VHG Military Chapter, Chittenden County, Vt.



                                                MILITARY CHAPTER.                                     475





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There are a few individuals who are identified with the history of the county, as resident or native born citizens, that have been appointed to responsible positions, and have distinguished themselves in military life. And first among these stands Gen. Ethan Allen, whose history is familiar to all. Vermont has adopted him as the acknowledged hero of her early times, when her days were darkest, and her hopes rested more on the decision and valor of her leaders, than on her own strength. Allen was suited to the occasion, and enjoyed the rough sea, when Vermont cut herself loose from the claims of New York and New Hampshire, and declared her own independence. Ethan's life, the less important of the two, is better known than that of his brother Ira. His fearless and bold disposition, made him the terror of his enemies, and the idol of his friends — this indeed commends him more to the favor of the public, than his qualities as a man; but his capture of Ticonderoga, and partizan warfare among the Green mountains, justly gave him renown. He spent only the two last years of his life in this county, and died on the 11th of February, 1789. Roger Enos, the father of Mrs. Ira Allen, spent the latter part of his life in this county — he resided with his daughter in Colchester, where he died in 1808.* He rose to the rank of brigadier general in the continental service, and major general of Vermont militia. He commanded the rear division of Arnold's perilous expedition up the Kennebec river, on his way to Quebec; but after much suffering he left Arnold to pass on down the Chaudiere, and returned with his command. He also commanded the American troops stationed at Castleton, while St. Leger occupied Ticonderoga; and was in the secret of the clever negotiations of Chittenden, Allen, and Fay, with the British authorities. Ethan Allen Hitchcock is a grandson of Ethan Allen and son of the Hon. Samuel Hitchcock of Burlington. He graduated at West point, entered the U. S. army, and has risen by his merits as an officer, to the position of major-general in the service, which appointment he has recently received. Horace B. Sawyer, a native of the county, distinguished himself as a brave naval officer, particularly at the long and severe battle between the Growler and Eagle, and the British gunboats, on Lake Champlain, in June, 1813, and afterwards on board the frigate Constitution in 1815. For his meritorious services he was promoted to the rank of captain in the navy, which office he held until his death. It is but just to Capt. Sawyer to hold him in remembrance, not only as a gallant officer, but as an accomplished gentleman, and reliable friend; and as a mark of the high estimation his own state placed upon his services in the navy, and of his character as a man, the legislature of the state, on the 11th of November, 1856, passed a joint resolution, tendering to him an elegant sword in honor "of his valuable services and good conduct on board the United States frigate Constitution, at the capture of the Cyane and Levant, on the 20th of February, 1815, and during the chase and escape of said frigate from a squadron of three British ships of war, on the 12th of March, 1815," which sword was procured and presented by the governor of the state, in compliance with the resolve of the legislature.

Gen. Numan S. Clark was a native of Bolton, in this county, and distinguished himself at the battles of Bridgewater and Lundy's Lane, in the war of 1812, and at Cerro Gordo, and through the whole series of battles in Mexico, as one of the bravest of the brave. At the storming of Chepultepec, where he was associated with Col. Ransom in that heroic achievement, he received a shot through the body that came near terminating his life; but he recovered, and afterwards went to California, where he died. He commanded the 5th reg't of U. S. troops during the Mexican war, and was breveted a brigadier general for his meritorious services and bravery.




Our county has furnished its full quota, both of men and means, to support the government in its efforts to crush out the existing rebellion. When the contest, was actually initiated, by the opening of the rebel batteries upon Fort Sumter, and the hopes of peace gave place to the dread reality of an intestine war, our citizens, with very few exceptions, flew to the call of their country, and gathered around the flag of the Union. So general, indeed, was the feeling of indignation at the purpose and movement of the traitors, that the people assembled in every section of the county, irrespective of party, and under the impulse of the wrong and insult that had been inflicted upon the


*See biographical notice of him in the history of Colchester in next number.




476                              VERMONT HISTORICAL MAGAZINE.


country, proceeded at once to make preparation to give their aid in its support and defence. And in due time those mustered into service from here, with the other troops from the state, were on their way to the defence of the capital. One regiment only was at first required from Vermont, and one company from the county of Chittenden. In 10 days a company of volunteers was raised, organized, equipped, mustered into service, and on the way to their place of destination. The company was composed of young men of the first respectability, who, in the spirit of true patriotism shouldered their muskets, and left their college classes, counting rooms, work shops, and farms, for the battle field:


List of the Members of the Burlington Howard Guard, Company H, of the First Regiment of Vermont Volunters:


Commissioned Officers. — Captain — David B. Peck, Burlington; Lieutenants — 1st, Oscar G. Mower, Burlington; 2d, George I. Hagar, Burlington.


Non-commissioned Officers. — Sergeants — 1st, Loren F. Durkee, Rutland; 2d, John R. Lewis, Burlington; 3d, Edgar Pitkin, Burlington; 4th, William L. Harris, Burlington. Corporals — 1st, Heman F. Allen, Burlington; 2d, Emerson H. Liscum, Burlington; 3d, Wm. H. H. Peck, Burlington; 4th, Henry C. Tennant, Burlington.


Fifer. — Jackson Isham, Williston.

Drummer. — Hiland Hadley.

Privates. — Blinn Atchison, Jericho; Frank L. Austin, Colchester; Heman Austin, Essex; Clark W. Bates, Essex; Wm. F. Bancroft, Burlington; Edgar A. Beach, Essex; George A. Beebe, Burlington; Henry D. Belden, Burlington; Tufil Bissonnette, Hinesburgh; Henry S. Blake, Bellows Falls; Coit H. Bostwick, Burlington; John G. Bostwick, Hinesburgh; Geo. B. Brinsmaid, Burlington; George W. Brown, Richmond; James Bruen, Burlington; Peter Carroll, Westford; Chester W. Carpenter, Hinesburgh; Charles W. Carpenter, Burlington; George Chase, Essex; Elam A. Clark, Stowe; Edward M. Curtis, Burlington; George E. Davis, Burlington; Henry E. Ellsworth, Schuyler Falls, N. Y.; Charles H. Filer, Burlington; Heman E. Foss, Burlington; Solon W. Fletcher, Burlington; Horatio Frederick, Burlington; Malcom G. Frost, Essex; Albert Graham, Fairfax; Patrick Hogan, Burlington; Oliver M. Holabird, Shelburne; Edward A. Holton, Burlington; Augustus S. Hopkins, Burlington; Hiram J. Isham, Williston; Edwin R. Kinney, Burlington; Edward M. Knox, Hinesburgh; William Loomis, Burlington; Charles D. Marshall, Hinesburgh; William A. Martin, Hinesburgh; James E. McKowen, Burlington; Charles D. Morse, Burlington; Charles H. Mitchell, Richmond; William H. Newton, Burlington; Alfred K. Nichols, Burlington; Henry C. Nichols, Burlington; Henry I. Parker, Jericho; Clark L. Parks, Burlington; Jos. L. Perkins, Burlington; Hascal M. Phelps, Williston; Rufus Place, Hinesburgh; Jerome V. Prindle, Ferrisburgh; James M. Read, Colchester; Burrage Rice, Burlington; Herman Seligsen, Burlington; Riley B. Stearns, Burlington; Orvis H. Sweet, Burlington; George D. Thompson, Burlington; Charles H. Tuxbury, Burlington; Edward Walker, Burlington; Walter H. Warren, Burlington; Benjamin H. Webster, Stockholm, N. Y.; Edward P. Whitney, Burlington; George I. Whitney, Burlington; Hyman G. Willard, Burlington; Edward B. Wright, Bradford.


Total, including officers, 78.


In addition to those who were actually mustered into service with the company many others volunteered, who could not be received because the full number had been obtained. Jacob Green of Burlington, went out as cook for the officers, and was present with the company at the battle of Big Bethel.

The 1st Vermont regiment, to which the above company was attached, was placed under the command of Col. John W. Phelps, and ordered to Fortress Monroe; and soon after its arrival there it, moved on with the Massachusetts 4th, and New York 7th regiments and took possession of Newport News, where it rendered important service in the construction of the fortifications at that place. A detachment from this regiment, including the Burlington Light Guard, under the command of Lieut. Col. Washburn, was in the action of Big Bethel; and unfortunate as the event proved, our troops displayed that firmness and courage worthy of veteran soldiers, although it was their first experience on the field of battle. It will be recollected that in this battle, Lieut. Greble, who was so highly beloved by his men, and who had engineered the construction of the works at Newport News, fell at the head of his battery; and Major Winthrop the distinguished writer, whose pen had so often thrilled the hearts of his countrymen with its graphic power, also fell in front of the enemy's guns.

Vermont has sent 17 regiments of volun-




                                                MILITARY CHAPTER.                                     477


teers — 16 of infantry, and 1 of cavalry — being her full proportion of the immense armies of the Union, that have taken the field on the call of the President. About 1700 volunteers from the county of Chittenden have been mustered into the service; and in addition some 100 more have enlisted into the regular army from the county, since the commencement of the war.* Capt. J. T. Drew's company of infantry raised in this county and attached to the 2d Vermont regiment, under the command of Col. Whiting, was in the battle at Bull's Run. Capt. Drew and several of his men were taken prisoners, and shared in the cruel treatment of our officers and men, who were confined in the old tobacco house at Richmond. Drew with other officers who had been captured, including Col. Corcoran of the New York 69th regiment, were removed from Richmond to various southern prisons, until exchanged.

Luther L. Penniman of Colchester, has recently received the place of assistant paymaster in the navy; and is now attached to the gun boat Kanawha, which is cruising in the Gulf of Mexico.

We take pleasure also in placing upon the records of our county, the names of two young men, born and brought up among us, who are at this time engaged in the naval service of the United States: George M. Blodgett and Henry C. Johnson — the latter twenty and the former twenty-three years of age. They entered the naval school at Annapolis, and when the present rebellion broke out they took their places on ship-board in active service. Blodgett holds the rank of lieutenant, and has hitherto been detailed to the command of the gun boat Conestoga, which took an active part in the bombardment of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson; and is now attached to the flotilla of Commander Davis on the Mississippi.† Young Johnson is master on board the Tuscarora, which laid so long off Gibralter, watching the pirate Sumter, and ready to engage that formidable vessel of war, if she could be found outside of her hiding place. We shall watch the career of these gallant lads with no common interest.

Gen. Richardson,‡ who has distinguished himself so often upon the field for his generalship and courage in near all the battles of Virginia during this wicked rebellion, as well as in several desperate fights with the Apachι and Camanchι Indians, heretofore, in Texas and New Mexico, is a son of Israel P. Richardson, who formerly resided in Burlington. He was born in Fairfax, in the county of Franklin, from whence his father removed to St. Albans, and thence to Burlington. While here, young Richardson prepared for entering the military academy at West Point, where he received an appointment, graduated and entered the U. S. service.

Capt. Joseph B. Campbell, the son of Henry R. Campbell, Esq., of Burlington, graduated at West Point, but two years since, and on the outbreak of the rebellion first entered the staff of Gen. Mansfield, and afterwards the corps of Gen. McDowell, in Virginia. He held a command in the artillery service, and was in several battles that took place in the vicinity of Manassas and the Rappahannock, during the campaign of Gen. Pope. And at the bloody fight at Antietam he commanded the battery on the right of Gen. Hooker's division, occupying a position the most exposed and important on the field, where the rebels concentrated a large force, with a view to turn the right of Gen. McClellan's army. But the havoc made in the advancing columns of the enemy by the shower of grape and canister poured upon them from our guns at this point, mowed down the solid ranks of the traitors and piled them into heaps of slain and mangled bodies; and after repeated efforts to carry the position and capture the guns, they were finally repulsed and the events of the day secured. On this occasion, Capt. Campbell, young as he was, showed the skill of an accomplished officer and the courage of a hero; and indeed, it was not until his horse was shot from under him, and his shoulder shattered by a Minnie ball, producing a severe and painful wound, that he relaxed his command, and was borne from the field.

"The winning of honor," says Bacon, "is but the revealing of a man's virtue and worth without disadvantage;" and may we not add that the revealing of one's patriotism and courage on the field of battle, in support of his country when in peril, is among the noblest of virtues, and entitled to the highest honors. In this respect, it is believed that the county of Chittenden may well feel proud of her sons, that so many of them have been distinguished for their prow-


* The precise number not ascertained; but will probably exceed the above sums.

† The death of this gallant young officer occurred at Cairo, Ill., Nov. 6th, 1862, and his obituary will appear in the history of his native town — Huntington. — Ed.

‡ The biography of the late Gen. Richardson, who died of wounds received at the battle of Antietam, will appear in the history of his native county — Franklin. — Ed.




478                              VERMONT HISTORICAL MAGAZINE.


ess on the battle field; and especially, that so very many, embracing a large share of the youth and intelligence of the county, are now found in the service of the Union, in peril of their lives, to maintain its integrity, and secure its future stability and peace.

Burlington, Oct. 1, 1862.








Fifth Regiment.

Albert Tomlinson, Marcius Bennett.

Co. K. — Elam Clarke, Samuel Jackman, Woodman Jackman, Russel Tomlinson, Geo. Hutch, Milo H. Williams, Harlow Sanderson, Henry Beman, Francis Guyette, Eber Johnson, John Lewis, John Smith, Jas. Carr, Jas. Sweney, William Taft, Duffy Sharkie, Royal Coburn.


Eighth Regiment.

Edwin Roderic.


Ninth Regiment.

Co. F. — Addison Warren, Joseph Raymond.


Thirteenth Regiment.

Co. F. — Roger K. Beman, Fred'k Southwick, Russel C. Ward, Harmon Hall, Joseph Smith, Hollis P. Tomlinson, George W. Tomlinson, Wilbur F. Ward.


First Vermont Cavalry.

Runy Farnsworth, Henry Farnsworth.

[From Sarah E. Kennedy.]





Those marked with a * are dead; those with a † discharged.


First Regiment.

Howard Guard (3 months men). See full list, page 176. Total from Burlington, 41.


Second Regiment.

Newton H. Ballou, Surgeon.

Eli Z. Stearns,† William Aubrey, Hospital Stewards.

Co. A. — Lucius Carpenter.*

Co. D. — Harvey F. Aubrey, Lyman Woodward.

Co. E. — Hiram J. Bishop.†

Co. G. — John T. Drew (Capt.),† John J. Bain (Lieut.), D. L. Sharpley (Lieut.),† Edward S. Russell,† Abial Foy, Horace M. Knapp,* D. T. Sharpley, Cornelius Aubrey, John Bully, Daniel Royce, Alonzo Spear, Andrew Spaulding, William Labonty,† Michael Leo, Isaac Howard, Edwin P. Whither, M. L. Aldrich, William Chelsea, Joseph Guyette, Philip Hammer., John McCarty, Henry Amble, Ferguson Nelson,† Warren S. Smith, Frank Saltus, Albert B. Edgell,† Martin Youatt, J. Seely Spaulding, Lewis Dana.


Third Regiment.

Band. — Nelson Adams, John H. Brooks, James D. Miller, Alexander M. Whitcomb, Cyrus Bryant, Carrol N. Wood, Geo. E. Bryant, Joel B. Thomas.

Co. H. — Peter Rondo.*

Co. K. — Sylvester J. Hoose.

Recruit. — Julius J. Morrow.


Fifth Regiment.

John R. Lewis, Lieutenant-Colonel.

Asa R. Burlson, Staff.

Co. A. — John Allen, Orvis H. Sweet.

Co. B. — Peter Lander.

Co. D. — Dennis Shortsleeves.

Co. G. — Heman F. Allen.

Co. I. — W. H. H. Peck (Capt.), William H. Newton (Lieut.), Lucius Bigelow, Edwin H. Trick, William Tebo, Robert Bixby, Asa A. Cooley, Joseph Fountain, Chas. W. Hathaway, Charles W. Nichols, Wallace W. Holmes, James G. Lyon, Franklin Anderson,* Hascall Bixby. William J. Dupau, James O. Gilbert, Daniel G. Loyd, F. O'Donahoe, William A, Perry,† Edwin Rowe, Charles H. Spaulding, Cyrell E. Stone, Maxim Poro, Henry W. Rowe,* Solon E. Spaulding,* Horace S. Spear, Theodore Willett.


Sixth Regiment

Co. F. — Denison A. Raxford (Lieut.),† Pat Starr, Benj. Blanchard, Mich'l Cassany, Jas. Coughlin, Reuben Coughlin, John Fitzsimmons, Matthew Hannan, Michael Monagan, Patrick Lynch, John Maloney, Michael O'Neil, Edward O. Roach, Nathan Maxfield,† William Smith, James Connery, J. T. Brown, Thos. Butler, Jas. Conner, Wm. Cain, Morris Flanagan, James Gary, Benj. Law, Thomas Lynch, Michael McKensie, John O'Brien, Antoine Pasha, Clark Smith, John Scott.

Co. I. — Edwin R. Kinney (Lieut.), Solan Fletcher, James E. McKowin.


Recruits for 3d, 4th, 5th and 6th Regiments.

Russell C. Munson, Joel Sabin, William Watson, Edmund O'Neil, Fabien De Rosiers, Edward Murray, Silas C. Isham, James McDermot, John Kelly, Jas. Sheridan, John E. P. Wright, John Coats, Joseph S. L'Evaque, Edward Tobin, John Eagan, Samuel Somerville, John Jackson, Isaac L. Smith, Thos. Butler.


Seventh Regiment.

David B. Peck, Lieutenant-Colonel.

H. H. Langdon, Surgeon.

Co. A. — William L. Harris (Lieut.),† Jas.




                                                MILITARY CHAPTER.                                     479


Bruin, Frederick A. Church, Chas. Blanchard, Martin Casey,* Peter Durand, Thomas Hamilton, Louis Gaboree, George McHenry, James Miles. Henry O'Grady, John Robear, Michael Phillips, William Paradis, Riley B. Stearns (Lieut.), Paul Manor, Austin Bartomy, Thomas Cosgriffe, Chester Derby,† Augustus Frenier,* Francis German, Charles Hurly, James McHenry, James Mullins,* Jos. Parker, Charles Renholz, William M. Stevens, James Riley.


Eighth Regiment.

Co. F. — Henry C. Nichols, Ed. Saultus.


Ninth Regiment.

B. W. Carpenter, Surgeon.

F. O. Sawyer, Quartermaster.

Theo. S. Peck, Quartermaster Sergeant.

Co. C. — Herman Seligson (Lieut.), Wm. F. Bancroft, Edgar W. Robinson, William McMurray.

Co. F. — George A. Beebe (Capt.),* Henry D. Belden, John L. Newton, George E. Lord, Julius Rawson.


Tenth Regiment.

Wyllys Lyman, Adjutant.

Co. D. — Giles F. Appleton (Capt.), Samuel Darrah (1st Lieut.), George E. Davis (2d Lieut.), Thomas McMahon, Patrick Gilluly, Homer Lyman, Dumich Allipau, Martin Butler, Roswell Hunt, William H. Swail, Henry C. Irish, Robert Rankin, Augustus J. Crane, Robert Alexander, A. S. Poole, Haley H. Hall, William H. Ramsey, Thomas Maguire, William A. Griswold, John Dailey, John Dolan, James H. Cane, Thomas W. O'Brien, John La Moine, Ogden B. Reed, John Swail, William Johns, Alex. Scott, Alfred Boucher, M. A. Kehoe, James M. Reed, Stephen Lashway, Albert R. Keyes.


Twelfth Regiment

Howard Guard. — Capt., Lemuel W. Page. Lieutenants — 1st, Heman R. Wing; 2d, Wm. Loomis. Sergeants — 2d, Geo. D. Thompson; 3d, William F. Bancroft; 4th, Henry C. Tennant; 5th, Pomeroy Loomis. Corporals —1st, Charles H. Tuxbury; 2d, Henry M. Pierson; 4th, Charles O. French; 5th, Henry G. Catlin; 6th, M. D. L. Thompson; 7th, H. L. Story; 8th, John Pope. Privates — Chas. H. Austin, Jos. J. Austin, Jos. Bacon, Chas. H. Baker, Horace Barlow, Frank H. Baxter, G. G. Benedict, George H. Bigelow (Q. M.), Henry Brigham, Orlando L. Bicknell, Benj. A. Church, Charles W. Cox, Wm. O. Crane, Charles H. Cutting, Edgar T. Daniels, Lewis A. Daniels, Perley R. Downer, Edward E. Fletcher, Eugene C. Fletcher, Fernald F. Fletcher, Alfred D. Florence, Chas. A. Garrick, John Gleason, Wilbur F. Gray, Henry F. Griffin, George I. Hagar, George E. Hagar, Lyndon R. Harrington, Frank D. Hoyt, Wm. B. Jennings, Guy N. Irish, Wm. W. Kinney, Abel Long, William B. Lund, James A. Madden, John McCabe, Robert McCollum, Chas. H. Mills, Zeb Mitchell, Michael B. Murray, Rollin Pease, James S. Pierson, Morris T. Rice, Lewis Roberts, Burnam Seaver, Osman K. Seaver, George E. Silver, William Smith, William C. Spaulding,* Michael Stack, Orvis S. Storrs, Charles Thatcher, Albert V. Tyler, Lucius N. Vilas, Charles Wainwright, Wm. W. Walker, Edward Walton, Thomas H. Warren, Charles H. Whitney, Charles Wight, Henry M. Wight, Wm. J. Woods, Guy C. Zottman.


Thirteenth Regiment.

Charles P. Thayer, Ward Master.

Co. A. — John Louergan (Capt.), Patrick Scully, Patrick Joyce, John Nugent, John Cain, Peter Shiette, John Hanlin, Michael Cannon, Michael O'Neil, Jas. Cussack, Joseph Weeks, John Bruin, Edward McNellis.


Regular Army.

Capt. Gardner S. Blodgett (A. Q. M.), Capt. Archibald S. Dewey (A. Q. M.), Capt. Isaac B. Bowdish (Com. Sub.), Oscar G. Mower* (Sergeant Major), Coit H. Boswick, George B. Brinsmaid, E. H. Liscum (Sergeants), Dan Kelley, ——— Loyd, George Parker, James Walsh, Allen Hadley.



Ensign Jacob M. Smalley, Dennis Calligan.


N. Y. Cavalry.

Capt. William P. Hart, Capt. Christopher M. Dolan.


Marine Corps.

Lieut. Eugene Salley.


N. Y. S. M.

Charles Blanchard, Timothy Crowley.


First Battery.

John McGrath, Edward Miller, Clement Mitchel, Zimri Willard.


First Regiment Cavalry.

Edgar Pitkin, Adjt.†

George Brush, Hospital Steward.

Co. A. — Joel B. Erhardt (Capt.), C. W. Morse (Lieut.), Edwin P. Whitney, N. N. H. Learned, Patrick Hogan, John Hogan, Charles H. Blinn, Oscar B. Furguson, John Greeno,† Thos. McCulloch,* Herman Trost, John Odelle, John Bain, Charles Daniels, Frederick Faulkner, Henry Lynd,* John W. Noonan.*




480                              VERMONT HISTORICAL MAGAZINE.


Co. B. — Henry Shiette.

Co. D. — Alexander Bell.

Co. E. — Joseph Champagne.

Co. G. — Francis Ducat.†

Co. L. — Horace C. Blin, —— Watson, —— Watson, —— Watson.


First Regiment U. S. Sharpshooters.

Co. F. — Amos H. Bunker,† Alvin R. Babcock, Wm. Leach, James M. Thompson, Chas. F. Van Orman, Fitz Green Hallack, Thos. A. Turnbull, Wm. H. Thompson, John E. Wells, Edward Bartomy.


In addition to the above there have been a large number of enlistments from Burlington in the Regular Army, and the last company of cavalry raised in Vermont to fill up the old regiments (probably from 50 to 100), and some in the Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York State Militia, and in the Navy; between 400 and 500 of the citizens of this town have left their homes, and are now fighting for their country.