted 1st Lieut., Feb. 23, 1865; promoted Capt., April 18, 1865. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Bemis, Leonard C., aged 36. Enlisted Nov. 30, 1861; promoted Corp. Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864. Transferred to the Vt. Reserve Corps, April 25, 1865.

Alls, Horace, age 25. Enlisted Dec. 11, 1861. Musュtered out June 22, 1864.








Betterly, Alfred, aged 19. Enlisted Nov. 29. 1861. Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Betterly, Geo. S., aged 19. Enlisted Nov. 30. 1861. Discharged May 4, 1863.

Betterly, Gilbert W., aged 18. Enlisted Nov. 29, 1861. Discharged July 16, 1862.

Blashfield, Henry C., aged 18. Enlisted Dec. 2, 1861. Killed at the seige of Port Hudson, June 14, 1863.

Brown. Clark, aged 23. Enlisted Dec. 3, 1861. Disュcharged July 17, 1863.

Carpenter, Eben B., aged 18. Enlisted Dec. 2, 1861. Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Charter, Samuel, aged 32. Enlisted Jan. 16, 1862. Mustered out June 22, 1864.

Church, Henry, aged 33. Enlisted Dec. 15, 1861. Musュtered out June 22, 1864.

Davis. Eros L., aged 18. Enlisted Dec. 9, 1861. Died March 18, on board the ship Wallace, while on her pasュsage to Ship Island.

Davis, Hiram, aged 44. Enlisted Dec. 9, 1861. Disュcharged July 15, 1862.

Downs, Henry W., aged 18. Enlisted Nov. 28. 1861 ; promoted Corp. ; promoted Serg't, Dec. 13. 1863. Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864; promoted 1st Serg't, March. 21, 1865 ; promoted 2d Lieut., April. 18, 1865. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Estabrooks, Sydney J., aged 19. Enlisted Aug. 11, 1864. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Forbush, William F., aged 15. Enlisted Jan. 13, 1862 ; musician. Discharged July 15, 1862.

Fairbanks, Wayland, aged 21. Enlisted Dec. 24, 1863. Died Jan. 27, 1865. We extract the following from a biographical sketch published soon after his death:

Wayland Fairbanks enlisted in Co. I. 16th regiment of nine months' men, Sept. 6, 1862, at Williamsville. He was mustered in at Brattleboro, Oct. 23. Left Brattleboro for Washington the 24th. Crossed the Potomac into Virginia, Oct. 30, and up to June 10, 1863, was on picket duty at Fairfax Court House, Union Mills. Capt. Knapp, in writing to Mr. Fairbanks' father, says: "Your son is a fine boy.








From his past conduct I can assure you of his fidelity, bravery and ability." The long marches and terrible battles culminating in the defeat of the rebel horde at Gettysburg, so impaired his constitution, that it was nearly four mouths after his discharge and return home before he regained his health. And when the call came, Dec. 6, 1863, for more men, he reュsponded by enlisting. Upon his friends remonstrating against his re-enlisting, he replied: "I cannot stay at home when more men are needed, I will not shirk my duty." When told that he could get more money by enlisting for some other town, his answer was: "I shall go for my own town, county and state, if I go at all."

He was mustered into the U. S. service the second time Jan. 7, 1864, and left for New Orleans the twenty-eighth of the same month. Here he was promoted Orderly for the company, and so continued to their entire satisfaction. After the company had a furlough, upon re-enlisting, they were sent to the Shenandoah valley, and Fairbanks went to the hospital at Harper's Ferry, and from thence was transュferred to the general hospital, at Annapolis; while there some prisoners were brought in from Andersonville, from whom he took a fever of a malignant type, and died Jan. 24, 1865.

Gates, Alvin, aged 21. Enlisted Dec. 28, 1861. Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864. Mustered out June 28, 1865. Detailed to serve as Bass Drummer in the Regimental Drum Corps.

Ingram, Chas. E., aged 18. Enlisted Dee. 6, 1861. Discharged Sept. 30, 1863. Re-enlisted Aug. 10, 1864. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Ingram, John H., aged 19. Enlisted Aug. 15, 1864. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Ingram, Jonathan M., aged 38. Enlisted Aug. 10, 1864. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Lamson, Daniel, aged 27. Enlisted Nov. 27, 1861. Died March 10, 1863.

Mills, Alonzo, aged 21. Enlisted Dec. 24, 1863. Musュtered out June 28, 1864.

Morse, Luke J., aged 23. Enlisted Nov. 27, 1861. Musュtered out June 22, 1864.








Park, Otis, aged 20. Enlisted Dec. 6, 1861. Discharged Nov., 1863.

Park, Oscar E., aged 18. Enlisted Dec. 5, 1863. Musュtered out June 28, 1865.

Peavey, Augustus C., aged 18. Enlisted Nov. 30, 1861. Discharged Nov. 28, 1862. Re-enlisted in the regular army.

Plummer, Geo. F., aged 17. Enlisted Dec. 2, 1861. Re-enlisted March 1, 1864. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Stearns, Henry M., aged 19. Enlisted Dec. 14, 1863. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Stratton, Asa H., aged 22. Enlisted Jan. 16, 1862. Musュtered out June 22, 1864.

Tyler, Stephen M., aged 28. Enlisted Feb. 7, 1862. Mustered out June 22, 1864.

Warner, Frank R., aged 22. Enlisted Jan. 13, 1862 ; promoted Corp ; promoted Serg't. Re-enlisted Feb. 1864; promoted 1st Serg't; promoted 2d Lieut., Feb. 20, 1864 ; promoted 1st Lieut., April 18, 1865. Mustered out June 28, 1865.





Allen, Warren, aged 33. Enlisted Aug. 23, 1864. Musュtered out June 13, 1865.

Waller, Edgar G., aged 19. Enlisted Aug. 18, 1864. Transferred to Co. D, 4th regiment, Jan. 20, 1865. Musュtered out June 19, 1865.





Newton, James H., aged 18. Enlisted June 9, 1862 ; 3d Corp., promoted 4th Serg't, Dec. 6. Discharged May 20, 1863. Re-enlisted at the age of 20. Oct. 15, 1863, in Co. F, 17th regiment; promoted 1st Serg't. Killed at Spottsylュvania, May 12, 1864.

In a letter to a friend he says, "I was captured in that disgraceful surrender at Harper's Ferry, Sept. 15, 1862." His regiment was paroled and ordered to Chicago to guard rebel prisoners, where it remained until April 1, 1863, when it was ordered east and exchanged at City Point, Va. From here he went into the Regimental Hospital at










Suffolk, from which he was discharged in what was conュsidered the first stages of consumption. Upon the partial recovery of his health he re-enlisted, remarking to his friends that he was as good to be shot at as a well man.

Sergent Newton is spoken of by his commander, Capt. Knapp, as a brave, cool, thoroughly competent officer and a perfect gentleman. From the Captain we learn the folュlowing as to Newton's death: several times during the day we had charged on the enemy losing heavily, during the intervals between the charges we lay flat on the ground, only when it was necessary to change our position. Late in the afternoon we were lying in an open field under a galling fire, with the protection of only a few rails in the most exposed part of the line, Newton watching the enemy closely to improve every opportunity to send home a shot, at length the order came, forward, and as the line rose and moved on in the last grand charge of the day, Newton fell.





Morse, Amherst, aged 23. Enlisted July 29, 1862 ; proュmoted 3d Serg't; promoted 1st Serg't, Sept. 6, 1862; proュmoted 1st Lieut. of Co. K, May 3, 1863. Captured on the Weldon railroad, June 23, 1864. Discharged May 8, 1865.

Lieut. Morse was first engaged at Spottsylvania from May 15 to the 18, 1863 ; next at North Anna River ; next at Cold Harbor, June 1 to the 12. Early in this great battle his Captain was severely wounded, and the command devolved upon him. He came unscathed out of that terriュble charge, June 3, when in less than thirty minutes full ten thousand brave men lay dead, wounded and dying on the field. June 23 he was ordered early in the forenoon out upon the skirmish line on the Weldon railroad, where he continued skirmishing until nightfall, when his ammuniュtion, seventy rounds, having failed, and no support reaching him, he attempted to fall back ; when near Reams Station he found himself surrounded by a large body of rebels and was obliged to surrender himself, two Lieuts. and fifty-four men. From the field he was taken to Libby, Richmond, and from thence to the following prison pens in the order








named: Salisbury, N. C., Macon, Ga., Savannah, Ga. Charleston, S. C., Columbia, S. C., Charlotte, N. C., Raleigh, N. C., and Goldsboro, at which place he signed the parole and came into our lines at Wilmington, March 1, 1865.

Patch, Albert, aged 19. Enlisted Aug. 9, 1862 ; promoted Corp., Jan. 11, 1863 ; promoted Serg't, Jan. 21, 1864; promoted 1st Serg't, March 1, 1865 ; promoted 2d Lieut., June 4, 1865. Mustered out June 24, 1865. During the entire active service of his regiment, Serg't Patch was never off duty, never fell out of the ranks on a march, and nightfall whether fighting or marching, always found him at his post.

Carpenter, Henry A., aged 21. Enlisted Aug. 9, 1862 promoted Corp., Jan. 23, 1864. Mustered out June 24. 1865.

Miles, Linus P., aged 20. Enlisted Aug. 9, 1862. Died Feb. 8, 1863.

Parsons, Geo. W., aged 29. Enlisted Aug. 9, 1862 ; promoted Artificer, Dec. 28, 1863. Mustered out June 24, 1865.

Johnson, Edward H., aged 21. Enlisted Nov. 13, 1863. Transferred to Co. D, June 24, 1865. Mustered out Aug. 25, 1865.

Mullett, Daniel A., aged 37. Enlisted Dec. 4, 1863. Transferred to Co. D, June 24, 1865. Mustered out Aug, 25, 1865.

Park, Otis, aged 21. Enlisted Dec. 5, 1863. Transferred to Co. D, June 24, 1865. Mustered out Aug. 25, 1865.





Birchard, Sardis, aged 21. Enlisted June 27, 1863 ; 1st Serg't. He was taken prisoner on the Weldon railroad, June 23, 1864, and carried to Andersonville, Ga., where he died Aug. 20, and was buried in grave number 6334. His last message to his aged parents, delivered to a comrade, while suffering and dying with all the horrors and pangs of starvation, was, "Tell my father and mother that I die a Christian ; tell them I am not sorry that I enlisted"

Newton, Chas. M., aged 17. Enlisted July 6, 1863; proュmoted Corp., June 2, 1865. Transferred to Co. C, June 24, 1865. Mustered out Aug. 25, 1865.










Smith, Everett N., aged 18. Enlisted Oct. 4, 1862. Mustered out of service July 14, 1863.





Mullett, Chas. M., aged 21. Enlisted Oct. 20, 1861. Discharged March 22, 1862.

Robbins, Geo. W., aged 37. Enlisted Oct. 20, 1861. Discharged July 2, 1862.

Willis, Daniel H., aged 23. Enlisted Oct. 14, 1861. Killed in action at Sulphur Springs, Va., Aug. 26, 1862.






Haskins, Kittredge, aged 26. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862 ; 1st Lieut. Resigned March 19, 1863.

Dunklee, Addison R., aged 19. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862; 3d Serg't.

Wallen, Harrison, aged 26. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862; 5th Serg't. Reduced to the ranks July 4, 1863.

Goodnow, Wm. H., aged 19. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862 ; musician.

Adams, Adin, aged 26. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862.

Brooks. Wm. A., aged 23. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862.

Cook, James F., aged 20. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862. Killed at the battle of Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. He was shot through the vitals and dropped with the exclamation upon his lips, ''I am a dead man." In the evening after the battle, two of his comrades, William Brooks and John Kelsey, sought out his body and buried it.

Corbitt, John N., aged 24. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862.

Donahue, Patrick, aged 38. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862.

Fairbanks, Wayland E., aged 19. Enlisted Sept. 6, 1862; promoted Corp. May 9, 1863.

Jones, John D., aged 25. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862.

Lincoln, Samuel B., aged 18. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862. Taken prisoner at Gettysburg, July 3. Died in Richmond, Nov. 20, 1863.








The story of his capture, as told by Corporal Wilson, is as follows: "My squad were on picket duty, at break of day we saw another picket line just in advance which we supュposed were our men, they shouted to us to come down out of our exposed position, and some of the boys started. Instantly I saw that they were Rebs, and ordered the boys back, but it was too late to save Lincoln and another young man, for the shot were flying like hail."

Morse, Chas. E., aged 31. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862.

Morse, Wm., aged 25. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862. Died April 26, 1863.

Powers, Jeffrey, aged 23. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862.

Stone, Henry B., aged 26. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862.

Sexton, Thomas B., aged 19. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862.

Willis, Monroe C., aged 39. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1862. Shot through the wrist and forearm at the battle of Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.





Coburn, Chas. H., aged 18. Enlisted March 10, 1864. Mustered out July 14, 1865.

Taylor, Franklin J., aged 18. Enlisted March 26, 1864. Absent and wounded July 1865. Discharged Nov. 4, 1865.

Thompson, Thomas, aged 40. Enlisted March 25, 1864. Deserted July 1, 1865.





Day, Henry A., aged 21. Enlisted Oct. 24, 1863. Killed at Petersburg, Va., June 24, 1864.

Strong, Lewis aged 41. Enlisted March 20, 1864. Mustered out May 13, 1865.





Magraw, John, aged 30. Enlisted March 31, 1864. Deュserted May 22, 1864.





Fairserois, Rohert ;

Green, James;

Ham, Geo. W.;

Merrick, Nicholas;

Shaw, Benj. F. ;

Smith, William.










Bowker, S. W.; Dunklee, A. B. ; Lamson, J. D. ; Redュfield, Geo. W. ; Sherman, O. L. ; Bemis, W. L.




Adams, Jos. O. ; Merrifield, Hollis R. ; Mixer, Chas.; Morse, Thomas A. ; Russell, Sylvanus ; Walker, Henry W. ; Wheeler, E. P.


Number of soldiers who served and were not credited to the town by name, six.


It is but truth to say that those who served in the navy, and several of the infantry, were not citizens of the town, but as many at least of our sons served elsewhere, as were employed from abroad to fill Newfane's quota.





Aldrich, Harrison, enlisted at Petersham, Mass., and joined a company formed at Barre, which went into camp at Worcester, July 19, 1861, as Co. K, 21st Regiment, Mass. Volunteers. The regiment left Worcester in August, for Annapolis, Md., where it performed garrison duty and guarded the Annapolis and Baltimore railroad until January, 1862. It was then attached to Burnside's expedition to North Carolina, where it was engaged in the following battles: Roanoke Island, Feb. 8; Newbern, March 14; Camden, April 19. The regiment left North Caroュlina in July, 1862, for Virginia, and was engaged in second Bull Run, Aug. 29 and 30; at Chantilly, Sept. 1 ; Antietam, Sept. 17 ; Fredericksburg, Dec. 13. In April, 1863, the Twenty-First, having suffered very severe losses in its numerous engagements, was ordered to be consolidated with other regiments, and the Colonel and several line officers, including Capt. Aldrich, resigned and were honorably discharged. Capt. Aldrich enlisted as priュvate, served in Co. K as Serg't, 2d Lieut. and 1st Lieut., and was appointed Capt. of Co. I, same regiment, Dec. 18, 1862, Was wounded in the shoulder at the battle of Newbern, N. C. It is said of Capt. Aldrich that in the various battles in which he was engaged he was particularly noted for coolness and bravery.








Bennett, Henry L., enlisted at Royalston, Mass., in 1864.

Davis, David H., aged 18. Enlisted from Dummerston, in the 8th Reg., Co. D, Jan. 2, 1864. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Gould, Lyman W., son of the late Dea. Lyman Gould, of Newfane, enlisted Aug. 12, 1862, as a private soldier, at East Boston, Mass., and was immediately detailed on recruiting service in the city of Boston, by Gov. Andrew. Aug. 20, 1862, was commissioned 2d Lieut. in the 41st Mass. Infantry, and Captain in the same regiment Sept. 15, 1862; was transferred June 17, 1863, to 3d Mass. Cavalry, with same rank, and mustered out of service, on resignation, by reason of disability, Oct. 19, 1863. The Forty-first, under Col. T. E. Chickering, was attached to Gen. Banks' Louisiana Expedition, arriving at New Orュleans Dec. 17, 1862, and proceeding with Gen. Grover's command to recapture Baton Rouge. Captain Gould reュmained at the latter place during the winter, on detached service, serving on Board of Court Martial, and as Assisュtant Provost Marshal. In the spring of 1863 be particiュpated in the Bayou Teche campaign until the arrival of the army at Opelousas, when he was ordered by Gen. Banks to take command of a force, proceed outside the lines, and secure the products of the country. He sucュceeded in capturing; and turned over to the Government, a large amount of property, including five hundred bales of cotton. While engaged in this duty he received a severe wound in the left side, from which he suffered intensely while being brought back through the country to headquarュters. Joining his regiment, June 4, 1863, in front of Port Hudson, he was assigned to the command of the outpost cavalry pickets, a line some five miles long, which position he held until the surrender of the place, July 6. On arriving at Boston, after resigning, he was offered a commission as Lieut. Col., with the promise of the command of a regiュment as soon as he should be able to assume it, but was unwilling to draw pay for services not rendered. Besides numerous skirmishes Capt. Gould was engaged in the following battles: Comek River, Baton Rouge, Franklin, Irish Bend and Port Hudson.








Higgins, Samuel B., aged 26. Enlisted May 9, 1861, in the first Wisconsin Reg. Re-enlisted Oct. 21, 1862, for three years, as first-class musician in the band of the 16th, U. S. regular infantry, and served under Rosecrans, Thomas, Grant and Sherman.

Higgins, Ira S., aged 26. Enlisted Sept. 6, 1861, in the band of the 4th Vt. Discharged June 23, 1862.

Ingram, Ira O., enlisted at Ripon, Wisconsin, Oct. 17, 1861, in Co. K, First Wisconsin Cavalry. In 1862-63, with his regiment, he was engaged in fighting guerrillas in Missouri and Arkansas. While in this dangerous and exciting service he came in contact with the enemy in numerous skirmishes and minor engagements, and had many narrow escapes. Was often in command of foraging and other expeditions. Was taken prisoner at Languille Ferry, Arkansas, Aug. 3, 1862. Was mustered out of service at Milwaukee, Wis., May 12, 1864.

Johnson, Henry C., enlisted for the defence of the national capital, at the time of Gen. Early's raid in the Shenandoah Valley, in 1864, but the 6th corps arriving the same day, his brigade was immediately discharged.

Kenney, John C., enlisted in the 101st, Illinois Reg., at Joliet, Aug. 12, 1862. Died at Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 21,1863.

Newton, John, enlisted at Lancaster, Ohio, in the 18th U. S. regular infantry, and served in all the engagements of the 14th army corps, until detailed to act as clerk at the division headquarters.

Newton, John, son of Sir Isaac Newton. Enlisted in the 2d Wisconsin Reg., at Stevens Point, Jan. 4, 1864. Disュcharged at Mobile, Ala., Oct. 9, 1865.

Newman, John L., aged 21. Enlisted from Brattleboro, Aug. 28, 1862, in Co. B, 16th Reg. Promoted Corp. Feb. 14, 1863.

Pratt, Myron, son of R. P. Pratt, formerly of Newfane, enlisted as a private soldier at Monson, Mass., September 7, 1861, in Co. E, First Mass. Cavalry. He received a commission as 1st Lieut. in December, 1861, and as Captain of Co. G, same regiment, in July, 1862. Accomュpanying the regiment to Beaufort, S. C., he served for a while in the capacity of Quartermaster, and was engaged








in the battle of James Island, at which place he narrowly escaped by swimming the river. Ordered to the Army of the Potomac, he participated in the battles of South Mountain and Antietam, and the numerous skirmishes incident to the cavalry branch of the service in the pursuit of a retreating enemy. In October, 1862, he was detailed, with his company, to act as Maj. Gen. Porter's escort.

He was killed Nov. 3, 1862, in a skirmish at Snicker's Gap, Va., by a bullet from a rebel sharpshooter, which struck him a little below the heart, and came out at the shoulder blade. In letters to his widow one of the members of his company wrote of him

"Capt. Pratt was the first man to lead us. He came to the front and said, 'Follow me, boys, I will lead you.' He was a good and brave officer, and much loved by all who knew him. His memory will be long cherished by the boys of Co. G. He was their pride. He was ever ready to do any duty which might devolve upon him, and he never was sick when there was any dangerous duty to perform. He died respected and regretted by all of the officers in his command."

Ray, Samuel B., aged 22. Enlisted at Jamaica, in Co. I, 4th Vt. Aug. 14, 1861. Mortally wounded in the lungs and one thigh, in Burnside's disastrous assault upon the heights of Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, 1862.

In his dying hour, after speech was gone, he placed his money in his Chaplain's hands, and when the good man asked, "Shall I send this to your mother?" he nodded yes, but who she was or where she lived he could not tell. The mother was searched out, and the dying soldier's request fulfilled.

Sibley, Isaac H., enlisted from Dummerston, Aug. 12, 1862, in Co. E, 11th Vermont Reg. Promoted Corp. June 8, 1864. Fought at Coal Harbor, Spottsylvania, Winchester, and in numerous other engagements, was wounded in the arm and face at Winchester. Mustered out June 28, 1865.

Ward, John S., enlisted in the 3d Minnesota regiment, in the summer of 1861. Taken prisoner with his regiment near Murfeesboro, Tenn., in the spring of 1862. The regiュment were paroled and ordered against the Sioux Indians.











He was sick and discharged at Fort Snelling, in August, 1862. Re-enlisted at the age of 24, Jan. 30, 1865, in the 7th Vt., Co. G, and was stationed on the Rio Grande, Texas. His health again failing, he was discharged in August.

In 1866 he completed his law studies with the Hon. B. F. Rice, of Little Rock, Ark., and was admitted to practice, but his health was so thoroughly impaired that he was comュpelled to return home, where he died, Feb. 25, 1871.

Worden, James C., of New York, a son of the late Asa Worden, was in the service a while as a member of Co. E, 71st N. Y. Reg.